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...hell, I'm still hoping Hasbro pulls their heads out of their asses and realize that at Mandalorian Troop Builder pack is a good idea!

This one is surprising that they haven't either created lots of carded random kit-bashed Mandalorians, or come out with a 4-pack.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Tough Times at Hasbro
« on: April 22, 2024, 08:01 PM »
Depending on your perspective I guess its good news for the Star Wars line.  Maybe this will mean less 4" line and more TVC.

The Vintage Collection / Re: The Future of Star Wars Collecting?
« on: April 15, 2024, 09:00 AM »
I'm hopeful that its just a "summer break" and that TVC comes back in the fall/winter when toys have a stronger presence at retail.  While I don't really ever buy at retail anymore its critical for volumes to make the line still work.  Target and Wal-Mart are about the only big footprint retailers left that sell these, and if they drop the line I'm not sure how it'll work as anything other than a fan-channel only sort of line.  I'm good with that so long as Hasbro can still make the economics work.

The Vintage Collection / Re: 4Ē Epic Hero Series Figure Line
« on: April 15, 2024, 08:58 AM »
Yeah that would entirely be a question of what your standards are.  If theyíre low, you could certainly do it.

I wouldn't say my standards are low, but I think these things should be toys and not statues.  Ideally you find some balance of both, but things like light up moving chin guns on an AT-AT, and shooting NERF bullets are not screen accurate but pretty cool from a toy perspective.  This version of the N1 definitely seems a bit chunky, but I'll be interested to see how it works from a toy perspective with TVC figures to see if scratches the toy itch.

I certainly don't want the TVC figures slopping around in a giant opening where they can't really sit properly or where a droid/Grogu can't fit right.  Looking at it I'm mostly worried about how the droid/Grogu socket is going to work with TVC figures.  The TVC version handled this fairly well with the different inserts, although I wish you could have fit a whole R5 droid in there and not just a dome.

The Vintage Collection / Re: 4Ē Epic Hero Series Figure Line
« on: April 14, 2024, 01:58 PM »
Iíll be interested to see how well the new N-1 vehicle works with TVC figures.  Iím not opposed to buying some of these more basic vehicles if they look okay and can fit the TVC figures without them swimming in the cockpit.

I have no interest in collecting these figures, although I may struggle to resist if they come out with never made before figures.

LEGO / Re: Recent Acquisitions
« on: April 14, 2024, 01:55 PM »
Iím sorry about your brother as well.

Iím still trying to figure out to do with my massive boxed Lego collection.  I too have several sets that go for huge dollars on eBay, but Iím skittish about selling something so valuable there based on some of the shady things Iíve had happen there.

I am tempted to try Facebook Marketplace, but I donít know if I want to list them all and more or less have my address out there.  Maybe Iíll list them in smaller batches.

I think my first shot this summer will be to hit up a local toy show and buy a table and see if I can offload a bunch there.

Let me know how things go with your sale and if you find a good means for selling valuable sets.

Disney Parks Droid Factory / Re: Disney Mystery Crate Series 2
« on: April 12, 2024, 05:32 PM »
I like more droids, but tracking these down has been a giant pain.  I'm still missing a couple from the first wave that are going for $80 each.  I just wish they'd sell them non-blinded online, or in a pack. 

When they made The Razor Crest they stated that they'd make every character that ever interacted with it.  By my count they've made a little over half of the characters.

So I guess if they wanted to make The Marauder and there weren't more than a couple other figures not bundled with it available, that shouldn't stop them.   

TV-9D9 / Re: Tales of the Empire (Disney+)
« on: April 4, 2024, 01:32 PM »
I thought the first round was pretty solid.  Brief, but solid.  I'm looking forward to a second season.

I didn't watch the WonderCon replay - were there any hints or discussion on the supposed upcoming HasLab offering?

Very nice.  Iíve essentially stopped buying BS figures, but Iíll spring for this one as its new, OT and really sharp.

I saw one of these out on the shelves at Target here in Denver tonight.

Anybody know if these are going to be available online?

The Vintage Collection / Re: 2024 March Madness Poll
« on: March 27, 2024, 11:08 AM »
Not something I'm in a hurry for, but I'll take it over another Vader, Clone or Mandalorian.

Totally agree.  I'd rather have key unmade figures from current/recent media (Andor, Ahsoka, Bad Batch), but I'll take any new figure over more rehashed stuff.

At the very least I do think Pong Krell is an interesting character design.

Have we heard any commentary on how the Mandalorian N1 fighter did in Hasbroís view?  I know it wasnít a Haslab item, but there was a strong element of preorder for this.  Did it even get ďstockedĒ at EE or any other place?

As mentioned before, Iíd love to see Hasbro do more stuff like this.  Reasonable price range, pre-order, awesome execution.

I would be up for a significant figure component to a HasLab item if the ship/playset was more mid-size.  For example, Iím not super interested in a First Order Troop carrier, but I would be if it included all the Knights of Ren.

To be honest there is a bunch of stuff I'd like them to make, including the rebel transport, but I don't want it to be a $450 version.  A $150-$200 version would be just fine for the rebel transport, a Ahsoka's T-6, First Order troop carrier, Fondor Haulcraft, etc. 

I thought the Mandalorian N-1 was perfect.  Something mid-sized where reasonable compromises are made to keep it affordable.

In fact I'm not sure there is anything on this list that feels like I would want to spend $450 for and have it take up a giant shelf.  Even if they did the cantina I would hope they could find a way to create value without making it too expensive and elaborate (e.g. I don't need piles of Instagram worthy pillows, etc.).

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