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Photonovels and Movies / All New Indiana Jones Photonovel!
« on: April 10, 2021, 06:23 PM »


Chapter Two, suckas!

blah, blah, blah...

Ah, Jedi Defender.  So sad to see this forum looking like a post-apocalyptic wasteland when you were once so lush, so vibrant, so full of life.

In any event, purely out of sentiment for what you used to be, I present my latest photonovel creation.  :D

This one was for a contest sponsored by  The Indy Cast  - the world's premiere Indiana Jones podcast.

So here's -

"Indiana Jones and the Mayan Secret." 

As part of the rules of the contest, we had to use that title, which was created by contest organizer and uber-customizer, the amazingly talented Ron Hemble.

So here is MY take on "Indiana Jones and the Mayan Secret."  This is just chapter 1.  Unfortunately, I only completed two chapters by the contest's deadline, but I will definitely be finishing this story.  My plan is to try to post one chapter every 2 weeks for the next two months, for four chapters in total.

In any event, I hope you all enjoy this - if there are any of you out there!  ;) 

All the best, 


« on: May 11, 2013, 07:58 PM »
Wish I had this one done years ago.  ;)

I know that this forum is sadly deader than Obi Wan's ghost, but I figured I'd post this here, anyway, in honor of all the great memories this place gave me back in its heyday. 

Modern Classifieds / Serenity PVCs!
« on: November 26, 2007, 12:12 AM »
Only have Serenity PVCs for sale now.

River & Jayne.

$7 for the both, plus shipping.

Modern Classifieds / Clone Wars comics for sale!
« on: June 3, 2007, 06:04 PM »
I have several Clone Wars compilation comics books for sale:

Volume One:  Defense of Kamino & Other Stories
Volume Six:  On the Fields of Battle
Volume Eight:  The Last Siege, the Final Truth
Volume Nine:  Endgame

Sold together for the low, low price of $25 plus shipping!

Modern Classifieds / Looking for DOORS
« on: May 24, 2007, 01:32 PM »
Hey, looking to buy (or possibly trade) for doors.  Doors, you say?

Yes, that's right - DOORS.

If anyone has any loose or unused doors from stuff like the Episode 1 hangar playset or the Arena playset or the POTF2 Death Star swing to freedom mini-playset thingy.....anything like that, let me know!


Photonovels and Movies / Aayla Secura PN - SPECIAL SNEAK PREVIEW!!
« on: April 10, 2007, 06:42 PM »
Whew.  After a year and a half off from the photonovel game, I have been working furiously on an all new story!

Set in the early days of the empire, the story is called 


And here's a special preview scene....

To set this up a little - at this point, Aayla, having survived Order 66 and spent a year in a coma (it's not quite as ridiculous as it sounds in the context of the story), is looking to escape off of Felucia.

Prior to this scene, she managed to disable the security network on the Imperial outpost on Felucia by uploading a computer virus using a computer pad stolen from a trooper.

EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS and props to diorama maker extraordinare Rebelstryker81 who "guest directed" the hangar scene on his mind-blowing Imperial hangar set.

The other diorama pieces were constructed by resident custom genius Owen Driscoll.

And there's more....Forum member JediJep has also contributed scenes photographed on his absolutey stunning Felucia diorama.

So I am very proud to have the participation of these enormously talented artisans on this project.  I probably wouldn't have even bothered without them.

So dio makers, you're on notice....I might come a calling for some future scenes.

Unfortunately, the first completed chapter won't be up for at least a few weeks.  I had forgotten how time consuming these babies are. 

So, without further ado, hopefully this scene will whet your appetites until then...

...coming soon!

Modern Classifieds / Loose and CHEAP!!
« on: April 1, 2007, 09:00 PM »
Over the next few days, I'll be selling a number of loose items at BARGAIN BASEMENT prices!  Don't miss out on these great deals!

Unless specified otherwise, each figure is selling for the low, low, LOW price of:


Shipping rates will be $1.50

Will combine on multiple items.  All figures are complete and in excellent condition.

Here's the first batch -

Palpatine from Order 66 2-pack (with black cloak, lightsaber, extra hand & force lightining)

ROTS Mace Windu


....more to come!


From the "Phantom Menace" Commemorative Tin:

TPM Obi Wan (in package) - $4
TPM Qui Gon (in package) - $4

From the AOTC Commemorative Tin:

1 "Evolutions" style Anakin - $8
1 "Evolutions" style Dooku - $8

From the Tantive IV Battlepack:

1 "Soft Goods" Vader w/ Torture Droid - $5

These are great figures at great prices, gang!  Don't miss out!


Don't be fooled by the new "repaint"! I'm selling a CLASSIC, VINTAGE, ORIGINAL Imperial shuttle!   Own a piece of real STAR WARS history!!

Almost entirely complete, only missing two pieces - one front gun and the plastic canopy.

Electronics do not work.

Other than that, she's a beauty!

$35 plus shipping or best offer!!

Pictures available upon request.

Modern Classifieds / A few items for sale - mostly commemorative TINS
« on: November 26, 2006, 01:50 AM »
Hey, gang.  I only needed a few items from the tins, so I'm selling the rest!


"Evolutions" style VOTC Anakin from Episode II $5

"VOTC" style Chewie with snow deco - $5

"Early Bird" Leia - $5

VOTC style C-3PO - $5

"Young" Vader from ANH tin - ("Evo" style??) - $5

"Evolutions" style Dooku - $5

Empire Strikes Back tin - $5

Attack of the Clones tin - $5

A New Hope tin - $5

Soft Goods Mace Windu from Jedi V. Sidious Battlepack - $3

I am reprinting some comments here I posted in Flacksguy's newest photonovel chapter.

Generally speaking, though I think we are seeing more and more great photnovels than ever before, I am dismayed by the general lack of participation and commentary that this great work seems to generate, not only here but at RS, which also has its own PN forum with many of the same members and stories.

I am not singling myself out of the bad behavior, as there have been many stories in which I have not personally commented on, so i don't mean to come across as hypocritical.  But it is upsetting that these labors of love seem to get so little in the way of replies.  While in-depth feedback is always appreciated, even a few of the quickie comments would be a step in the right direction. 

There are a number of amazing chapters right now in this forum that have less than ten replies each (and many of those are replies from the authors responding to the few comments they did get.)

Here is what I wrote in Flacksguy's forum.  I really wish that we could revitalize the level of analysis and participation here.  It terms of material, it seems like we've never had a richer mix of projects, so it is puzzling and frustrating that the comments themselves aren't commensurate with the great work being done.

Hopefully together we can find the solution and make this an exciting, encouraging place to be.  From personal experience, as someone who has poured his efforts into photonovels in the past, there is nothing more disheartening than having to wait days and days and days just for a few comments. 

Here's what I wrote in the other thread -

I am a little dismayed over the fact that there are so many good photonovels here and at RS that seem to get very little feedback.  And I'll admit I'm just as guilty as others, since I haven't been posting much lately and don't comment on every single photonovel (just because I'm usually pretty busy).

But I really wish that these awesome stories, whether they're yours or Swede's or Longhorn's or Ennis' or Lushro Dofine's got more replies.  Making photonovels is probably the most difficult and labor intensive project on these boards, as it involves making customs and making dioramas and writing and photoshopping/special effects.

And often, an awesome story like yours only gets a small smattering of comments.  What the heck? 

It seemed like last year, all you had to do was crank out a quickie clone custom and you'd easily get a dozen replies or more.  But spend hours and hours on a photonovel and you're lucky if you crack double-digits.

I don't want to denigrate anyone's great custom work, but I just wish that, both on JD and RS, that we could somehow revitalize and re-energize the fan base so that these stories not only get big audiences but get some feedback.

As a once and (hopefully) future photnovelist myself, I have had many frustrating days when I've worked my ass off on something only to get a minimal response. 

The general slowness of the forums lately has been one of the reasons why I haven't been eager to resume my stories.  I worry about spending literally four, five or six hours on a single chapter if I'm only going to get three or four replies.

Unfortunately, I don't know what the solution is.  The last year has really been a "golden age" for photonovels, with many wonderful and talented people getting into the act.  There are some really amazing stories being made out there and, at least for a while, there seemed to be the audience to go along with them.  It's why RS eventually created its own forum (following in JD's footsteps, which made the sub-forum here.)

i've tried to be a cheerleader for photonovels for a while now (though admittedly I've been lacking in at least the past few months) and I just wish there was more interest, more discussion and a greater awareness and appreciation of the art form from these forums.

A story as cool as this deserves 50 or a 100 comments, not just five or six.  Like I said, I don't have any answers, but it frustrates me to no end to see our uber-talented photonovelists get so little love from the general public.

Modern Classifieds / FREE stuff! Seriously!!!
« on: June 13, 2006, 12:50 AM »
Okay, folks, it's time to play "Who Wants Free Stuff?"!!

I'm just trying to get rid of a few things I don't need.  Any takers?  This stuff will be absolutely free, minus a small fee for shipping (probably $2).

Basically, for right now, I'm trying to get rid of some figure "extras" that I don't need and won't end up using.

I would prefer to get rid of these in large lots, as it doesn't make much sense to try to mail these tiny individual pieces.


Boba Fett x2
Count Dooku x2
Vader x3
Luke x3
Stormtrooper x3
Sidious/Emperor x1
Yoda (blue version, not silver) x1
Darth Maul x1


Green & brown ROTS woods/swamp stand x2
ROTS blue & gray "hallway" stand x2
square, interlocking "Star Wars" stands (from OTC line?) x3
assorted Saga Collection stands with various character names x15

I also have a few figures I no longer need.  Mostly figures that have been upgraded.  Don't want your kids smashing your precious "Evolutions" Vader?  Why not give 'em one of these:  (Please note figures do not come with accessories)

POTF2 1995 Vader (buff arms)
Saga Vader w/ removable helmet
Dagobah "spirit" Vader - (slightly damaged - head doesn't stay on tight due to missing neck piece.)
POTF2 Vader with cloth cape (hands on his hips version - came with interrogation droid.)

POTF2 "salt shaker" style Imperial guards x2

I may add more things as I go through my collection, so stay tuned!!!

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