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Star Wars Action Figures / Re: T_K's Customs Update pg6 4/11
« on: April 12, 2006, 03:33 PM »
Isn't that just a bummer? Flashes always seem to have adverse effects on my custom, usually washing out all the details i WANT to have seen, and bringing out all the detail I don't (dust, scratches, etc.)

I was always kind of jealous of my buddy who had two (three?) Shadow Troopers, but I eventually got over it as I decided Clones weren't as cool as their fanboyism made them out to be. Nonetheless, I always enjoy a goodcustom. Is this made from an exclusive Utapau Shadow Trooper, or did you paint up a #41 clone?

If this is a repaint, it looks extremely clean, something I can never do with my customs. By clean, I mean the lines are really crisp and straight. I really wish I could see the highlights and weathering you put on him, because it always seems to be those little details that make or break a custom. It's looking good, though!

Ty, does it look like the Courtney Krieger hair is casted separate from the rest of the head?

Oh man, that's fantastic. I knew that the Covergirl would work best for Mara, but I wanted a good-looking female face for my Jaina custom. That Mara is top notch, though!

I was also looking for some use for Covergirl's jacket and Iron Knife's head: my New Jedi Order Han came to mind for the jacket, but now that that's finished, I think your Talon Karrde recipe is a great fit.


As for Mara's goggles, you should pick up an Elite Force Marine grenadier figure, because they come with these AWESOME removable goggles that I plan on using for my eventual Mara.

Here he is, folks, more or less done. Except, the holster on his waist is from the Elite Force line, acting as a peg warmer until I get another VOTC Han Solo Holster.

So, this is my rendition of Han during Agents of Chaos, the New Jedi Order book where he goes on a depression trip due to the death of a close friend. the whole series, if you ask me, looks like a funeral cos everyone's wearing black.

there are some obvious botches where the paint chipped, but I thought i could disguise it as weathering without anyone knowing. Oops, the cat's out of the bag!


Recap on parts:
Saga Collection Han in Carbonite:
Head, hands, upper legs, neckpost, lower torso

ROTS Palpatine (Captive):
Lower legs, upper torso, shoulder articulation

Ultimate Soldier: Battle at the Bulge airborne soldier:
Arms, torso (hollowed out for jacket)

Bread tie and scrap plastic painted silver:
chest "strap"

scrap plastic:
right-side buckles

staple pieces:
left side hooks

Great EU Characters. I'm not very familiar with Zinj, but I believe he's from the X-Wing books? Not sure.

Thrawn, of course, is one of my all time favorite SW villains. I was working on a Grand Admiral version of him, from the Thrawn triogy of course, but botched the job and got side tracked.

I love the black officer uniform design on him, and the head choice fits very well!

W :o W!!!!! That Han is friggin awesome!!! You my freind are quickly becoming one of my favorite customisers. Im going to borrow this Im heading to Wally World to get that tanker as we speak.

Did you sculpt his hair because it looks different? Excellent job.

Nope, that'd be the factory sculpt. Like I wsa saying, I never really liked this head sculpt until I popped it onto this custom-in-progress, and WOW it really did the job! Now that it's painted, I can't wait to finiish off the joints and apply some sealer. I'm relaly anxious to post the final product! Thanks for the comment, Ennis!

The Potato line cracked me up  ;D  I'm glad that PPDK got to spend some time with some choice ladies, so as to live up to his name sake.  Also, I'm glad he wasn't hanging out with the interactive Furby-Yoda, because he'd probably have a heart attack at the sheer terrifying talking functionality of that abomination -- I know I did. Also, if you have one of those Yoda's, it's eye lids are probably falling off by now. I'm pretty sure all the one's I've seen a year ago and on look like the guy who drank from the wrong grail.

Dexter: "Yeah, I've been workin' out."

lol. I'm wondering, are you going to try and add more arms to him, or is that the finished product? Either way, it looks great! The hulking form really fits well with the Monthly Challenge theme, and Dexter's head can look agressive, apparently, if you want it to! I wouldn't want to be caught in the ring with this guy.

Thanks alot for the kind words. Yeah, you know, those XD arms are really awkward, but since I used their respective torso (the dremeled out jacket), I think you may be right, they might just work well for this piece. The angle of the elbow let's me put Han in this really cool gun slinger pose, like he's about to quickdraw on someone. I've never really been able to get that arm pose out of even a balljointed Star Wars fig, so I'm kind of happy about that!

Thanks for the advice on the image tags! I usually do change 'em, but last night the server was down hereat JD or something, so I was kind of in a rush and frustrated. Despite all that, I appreciate your help. It looks like D_N took care of it for me, though.  ;D

Hey there! Yeah, that was one major concern for me, the upper arm skinniness. The shoulders are exactoed off of the Supreme Chancellor Palpatine arms, so they are a little mismatched, but to tell the truth, I measured them up (excluding balljoint) with the XD arms (whose lower parts I used) and they are about the same thickness. The balljoint extends in, and sits inside the jacket arm hole, so it can actually get clearance and connect with the original torso sockets, so I think the thinness helps in functionality for the balljoint. I'm glad you like this, though!

Aw dude, you're a pal. Thanks for fixing that for me!

Thanks Chewie, that means alot to me coming from you. as when I first got into customizing, I've always looked up to your creative use of materials, and especially your awesome paint jobs. I really appreciate that comment!

Now, the tricky part is painting this bugger. He's got tons of joints!

April 9, 2006
So, the rest of my Jaina fodder didn't come in today, and I told myself I had to work on something this weekend or I'd go crazy! So, here's this: a work in progress of my Agents of Chaos Han Solo, from The New Jedi Order.

I used to hate the new Saga Han in Carbonite Head cos of how his eyes are looking up all doofy like, but on this longer neck, the chin can tilt way down, and he looks like he's leering at you. Now if that's not the face of a man who just lost his best friend, I don't know what is. Of course, I'll be painting this and probably adding a belt and holster before It's done. The repaint will include the head, with all the aging that 25 years oughta do to a man.

Saga Collection - Han in Carbonite - head, hands, part of torso, and upper legs, upper neck/balljoint

21st Century: Battle at the Bulge guy - torso dremeled out for a jacket, lower arms

ROTS Palpatine (Captured in Cuffs) - Shoulder articulation, lower legs, upper part of torso for the "mandarin" collar, and neck peg.


That's a sweet sweet medic design. I love the Aurabesh writing on the different articles of clothing and accessories. I haven't ever stumbled on your thread before, so I think I'm going ot take a look-see at the rest of it! Thanks for sharing man.

I love that disguised version, because I'm a sucker for accessories, and the wig is just awesome. You know, the concept has a very innocent George Lucas-esque humor touch to it, I think, reminding me of Han Solo and some of his heroic blunders in the OT (i.e., getting caught on the Death Star comm [EPIV], getting caught by C-3PO, kissing Leia [EPV], and getting caught by a scout trooper by stepping on a twig in 'Jedi').

Cool concept and I appreciate the hard work!

You know, I just read a thread on Rebel Scum about that, so I'm probably gonna do that tonight if I get done with taxes on time.  ;D When I get my Early Bird kit, I'm probably gonna convert that R2 into a Whistler, despite the era conflict implied by that.

Here's an update of my New Jedi Order era, Jedi Master Corran Horn -- now with EYES! This update is for you, Master_Phruby, lol.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: CommanderKorbra's Customs
« on: April 7, 2006, 08:42 PM »
I like the photo where it looks like your Cody is breakdancing, and the other one is watching in envy. This is going to be great when you're done. Are you going to sculpt his shoulder pads to match the screen version?

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