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Rumor: No more 3D Prequel Releases?

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Hasbro can't catch a break can they.

I hope this just means AOTC-3D and ROTS-3D. 

I would have loved to take my boys to see 4/5/6 on the big screen (3D or no 3D) in 2014 order to get them ready for Episode 7 in 2015.  Leave it to TPM to ruin yet another thing...  ::)

Confirmed - 3D releases postponed

Jesse James:

Star Wars is getting stupid to me, and I hate that feeling.

Postponed. More like post-pwned!

I think licensees should jump ship until the sequels. Seriously, Lucasfilm/Disney, you've screwed them over. You've changed release dates once, now got them doing two different packaging looks...for nothing.

I like there's a link at the page for the Jar Jar sound board on that page. "Dissen Berry Berry Bad..."


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