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As some of you may, or may not know, Jurassic Park is my main toyline that I collect on a regular and constant basis. I have been collecting Jurassic Park memoribilia since 1993 when it first came out. I still remember my first piece of JP Merch. a Jurassic Park Coloring book, and after that, a trip to McDonalds, where I got a plastic JP Cup.

When I say I collect Jurassic Park, I also collect The Lost World: Jurassic Park, and Jurassic Park /// toys, and all their filler lines.

I also do Dioramas with my Jurassic Park toys, make customs, and I am also a big part of the ever growing JP toy collectiong community. I was around at InGenNet before it passed, and now I am a moderator at as well.

Some of my customs, dioramas, and toy reveiws can be found there.

So, did, or does anyone else here collect Jurassic Park toys, or have a particular toy they liked?

Discuss! :)



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Holy crap. While most of the stuff makes my eyes hurt and burn with hate, I love that little Tyrannosaur model.


Oh my, how garish.

That is sweet :D.

That would go great with some King Kong poly.

Rune Haako:



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