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Mikey D:

--- Quote from: Mikey D on January  7, 2015, 11:57 AM ---I don't give a **** what her name is as long as she shows up in a skintight costume.  I've had the hots for Evangeline since Lost.  Pretty awkward during the last two Hobbit films where I got wood because she was dressed as an elf.

--- End quote ---

Guess I'll have to wait until Cap:Civil War to see her in the skintight suit but she's going to look great in it. 

Another solid film in the MCU. Not top three (those are Winter Soldier, GotG and the first Avengers for me) but probably in the top five/six somewhere with the first Iron Man and AoU.  Loved the Falcon scenes and the antics of the heist crew. Paul Rudd was the perfect casting with the tone of the humor in the movie. Now I need to wait a few weeks to see him in Wet Hot American Summer:First Day of Camp.

Just got back from Ant Man, liked it and I think I like it better than Avengers 2...way better pacing and action, loved the final fight even if they spoiled some of the scenes in the trailer

After it was done my son said "That was the exact same plot as Iron Man" and thinking about it, it is which didn't make it any less cool but it really is the same story with the evil businessmen and amazing suits

Really looking forward to Civil War!!

Saw Ant-Man last Friday and loved it. Blew Avengers 2 away. Great movie.

Caught Ant Man last weekend and it easily cracked the top five from Marvel for me.  Great storyline and the right mix of action and humor with lots of little ties into the bigger Marvel U. I keep waiting for something Marvel to fail,  but everything they touch turns to gold. 


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