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The Vintage Collection / Re: 2023 Last Figure Standing Poll
« on: December 5, 2023, 11:03 AM »
I think Baylan will ultimately win this.  In my opinion, his character was the most interesting in Ahsoka and coupled with Ray's passing, there will be those that want the figure in his memory.  And I'm fine with it.  Plus, he'll be a new character.  As Skeezler said, I'm sure he along with Shin are already in the works.

I know people think that the Tonnika Sisters are a waste of a vote and that they will never happen, but I ended up voting for them.  I guess I feel that if I (and others) quit voicing this, then we'll certainly never get them.  I'm not giving up hope. 

From what Ive heard about Ezra that figures look will be as hes seen in the holographic message.  But he will not be in hologram deco.  I know.  It makes such perfect sense.

That's what I was hoping for... but still wished it was on the "present-day" Ezra rather than the "recording" Ezra.  But I guess that gives us a Rebels version of him.

Along with the Enoch/Night Troopers pack, Ezra Bridger (Ahsoka) was also pipelined at London Comic Con ->

Updated.  Though it's the holograpic version without a beard, right? Not the version we see at the end of the series (which is the version I want).

This one was hard to do.  Probably 75% of these should already have been done.

1.   Cobb Vanth "The Marshal" (Season 1, The Mandalorian)
2.   Greef Karga (Season 1, The Mandalorian)
3.   Dr. Pershing (Season 1, The Mandalorian)
4.   Migs Mayfeld (Season 1, The Mandalorian)
5.   Peli Motto (Season 1, The Mandalorian)
6.   Q9-0 (Season 1, The Mandalorian)
7.   The Client (Season 1, The Mandalorian)
8.   Lang (Season 2, The Mandalorian)
9.   High Magistrate Greef Karga (Season 3, The Mandalorian)
10.   Imperial Armored Commandos (Season 3, The Mandalorian)
11.   Imperial Praetorian Guards (Season 3, The Mandalorian)
12.   Kelleran Beq (Season 3, The Mandalorian)
13.   Moff Gideon (Dark Trooper suit) (Season 3, The Mandalorian)
14.   Carson Teva (Captain)
15.   Cobb Vanth (The Book of Boba Fett)
16.   Baylan Skoll (Ahsoka)
17.   Marrok (Ahsoka)
18.   Ezra Bridger (Ahsoka)
19.   Morgan Elsbeth (Night Sister) (Ahsoka)
20.   Shin Hati (Ahsoka)

Pipelines for this era include:
  • Axe Woves (The Mandalorian, Season 3)
  • Mandalorian Fleet Commander
  • Mandalorian
  • Grogu
  • Mandalorian Judge
  • Enoch
  • Night Trooper
  • Ezra Bridger (holographic appearance)

There might be others I've missed...

What are your 20 most wanted figures you'd like to see in The Vintage Collection from The Eras Tour: The New Republic (The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, Ahsoka)?

The rules are simple: post your wishlist for the 20 3-3/4" figures or send them to me.  At the end of the month, Ill tally up the votes and well move on to the next theme.

Link to last year's poll -> JediDefender Wishlists 2022: Live Action Series

Have fun!


1   Sim Aloo (Return of the Jedi)
2   Baniss Keeg (A New Hope)
2   Brea Tonnika (A New Hope)
2   Defenestrated Weequay (Return of the Jedi)
2   Fozec (Return of the Jedi)
2   Han Solo (Tatooine) (A New Hope)
2   Luke Skywalker (Farmboy) (A New Hope)
2   Senni Tonnika (A New Hope)
2   Shasa Tiel (Return of the Jedi)
2   Tzizvvt (A New Hope)
2   Yotts Oren (Skiff Guard) (Return of the Jedi)
12   Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi (A New Hope)
12   Beru Lars (A New Hope)
12   BoShek (A New Hope)
12   Gailid (Return of the Jedi)
12   Garouff Lafoe (A New Hope)
12   Nik Sant (Rebel Commando) (Return of the Jedi)
12   Owen Lars (A New Hope)
12   Sate Pestage (Return of the Jedi)
12   Yerka Mig (A New Hope)

12   EV-9D9
12   Imperial Spacetrooper (A New Hope)
12   Solomahal (A New Hope)
24   Arleil Shous (A New Hope)
24   Ars Dangor (Return of the Jedi)
24   Atheloe (A New Hope)
24   Barada (Return of the Jedi)
24   Bespin Wing Guard (Corman Jeihn) (The Empire Strikes Back)
24   Bespin Wing Guard (Pedar Solado) (The Empire Strikes Back)
24   Boleo (A New Hope)
24   Brethupp (Return of the Jedi)
24   Corporal Corman Quien (Tauntaun Handler) (The Empire Strikes Back)
24   Damono Deomaley (A New Hope)
24   Death Squad Commander (A New Hope) (Kenner deco)
24   Endor Rebel Commando (Full Jumpsuit version) (Return of the Jedi)
24   Gauron Nas Tal (Return of the Jedi)
24   Gela Yeens (A New Hope)
24   General Hurst Romodi (A New Hope)
24   General Jan Dodonna (A New Hope)
24   General Trech Molock (A New Hope)
24   Giant Mouse Droid (Return of the Jedi)
24   Grand Moff Tarkin (A New Hope)
24   Han Solo (Yavin Ceremony) (A New Hope)
24   Imperial Sandtrooper (A New Hope)
24   Loje Nella (Return of the Jedi)
24   Lt. Sheckil (The Empire Strikes Back)
24   Luke Skywalker (Post-Bespin Duel) (The Empire Strikes Back)
24   Momaw Nadon (A New Hope)
24   Mon Mothma (Return of the Jedi)
24   Muftak (A New Hope)
24   Pipe-Smoking Ewok (Return of the Jedi)
24   Princess Leia Organa (Ewok Village) (Return of the Jedi)
24   Pucumir Thryss (Return of the Jedi)
24   Ront Byrnloo (A New Hope)
24   Tawss Khaa (A New Hope)
24   Theron Nett (Red Ten) (A New Hope)
24   Treva Horme (The Empire Strikes Back)
24   Wuher (A New Hope)

Jodo's list:

1. General Hurst Romodi (A New Hope)
2. General Trech Molock (A New Hope)
3. BoShek (A New Hope)
4. Brea Tonnika (A New Hope)
5. Senni Tonnika (A New Hope)
6. Boleo (A New Hope)
7. Gela Yeens (A New Hope)
8. Ront Byrnloo (A New Hope)
9. Yerka Mig (A New Hope)
10. Yotts Oren (Skiff Guard) (Return of the Jedi)
11. Gailid (Return of the Jedi)
12. Defenestrated Weequay (Return of the Jedi)
13. Lt. Sheckil (The Empire Strikes Back)

There's a few more days left to get those lists in!

I got this over the holiday.  I didn't get any kind of notification, so I was surprised to see it.

The Black Series 6" Figures / Re: Hasbro Selfie Series
« on: November 17, 2023, 03:19 PM »
Selfie Series Dead?

Hasbro Pulse Customer Service FAQ says "we are no longer accepting new orders for Hasbro Selfie Series figures."

I can't find any link on their homepage either.

I have seen several reports of people getting their shopdisney orders cancelled even though they preordered back in July.

That's weird since it isn't sold out on their website.

I ordered mine through ShopDisney in order to get free shipping with the Halloween droid.  Still no word yet.

The Vintage Collection / Re: 2024 TVC Wave 3 (New TVC Wave 35)
« on: November 1, 2023, 05:22 PM »
-LOST CAUSES - This one irks me to a degree.  When I was reporting for a couple of collecting sites there was all sorts of talk about the Tonnika sisters.  I think I figured out what the deal was, and I maintain that it seems like a lost cause, no matter how many petitions circulate. 

I would love to have the Tonnika Sisters in TVC, but I think the BTS photos of them being called Star Whores probably makes it tough for Hasbro to touch...  I do wonder if the two showed up on a D+ show if that would change that, but that history might be hard to wash away.  You are probably right that it's a lost cause, Nick, but one can only hope.  I suppose that's why I still pick them in my wishlists.

I'm pleasantly surprised that a few characters got knocked off my list from last year, including:
- Princess Leia Organa (ANH) - *ALL NEW*

Forgot about that.  Will need to update the list.

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