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« Reply #255 on: June 17, 2018, 07:56 PM »
I like the idea of Rey's parents being no one, at least thematically (I'd still have made them Han/Leia myself) but I agree, Kylo is almost certainly lying. He's deliberately manipulating her worst fear, and tearing down her defenses, simply to capitalize on their very tenuous relationship. I don't know what the out would be for Rey, in terms of parentage; Luke is off the table. At least I think that would be too much last minute revisionism (I suppose I bought Luke/Leia being siblings just fine...). Han and Leia make the most sense, but while Kylo may be lying, we would have to again do enormous heavy lifting now to retcon this. Bringing it back to the Solo movie - Qi'ra - maybe, but this will be a Darth Maul level HUH? for the general audience in IX. So not sure.

I also get the concept of Rey's parents not being connected to the whole Skywalker lineage.  The running theme from Lucasfilm has been about making the universe BIGGER, rather than trying to draw things together neatly.  But I keep going back to those scenes between Rey and Han in TFA, and the exchange between Maz and Han in her castle.  It seemed like such a clear case of foreshadowing.  But the one question mark in that theory is when Maz said to Rey "Whoever it is you were waiting for, they're not coming back".

I just realized one significant additional detail:  TFA and SOLO shared a screenwriter - Lawrence Kasdan. 
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« Reply #256 on: July 5, 2018, 10:23 PM »
Last time I posted here, Star Wars was a hit franchise!

So was SOLO any good? I boycotted.

Nah, I saw it opening week, the first time I've done that since the prequels. Of course, hearing the theaters were mostly empty motivated me (not to  support the film per se, but to enjoy it with less hewmons around).