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I must have missed this last week (posted on Friday the way it looks), but over at the Galactic Hunter Blog they have a few rumors about a possible (large) action figure line accompanying the upcoming Clone Wars 3D cartoon.  Grain of salt and all of that, but I just thought I'd pass it along here in case anyone else had missed it like I did.  Sounds interesting.

Darth Slothus:
There may be something to that especially if AP generated the rumor. :-\

The indications from Hasbro at Comic Con are that they would be interested in supporting the new Clone Wars cartoon.  But it seems like we're not going to see the cartoon until either late 2007 or early 2008, and obviously the line will be the same way.

Darth Slothus:
Like other years when they had the cartoon I bet it will be April/May, then by Nov, they will release DVD for the cartoon and come out with figures at the same time.

Darth Broem:
Oh my.  Forty figures right off the bat?  Plus 2 preview waves before it?  Better hope the show is actually good!  That just seems like a high number for a new line.  Then again they jam about 80 figures a year at us anyways.   I knew the live action show was not to be ready until the end of the decade (if it truly happens).  But now the animated line is not until 07-08?  That seems like a long time away but I guess it really is not.  No wonder they need the multi-media event next year with the video game and all. 


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