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I guess I better get mine in:

01. Bantha
02. Blurrg
03. Hutt Twin (Female)
04. Hutt Twin (Male)
05. Knobby white ice spider
06. Lady Proxima
07. Mudhorn
08. Rancor
09. Sarlacc Pit
10. Tatooine Sand Beast

A couple more days to get those lists in!

Joe Defender / Re: Haslab Classified Series 6" Joe Item TBA
« on: May 12, 2023, 07:52 PM »
Something to counter the HISS?  Could be a VAMP or MOBAT...

I'm guessing VAMP with some kind of trailer weapon in the tiers (like Classified versions of the MMS or HAL) to amp up the weaponry like they did for the HISS.

Might be a way to get the "classic" version of Hawk out...

Joe Defender / Re: GI Joe: Classified 6" Figure Line
« on: May 12, 2023, 03:01 PM »
I've started picking up some of these.  Wish those Target exclusives weren't so expensive on the secondary market.

Joe Defender / Re: Haslab Classified Series 6" Joe Item TBA
« on: May 12, 2023, 02:59 PM »
Something to counter the HISS?  Could be a VAMP or MOBAT...

I've kind of gotten into this line recently.  Wish some of those Target line figures weren't so expensive on the secondary market.  Maybe they need an Archive line?

These are up now.

I think this is the Target link for Luke/Grogu but it is not live yet...

Hit that F5 one more time!

I got a shipping notice and tracking number already via Hasbro Pulse.  Temporary charge currently on my CC.  No estimated arrival date yet.

Same here.

It was up a few minutes early.  I thought I'd read they were charging like $90 or $100 for this and it was listed at $69.99.  So that's nice I guess.

Disney has it up for $89.99... so when I saw this, I went to Pulse.

With the Gaming Greats reveal of the Magnaguard, does the entry here get removed? 

Update after today's pipeline reveals:

01. Barriss Offee
=. Luminara Unduli
=. P-Series Droideka
=. Saesee Tiin
=. Zam Wessel
06. 21st Nova Corps Clone Commander Bacara
=. 21st Nova Corps Galactic Marine
=. 41st Elite Corps Clone Trooper (Kashyyyk)
=. Adi Gallia
=. B2 Super Battle Droid
=. Boba Fett
=. C-3PO (The Phantom Menace)
=. Palpatine (Office Duel)
=. Poggle the Lesser
=. Queen Amidala (Theed Palace)
=. Sebulba
17. Even Piell
=. Oppo Rancisis
=. Shmi Skywalker
=. Tarfful

Didn't make the cut:
Agen Kolar
Boss Nass
Darth Sidious (Senate Duel)
Darth Vader (Post-Mustafar Duel)
Female Tusken Raider
General Tarpals
Geonosian Warrior
Nute Gunray
Quinlan Vos
Shaak Ti
Supreme Chancellor Palpatine
Wat Tambor
Yarael Poof
Yoda (Senate Duel)

Oppo Rancisis

Anakin Skywalker (Tatooine Slave)
Queen Amidala (Battle of Theed)

What are your 10 most wanted Creatures/Beasts you'd like to see in The Vintage Collection?

The rules are simple: post your wishlist for the 10 3-3/4" figures or send them to me.  At the end of the month, Ill tally up the votes and well move on to the next theme.

Have fun!



01. Bespin Guards (The Empire Strikes Back)
02. Endor Rebel Soldiers (Return of the Jedi)
=. Ewoks (Return of the Jedi)
=. Imperial Navy Troopers aka Death Star Troopers (A New Hope)
=. Imperial Officers (A New Hope)
=. Mon Calamari Crew/Officers (Return of the Jedi)
=. Rebel Pathfinders (Rogue One)
08. Imperial Army Trooper (Andor)
=. Imperial Sandtroopers (A New Hope)
=. Rebel Pilots (Red Squadron, Rogue One)

Didn't make the cut

08. Imperial Mudtroopers (Rogue One)
Imperial Purge Trooper
Imperial Security Bureau Officers
Rebel Alliance Command/Officers (Yavin IV)
Rebel Pilots (Blue Squadron, Rogue One)

16. Death Watch Mandalorians (The Mandalorians)
Imperial Beskar Jet Troopers (The Mandalorian)
Imperial Enforcer Droids (The Book of Boba Fett)
Imperial Gunners (A New Hope, Rogue One, Rebels)
Imperial Hover Tank Driver and Crew (Rogue One)
Imperial Snowtroopers (The Empire Strikes Back)
Imperial Spacetrooper
Imperial Stormtroopers
Kamino Security Clone Troopers (Clone Wars, The Bad Batch)
Mandalorian Warriors (The Mandalorian, Season 3)
Mon Calamari Officers (Rogue One)
Phase II Clone Trooper
Pyke Syndicate (The Book of Boba Fett)
Rebel Commandos (Endor) (Return of the Jedi)
Rebel Pilots A-Wing (Return of the Jedi)
Rebel Pilots B-Wing (Return of the Jedi)
Rebel Pilots Y-Wing (Return of the Jedi)
Rebel Strike Team (Endor)
Shock Troopers (Revenge of the Sith)
Yavin Sled Technicians (A New Hope)

Still a couple days to get those lists in.

It's good to see one of these releases is an on screen droid.  I appreciate the holiday droids, but I want onscreen droids to get greater consideration for figures.

Agreed.  I wish they would release more and not just astromechs.  They have the best sculpts for LOMs, Threepios, CZs and RA-7s.  I know they've already released 4-LOM, but there are so many others they can do.

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