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Japanese Star Wars Kubricks:
Exclusive Kubrick Box Sets

by Scott Pearson and Jeff Smentek   

Medicom, a Japanese toy company, has produced some of the coolest Star Wars products to hit the collecting market in some time. Kubricks are block figures that are bigger than LEGOs, but smaller than the normal 3-3/4" Hasbro figures. These have been increasing in popularity since we first reported about them early in 2003. To catch up with our Kubrick features, we thought we’d take a look at the complete run of Box Sets, from the 2003 Early Bird Set to the 2005 TRU 5-Pack Set. Click on the thumbnails below for an in-depth look at each box set! Then, read on as we take a look ahead to the near future as Kubrickmania continues in full force with the release of Series 6 a few short weeks away!

Early Bird Set

Speeder Bike Set

2004 Toys R Us 5-Pack

Max Rebo Band

2005 Toys R Us 5-Pack

Box Set Availability

Since the Kubrick line is sold strictly in Asia, availability in North America and Europe is only through secondary sources such as Asian e-tailers, eBay or through companies that import the sets and resell at their own on-line store. Any way you slice it; it’s going to cost you some money. All of the box sets are available from time to time on eBay and will usually sell in the following price range:

Early Bird Set $120 - $140
Speeder Bike Set $55-$65
2004 Toys R Us 5 Pack $50-$60
Max Rebo Band $110-$150
2005 Toys R Us 5 Pack $50-$60

The Future

Star Wars Series 6 is due in the summer of 2006. This A New Hope based series includes the standard 6 basic figures and three chase figures. The Series 6 regular figures are Death Star Trooper, Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot), R4-M9, RA-7, Rebel Fleet Trooper, and a TIE Fighter Pilot. The Series 6 chase figures are Grand Moff Tarkin, Imperial Officer, and Wedge Antilles.

After that, Medicom will continue to surprise and delight the many fans of this line. Be it through Series 7, or a new Carded Kubrick, or perhaps a new Box Set. Some heavy hitters from the Star Wars Universe have yet to be made such as Jabba the Hutt, Emperor’s Royal Guard, Hoth Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker variants, Cantina and Jabba’s Palace Aliens - the list could go on and on. This doesn’t even count the full realm of possible future Prequel Kubricks that could always come along in the near future. Stay tuned to JediDefender for more news as it comes in and check out our forums for all of your Kubrick discussion!

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