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Has anyone scanned in a Saga collection card to use as a template? I don't do custom cards normally, but I am using one for a class project. Thanks for your help, in advance.

Hey folks, this is double posted from the Rebel Scum forums. Thanks for looking!
Marcg 29, 2006
Chapter 2 update for Rho One-Three-Eight's background story! Find it here.

March 29, 2006
Added articulation to my Scorch. Nervous as hell while I did it, too. I don't think it came out as clean as I would've liked. Tell me what you think!

March 28, 2006
Hey, folks. I've given this Clone a designation (subject to change in case it doesn't fit in with Clone designations, because I don't really read much Clone War material). Rho One-Three-Eight's story can be read here,  chapter by chapter as they are updated in the Rebel Scum Fanfic forum! Please pardon my writing, thanks!

March 27, 2006
First, these are some shots of the same character that is represented in my first custom, the modified #41 made into the Unknown Tactical Ops Commander. This is his representation as a communications specialist during the Clone Wars, before the Phase2 armor was introduced - AOTC style:

Next up is his Original Trilogy form, during the Galactic Civil War. I sort of decided he'd be an engineer of sorts, sort of like the US Navy's Construction Battalion, specializing in both engineering and communications (complete with a synthleather equipment pouch [right hip], fusion torch tank [left hip] and backpack):

The 'badge' on his left breast is actually a control panel for his 'pacemaker.' (His ROTS representation has a hole in his chest through which a lightsaber blade can be placed. Details later)

And finally, the 'Evolutions' style shot!

March 23, 2006
Here's a sneak-peak at an AOTC clone custom. I'll have better pictures up when I get a chance to use the Digital SLR my school's loaning me:

I was going to just make an SA Clone into a 501st legion, however, I kept messing up on the leg stripes (which I later found out that only a some 501st clones had, anyway,) and in doing so, stained his thighs blue from repeated correction and reapplication.

So, I decided to give him a little bit of the Bly treatment, and paint his entire thigh plates. One thing lead to another, and he ended up being a commander-esque 501st Clone.

Well, being that Appo is supposed to be the commander of the tactical ops unit, I thought I'd write a short fanfic-ish blurb (a.k.a., excuse for my painting ineptitudes. :P) later. But, for now, here is a snap shot:

More pictures here:

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