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2022: What Are You Collecting?

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For those who also visit GH, forgive me because there is a thread going over there on this same topic.  I think we had a thread going here about what everyone collected, but I think it is buried in Watto's I thought I'd start one here in the "Other Toy Lines" forum.  If I shouldn't have done that, feel free to delete :).

I was just curious, since it is a new year and there have been changes to many lines (or some disappearing), what you are collecting (or would like to collect).  Although I have been tempted by a number of lines, for the most part it all comes back to Star Wars for me.  With the focus on the OT this year, and with some great OTC and Vintage OTC stuff coming up later on...I haven't had the budget for much else (and I'm not sure if I will).  Plus, my wife isn't too keen on the idea of me collecting another line besides Star Wars.  That said....

Collecting For Sure

Star Wars 3 3/4" - Basic, Ultra, possibly ships (maybe the retooled Falcon later this year)
Star Wars Unleashed - OT characters only for now, these things take up a lot of space so I can't have so many anyways.
Star Wars Playskool - If they ever bring it back  ::)

Lines I'm Interested In, but Not Sure About Yet

I like these lines, but mainly because of budget, I'm not sure if I will be able to collect

Lord of the Rings - I have always been interested in this line, but haven't been able to collect it the way I had hoped.  I only have a couple of figures, but I would like to pick up some of the upcoming (or current) versions of some of the main characters.  It depends on a few things I guess.

Marvel Legends - I have just been collecting the X-figures...but again because of my toy budget, I may have to give them up.  I'd really like to pick up figures such as Juggernaut, Brown Wolvie, Iceman, Phoenix, Apocalypse, and Storm if I was able to though.

Batman/Justice League - I've always been a big Batman fan, and I really liked the Super Friends growing well as the current Justice League show on Cartoon Network.  I'm probably a little late on the Justice League figures, because I'd only want the main, non-variant versions...and those are a little past now I think.  I picked up the 6" Mattel Zipline Batman a couple of weeks ago, and thought about getting more from this line...but Mattel isn't the best with lines (obviously), and I'm not sure where this line will be headed once the animated "The Batman" line hits.  I might take a look at that one too.

Lines That Are Gone....or Close

Simpsons - I've always liked this line, but again (broken record) just never got into it.  Now it sounds like it might be on the way out?

Masters of the Universe - The figures in this line were/are great, but the packing ratios and Mattel's practices in general look to have killed the line.  The only figure I really wanted to get was Roboto, and that wave never showed anywhere near me.

Other "Cool" Lines

I think these lines are great, but know that I either can't afford or just won't be able to collect them (too far behind in some cases):

The Muppets
Kubricks/MiniMates (these are great little toys though, wish I could afford to collect them)
DC Direct Stuff
upcoming Sesame Street
McFarlane SportsPicks (although I'd like to pick up a Kevin Garnett somewhere maybe...probably ebay I guess since it is older)

Anyways, sorry it got so long...what are your collecting plans (or hopes) for 2004?  Best of luck to all of you that you are able to collect (and find) everything you are looking for!

This year I'm cutting way back, so I'm collecting only:

SW Basic OTC figures
LOTR Basic figures

I'm buying a couple figures here and there of:

Marvel Legends
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Batman: Hush

Definatly Collecting

Star Wars:  Saga, OTC, OTC Vintage, Busts. - May skip on a few figures that I don't like/need/already have, and I will get all the busts that I can afford.  I just need the blue clone, actually, and I am all caught up on them when my greedo/biker ship.

Buffy/Angel:  Figures, 12" Figures, Busts - All.  As long as my paychecks keep rolling in, these will keep coming.  Fans of this line really have to give it their best and buy as much as possible.  Diamond was kind enough to pull it out of MAC's action figure hell and bring to us what we were promised years ago.  

Ghostbusters - Figures - GB was a huge part of my childhood, and missing out on the great figures NECA is pumping out would be idiotic.

Buying what I like

Predator/Aliens:  Figures, Possibly Busts - I really like McFarlanes figure line for these films, and will probably pick all of the new ones up.  I would like to collect the busts from Palisides as well, but it all depends on how much money I'll have coming in...I keep hoping for that job promotion  8)

LOTR:  6" Figures, 20" Figures - This is a line I like to pick and choose from.  I like to buy these on sale because I know they aren't too hard to find with a few exceptions.  And you KNOW Toy Biz will just re-release what you miss in 6 months...  I really like NECA's 20" figures, and will definatly get them, as they are WONDERFUL pieces of art, they are like a cheap Sideshow Statue, IMHO

So thats it, and adding older pieces to my collection as well.    Yay for ebay and stupid sellers.

Fo' shizzle collecting-
Star Wars Saga/OTC/VOTC/Unleashed
Lord of the Rings, Toy Biz and Neca

Pick and choose-
Marvel Legends
Transformers G1, maybe Alternators
McFarlane stuff
Star Wars vehicles and exclusives
Whatever Neca puts out, like Ghostbusters and Pirates of the Carribean

Lines I'm collecting:
-Star Wars (3-3/4")
-Marvel Legends & Classics (not everything though)
-Kubricks (depends on the Subject Matter)
-Marvel Mini-Mates
-Minnesota Teams SportsPicks

Lines I'm Thinking About Cutting:
-Lord of the Rings (not really much more room in my display area, might buy some new Super figures to replace old inferior sculpts though)

Lines that I will cut off:
-The Simpsons: World of Springfield (not by choice)
-Masters of the Universe (I would buy Clawful, Stinkor, Webstor, Spikor and MossMan II though)
-SW Unleashed (cool figs, no space to display them  :frown:)
-Mattel Batman (SHOCK)

Lines I expect to Pick Up 2004:
-Ghostbusters (just the 4 'busters)
-Sesame Street (for my son)

Line I am Sorely Tempted By:
-DC Direct
-LOTR:AOME (I Bought a bunch of these but have since sold them)


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