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Jesse James:
Glad that worked out...  GENERALLY people are honest I think, and they return a box that isn't theirs...  It's so easy to transpose numbers but it's slightly less excusable on packages since, and that's even more so true right now since deliveries are slow for the USPS after Valentine's, but crap happens.

I had my carrier trying to get me to get my brother's wife, who lives out the road from me with her mother right now, to return a package she delivered to them on accident...  Apparently calling her wasn't getting her to return it to the local PO or even leave it out for her to pick up.

I guess that means it's somehow up to me to track down my brother's soon-to-be-ex for her to get the package back to deliver it to the right person.  ::)

Isn't opening someone's mail a federal offense?

Jesse James:


--- Quote from: JediJman on March 11, 2014, 01:00 AM ---Isn't opening someone's mail a federal offense?

--- End quote ---

Big time!

Is It Illegal to Open Someone Else's Mail? 

Anyone else get an email about the new changes going into effect today for sellers?

Upshot for me is no more free BIN listings for toys. That SUCKS, 90% of my sales are through BIN auctions. eBay was pushing these types of auctions for awhile and now they're pushing for auction style listings. I don't see why they can't stop jerking sellers around. Without us, they have no business.


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