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It's come to my attention that a certain lady 'round here is in need of some liquid refreshment of the free (and beer) variety, so I figured I'd jump back here behind the JediDefender bar and open this bad boy up and get the party started!  So what'll you have?  Pick your poison!  I hope no one minds if I enjoy a nice stogie while I tend the bar.  MMMmmm...

Hopefully someone can entice Beedo to stop by soon though, as he's a much better bartender and drink mixer than I am!  Those Devil Dogs he makes are to die for!  Nigel... you out there?  Don't make me do it alone here buddy.  Our members here deserve better than me!

Carrie, what kinda beer can I get you?  A Newcastle?   8)

Matt, you smoking that happy stuff again?

Carrie M:
Matt, I would love a FREE Newcastle, thank you very much.  :) And don't shortchange yourself, I'm sure you'll do very well at removing the bottlecap.


--- Quote from: dustrho on April 10, 2003, 10:52 PM ---Matt, you smoking that happy stuff again?
--- End quote ---

Nah, just a nice cigar.  Nothin' special....  What can I get ya' Chris?   :)

Carrie, I think I need your assistance with this Newcastle here...  Is this damned bottlecap a twist off, or are my hands getting all bloody for no good reason whatsoever...?   :-\

Ah Matt,
 I have been waiting to break out a few new stogies myself. I am a connoisseur in the making with a fine cigar. I will bring over an extra Arturo for ya, but while you are behind the bar grab me a cold guniess draft.  All the talk about those yesterday made me thirsty.


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