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Figure looks cool. I think they mentioned in one of their livestreams that the figure unlocks would basically be characters that they couldn’t do at retail….and both of these track as far as that goes. I’ve seen a lot of comments online of the “oh they’re getting desperate, that’s why the unlock goal is lower for this”, and it’s like of course, they want this to succeed. Plus, if you are someone that is backing it, bonus, it’s a little easier to get extra stuff. If they didn’t change anything and put Goblin Queen at 14,000 or higher, everyone would complain “why even show this, they’ll never get there”, or “why didn’t they adjust, to help this succeed?” Personally I think it is a good decision to not just stand pat and try to boost things. That’s what the Star Wars team did with the Rancor and look how that turned out.

The Bullpen / Re: Marvel Legends
« on: October 3, 2022, 03:42 PM »
Any info on the new retro figures?  I have seen something about the presentation crashing, but have seen Doctor Doom and Ghostrider with motorcycle.  Surprisingly nothing really showing up with google searches on either one and definitely nothing about preorders.

I’m pretty sure Doom and the Ghost Rider set were the only things shown, and both look pretty great.

As for Legends overall, I thought it was another good showing for the Marvel team at Pulse Con. Lots of focus coming for the X-Men in the coming year (60th coming up), which is pretty rad. Looks like the VHS line is adding Cyclops, then switching to Spider-Man next year which is great to me. Also some long requested things in there like Molecule Man, so good stuff on the way! I’ve mentioned it before, but between the number of releases and excitement pumped into the line, Legends is probably my number one line these days. Lots of new stuff pretty regularly, and hopefully it is easy to get ahold of.

Joe Defender / Re: GI Joe: Classified 6" Figure Line
« on: October 1, 2022, 07:00 PM »
Doesn’t look like anyone else is really visiting this thread, but I thought the Joe team had a nice showing today. I appreciate the variety of characters on the way, and they all look pretty great. Up for preorder today:

Serpentor with chariot (exclusive)
Cover Girl
Crimson BAT
Barbecue (Marauders)

And then on the way further down the road:

Rock N Roll

Well of the Souls / Re: Hasbro 2023 Indiana Jones Line Announced
« on: October 1, 2022, 06:56 PM »
This is what I was most excited for today, and I wasn’t disappointed. A regular TVC style 3 3/4” line would have been nice, but it isn’t surprising. I only have a vintage Indy, with no whip, so I am allll in for the retro line. The Adventure Series looks fantastic, can’t wait. I honestly always just hoped we would get a very nice 6” Indy, so getting any other characters is just gravy. As was mentioned though, I’m really going to have to look at where my collecting funds will go in the coming year. Prices climbing, more collector focused stuff than ever, hard choices have to be made.

The Vintage Collection / Re: 2023 TVC Endor Bunker Playset
« on: October 1, 2022, 06:51 PM »
I’m happy for anything new TVC, especially OT related. Too bad we couldn’t get a bit of a preview though. Was hoping for an Ewok village playset, even if HasLab, but that would probably be quite pricey.

Got mine from Amazon this week as well, very cool figure. Tempted to army build if it wasn’t cost prohibitive.

The Black Series 6" Figures / Re: Hasbro Selfie Series
« on: October 1, 2022, 06:48 PM »
I tried it as well, but didn’t really see the likeness either. I think the $60 price is just for the weekend, then it jumps to $80? It would be kind of fun if it looked reasonably close, but it will probably be a case by case thing.

As far as actual (non pipeline) reveals, it seemed a little light again compared to the other brands. I do think they are somewhat held up by Lucasfilm, so it isn’t necessarily the team. As always, what they show looks good, it is never a question of quality…just kind of, I don’t know, boring? Super psyched for Wicket, long atop my personal wishlist. I’m also excited for the focus on ROTJ, even though it is heavy on repacks. Jedi was the first movie I remember seeing in theaters, and those are really the action figures I remember buying the most too, so I’m excited for the 40th line, both new and re-used.

Glad to see the Bad Batch coming to TVC. I know many have been waiting on these. And the Andor figures and Cantina pack look nice too. Again, everything looks good it is just so little and a lot of the same. Excited for future stuff like the Endor bunker and other related surprises. Was really hoping for a surprise HasLab reveal for TVC…like an Ewok village, Death Star, Ghost, whatever.

It might be the fandom being unhappy a lot, the result of higher prices, or the competition from other brand teams that do it better…but I’m just not as enthused for of a lot of it as I used to be. I’m definitely not out, and still a big fan, but I think I’ve gotten a little burned out with some of it. I collect other lines, like Marvel and Joe (and soon Indy), and they just seem more “fun”. Variety of characters, colorful in many cases, and more newness in many cases. I’ve been in the process if paring down and changing up what I display, and ended up packing a lot of Black Series away because it just seemed like a shelf full of black, white,  brown, and tan.

Again, not trying to sound womp womp, because I do like what was shown…it is good product…just not particularly exciting. I’m enjoying Andor as a show, but I’m not sure how much I want a huge collection of it. They have covered a lot of the primary OT stuff, so that sort of leaves Mando (and related) for my interest at this point.

Indy looks great though…😉

Other Toy Lines / Starting Lineup
« on: September 30, 2022, 06:59 PM »
I meant to post something about this the other day when they launched, and now the whole narrative around them is the price (which is crazy), but outside of that I was/am kind of excited about these. I had many of the vintage lines from the various sports, and the thought of having possible versions of my favorite athletes sounded very cool. Add to that, I am a huge NBA fan, so this first wave speaks to me quite a bit. As much as I’m tired of talking/hearing about rising prices, it is definitely an issue here and that kind of stinks. I realize there are probably a lot of licensing things going on with the league, teams, players, and shoe companies…and they seem to maybe be going for a slightly different audience than the normal action figure collector. We’ll see how these do. I’m still excited, but the price will probably keep me from being “all in” to picking some favorites. If they get into 80s/90s Legends….yeesh that will be tougher.

Hall of Justice / Re: DC Comics' "Super Powers"
« on: August 3, 2022, 05:24 PM »
Has anyone found the new McFarlane “relaunch” of these? The reviews I’ve seen have been pretty positive, and they seem to be priced decently for today’s toy aisle. Super Powers was one of my favorite toy lines growing up, and is still really fun as an overall look, so I’m really looking forward to these. Of this first wave, the Batwing in particular seems like a lot of fun. Hopefully these do well so we see more, although they are WalMart exclusives….ugh.

The Vintage Collection / Re: SDCC 2022 Hasbro Panel/Reveals
« on: July 24, 2022, 03:59 PM »
I hate to pile on, but really ho-hum on the Star Wars front…..again. Granted, what they release generally looks really good, but there is just so little of it. And what is there really isn’t “new” for the most part. Three TVC reveals, a Klatoonian Raider repacked from the walker, a Mando Luke - which, while cool, isn’t exactly new new, and Cal Kestis which is great and pretty well requested.

Then the Boba Starship. I know times have very much changed, but this has gone from $70 (and I think went on deep discounts at the time), to $200. Sheesh. I’ll admit I kind of want one, but don’t think I’ll be able to justify it. I really wish we could get the stand separately for the earlier version we got.

The retro stuff is neat but woof I did not know about the pricing. That went from a definite buy to a I’ll have to see. As for the Black Series, much like the TVC stuff, they look great. Nice figures, mostly from current entertainment, and that’s ok. Prices here, like everywhere else, keep rising. It has forced me to consider this my “premium” line much like others might look at Hot Toys or Sideshow. Other than the newer Stormtroopers, I have sold off any army builders or duplicates and will be going with a one of each rule for this line - and highly selective at that. I’ll leave army building for the TVC line, and that isn’t much better. Some of it is just coming from my overall collecting attitude as prices rise and space dwindles. Some were smart enough to point it out when Black Series began, but can I really collect two entire lines of the same characters?

Other Toy Lines / Re: 2022: What Are You Collecting?
« on: June 28, 2022, 05:27 PM »
Thought this fit well enough here, but are the price increases (combined with real world stuff as well) changing your collecting plan at all? With 6” Hasbro stuff inching into the $25-35 (more for deluxe) range, TVC in the $15-25 range, things like ReAction going $18 or more, and S7 Ultimates from $55 all the way to $75!, it definitely seems like some things will have to change.

I know for me personally, I’ve been pulling back on a lot of lines that I was previously “all in” with. I used to pick up all most of the Black Series figures, but honestly have been sticking to more and more of just the main characters from the new media and even past movies. The OT heroes have largely been covered in every flavor at this point, and the other stuff we’ve had for years in 3 3/4” I feel like I’m just rebuying a larger pricier version now…and I just don’t have the room for them. I may completely change my mind later, but for now that’s where I’m at and just going back to my 3 3/4” roots with Star Wars (and 6” stuff from Mando)

With everything else, it is a matter of being WAY more choosy. I was getting to where I was going pretty complete with a lot of the Ultimates figures because I really do like them, but I just can’t afford them all anymore. So no more complete Thundercats, just going to finish the core team and the last couple Mumm Ra’s mutants, and be done. Same possibly for Silverhawks, although we haven’t gotten any of those yet. I’d like to stay up with Turtles, but it may have to eventually go as well. I picked up Optimus from that line, and like it, but nothing else for now.

For regular Transformers, I really only plan on finishing out the Dinoboots as they put them out. Sludge is next, and hopefully they will get around to Snarl and Swoop in that form eventually. For Joes, I’ve gotten a lot of the Classifed line which I really like. I’d be all in on the o-rings, but those a slow trickle. With Legends, it is less “whole waves”, and more picking and choosing, although this is still my main focus these days.

In general, less. I’ve been selling stuff weekly, really trying to focus in the collection. I need to steer clear of the “gotta catch em all” mentality, and just buying what I really like and will put out on a shelf. Even if it is a one off. But overall, man it is pricey. I remember when I first started collecting having a monthly budget of $30. That’s like, one figure (or less!) these days.

But how am I gonna fit all those Bith on my already crowded ANH shelf???

I'm still debating which way to go with this.  If it were 3.75" I would get enough to fill out the band, but with 6" I'm not sure I'm going to get more than one Figrin and one Nalan.  Getting six will be expensive and take a lot of room.

As I’ve been paring down and selling off things the past few years, I’ve come to the decision - with space issues - that I’m keeping extras/army building buying to 3 3/4” only. I just don’t have the room aside from just packing them away. So if I grab these, it will likely only be one of each as well unless something drastically changes budget or space wise.

We had two Beskar Mandos and a Death Trooper at our Target the other day, so grabbed one of each. I’m pretty sure these didn’t come in a case and were just sent in the toy pack boxes Target gets because we only had those three and the cards were all destroyed. Honestly it is too difficult to try to get minty cards on these flimsy boxes anyways, so I guess I don’t really care. Love the new cloth goods cape on Mando, sweet figure overall.

As someone who opens pretty much anything, I for the most part could care less. The only figures I keep on card anymore are doubles I get of OT characters that show up in the TVC line. I could see TVC being the “exception to the rule”, or maybe we will just see a switch to a look like the deluxe Fett. I’d like to see them finish out the original 96, but beyond that who cares. I’m fine with all cardboard. Like others, I get most of my stuff online anymore anyways, so paint is a gamble either way. Honestly I can’t say I’ve had a ton of trouble with paint overall since the face painting tech started being used.

To each their own, and I know everyone has different collecting habits/goals. It might be my age or years in the hobby, but I have more perspective on the world at this point and see how silly our complaints sound outside of a vacuum. “Did they stop making your toy line?” “No, but they are putting them in different boxes!” If cutting the plastic helps the world a bit, fantastic, give us the cardboard. Honestly I think most of the concern is over the TVC line from what I’ve seen. Maybe we have taken it for granted a bit. It used to be once or twice a year in the VOTC days, or it would go away sometimes and then come back like earlier TVC days. Like I said, finish the 96 in this same style, and then move on or make them special releases.

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