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The Secret Government Warehouse of Hasbro Q & As
« on: December 22, 2007, 02:06 PM »
2007-03-02 through 2008-09-26

OK, it's not Star Wars, but we have to ask - do you have the toy license for Indiana Jones IV? If so, can we expect to see the 3.75" scale Indy figures we all want in 2008? (JD, 3/02/07)

     We cannot comment on the Indiana Jones franchise and whether Hasbro or another company will be executing the license.


OK, last time we asked, you couldn't say. But, now that the cat is out of the bag thanks to the LFL press release, what can you tell us about your upcoming Indiana Jones IV toy line? Scale? Vehicles? Playsets? New and old movies? Will we see a preview at Comic Con? Will we have to wait until Toy Fair '08 for our first glance? (as you can tell, we're all pretty stoked about Indy toys ) (JD, 07/06/07)

     We are glad to hear it, because we are stoked too! While we will be sneak-previewing some figures at Comic Con International in San Diego, we have to keep the details under wraps for now. We can divulge that there are some very familiar scales, as well as a few surprises in the line. Suffice to say that we have top men working on it. The same top men that have been bringing you the Star Wars line, so there should be a lot of consistency in approach.

Not exactly Star Wars, but all of our readers are interested....can you give us some hints about Indiana Jones and what we'll see from that line? (BB, 07/06/07)

     We are glad to hear about the interest in IJ - because we are pumped too! While we will be sneak-previewing some figures at Comic Con International, we have to keep the details under wraps for now. We will divulge that there are some very familiar scales as well as a few surprises in the line. Suffice to say that we have top men working on it. The same top men that have been bringing you the Star Wars line, so there should be a lot of consistency in approach..


So Indiana Jones continues to be a hot topic. When can we expect to see the first products hitting the stores? Will there be some kind of "sneak preview" figures like we had with Star Wars? (BB, 08/03/07)

     There will be no sneak preview, but the figures will get to retail several weeks prior to the movie, in approximately early May.


I believe you previewed a 12" Indiana Jones figure at SDCC. Are both Hasbro and Sideshow Collectibles going to make 12" Indy figures or will there be an arrangement similar to the 12" Star Wars figures which Sideshow produces? (BB, 08/17/07)

     While Sideshow produces 12" figures under sublicense from us, they have a separate arrangement with Lucasfilm on Indy

Let me start by saying the Marvel Legends Icons series is fantastic!  they're huge, super-articulated, well-sculpted and superbly detailed.  Dr. Doom's soft-goods cloak, in particular, is an impressive feature for a figure his size!

Since the Unleashed concept has begun to diversify, what are the odds of expanding the Icons series into your other lines, i.e. the Star Wars universe?  Would it even be possible, or might this undermine the efforts of other licensed Star Wars vendors and cause a legal dilemma?  Would the the fact that the figures in the Icons series are nearly 24 inches tall somehow be a loophole?

If not Star Wars, why not the upcoming Indiana Jones line? (I personally wouldn't mind having a two-foot tall Mola Ram on my desk at work clutching a flaming human heart) What about for Hasbro's other popular collectible lines?  I see some brilliant (and lucrative!) potential here! (TJ, 08/17/07)

     We agree that a larger format figure makes sense for the Indiana Jones line, and at Comic Con we announced the first of those figures producing a line of 12" Indiana Jones figures with soft goods, accessories, and features, so we agree that a larger-format figure makes sense for Indy.  For Star Wars, we think that Sideshow is doing a great job with 12" and don't plan to offer a scale at this time that is in that range.

Now that the Indiana Jones figures have been confirmed and a few revealed at Comic-Con (which look great by the way, I'm extremely excited). Will you be accepting any questions about this line in future Q&A sessions as well?

I know it's the Star Wars Q&A, but SW and Indy have always gone hand- in-hand down through the years, and since they're being worked on by the same team, I'm hoping you'd be willing to field a few questions about this exciting new line.

IF so, let me attempt to be the first by asking whether or not the "vintage" playsets will get an update (Well of the Souls, Streets of Cairo, Map Room) as well as vehicles (German army truck w/ Ark crate). The flying wing with shredible German Mechanic would also be a cool new addition.

Finally, IF the playsets and vehicles get an update, will they utilize the molds from the vintage toys like many of the current Star Wars vehicles or would they be all new sculpts? (YF, 08/17/07)

     Yes, Indy questions can be sent to the same address here, and since it's the same team bringing you the IJ excitement, we can answer. The answer to playsets is about the same as you might expect from Star Wars - It's a been a struggle so we are adopting a wait and see attitude on them and seeing where our figure/vehicle demand nets out first before going too far in the playset direction. The cargo truck is a definite probability for 3-3/4", but the wing is tough because it really is a big one. One thing that is known is that NONE of the original Indy tools exist anymore, so we will not be going back to the vintage tools.


In regards to the Indiana Jones line, what types of ideas are being considered? Would it be safe to assume that characters like Mola Ram, the giant Thugee guard, Temple of Doom "wear & tear" Indy with torn shirt and missing sleeve, Henry Jones Sr., Willie Scott, and Short Round are good possibilities? After all, they do all seem like logical choices. Will the Star Wars Battle Pack and Comic 2-Pack concepts be used in the Indiana Jones line? How about Indy role-play accessories? (AF, 09/14/07)

     Right now it is still too early to talk about the breadth and depth of Indy....that will probably come next around Toy Fair. We we will say that we are doing both a mix of classic (previous three films) and figures from the new Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The figures you named are all strong classic figures, so there's a good chance most or all of them will be in the line at some point.


Will we have an opportunity, perhaps through a mail-away offer, to get the gold "Indy IV" coin? Perhaps an offer on the first wave of figures? Also Are there any plans for a Vintage-style line for Indy figures, similar to the VOTC/VTSC Star Wars line? One thing the collecting world could certainly use, is a finely-sculpted, super-articulated Indiana Jones figure!  Thanks! (YF, 09/28/07)

     We think that you will be plenty pleased by the lineup of quality figures we have slated for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. We have discussed it, but right now, we don't have plans to do vintage figures. We will be focusing on some other areas our first year.


For those of us who like to budget in advance, about how many new (Indiana Jones) figures will we be seeing in 2008? (BB, 10/12/07)

     . . .Finally, on IJ, we are looking at close to 30 basic figures....strong support for all four IJ films over the course of the year.


Now that you are doing Indiana Jones product as well as Star Wars, have you ever considered doing a tribute to Harrison Ford set that incorporates both Star Wars and Indiana Jones in the same set for collectors? (JI, 10/26/07)

     That is an interesting idea, but something we have not considered pursuing as we remain focused on the characters and each property separately.

. . .Will we see the Indiana Jones 'Adventure Heroes' line in the UK ? (TPU, 10/26/07)

     . . .The IJ Adventure Heroes will be offerred to all retailers in the UK and Europe, and as far as we know will be carried everywhere.


You mentioned in a previous Q&A session that there will be 30 figures in the Indy line next year. Are Indy figures in 2009 a certainty or is it more of a "wait and see" type of thing and see how 2008 goes first? We're just curious if this is going to be a toy line with legs under it like Star Wars has been, or if it will be much more subdued in character choices/variety. (JD, 11/09/07)

     We are actively planning and producing for a multi-year run. IJ is something we are committed to and hopefully fans are excited about it as we are.


OK, Indy toys. What are we looking at for the launch? Are we talking a "street date" with a big push, including store exclusives (similar to the last few movie lines you’ve done)? If so, any idea what that date will be so we can mark it on our calendars to be sure we have the day off work? (JD, 12/21/07)

     There will be a tight on-shelf date for the IJ product line, which will be a few weeks before the movie (the theaterical date is 5/22). We can confirm that there will *not* be any store exclusives at the movie launch for IJ... we are focusing on the mainline assortments. The complete lineup will be announced (along with the on-shelf date) at Toy Fair.

A few e-tailers, Entertainment Earth and for example, have pulled their pre-order listings for the Indiana Jones case assortments. Are these still "on track" for an April 08 release? (YF, 12/21/07)

     The specific assortments and method of shipping were changed up, so that caused some retailers to have to redo, but we are on track for them be on-shelf a few weeks before the movie.


Obviously there's so many connections between Star Wars and Indiana Jones including the fact that you're working on both products lines. Consequently, will we see any cross over products this year, maybe even a Harrison Ford Evolutions set or will there be anything else? (, 01/18/08)

     Right now, on both properties, the focus has been on the characters rather than the "men behind the masks" as it were.  It's doubtful that we would do something like that, but if there was one actor where it made sense, it's with Harrison Ford.  We won't rule it out, but right now we just aren't focused there.

Most collectors have now seen the intial wave of Indiana Jones figures on What's the rationale behind not revealing the full case assortment (there are 'mystery' figures), when we all know the characters you aren't showing us because they were previewed at Comic Con last year? (TPU, 01/18/08)

     Actually, we have not revealed any characters from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which are shipping in each case pack alongside the classic figures.  Details on the full lineup will be revealed at Toy Fair - stay tuned!


And our monthly Indy question - Toht. We've seen the new figures for Indy, Sallah, Belloq, Marion, and the rest of the Raiders gang, but no sign of Toht yet. Can we expect to see the creepy man in black in 2008? (JD, 02/01/08)

     Not in 2008; we just couldn't fit him in. Hold tight for news on him, and some others, further down the road.

With both GI Joe and Star Wars, Hasbro has proved that the comic 2-pack format is incredibly popular with fans. When the new Indiana Jones line hits, can we expect it to utilise this format for Marvel / Dark Horse Indy comics? It'd be a great way of introducing otherwise obscure characters into the mix (remember, Brody and Katanga featured in the comics as well as the movies). (TPU, 02/01/08)

     Thanks for the kudos on the comic packs. Given our strong ties to Dark Horse, it is something we are looking at but do not have a confirmed date on if/when we will be doing them. Stay tuned.

There have been rumours circulating of a playset in the forthcoming Indy line. While we appreciate that it's difficult for you to comment this close to Toy Fair, can you confirm or deny the rumour - and give us an idea of what to expect (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull temple, Raiders temple / Well of the Souls etc)? Also, does this set a precedent for the future inclusion of playsets in the Star Wars line - something that’s been often discounted? (TPU, 02/01/08)

     You'll have to stay tuned for Toy Fair to see if there is any news on the playset front for IJ. Regardless of whether we do one for IJ or not, our stance on Star Wars playsets has not changed.

As you also seem willing to answer questions about your Indiana Jones line, I have a question pertaining to the Indy figures. As there aren't as many characters (as compared to Star Wars) from the films to make in action figure form is there any chance that the "Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" would be fodder for figures? I don't see many figures from the series being made myself but a few suggestions would be: 8 year old Indy in knickers, young Henry Sr., Anna Jones, Helen Seymour, 18 year old Indy in "Mexico adventure" clothing, 18 year old Indy in Belgian army uniform, and his friend Remy. Just curious if we are likely to see such figures. (YN, 02/01/08)

     We are indeed looking at Young Indy, and we do like some of the concepts there. We think, though, that there is a lot of iconic film reference to go before we probably look to it. We are planning IJ for a nice long run, so we are optimistic that someday we will see something related to Young Indy.


We've seen a number of UK Toy Fair reports which detail the 3 3/4" Indiana Jones line. Raiders, Last Crusade and Crystal Skull all seem to be represented - but Temple of Doom appears strangely lacking. Are you, like Lego, avoiding merchandise from this film due to it's darker tone? Will we ever see Willie, Short-Round and Mola Ram in plastic form? (TPU, 02/27/08)

     Wave 4 of the IJ basic figure line will be Temple-themed, and it will be a doozy of a wave. We showed one image at Toy Fair - of a Temple Thug - and we can tell you that this is one fine wave. As for specific characters, we will confirm Wave 4 at Toy Fair (if not before).....the remaining one(s) will be be in the first of the 2009 waves.


We've now had time to digest the Indy toy line previewed in NYC, ! With two Indiana's in both the Raiders and Crystal Skull waves, can we expect additional variant Indy's in the Temple of Doom and Last Crusade waves ? Perhaps "torn shirt" Indy and "necktie" Indy ? Also, Raiders Indy has a touch of the Darth Malak "scary eyes" - will this be fixed prior to release ?. (, 03/12/08)

     Thanks for the comments - glad you are looking forward to the IJ line. Yes, we do plan additional Indy figures for Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade as well. As for what those will be, we will plan on releasing the next wave information around Comic Con in July, if not before. As for eyes, there is another similar question about eyes on Star Wars figures from another fan site this week, and the answer is the same: eye deco is one of the toughest aspects of any figure in 3-3/4" scale to get consistent, since it all involves human touches (whether applied by hand, with spray masks, or with tampos). Slight variations is an expected part of the process. As time goes on and we work through the production of any figures with our factories, we look to dial in tighter to reduce variation.

The two small "Indy Trap" dioramas from the Deluxe line have a lot of potential. Will these continue, showing traps from the other movies ? Also, these type of "environments" are really lacking in the Star Wars there any opportunity there ? (, 03/12/08)

     These two are it for the year in the Deluxe assortment, but it will continue into next year with some interesting new ideas along the same lines (though probably not as *big* as these have been). While we feel the environmental piece is an important one for IJ, since the action is so specific to certain scenes, the idea doesn't necessarily translate to Star Wars as readily and we have been spending our energies elsewhere, broadening the figure and vehicle lines. That doesn't mean there won't be a few surprises here and there, but there aren't any "Deluxe" lines on the drawing board for Star Wars.


OK, so now that we know there are plans in the works for "Midnight Madness" events for The Clone Wars toy launch in July, we’ve got to wonder about the man in the hat. Do you know if there are any "Midnight Madness" events in the works for your big Indy toy launch in May? (JD, 03/20/08)

     There are no plans, as far as we know, for special Midnight Madness-type events for IJ. If you hear of any, let us know!

Any chance we'll see some "Vintage" Indiana Jones figures similar to the Vintage Star Wars line? (ST/"WOTS", 03/20/08)

     On a unique package background?  No, at least not in the first 12-18 months.  Most, if not all, of the "vintage" characters/outfits will be finding their way to the basic figure line, though.  Eventually, we could do a vintage-type of package treatment but it wouldn't be for a while.

At the Toy Fair Q'n'A you announced that Henry Jones would be coming out as a figure. Can you give us any more details? Will he be single carded, deluxe, or possibly a pack-in with a vehicle? (ST/"WOTS", 03/20/08)

     We are assuming you mean 3-3/4" and not another expression (like Adventure Heroes).  Yes, he will be coming out later this year.  Stay tuned!

Again, at the Toy Fair Q'n'A a question was asked about the possibility of future playsets. What would you guys like to see made for the Indiana Jones lines, and would the old molds be used or would they be completely new toolings? (ST/"WOTS", 03/20/08)

     The original Kenner tools do not seem to be available, at least as far as we can find, so anything we did would need to be new.  As far as what we'd like to see, without question something in the Map Room/Well of Souls vein would be cool (and the most vintage-inspired).  However, playsets are very expensive to produce and we have to see how Akator does (and kid demand for IJ in general) before we can consider any more.

With the success of the Battle Pack format in the Star Wars line, can we expect to see something similar for Indy ? "Rope Bridge Showdown" containing Indy, the aforementioned rope bridge, Thuggee's and crocodiles would be neat ! You've already introduced the concept of multi-packs of army builders with the German Soldier 2-pack (and fans are loving you for it), so the recreation of specific scenes with some environment elements thrown in would certainly be well-received. (, 03/20/08)

     We are looking at some IJ battle pack concepts, and the one you mention is a possibility either for the Deluxe assortment or battle packs at some future point.

The figures in the Indy line all appear to have ball-jointed heads. The customising-orientated among us would like to know if the neck posts / ball and sockets are of similar dimensions so that quick swaps can be achieved (eg, Indy head on a German Soldier body = instant Indy in German Soldier Disguise / Cario Indy head on KotCS jacketless Indy body = super-articulated Cairo Indy) ? (, 03/20/08)

     We have sculpted IJ with standard head and neck post sizes, but as with Star Wars, our Asian engineering team and the factory do what they feel is needed for production of the figure. This means that some figures change in neck post size and they won't always be consistent. Since timely manufacturing and durability are two of our most important parameters, we often give ground on some of the more minor issues like universal part sizes.

This one is a Indiana Jones question, With the Adventure Heroes Line will we also see play sets and environments like with Star Wars? Something along the lines of the Cantina Sets and Falcon sets? (YN, 03/20/08)

     Not initially, but eventually we hope to get to do some Cinema Scene-type ideas as the line continues into future years.


Since you were willing to share pics of the SDCC exclusive Disturbance in the Force set, can you share pics of the planned Mighty Muggs exclusives - Commander Gree and the Golden Idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark? (JD, 04/04/08)

     Glad to help!  Commander Gree Mighty Mugg / Fertility Idol Mighty Mugg

Will a 3 3/4 Ark of the Covenant be made? (ST/"WOTS", 04/04/08)

     Yes, indeed. It will be found in our Deluxe series ($9.99 SRP), paired with an Indiana Jones in the Map Room robes.

Hasbro currently has the SW license until 2018, what time frame does Hasbro have the license for Indy and any hints at some surprise goodies to come? (ST/"WOTS", 04/04/08)

     It is a long-term license for us, although we don't want to discuss the length of the agreement publicly. We have plans for a long and bright future for IJ, especially if as we suspect the movie hooks in a generation of "Indy kids" who will enjoy the franchise just as we have. We have shown the majority of the line for the year already, but we will be debuting a glimpse into what 2009 holds at San Diego Comic Con.

Can you give us a list of what "artifacts" we can expect to find packed in with the 3.75" line coming out soon? And were there any that you couldn't get to do that you'd like to include somewhere down the line? (ST/"WOTS", 04/04/08)

     See the attached Indiana Jones relic list. There are a couple types of relics, including those from the film, and those that have historical reference. We used a mix of both types. We haven't specified which figures have which artifacts...that is for you guys to discover. But they are all "dedicated" - not randomly packed. Happy hunting!

We haven't seen the Indy line at retail yet, and already interest is focussing beyond your initial offerings - specifically on vehicles. The 'Last Crusade Tank' and 'Raider's Flying Wing' - are these something you've considered producing? (, 04/04/08)

     We are indeed considering the Flying Wing for the vehicle line and are looking at whether it can be done in our $19.99 assortment (if we did it, it would be in '09 at the earliest). However, the Tank is just too big to do in our $19.99 vehicle line. As we don't have another, higher priced assortment in the IJ line, this one will have to be a "wait and see" based on the response to the IJ line, and possibly tied to future movies if we can't get it done for this one. The entire IJ line will have a shelf-date of 5/1.


A few questions on the Deluxe Map Room Indy with Ark set. Why no poles (or even rings for poles) on the Ark? Will there be another Ark released later with the rings and poles? And where’s the Staff of Ra? Will there be a single-carded Map Room Indy released on down the line, with the Staff of Ra included? (JD, 04/25/08)

     The Deluxe pack is a bit of a hybrid but one we felt we needed to get out early since both this version of Indy and the Ark are so important. It was added later, so that is why the staff is in with the Belloq in Ceremonial disguise basic figure. The rings and poles weren't in the scope for this one, but could be a possibility down the road.

Do you have inside info on if there will be a midnight madness sale for Indiana Jones toys on 5/1? (ST/"WOTS", 04/25/08)

     There are no plans as far as we know for a 5/1 Midnight Madness-type event for IJ. If you hear of anything, let us know!

I have a question for hasbro regarding the new Indiana Jones line. I was rather impressed with the 3-d cardboard backdrops that were used for 2 starwars scenes a few years ago(jabba's palace and cantina)and i was hoping that these could be redone in an indy format? I think there is much potential for a ravenwood bar with exclusive marion figure or the temple in the opening of raiders where the idol could be enshrined:) My thinking is one it would also touch the nostalgic hearts of my generation that got treated to a cloud city playset or a cantina adventure catalog exclusive. Many play enviroments with the cost of cardboard and ink.I can think of countless play enviroments or even as a premium of some sort. (ST/"WOTS", 04/25/08)

     That is a great suggestion, and one that in Star Wars we have been looking at as well (the recent Captain Rex mail-in has a bit of this thinking, although not full blown like a wide diorama). While we have no formal plans at the moment, it is something we are evaluating.

Most (if not all) of the previewed Indy figures seem to have removable hats, which makes the hats seem just a little too large. Are there going to be any Indiana figures with hats sculpted onto the heads to avoid this problem? (ST/"WOTS", 04/25/08)

     Actually only one of the basic figures has a removable hat (the KotCS Indy); the rest are adhered to the head.


Do you plan to complete the vintage line of Indiana Jones figures? Meaning, can we hope for modern versions of Toht, German Mechanic, Marion in dress, Indy in German uniform, and Belloq in white suit? (CTR, 05/09/08)

     As the IJ line continues on, we defintely have plans for versions of all of those iconic supporting characters in the line. At least three of those are planned for early 2009.

With all the attention on recent releases of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles DVDs, will there be any characters from this TV series in action figure form? (CTR, 05/09/08)

     Not specifically. We have been looking at Young Indy ourselves (and reading the comics too for additional inspiration), but with all the movie figures we have been focusing on we just haven't fit them in yet.

At Toy Fair, it was hinted at the possibility of another playset...the Well of the Souls...which sounds like a great idea, BTW... Would you consider making is as a series of smaller playset environments like the current deluxe line so that they can be placed together to create the larger scene? (CTR, 05/09/08)

     The current Deluxe scenes can be put together to connect, and we are exploring some additional concepts for more in this vein. However, these are defintely very tough to develop (both from a manpower and tooling standpoint), so whether we do more willd epend in large part on how these perform. We're hopeful though that we have found a great way to really capture some of that scenic excitement of Indy with these (and future) sets.

Who designs the packaging for the Star Wars and Indiana Jones products?  Is this done in-house by Hasbro or by an outside agency that works with you and LucasFilm?  What’s the process that this goes through? (, 05/09/08)

     The packaging is designed by an outside agency that Lucasfilm manages.  We are brought in early in the process to provide input and make sure that the line look works for our needs at retail and is optimized for specific segments of the line.

Though probably not the most 'exciting' concept for an action figure around, will we see a 'Professor Indy' any time soon? (ST/"WOTS", 05/09/08)

     We haven't gotten to this most iconic version yet, mainly because we are still debating which action feature to include: chalkboard writing action, hidden artifact reveal, or "student befuddlement" facial expression change. When we figure that out, we'll slot him in. In all seriousness, we have several more great Indys planned for next year, but haven't been able to get Prof. IJ in the line just yet.

What are the chances of you releasing a Dietrich figure in the next wave of Raiders of the Lost Ark figures? For those of you that dont know the name, he was the German Crnl that melted with Toht and Belloq when the Ark was opened. (ST/"WOTS", 05/09/08)

     Dietrich is in the plans for early 2009.

Now that you've got that fantastic horse mold, is there any chance of seeing it used for packs from the closing scene in Last Crusade or in the Star Wars line for Ewok/Marauder mounts (c'mon, who wouldn't want Chukha-Trok with a horse?) or in GI Joe (there was that one cartoon where the Joes were riding horses through the deserts of Kentucky to catch Cobra's bullet train)? (ST/"WOTS", 05/09/08)

     You can bet that this great horse will be reused in upcoming IJ sets. Interesting thought on the use of the tool as a possible equus companion to Chuhka-Trok if we ever do any sets tied to the live action Ewoks show. Thanks for the idea.

You've repeatedly stated that "SW playsets" are a hard sell especially for kids and are cost prohibitive to develop and/or retool. How do you square that with the release of the new small playsets/envirorama being released in the deluxe INDY line. (i.e. Indiana Jones with Temple Pitfall & Indiana Jones with Temple Trap). Could a "playset" or "enviroama" of this size be possible for the SW line? It seems like it could be a perfect compromise as product this size is small enough to hang on pegs leaving shelf space for vehicles, Evolutions, Battle Packs etc. Plus, if you included a unique figure (i.e. paint variant), it could help move the product as well. (YF, 05/09/08)

     The Indiana Jones fantasy is very different than Star Wars in some key elements, and that is why the make-up of the line is different. In Indiana Jones, environments play a very important role and solving puzzles and escaping traps are an essential element to the fantasy alongside the characters, whereas in Star Wars the environments actually play a minor role compared to the figures and vehicles who occupy the center stage. Therefore, in IJ, we felt that elements like this were central to the fantasy and important to pursue in order to put out a line that inspires the same play that kids see in the movies. For Star Wars, playsets have historically not sold well relative to other sublines, and so we continue to develop against the sublines that give us the overall best results and allow us the continued development of the line. We also see both the AT-TE and Millenium Falcon as having critical playset-like components in any case, as far as kids are concerned; they are truly two vehicles that command play with figures far above and beyond regular vehicles.

The image of the Grail Knight revealed at looks fantastic. Does he sport plastic or cloth robes? (YN, 05/09/08)

     Thanks - this is indeed one great figure. He will have PVC (plastic) robes.


May 23


June 6


June 20


July 11


Have you considered doing a deluxe set from the beginning of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which would include a Hangar 51 crate containing the > metallic case and alien remains inside? I think that would be a fantastic set and it is a big part of the movie. (TPU, 07/11/08)

     That is a cool idea and we have indeed thought about it, but did not pursue in favor of some other sets. Perhaps someday...

Will you be making an Ark Ghost in the 3.75 inch lineup? The adventure heroes ghost is my personal favorite and I think it would go great with the basic figure lineup as well! You could include a rotating head with the peaceful looking lady on one side and the other have the angry skull face. (TPU, 07/11/08)

     Yes, we plan on getting this out Spring of next year in the Deluxe lineup.


Many collectors are noticing that the Indiana Jones line of figures seems to be sitting around at stores and not moving as well as hoped. A glut of product seems to be preventing new figures from coming in, and many fans are worried that the line may be cut short as a result, despite the fact that you've announced that you have plans for 2009. Also, with late July came the return of Star Wars which limits the peg space available for the Indy line. Are the results of how this line is selling having an affect on its future? (AF, 08/01/08)

     The results of how *any* line sells has an effect on its future, as retailers want to ensure that their retail space is as productive as it can possibly be. We certainly hope to get to new figures in 2009. Right now, we are working with retail to maximize the line around what will be one of the biggest DVD releases of the year, along with a strong holiday drive. We know that we have collector interest to some extent (although not nearly to the level of Star Wars) but how long we go will depend on the level of kid engagement and retailer support after the holidays. It's something we'll be watching closely.

Will you be revising your case distributions to make Dr. Henry Jones easier to find and get the wave 1 and 2 figures out of the wave 3 cases (they are overflowing the displays at 4 local Targets, 1 ToysRUs, 3 Meijers, and 6 WalMarts)? (CTR, 08/01/08)

     We are using the same ratio management techniques we use for Star Wars, that is producing balanced case packs that appeal to both kids and collectors, and as such we will not be redoing the case pack ratios on IJ.

The challenge with IJ is that kids *only* want and care about Indiana Jones, Mutt, and some of the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull figures - the secondary characters from the previous films are only interesting to collectors. If we produced case packs just focused on The Last Crusade or Temple of Doom, we would be giving the waves too narrow a focus.

Likewise, if we just catered to kids, there would be very few secondary characters. The continued success of the Indy line is predicated upon both kids and collectors remaining engaged; we need both of them in the numbers we originally forecast for the line to be a success and continue forward.

What are the chances of seeing a Circus Train set from the Last Crusade in the Titanium line, perhaps as an exclusive? I was also wondering if there will be anything from the Temple of Doom in the Titanium line? It was left out of the first waves, but I also don't see many options from the film so I was wondering what possibilities there might be. (CTR, 08/01/08)

     The Titanium Series line will be done after the 8 vehicles. It's an expensive line for us to do on a relatively smaller brand like Indy, so we will be doing the lineup shown and then rest the line in the hopes we can re-launch with an Indy V someday.

Do you have plans to make a Marcus Brody figure in 2009? (CTR, 08/01/08)

     It's unlikely that we'll get to a Marcus Brody figure.

Recently a Indiana Jones "tank" with 3 figures appeared in the ToysRus computer, would this be the tank from the last crusade? (IJC, 08/01/08)
     It is the Jungle Cutter with three existing figures - an exclusive for later in the Fall.

Marcus Brody is a pretty important character in the Indiana Jones lore, will we be seeing a 3.75 inch figure of him in 2009? (IJC, 08/01/08)

     It's unlikely that we'll get to a Marcus Brody figure.

Will we be seeing an ARK Ghost in the 3.75" figure lineup? (IJC, 08/01/08)

     No plans for an Ark ghost in the lineup. It's a great idea for a future Deluxe-type item, but we have no plans for it right now.

Will there be another KOTCS wave for the DVD release?... Ray Winstone's character and Marion seem noticably absent. (ST/"WOTS", 08/01/08)

     There will not be another wave of figures for this year. The next wave will be a Raiders wave in early 2009.
Any chance for Short Round's car or any of aircraft used in the films? How about the elephants? (ST/"WOTS", 08/01/08)

     We'd like to do at least one of those if we can.

Can you give us any info about any characters that are being looked at for 09 yet? How about a 3 3/4" Ark Ghost seeing as how the Adventure Heroes line has one?. Or Lao Che and his sons, from the Temple of Doom? Vogel in black uniform? Indy in German disguise (from Raiders OR Last Crusade)? Donovan? German Mechanic? (ST/"WOTS", 08/01/08)

     By now you have seen the Raiders line we debuted at Comic Con that has two of your selections in there. We expect the Raiders wave out in early 2009. As far as other figures go, it's too early to discuss any more beyond that.

With the Indiana Jones movie come and gone now, will it be difficult to keep retailers interested in stocking this line with nothing like a movie promoting it externally? Already readers are complaining that the Last Crusade wave is next to impossible to find. Is Hasbro taking steps to address this and can they insure consumers that both the Last Crusade and Temple of Doom figures will see as good a distribution as the Raiders and Crystal Skull waves did? (TNI, 08/01/08)

     Like with Star Wars, we do our best to forecast ahead of time what the right mix will be, but once we have started shipping figures there is little we can do to control the mix at the store level, and it is really up to the consumer response to direct the sell-through (i.e. whether there are enough kids to take away all the extra Indy figures, enough collectors to pull through the secondary characters, etc). When new waves come in we do prioritize shipping, so that is one way we control what goes out to stores, but overall, when stores replenish depends on consumer takeaway. We are not shorting the figures from either the Last Crusade or Temple of Doom waves, but how fast they get out there to stores depends on the store-level sell-through of IJ figures, when stores need another shipment, and what wave is scheduled to ship at the time.

Any thought of doing some type of deluxe 3 3/4" ARK toy that lights up or has sounds. Something the really re-creates the opening of the Ark scene from the first movie? (TNI, 08/01/08)

     That's an interesting idea, but we have no plans to do another 3-3/4" Ark.

Will we see a Marcus Brody figure released? (TNI, 08/01/08)

     It's unlikely that we'll get to him.


The overabundance of figures on the pegs (especially Mutt Williams, either version,) and your relatively small display of figures at Comic Con, fears have popped up that the line is dying, and dying fast. We know that there is another Club Obi-Wan themed wave coming, could you maybe reveal that wave or at least not an Indy figure from it? Anything you can do to quell fears of premature death for the line. (CTR, 08/15/08)

     While the size of the IJ collector base may not be as large as other brands, no doubt IJ fans make up for it in passion, and without that passion we could never have built out the line as broadly as we have. For that we are deeply appreciative.

Continuation of the IJ line into 2009 depends on several factors, including kid interest and support in IJ through the DVD/holiday period and willing support for retailers to extend the line into a second year. One question is how far we can get without entertainment support for a second year. As such, we do not want to show any figures beyond what we have already shown.

If, hypothetically, you were to make the Rocket Sled from KOTCS, what price point would you place it in and what figures or features would it include? I would love to see this "vehicle" in the 20 dollar assortment with some track and maybe some spring loaded ejecting seats! (CTR, 08/15/08)

     That would be the logical price point at which to do it. We did look at the vehicle but decided that it was not the most interesting one to pursue, and went with the Jungle Cutter instead, which turned out to be a great choice.

With all the deluxe figure sets we've had for the first two waves (Raiders and Crystal Skull), why are there no deluxe figure assortments to accompany the Last Crusade and Temple of Doom waves? Sure, we have the German motorcycle and rider, which is a STUNNING set at that, but the Indy/Henry Jones Sr. motorcycle and sidecar sets are sorely missing to complete that great action sequence. Also, Indy on the stallion seems like a given since the horse tooling already exists.

For the Temple of Doom wave, fans have been clamoring for the mine cars for years. Not only is the tooling minimal, but it could also be used twice to cover both the hero and villain deluxe figure sets. A Thuggee sacrificial pit cage with Willie Scott also seems like a natural fit for this assortment.
(CTR, 08/15/08)

     Those are all natural fits for the Deluxe assortment, and were all considered at one point. However, it's unlikely that we'll be getting to these farther-out concepts next year.

First a quick follow up to the one of our questions from last session  if we can. The question was asked about a Marcus Brody action figure.  The response was "It is unlikely we will do a Marcus Brody figure". Did you mean for next year or did you mean ever? And if so, is there  a "list" of the characters that won't be made? (IJC, 08/15/08)

     We can't really say never, as we hope there will be another Indy film, and if it comes to pass there will almost certainly be a Marcus Brody figure.

Can we expect a 3.75" Belloq in white suit and Panama hat or a  3.75" Toht and German Mechanic in 2009? (IJC, 08/15/08)

     We did show images of a couple of these figures at Comic Con, which are planned for early Spring 2009. This is depending on retail support for IJ continuing through Spring 2009, something that we will be evaluating with our retail partners in the coming months.

Weeks ago you confirmed you confirmed that an Ark Ghost was  coming in a deluxe set next year. Last Q&A session you changed your answer to no Ark Ghost was planned. Can you please clarify? (IJC, 08/15/08)

     We did have plans for an Ark ghost, but now it is no longer in the plans.

What is the status of the Dietrich figure that was confirmed  months ago in a Q&A? He was missing from the new Raiders wave announced at Comic Con. (IJC, 08/15/08)

     He was planned to be in a later wave in 2009, not in the wave that was shown.

Since we didn't see anything announced on them at SDCC, I guess we'll have to ask - what's the deal with the three new deluxe figures that are popping up for pre-order at a few on-line shops: Deluxe Indy with Map Room, Deluxe Indy with Soul Trap, and Deluxe Indy with Rocket Sled. True or False? (JD, 08/15/08)

     All false. While they may have been considered at one point, none of them ever got past preliminary stages.

Since the Indiana Jones Temple of Doom wave of figures should be hitting retail around the time that the mail-away offer for the Crystal Skeleton figure expires, will the mail-away offer be extended to allow for the lateness of that wave relative to the offer? Many of us plan to army-build from this wave and would like more crystal skeletons! (ST/"WOTS", 08/15/08)

     The mail-in offers (all three of them) have been extended until Dec. 31st so fans should have plenty of time to take advantage using the stickers from the Temple wave. Please pass the word on, as it's likely that the stickers on the figures coming out of Asia will not be updated in time to reflect the extended date.

On July 11, this question was answered at
Q2. Will you be making an Ark Ghost in the 3.75 inch lineup? The adventure heroes ghost is my personal favorite and I think it would go great with the basic figure lineup as well! You could include a rotating head with the peaceful looking lady on one side and the other have the angry skull face.
A2. Yes, we plan on getting this out Spring of next year in the Deluxe lineup.

Now, last week, this question was answered on

IJC: Will we be seeing an ARK Ghost in the 3.75" figure lineup?
H: No plans for an Ark ghost in the lineup. It's a great idea for a future Deluxe-type item, but we have no plans for it right now.

So, which is it? Yes or no?
(ST/"WOTS", 08/15/08)

     The Ark Ghost will not be making it out in the spring after all.

Do you remain confident about and committed to the long term success of the line? It would be very unfortunate if poor planning helped speed the line to a premature end. The products themselves are consistently terrific and the overwhelming majority of collectors are very happy with the actual figures, just not with availability and distribution. What steps is Hasbro taking to ensure the future viability of the line? (ST/"WOTS", 08/15/08)

     The Indiana Jones line is without question considered a success, given that Indiana Jones has never previously been a successfully merchandised toy line. However, for a line to be ongoing, we have to have an audience (both kids and collectors) who are interested in continuing to collect the line. We know that IJ does not have a collector base similar to some of the bigger brands (like Star Wars), which places more of a burden relatively on kids to shoulder the load. So far, kids' interest has been somewhat 1-dimensional, showing an appreciation for relatively few figures (Indy and Mutt primarily). We expect that there will be a huge up swell in kid interest in IJ figures during the TV and holiday times, but exactly how long afterward, and how deeply they support the lines are still to be decided.

Are we going to get a Young Indiana Jones (Sean Patrick Flannery) figure from the TV show? (TNI, 08/15/08)

     We do not have plans to get to any Young Indiana Jones figures.

Are the deluxe figures going to continue into 2009? Or will the lack of support from a new movie end this line? Thanks. (TNI, 08/15/08)

     We hope that the Deluxe line, like other segments, continues into 2009. We are still evaluating how far support for the current line extends given that there is not another movie on the horizon.

We got our first glimpse of the Toht figure and its variant at SDCC. Will it be released in equal numbers as the regular figure, or is this similar to a chase variant where it will be limited to something like one per case? In other words, how hard will this version be to find for collectors? (TNI, 08/15/08)

     The intent is to include the second head in the pack rather than do a separate variant.


September 5


September 26

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Re: The Secret Government Warehouse of Hasbro Q & As
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October 17, 2008

At one of the premieres of �Crystal Skull�, George Lucas stated - �I have an idea to make Shia [LaBeouf] the lead character next time and have Harrison come back like Sean Connery did in the last movie. I can see it working out.� Does the prospect of another Indiana Jones movie play a role in deciding the future of Indiana Jones toys for Hasbro? While Hasbro�s contract for Indiana Jones toys did appear to only refer to four films, could a �stripped back� line for the lean years between Crystal Skull and the next film satisfy a big company like Hasbro�s bottom line, or would this be a �movie year only� line, rising and falling solely on movie/DVD launch support? (CTR, 10/17/08)

     IJ is a property that closely follows the entertainment support. Given the intensely competitive nature of the boys' toy aisle, it can shine during a movie year but otherwise does not have the support to continue the line when there is no entertainment to keep consumers interested. If there is another film, we will be there with toys for it, including items that were planned for the 2009 line but have been placed on hold.

I was wondering if, in deciding to continue the Indiana Jones line or not, Hasbro takes into account the truly staggering improvement in toy quality from the first assortments in May to the latest assortments? I came into this late � I took one look at the Indy figures in May and kept walking. In all honesty, some of them looked like bootlegs. Then I saw the upcoming Indy figures shown at SDCC (Toht etc,) looked up images of the new �Last Crusade� and �Temple of Doom� assortments, and was hooked. These new figures surpass the best of the current Star Wars line (which I also collect,) in both attention to detail and accuracy of face sculpts (Kate Capshaw thanks you.) I have never seen a line improve so much � going from, in my eyes, an F to an A+. Could this issue of radically improved quality � so obvious to buyers standing in the retail aisle regardless of age, yet perhaps lost on the accounting department at Hasbro counting up pegwarmers � factor into deciding the future of what has at the "eleventh hour" blossomed into a truly fantastic line? If I totally ignored the line in May, yet have bought up everything released within the last two months, could it be that I am the tip of the iceberg of disappointed fans who have suddenly seen the new releases and jumped onboard this line? (CTR, 10/17/08)

     You are not the tip of the iceberg, but thanks for finally jumping into the water. A property like IJ, with a smaller (but passionate) fan base needs an entertainment backdrop to keep kids engaged in the property as well.

What has been your assessment of the foray into 12� figures for the Indiana Jones line? I was surprised to see them when the line was announced given the handing of the Star Wars 12� line to Sideshow and a bit of movement away from the scale, but was impressed with the decent quality of the sculpts and accessories of these dolls for a very low $20 pricepoint, an easy �yes� for parents. Hasbro�s 12� Star Wars figures may have been hit and miss, but a decent number were terrific quality - the 1998 Luke Jedi and Bib Fortuna 2 pack figures are in some respects superior to the Sideshow offerings � along with being terrific value at a $20 pricepoint generally. This made me wonder what Hasbro�s opinion of the 12� scale is in general in today�s mass-market setting, and of the Indiana Jones product specifically. While local retail experience can be deceiving, these toys seemed to sell through in the end and remain pretty strong price wise on eBay. There were mis-steps � i.e. German soldier and Mutt (a somewhat weak character Hasbro understandably assumed was the �new Indy� and therefore produced in heavy numbers) � but these appeared to be the exception. These 12� figures do seem to have value at retail when the character choice is right and the sculpt delivers � any thoughts on both the scale and the future for Indiana Jones 12�? (CTR, 10/17/08)

     12" is a scale back in a couple lines at Hasbro - most notably IJ and GI Joe, as it is a great play pattern for kids. It's likely that if there is another IJ movie that 12", in some form, will be back. However, we do not have plans to return to the format for Star Wars, instead enjoying the systematic exploration of that space that Sideshow is providing.

With the "death" of the Indiana Jones Line coming at the end of the year, are there things you wished you did differently (besides not  doing it at all maybe)? I know a lot of collectors who were on the fence with the line and had decided not to pursue it after hearing  rumors about it's impending demise over the summer.

Do you think if it was advertised more or if you planned a shorter  run and issued more key characters and vehicles up front it would have  lived on? I realize it was a movie year but maybe if there was less  emphasis on KOTCS and stores were not jammed with the same figures, there would have been better success?
(IJC, 10/17/08)

     We are *thrilled* to have been able to bring a very ambitious Indiana Jones line to reality after all these years. For many of us, the IJ series remains one of our favorite film franchises, up there with Star Wars, and it was our passion that was instrumental in bringing the franchise to Hasbro. IJ was labor of love for us, and the passion and commitment that we brought to the line are evidenced in the quality and depth of the line, not just the 3-3/4" line up but across the board targeting both kids and collectors.

     As for the lineup we had to work with, the reason for doing the line in the first place was the new movie that brought a new excitement and potential audience to the IJ franchise, so that would always form the core of the line. We reacted as quickly as we could to the news of the movie, so getting out more figures from the original films was not the answer when we had all hands on deck trying to bring new movie figures to light as quickly as possible. In hindsight, we would not have done anything differently than we did.

     Regarding the fans who "waited"...well, we can't really build lines around those who wait on the fence and if they weren't enjoying the offering after close to 30 3-3/4" figures, deluxe sets, and vehicles, we're not sure what could get them into the line. To repurpose a phrase from the upcoming election, people have to be "in" and voting, otherwise their votes aren't heard.

If there is another IJ movie, will you bring the line back in any capacity? (IJC, 10/17/08)

     Definitely. We plan to bring the line back if/when there is another IJ movie. All of the development work we have done on the line, but did not get a chance to ship or finish, will be brought back onto the front burner if we get word of another film in development.

Any chance of doing one last wave, based on collector voting at  various sites on the web and at It could include one of  each figure in a solid case and be sold directly at as a case only. That would give the collectors a chance to finish off the figures that never made it. (IJC, 10/17/08)

     This will not be a possibility due to the large production volume requirements and the relatively smaller sell-through opportunity online vs brick and mortar retailers.

There are rumors the Toht wave of figures has been canceled. Is this true? (TNI, 10/17/08)

     This is true - the second Raiders line will not be coming to retail in 2009 as previously planned.

As a follow-up to the first questions, many readers fear that this line is basically dead in the water and about to be canceled. Is this true or is there something you can tell them that will help put their fears to rest? (TNI, 10/17/08)

     Without a movie or entertainment backdrop to maintain kids' interest in the line, it's just not possible to maintain momentum in the intensely competitive boys' action aisle. We are extremely passionate fans of the IJ line ourselves and anticipate that the line will return if and when there is another IJ movie. Until then, the decision to rest the brand will position it for the best possible return.

Why is it these days (and probably since Star Wars first hit the shelves back in the late 70's), an action figure line has to have something like a movie or TV show pushing it to survive? Why isn't it possible to create a cool action figure line (not nessecairly Raiders but any line), promote it with other ways (like advertisements on TV, web and magazines), and have it survive? There are many toy lines that fall outside of action figures (like girls dolls and video games) that seem to survive without a movie or TV show pushing them, but we always hear with action figures that if there is no show or movie, the line can't survive. I'm just curious where this line of thinking in the toy industry comes from and do you think that it's a possible reason why boys' action figures have become somewhat limited as far as sales in the overall toy industry as compared with video games, girls toys, etc etc? (This question really pertains more to the selling of action figures to parents and their kids not adult collectors.) (TNI, 10/17/08)

     Toys are grouped together at retail by consumer-insight driven play patterns (as you mention), but the retail performance expectations for each category are very different regarding top line sales, margin delivery and the like. It is entirely possible that a toy line one aisle over delivers a fraction of the sales but meets retailer satisfaction in other areas, and this is measured against different standards. In an aisle dominated by entertainment, as the boys aisle is and has been for 30+ years, expectations are very high and the competition intense. It is very difficult for non-entertainment-backed brands to succeed, and even GI Joe (the only standout in the last 15 years to have succeeded continuously without persistent entertainment) has a major movie coming down the pike. Entertainment is not only the cost of entry to the boys' aisle, it is necessary to keep kids engaged and coming back to provide a healthy core of support for any line.

November 7, 2008

December 5, 2008

Will the Temple of Doom wave featuring Mola Ram still make it to mass-market retail (i.e. Wal-Mart, Target, etc, not counting the smaller retailers like Meijers)? (CTR, 12/5/08)

     It's not certain at this point that this wave will make it to Target and Wal-Mart before the end of the year, and your best option might be seeking it out online at this point.

You stated that any toys that you had in the works (and are now shelved) would likely be released if a movie were to be made. What figures have made it far enough into production that they would likely be released (ie: we have had confirmation of ROTLA2, Club Obi-Wan wave, Ark Ghost, German Wing, Sidecar, Minecart, Tank...) (CTR, 12/5/08)

     The only wave for which tooling was completed was the RotLA wave. The others progressed significantly in development but were not tooled. The exception is the Tank, which was never in development.

Regarding the 5th far along in the production process did the figures actually get? Would it be possible to re-use the existing tools for other lines? Toht was already used for the Cobra Commander exclusive figure from SDCC, but there are other characters from G.I.Joe (and now possibly even the Marvel Universe line) that could re-use the same body. The Indy-in-German disguise figure could be used for other German Soldier figures (perhaps fighting Captain America), parts of the German Mechanic could double for several other superhero (or villain) at least you could still get some use from them. (Although I am hard-pressed to find another use for Marion...I'm sure there is one!) (CTR, 12/5/08)

     The second Raiders wave was tooled, but never progressed beyond that (through engineering check stages, deco, etc). It's highly unlikely other lines could make use of the tools, since the articulation is very different from the aesthetics that GI Joe and Marvel are striving for. If those designers find them of value for their efforts, they are welcome to look at them.
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