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Matt, make that 2 Guinness's. Wayne, would it be OK to have a fine cigar?
I have not had one in awhile & it will keep me off the cigarettes for abit.
I hope more people show up so we can make a toast to the JediDefender's bar, were its a place that everyone knows your name.  ;)

Well since theres more cigar smokers here I will just leave the humidor on the bar, help yourselves. we can switch off restocking it.

Mikey D:
You know its 10 am on a Friday, its the home opener for the BoSox, so its the perfect time to start drinking.  Matt, better make it a triple shot of Guiness.

And thank you Wayne for the stogie

 ;D :D :) 8)

Guinness all around!!!  In fact I enjoyed two last night.  I cannot believe how awesome the stuff actually is.  Nectar of the Gods perhaps.

Tonight please mix me up a Whiskey on the rocks please, a nice Canadian blend please...

Carrie M:
Tonight, I want a fun Rum thing, with pineapple juice and Midori. Can you handle that Matt? Oh, forget it. (barges way behind bar to make her damn self).


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