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I am excited to announce a few big changes you’ll see coming soon to 

First, has been sold and transferred to new co-owners - Paul Mundheim and myself, Jeff Smentek.  Both of us are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to play larger roles in the development of and its online community.  We’d like to thank the former owner, Chris Berry, for all of his hard work and dedication to the site over the past 6+ years. 

Second, is pleased to announce the addition of Han’s Hideout as an affiliate site.  The loyal Hideout readers will be happy to know that the site will still be maintained going forward.  You’ll still find the news, features, and Hasbro Q&A sessions you’ve come to expect, as well as new columns, rants, and more.

In addition to the changes listed above, over the next few weeks you’ll also see a number of other changes coming your way:

* changes in the JediDefender Staff
* the return of regular news and front page updates
* the return of give-aways
* new figure customizing contests
* and a few other things we’ll be revealing at a future date (after all, we can’t let all the cats out of the bag at once!)
If you have a suggestion on something you think we can do to make a better place to visit, please drop by the Suggestion Thread or send us an email and let us know! 

Stay tuned for more and thanks for reading!

I Am Sith:
Congratulations Jeff and Paul, and thanks Chris!  I can't wait to see what the new era at JD will bring...

Good news. started a hell of a site and it looks like you've passed it onto some good hands.

It will be interesting to see the new changes.

Excellent news!  Jedidefender became my # 1 site a long time ago, and it looks like it is headed back to the top!

YAY!   :D


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