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Iím honestly not usually one to stress too much about packaging, although the shipping the past couple years has been atrocious, because I generally open about everything. The exception to this is retro carded stuff, particularly the Vintage Collection, and even more specifically the figures that were in the original line.

Iíve started getting my figures in over the past week too. I ordered two of each in the hopes that maybe one of each would be passable. First was a lone Paploo, who did arrive in a box, and was in fair shape. A big crease in the bottom right of the card, but otherwise largely ďokĒ. Iím hoping for a minty set of TVC Original Trilogy figures, but with the WM exclusives that might be too much to ask.

Then today I got in two AT-ST Drivers, packed separately for some reason. One in a bubble mailer, pretty much destroyed. The other in a box, also destroyed (the box was too small). Iím not sure that ordering more would help. First world problem, for sure, but just a bummer.

Iím actually kind of excited by these as well. I know not technically anything ďnewĒ character wise, but at this point I just get excited by these more definitive updates of OT characters. I ordered 2x Luke, 2x DSD, and 3x Tuskens....and now we hope/wait.

Iíve seen the complaints about the non-removable helmet on Luke as well. I usually like the removable helmets as well, but I also get it. These Endor figures in particular have always looked a little wonky, so this might be a good compromise. An alternate head would really be the perfect scenario, but thatís probably too much to ask.

All in all, I didnít mind the showing yesterday. Not a ton of newness, but I liked what we saw. Now new Mando figures please  ;)

The Bullpen / Re: Marvel Legends
« on: February 27, 2021, 09:02 PM »
I wasnít sure if these deserved their own thread, but they are technically labeled as Marvel Legends on the boxes. These are the new 4Ē, 5 poa ďretroĒ figures. I was able to find the first couple waves at Target recently (in addition to the Hasbro Pulse exclusives), and I really like them.

Again, very simplified figures, but comic accurate and they have amazing card backs. Kind of remind me of the current MOTU Origins in that they look and feel like toys, and remind me of childhood. Fairly reasonable at $10 each as well. Just pretty cool. Hereís who Iíve grabbed so far:

Spidey/Electro (Pulse Exclusive)
Cap/Black Panther (Pulse Exclusive)
Iron Man/Cyclops (Pulse Exclusive)
Captain America
Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel)
Human Torch
Ice Man

Looking forward to more! Tough to know whether to open them, I usually open pretty much everything but Iím really digging how they looks on these card backs.

The Vintage Collection / Re: 2021 TVC Wave 6 (New TVC Wave 21)
« on: February 26, 2021, 05:29 PM »
These make me happy, both look really well done. So glad to see an update on this version of Lando, long overdue. Always nice to see more Mando figures. Such a slow drip with TVC, but they pretty much always look great when they do come out.

The Vintage Collection / Re: TVC Tantive IV Hallway Playset
« on: February 9, 2021, 12:03 PM »
I got a chance to open and set mine up last week, and it really is neat. Like you mentioned though, more than one could be a display problem. I picked up two of the Carbon Freeze sets (one full price, one discounted on Amazon), and havenít even opened the second. Heck, I took the original down yesterday because I just donít have a place for it right now.I like it, just challenging to display for me.

LEGO / Re: The End of the Road?
« on: February 9, 2021, 12:01 PM »
Although I donít probably have the amount of LEGO that you guys do, I have been having the same thoughts overall with my collection. It isnít that I donít enjoy it anymore, quite the contrary, but we just donít have the room for it all. Over the past year plus Iíve been downsizing the amount I have on display, to have a cleaner, non ďa toy store threw up hereĒ look, which has lead to packing stuff up (and then to selling stuff). Iíve always liked the idea of ďwhen something comes into the collection, something must go outĒ, but that is sometimes easier said than done.

Like your story Dave, I got into LEGO because of our daughter. I have so many fond memories of building LEGO with her, which led to me starting to buy some sets as well (I never had any as a kid). Now that she has kind of lost interest, and packed all of hers away except for one (TFA Falcon), Iíve done much the same. I only have my OT Falcon out and displayed (as well as a Mega Construx Castle Grayskull). Everything else has been put away. I only ever picked up OT sets, so I donít have a ton, but still quite a few.

Much like with action figures, it is difficult to purge them. I truly do admire those that can and do. Iíve sold off a lot over the past few years, but much of it has been non-SW, so it was a little easier. I always disliked the idea of having so much of my collection in totes in the basement/garage/etc, but I know I have 12 or more full as I type this. Seems silly.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Transformers
« on: January 31, 2021, 01:48 PM »
Ok, so has anyone seen the reveals of the Super 7 Ultimates Transformers line? Seems like the RED line juiced up, with a larger scale/price. Kind of surprised Hasbro let them do it, although it is different markets. I have some of their other Ultimates figures (Turtles, Thundercats, Voltron), and have been very impressed with them. Anyone interested in these? I have the initial RED figures, and have Bumblebee on preorder...but may change course here, weíll see.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Thundercats, Hoooo!!
« on: January 31, 2021, 01:44 PM »
Not sure if anyone here collects Thundercats Ultimates from Super 7, but they announced a Thundertank this past week that is getting a lot of conversation due to the price ($450!). I started watching an interview Pixel Dan has up with Brian Flynn (Super 7), that I think does a good job explaining why it costs what it does. I get it, it is a large toy from a smaller company with a probably comparatively small fan base.

Iíve been collecting this line (well, so far just updates of the Mattel figures), and plan to complete at least the main team and heavy hitters, but I donít know if Iíll be able to swing this or not. Iíd love to have it, and they are offering some sort of payment plan, but I have so many other interests Iím not sure if I should. Even within Super 7ís stuff....I love their Ultimates TMNT line, and if it got to the point where they would give this treatment to the Party Wagon, Iíd rather have that. Anyways definitely a cool toy, really amazing what we are getting these days.

Hall of Justice / Re: Batman TAS / New Adventures 6 Inch Line!
« on: January 31, 2021, 01:38 PM »
I bought a Killer Croc figure from BBTS recently, and it arrived today. Itís a bit bittersweet because it is likely the last BTAS figure Iíll ever buy. I really enjoyed this line while it lasted, and it basically got me into 6 inch collecting, so Iíll always have a soft spot for it. I have a few figures left to track down, but the aftermarket prices for these are insane. I donít even want to think about how expensive stuff like the Batcave playset with Alfred sell for. I donít have a complete collection, but Iím extremely happy with having 80-90% of what I wanted from this line.

I was in a similar boat. I really enjoyed the line from one of my favorite shows of all time, and tried to keep up as they were released, but as money was going other places some started falling through the cracks. Then it got a little difficult to catch up on some because of secondary prices. I too always hoped to get things like the Batcave, Batwing, and Batmobile...but got priced out. I donít really have room to display them properly anyways, but that is true of many things. Wish I could limit myself to one line like some can do, but I just like too many things!

Iím currently traveling (family emergency) and missed the livestream.  I also missed placing orders for Ashoka and Maul on Hasbro Pulse.  Luckily, they are still available on Entertainment Earth.

I want multiples of the AT-ST driver and probably a couple of Leias....but I am not at all happy they are exclusive to Walmart.

It seemed like a cruel joke that after that whole big wind-up at the top of the livestream, the first wave of TVC figures they announced were Walmart exclusives.  WTF???

Especially because the whole ď96Ē thing has been something that at least the original fan base has been calling for for years. I get the need for retailer exclusives, it is just part of the business at this point, but for something like these original 96 - which are mostly repacks or refreshes with either face scan or minor updates - it seems like it would be perfectly suited as a Pulse or Fan Channel exclusives.

Did they mention what goes for sale today at noon central?

Iím not positive, but I got the impression that it was just Ashoka/Maul for TVC today.

As for todayís reveals, overall pretty good. I was actually getting pretty excited about the ďComplete the 96Ē reveals until they said they were coming to WM. I really hope the reason that those figures arenít going up today is that Hasbro is having Wal-Mart figure things out better for these preorders.

Overall Iím pretty excited for what is coming, but WM exclusives have been kind of a disaster here locally, not sure if Iíve seen any at an actual physical store. The preorders for me have been hit and miss. Some (eventually) get here, others get cancelled. The figures that were announced, or teased in the pipeline, sound great. Glad to see Lando (finally) getting an update.

Side note, I noticed that they said Lando is ďfirst time in the vintage collectionĒ, so does that mean they arenít counting the VOTC/VTSC figures in the 96 count? If so, that means we could use quite a few ANH updates (which with photo real, Iíd be ok with).

The Black Series 6" Figures / Re: Black Series 6" Deluxe Zeb Orrelios
« on: January 28, 2021, 08:42 PM »
I know we didnít really do a ďbest of 2020Ē thread, but I just had to bump this one up again in my appreciation of this figure. Not only was it nice to finish the Rebels crew, but Zeb was hands down one of my favorite figures from last year. Excellent job of taking an animated character and adding just enough realism to bring it into the movie universe. Iíve been close to pulling the trigger on a second one just to have another one to mess with, but just a fantastic toy. (Now if we could only get the crew in TVC as well)

The Vintage Collection / Re: The Future of Star Wars Collecting?
« on: January 28, 2021, 08:34 PM »
The biggest issue I have with Hasbro's current repaint/reissue philosophy is that it leads them to make lazy choices.

They are simply manufacturing widgets.

I couldn't agree more. 

Somebody said it before, maybe in a different thread, but how are they not at least doing re-releases of things we're seeing in The Mandalorian - Tusken Raiders, Jawas, Remnant Stormtroopers, Tank Drivers, Dark Troopers, etc.  Maybe add some different paint apps or accessories and people like me would buy them in a heartbeat.

This is exactly what I was thinking, and why a Mando focused line would be easy in a number of ways, and I believe incredibly popular. I just spent some time this week going through my loose extras tote, pulling out Stormtroopers, Biker Scouts, Tuskens, Death Troopers and other figures that have shown up so far. They could pretty easily put together waves of 6 and even include repacks like this to offset their costs. Throw in a beast assortment and a handful of vehicles and off we go!

The Vintage Collection / Re: TVC Carbon Freezing Chamber Playset
« on: January 26, 2021, 08:11 PM »
I picked up a second of these one of the times the price dropped on Amazon, and was finally able to open one up last week. I get some of the complaints, but I actually like it quite a bit. Looking forward to adding the second to it, but man does it take up some real estate. have to figure out where it is going first.

Little late here, but like others I had my order cancelled. Had two on preorder, got them both cancelled. Missed the second round of them as well. It has gotten to the point where it maybe is just less stressful to pay the secondary markup on these WalMart exclusives.

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