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I love the snow look, and the only other thing I might add would be some on the boots. Give him that just walked through snow look. I don't know how far you would go up the leg with it, but I think it would bring the whole custom together.

The helmet you used is not the one from the Snowtrooper. Where did you get it, or did you cast it yourself. It really looks great.  ;)
roron corobb

The helmet actually is from the Saga Collection Snowtrooper! I dremmeled down the ridge on the helmet, and I added some "green stuff" to his mask and sculpted in the pseudo-Clone cheek pattern, painted over it, etc., to diminish the "goggle" look that the Marines dont have.

Thanks for the compliments, but especially any critical feedback! I'll probably post better pictures of the custom when I have the pack done.

Hello everyone,

just wanted to say that I am back in the customizing game and more fun than that, is that I am back to admire all of your outstanding and great looking work.

Just wanted to take the oportunity to say hello to everyone and keep the great customs coming.

Marlon Sanchez.

Is this the same TijuanaJedi from Rebel Scum that made all the playset / diorama customs? Cos if so, I'm new to these boards and RS, and I remember looking t hrough old posts and seeing your stuff, but never hearing from you in new posts. If those ARE your playsets, they are off the hook!

Either way, welcome back!

I think I may have gone a little overboard with the details, but tell me hat you think. Still gotta make the back pack


Star Wars Dioramas and Displays / Re: Death Star Wall Size?
« on: April 1, 2006, 07:58 AM »
Looks like the proper height to me Ron.

Modern Classifieds / Re: selling LOTS of custom fodder
« on: March 31, 2006, 02:29 AM »

Being a newbie at this stuff myself, I am in dire need of fodder! Keep us updated!

I just got done reading the NJO a month ago, so I'm really happy to see a Jedi Master Luke and Mara Jade! I thought about doing some New Jedi Order customs, but I'm gonna need waaaaaay more fodder for that!

I love your ROTJ Luke, it really stands out. And I appreciate the amount of craftsmanship that went into the face transplant, because I am not so bold as to attempt such a risky custom! One of the best looking ROTJ Lukes I've seen, to date! Great stuff.

Is this little project still open for more participants? It sounds awesome!

Looking for suggestions! I'm using the Evolutions StarCorps kama for this Marine, however, I realized that these kama are relatively stiffer than those that come with the Green and Red Commanders or even Baccara (I think.) Since this Marine is going to be fully articulated in the legs, it'd be a waste if he couldn't kneel!

I know there are camps on both sides of the fence, but I was wondering: would you recommend softgoods for the kama? If so, what material? Thanks alot, folks and I hope to hear back.

Its nice to see somebody still making clone customs, I like scorch the best though.   ;D
The marines legs look a bit small compared to his torso I dont know why but it look odd to me.  ???
But it is still a great custom, I look forward to seeing more from you!  :)

It may be the akward angle at which the shot is taken, but you might be right! AT-AT drivers always seemed abit short, so this wouldn't surprise me. I'll measure it up to a #41 clone and see how their legs compare. Thanks for the excellent feedback, everyone.


Galactic Marine I'm working on. All the parts are obviously still in some serious need of work. Torso isn't connected, need to modify pauldron, file and maybe crop kama, maybe add a little sculpting to the helmet for accuracy and of course, paint. Also gonna modify the knee pads maybe, and the shinguards. Needa hadd a pack, too.

Saga 06 Snowtrooper - head (hollowed out) and shins
Evolutions ROTS Clone - entire upper body, knee joints, feet, kama and possibly pauldron for parts
Saga 06 AT-AT driver - upper legs and pelvis


Nice stuff you got going here.  I like the assembly of the parts a lot, and the paint schemes look great.  The best part is you did the perfect amount of weathering on them!  And I like the AT-AT driver head a lot on the one, I've got a few of those waiting to be customized too.  Great udpate and welcome to the customizing community here!


Thanks Chewie -- the whole coming here was your suggestion. :P But thanks for the welcome!

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Ross' customs (Milisc Ronew WIP)
« on: March 28, 2006, 06:20 AM »
Okay, I saw V for Vendetta last week and started to rewite the bio for MR. Here it is:
   Milisc Ronew was an aide to Bail Organa until he met Palpatine. Palpatine saw "something" in him and made him an aide. After the creation of the empire, Palpattine began Milisc's Sith training. He later joined Palpatine's "Inner Circle" of aides. Palpatine sent him to monitor the prison of Jedi who survived "Order 66" where he met an old friend from Alderaan named Jovana Nolvar. He saw the horrors that she endured so he released her and a group of jedi. They escaped to Alderaan where he started his own rebelion of force-sensitive warriors. He took on the persona of a masked hero of Sith folklore named Darth Viserous, who was the only Sith to return from the darkside. He was also an ancestor of Milisc and Milisc weilded his lightsaber. In a bold move, Milisc bombed the Imperial Palace, nearly killing the Emperor. Later that day he took over the HoloNet building and put a message out on the galactic newswaves. In it, he proclaimed the Empire was evil. Many other people joined his cause after that and he continued to fight for the freedom of the galaxy along the side of his wife, Jovana, and in the future, his son Milisc Ronew II.

P.S.-For the freedom fighter Milisc I was thinking about using the ROTS Royal Gaurd and modifying the neck and helmet for him. I want it to look Sith-like but still Jedi-like if that makes any sense. The re write will put me a little off track, but not much because Iam lazy and only shot two shots so far. Make it the last week of April, by that I mean the photonovel. The camera w/ all the custom pics is still int the shop and i shoul get that back in about a week and a half. I'm soooooo off schedule w/ posting and shooting it's disgusting. I completely understand if you guys (and girls) get mad at me for not posting sooner.

I'm a fan of Alan Moore's work, and this background is simply delightful in that it is one of those homages that makes you smile just thinking about it. I'm interested in seeing this custom.

Hemble! You crazy man! I'm new to the forums, and I thought I'd seen everything, what with the talented folks I've seen at Rebel Scum-- but your work is absolutely amazing!

I've got to say that my favorite, favorite of your pieces is the Teebo. The likeness is simply outstanding, and the use of the static grass just blew my mind. Seeing your detailed paintjobs and now, diorama work, I am getting even more motivated to get cracking on my stuff.

Btw, I really appreciate your kind words on my thread! Thanks.

Those are some nice customs!
Welcome to JD by the way.
I like the idea of a pacemaker on a clone, its original! 
Nice use of the evo sets too.
Awesome customs there, cant wait to see more!  ;D

Thanks for the welcome, Commander, and the feedback!

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