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The deluxe Tusken Warrior has hit clearance at Target.  Today at a local store I found them with clearance tags marked at $13.99 each.  There's likely to be further markdowns.

Not a surprise with how long they sat there. I may grab a few if they get closer to $10 for a few more massifs.

It's fun to finally get to cross off some figures from a wishlist. I almost forgot what that felt like. It still was hard not to end up mostly with the main characters on this list, there's just so much we don't have yet... really looking at Bad Batch here.


1 - Agent Kallus (Imperial) - {Realistic TVC style}
2 - Agent Kallus (S4 Rebel) - {Realistic TVC style}


3 - Jedi Master Dooku - {Realistic TVC style}
4 - Yaddle - {Realistic TVC style}
5 - Padawan Qui-Gon Jinn - {Realistic TVC style}
6 - 6th Brother Inquisitor - (Final 'Ahsoka' episode) - {Realistic TVC style}


7 - Omega (Season 1) - {Realistic TVC style}
8 - Crosshair (Imperial Armor) - {Realistic TVC style}
9 - Crosshair (Clone Force 99) - {Realistic TVC style}
10 - Echo (Season 1 Armor) - {Realistic TVC style}
11 - Tech (Season 1 Armor) - {Realistic TVC style}
12 - Wrecker (Season 1 Armor) - {Realistic TVC style}
13 - Imperial Clone Commando - {Realistic TVC style}
14 - Stormtrooper (Phase I - McQuarrie Trooper) (Season 1 Armor) - {Realistic TVC style}


15 - Jedi Temple Guard - {Realistic TVC style}
16 - Asajj Ventress (Any of her appearances)- {Realistic TVC style}
17 - Savage Opress (Season 4 Finale) - {Realistic TVC style}
18 - Mother Talzin - {Realistic TVC style}
19 - Admiral Trench - (Cyborg or Non-Cyborg) - {Realistic TVC style}
20 - Young Saw Gererra - {Realistic TVC style}

The Vintage Collection / Re: The Future of Star Wars Collecting?
« on: February 16, 2024, 02:08 PM »
Steve Evans updated his website with some nifty TVC photo-checklists.  Looks like the Ghost pack-in figures will get the special HASxxx numbering, while Sabine/Chopper will get standard VC#s. 

VC332 Sabine Wren
VC333 Chopper (C1-10P)

It's dumb to be annoyed by this... but I am. Chopper & Sabine should not have been mainline numbered. They should have either matched the rest of the crew with Haslab numbering or should have been left unnumbered. It is silly to have the number inconsistent across the full Mural set.

Some images of the pack, just so we have them here:

$70?! Considering all of their other multipacks have gone to clearance, I'm just going to start with 1 and maybe even cancel it. Nice looking droids though.

Boba Fett's Starship (Slave I) -- $12.91


Oh.  It's $124.91.

Ha, whoops.

I'll have to go dig out my Dark Empire comics but I believe there was supposed to be a cannon in that storage space.

The design in Ahsoka was modified, the original EU version had a third canon over the cockpit:

Pulse now has a bunch of other "Outlet" sales going on aside from just the Dark Trooper:

it will get repacked at least one more time with Kuill.

Yeah, that feels like a safe bet these days.  I am dumb so I'll likely buy a second Mando/Blurrg just in case they don't though.

I think those of us who want three total will be OK doing that. I think it is safe to say that they aren't planning on releasing the third Blurgg w/ Cara Dune any time soon... :-X

I really do like this one... I expect we'll see it in more shows, and repainted several times over the next few years.

Definitely. Even just looking at the main two shown in Ahsoka, the wing markings & blue accents are different (just like the Rebel X-Wings). Even if it only appeared in Ahsoka, there is already another on-screen version repaint that Hasbro can get out of it.

Captain Porter's E-Wing:

The markings are most noticeably different on the ends of the wings.

Going to need at least three of these!

Was thinking the same thing, and was bummed that they're looking at including a Mando with them... I'd rather it be a little less expensive and not have him, but I get it.

Oh don't worry... it will get repacked at least one more time with Kuill.

It's about time we get this though. I'm excited to see this one revealed. I'll be down for up to three of these well (depending on the initial price).

Looks great! This wouldn't have been at the top of my TVC vehicle list, but I've always liked the design and am very excited to get this in the line. I preordered two for now, not sure if the droid is carded, but also wanted a pair of the fighters. I'd have to think we are getting both pilots eventually.

Mine just arrived today. I like the two new astromechs. Huyang is definitely a downgrade from the upcoming TVC version. The shoulders and hips are just swivel joints with paint that made them look ball-jointed. His backpack is permanently attached and is not articulated. Chopper is fine.

Wish I would have waited for a sale on this one.

That’s really sad.

First Ray Stevenson, and now Carl Weathers. It's crazy that the Star Wars Mandoverse has now lost two major actors in less than a year. Neither of them are really roles that could be easily recast. The characters are both critical too, so they can't just abandon them. It will be really interesting to see how their deaths affect the trajectory of the Mandoverse.

The Vintage Collection / Re: 4” Epic Hero Series Figure Line
« on: January 30, 2024, 04:56 PM »
It is odd, I've now seen several people praising these (& 5-POA in general) on Reddit, and the posts were getting a decent amount of engagement. Not that, that is a very scientific barometer of people's interest in these in general but I did think it was interesting. I'm curious how many people (kids vs adults) actually LIKE these and what value they have that Retro or TVC does not. As an adult collector, there is nothing here that remotely interests me that I can't already get in TVC, Retro, or older lines. Even as a little kid I feel like I would have greatly preferred TVC, any would have been fine with the Retro figures over the Epic Hero series.

If Epic Hero was a return to ForceLink style 5-POA w/ good sculpts and paint I could see a place for it, but as is, I just can't get on board with this line and it will be interesting to see how long it lasts...

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