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Jesse James:
So I had a cold, which turned to bronchitis, which turned to a mild pneumonia, and somehow a sinus infection on top of it too which is lingering.  I've got the rest under control but now the sinus infection won't go away.  Not the worst I've had, but not the best either.

I blew a rocket in the shower yesterday morning, and it was neon friggin' orange.  And huge.  I scared myself.

I can't speak for all bodies, but mine's producing stuff I didn't think I was even capable of.  I'm grossed out and fascinated.

Second cold of 2013 and this one's a gooder - cough, sneezing, aches, fever, congestion.  Frickin' commercial grade. 

I have already had the flu coupled with pneumonia three weeks ago  :(  I still can't seem to shake the weakness/wheezing from the pneumonia.  I am with Jessie - my body produced things I have never seen before, and hope to never see again.


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