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Pittsburgh's "Steel City Con" Toy & Collectible Show

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For anyone in the Pgh. area:

The December show will be the first weekend in Dec. as always.  Dec. 4-5, 2005. Only about 2 months away.

Jesse and I had a pretty good time at the last one.  Any questions, feel free to email me  Usually some good SW finds, and usually get together w/the PA SW Collecting Society, and we almost always end up dragging our butts to Hooters at some point (usually Sat. afternoon/eve.)

Jesse James:
Matt, think you can make it out here since we go to Hooters?  :)

Seriously though it is a good time, if not a bit of a small show...  Though the December one's the largest one we have actually.  Still, it's no SDCC, but it's fun and we all almost always go home with something.

I know I always buy up the random junk some table is selling...  Got a bag of MLC 3's for customs one year while the table catty-corner from him was trying to sell me one in sad shape for $10.  The bag of 3 were complete and parts were in there for like 3 more...  And I got it for $7.

I found a MIB (inserts, and no stickers applied) A-Wing there years and years ago, a MIMB B-Wing sealed, and my telescoping Luke (long before all the repros of him started to show).  It does yield some interesting fruit at times. :)

I usually go for the little stuff, and common stuff to plug holes(can always get stuff cheap)

Found some cool foriegn and bootleg SW stuff through the yrs., always grab a vintage item every year, one guy sells the SW ornaments for like $5 a pop.

Took me a while to post, but here's what I grabbed:

A vintage carded 12back sandperson.  Big crease down the center of the card, and some spider veins in the top left corner, some edge wear.   $100.

Carded At-At driver ESB with revenge offer. $10 (actually it was a package deal both for $110)

Also a boxed vintage SW TIE fighter (box was in GREAT shape) $35.
A loose vintage Han Solo blaster $10 (it works great)

Also, just recenly bought a collection from a guy pretty cheap: Sears set/Blue snaggletooth(no box), 2 AT-AT's WITH chin guns, etc., Jabbas playset, mini rigs, about 50-60 vintage loose with and without weapons, tie interceptor, original TIE, battle damaged TIE, 2 X-wings, death star space station, ewok villiage, Dagobah playset, etc. etc.  GOT a good deal on the whole lot, only needed a few vehicles, and the sears set, well worth the $$$ I paid.


Jesse James:
For our limited few, the show's back next weekend at the Monroeville, PA Expo-Mart.  I'm not expecting a huge show but if I have the time free to go I'm gonna try to make it.  Sounded to me like the rest of the local guys (for the most part anyway) were gonna make the run down.

Personally my $'s gearing up for C3 so things locally are taking a back seat.  Plus I gotta get my schoolwork done before I get out to Indy...  I don't want that on my mind while I'm there.


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