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I thought it might be interesting to see what types of television shows everyone enjoys out there (even if it is embarassing), or even if you just want to post something interesting, or a Star Wars reference, that you might have seen on TV. (For example, if anyone saw That 70s Show last night, there was a couple SW references on there). Anyways, my wife and I are tv/movie people I guess. Although we aren't couch potatoes in the true sense (we both work full time and exercise at least an hour a day), our evenings are pretty much dedicated to watching the tube together. A few of our favorite shows to watch include (I guess I'll go by days):

Sunday: On Fox, Simpsons, Malcolm in the Middle, Arrested Development (the wife also enjoys American Dreams, but I usually only see the second half due to Simpsons) Also, lately we have been watching the show "Home Movies" on adult swim (Cartoon Network). It just started airing again, and we find it quite funny.

Monday: Still Standing, Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)

Tuesday: Nothing really in particular, but we do sometimes watch the show Happy Family on NBC, and According to Jim on ABC.

Wednesday: Fox night, again...That 70s Show is a favorite, and although I might get made fun of for this, we both really enjoy "the O.C." Started watching it with the wife, now we're both hooked :P.

Thursday: As cliche as it sounds...we always watch Friends. We also catch Will and Grace some of the time, but haven't been overly enthused about it for awhile. We are BIG fans of the show Scrubs (one of the funniest shows on TV I think)...but it hasn't been on lately because of that Trump show.

Friday: Not much on this night I guess. If we're home, we usually watch "Life with Bonnie" (I think that's what it is called). Pretty funny. Also seem to watch Dateline quite a bit on Fridays, if we haven't rented or gone to movies.

Saturday: Other than some sports during the day, it is pretty much a TLC night for us (laugh if you will). We watch home shows such as "Trading Spaces" and "Clean Sweep". We also catch Saturday Night Live if it is new.

Reruns: We consistently watch Seinfeld reruns (our favorite), as well as Friends, Simpsons, and some of That 70s Show. We also catch Family Guy and Futurama on adult swim every night. We occasionally watch us some Letterman and Conan O'Brien as well.  As far as shows that aren't currently on, we used to watch that Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica show on MTV.

My TV watching has dropped considerably when I went to college, I'll try and catch the local nightly news and Letterman usually everyweek night

Sunday: NFL, The Simpsons (If I remember I record it, wifey won't let me watch in front of the boy), Curb Your Enthusiasm
Monday: MNF usually no matter who is playing, Raymond in the off season
Tuesday: Nada
Wednesday: Law and Order (I still like this show even though it hasn't been the same since Angie Harmon left :()
Thursday: Survivor, CSI, E.R.
Friday: Nada
Saturday: Trading Spaces if we aren't doing something

Used to watch The Simpsons Reruns but see Sunday, Seinfeld is on a couple of times a day and I'll catch that too (such as last nights Risk episode (the game of world domination))

I haven't watch tv in a long time. Basically, theres nothing on that intrests me.  :-\

Not much at all.   :-\  Not that I don't like it, but I just don't see much.  When the tube is on, it's usually on so the girl can watch it and then it's usually a DVD of some cartoon or other.  

Shows I'd like to watch but seldom see are TRU calling, That 70s Show, Simpsons.  Not much new show wise.  I'll watch Buffy or Angel reruns given the opportunity.  Hockey.  Some NFL.  We have a decent sports highlights channel so I'll tune that in to watch highlights and read the stats across the ticker.

I spend more time in front of the computer screen than the tv screen.

Oh, and I'll catch the occasional Wild or T-Pups game but never the whole thing, one of those parental sacrifice thingies


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