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I like it... but it doesn't scream "Star Wars" to me a whole lot.  Still a nice custom though.  Maybe set R2D2 next to her or something and it's easier to recognize it as Mara.

The Aqua Clone looks very life-like.  I really don't like underwater Star Wars designs too much, but I must admit that's awesome.  That little guide light on the side of the helmet is outstanding.


I think that the wedding dress representation is just on the cover of the comic, if I recall. The actual sequential artwork shows them being married in different colored Jedi robes. :/

Holy crap, Phruby! Just yesterday, I was perusing tihs toystore's POTJ and Saga collection, and I kept running into Aura Sing, saying to myself how much I hated that figure. But THIS is just awesome. I think it really matches her stature n the movie, and your paint job apps give her a less cartoony feel. The use of micro(wo)man parts is excellent!

I'm not too familiar with the Microman stuff, though. Do they just come as already-designed characters, or do they sell "blanks" for customizing and such?

Great work!

I thin the Spirit Iron Knife jaw might be a little strong for Quinlan Vos, but maybe that's just me (cos I'm not that familiar with the character.) Other than that, a little addition to his hairsculpt and a repaint would probably work out well!

I'm getting the comic three pack with that Spirit fig, Hannibal: Reborn and Agent Courtney Krieger (Covergirl). I already know what I'm gonna use Courtney and Hannibal for, but I can't think of a dang thing to do with Spirit Iron Knife, lol.

April 7, 2006

Here are the parts I've used so far for my Jaina Solo as Twin Leader (NJO, around "Rebel Dream" and "Rebel Stand".) I haven't started painting yet, and I also haven't received the head I've chosen, yet. So far, this is the recipe:

POTJ Luke Skywalker Pilot Gear
 - Portions of the legs, trimmed a total of 1/4" to shorten stature.
 - Torso

ROTS Palpatine (Black Outfit, with stun cuffs)
 - One of the boots (remarkably similar to the POTJ Luke boot)
 - Knee articulation

POTJ Imperial Officer
 - Swivel arms, dremmeled to a thinner size to match figure build

Bear with the headless shots. I have the work in progress posed beside a VOTC Leia and VOTC Han for height comparison. (Wookieepedia says Jaina is supposed to be shorter than Leia, but I think that'd be ridiculous in relaiton to the figures. The height data may also be from an earlier era.)

I think I'm one of the few people into Star Wars these days that doesn't like Quinlan Vos. DESPITE, however, my bias, as always, you nailed this custom perfectly Ron. I think by now, everyone on the board has told you how uncanny the likenesses of your figures are. Not unlike your other pieces, your paint apps on this are superb, and the accessories/tailoring are excellent. It's hard for me to tell whether the hair is sculpted or softgoods -- either way, it looks very convincing! Thanks for sharing.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: V's customs
« on: April 5, 2006, 08:44 PM »
Do you guys know if that little stump thing comes out of Kit Fisto's neck. If it does hes perfect for some thing im doing. Jess i think we should break up.

If you're talking about the ROTS Kit Fisto, yeah it comes out! It was perfect for this headswap I did with the Elite Force Grenadier Marine Colenol. The way I got the peg out was, I boiled Kit Fisto for a short time, and then tied a string to the exposed peg, and just popped it out. No unsightly marks or damage that plyers, tweezers, (teeth?) would do.

digging the marine.  he'd look really good in some sort of small dio, knee deep in snow or something.  the skirt is a good addition and really looks like it belongs there.  i really like the paint apps/color choice for Corran, and the head is a good choice.  but i'll be damned when i first looked at it i was like oohhh!!! where'd you get the Bruce Willis head.  Is it just me?  Did you paint the head or did he come like that?


That's the original head sculpt/paint. I totally repainted it, and accidentally shut his eyes, but yeah. He looks exactly like Mr. Bruce-Die-Hard-Willis. Though, after I was done with it, goatee gray hair and all, I thought he sort of ressembled Sean Connery. Hmmm.

The paint job is excellent. I just don't like the head. Its too detailed and Asian looking for the body and character. I take it that is not whistler he is talking to. Isn't his lightsaber blade silver?

I think the head would've turned out alright if I knew how to paint better, lol. I'm thinking of redoing the eyes, because when I put the base coat on, it just looked like a guy squinting to me, so I couldn't paint anything otherwise. Though, looking at the original paint scheme, I think I can redo them so that they're, uh, open? lol.

No, that's not Whistler, it's just my R2-D2, thought it'd make a sufficient interaction prop.

Yes, his lightsaber blade is silver. Like I said in my post, I need to find a way to color a lightsaber without it losing that transluscent effect.

Thanks for the comments, though!

Customizing Tips and Tricks / Re: Homemade Oven
« on: April 5, 2006, 07:50 AM »
Quick question about sculpy: does it self adhere to plastic, or do you have to use a fixitive / adhesive after it's cured?

Oh, and so as not to defeat the purpose of this thread, that homemade oven sounds really innovative. I'm good with cooking sculpey in my oven, but if I ever lose that ability, I'll keep this make-shift cure-box in mind.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Baron Fel?
« on: April 5, 2006, 07:17 AM »
If it isn't too late for a suggestion, I recommend taking a look at some of the Elite Force figures that Toys R Us carries (assuming they are available in your area, as they are American figures.) They all are, well, very militaristic looking, and the ones TRU carries (Marines, Paratroopers, WWII infantry...) are well detailed.

I used the grenadier head for my Corran Horn custom earlier this week:

But, of course, you do wonders with paint, so I'm sure the Veers would suit your needs!

April 3, 2006
My interpretation of Corran Horn during the New Jedi Ordern ovels. Maybe a little too old. More like, Sean Connery as Corran Horn from the NJO novels?


Alot of the post-prequel produced art of Corran depict him in traditional Jedi robes, green in color. However, I feel that the image of the "new jedi order" has been altered significantly due to the prequel release, so I wanted to give him more of a modern jedi look.

The arms, torso and legs are Kit Fisto's, while the head is a complete repaint (my first!) of an Elite Force fellow, who the pouches also belong to. The skirting is off of the ROTS Tarkin, with some extra parts added on. I need to make an accurately colored lightsaber blade some how (transparent paint, I suppose?) and also a softgoods hooded cloak.

C, Yuuzhan Vong!

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Baron Fel?
« on: April 3, 2006, 04:33 AM »
Ron, I double checked, and it looks like most of his graphical representation is in the X-Wing Rogue Squadron comics, so I think that'd be the best source material. Here are some images:

Wookieepedia pic

And here's the webpage of some bloke who decided to make a costume based on the comic rendition, it may be helpful in some angle shots:
Baron Soontir Fel Costume

Hope those help

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Baron Fel?
« on: April 3, 2006, 04:24 AM »
Hi Guys

I'm looking at doing a Baron Fel figure when he was still with the empire and was wondering on the following.

1. was his jumpsuit grey or black?
2. did he wear the white vest while with the empire.
3. did he have a goatee while with empire.
4. was the webbing white or black again while he was with the empire.
5. was the red stripes red or burgundy.
6. did he have kill markings on his helmet.
7. Did he waer a holster.

sorry for all the question but all the pics I've seen he looks different in and I'm not familiar with SW beyond the 6 movies and there are some great looking figures that can be custom made.


Im not a huge Expanded Universe comic book reader, though I do read the books often. They don't go into great detail about their attire and equipment, at least not to the extent at which I can remember. I assume you've seen the image on Wookieepedia (of him holding his Tie fighter pilot helmet, gray jumpsuit.) I'd say go off that picture, as it looks the post aesthetically pleasing. Im not sure if he's a frequent character in the comics, but usually with novel characters you can go crazy with artistic license as long as you have one source pic.

Maybe a more frequent comic reader can help us out here? Good luck, Ron.

I agree with Chewie, the color scheme fits well for riot armor. You really can imagine these guys making public, urban appearances to quell uneasy crowds.

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