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Darth Maul: Would You Have Liked to See Him Survive to AOTC or Beyond?

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Just thinking about the prequel trilogy overall here with the final chapter coming up in a few weeks, and I got to thinking about this.  Although TPM is somewhat universally disliked, or at least for the most part, it seems that the one thing people pick out of that movie is "the lightsaber battle is the best ever"...mainly relating to Darth Maul.  I agree with that, that battle was unbelievable, and to me...the best part of TPM.  I've watched just that portion of the DVD a number of times, while skipping through the rest.  While the other problems of TPM can take up a thread of their own, would anyone have liked to see Maul survive into AOTC or even into ROTS?  I've seen some people complain that he was offed too quickly, and he really isn't in the overall movie all that much.  Do you think that he could have assumed the "Dooku" role in AOTC, and maybe even ROTS?  Not saying I don't like Dooku, or that I would like to see more Maul necessarily, but just something I was thinking about.  I know seeing Anakin vs. Maul would have been kind of cool ;).

Darth Maul was the only "positive" thing (imo) about TPM. With Maul, that movie would have sucked. Well, I guess it sucked even with Maul there, but it would have been a lot worse without him. But I for one was totally shocked when they killed him off. I mean, look at some of the TPM merchandise you have around your house. It doesn't matter what, could be anything from that movie - his face is plastered all over it!! How can you just kill off not only one of the coolest characters, but an obvious fan favorite and your major merchandising machine after 10 minutes of screen time?

I was a little shocked that they killed him off, but seeing how the story has unfolded so far, it makes sense.

- If Obi-Wan didn't kill Maul, the council would not have promoted him to Jedi Knight without taking the trials and he probably wouldn't have taken Anakin as a Padawan.

- As cool as Darth Maul was as a Sith he could not have pulled of the deal with the Sepratists.  Dooku/Tyrannus was perfect for this since he was much more charismatic and Nute Gunray would not associate him with Darth Sidious, allowing Sidious to still work his plan behind the scenes.

I thought TPM was pretty good, I think the only failing the PT has had is in Lucas' directing ability, or lack thre of.  Just remember, you have to see all three movies as one story....kinda like how Lord of the Rings was made.

That was the main reason I thought of too, that the story would essentially have to be rewritten if Maul survived.  I don't really see his character doing the types of things that Dooku did...with the Confederacy, capturing/attempting to lure Obi-Wan, etc.  Just totally different characters in that aspect...both Sith...but one is a charismatic, intelligent leader while the other is more of just an evil "tear it up" fighter.

Angry Ewok:
I would have liked Maul to be given more screen time, definately - but I fear if too much was given, Lucas would make Maul a complete puss.


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