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Bought the set.  Sold the vehicle and kept the figure!

(Dont' get me wrong, I love the vehicle, but I just don't have room for it.  I already have the Black Series version and that will have to do.)

But the figure is terrific.  Until i get more Mandalorian figures, he fits in perfectly on the Sail Barge with his fellow Klatooinian brethren. 

For whatever it's worth I cancelled my Pulse order on 7/26 and ordered from Amazon. It arrived this morning

I did that, too.  I'd do the same for the 3 pack, but it's cheaper on pulse. And I'm not going to pay for shipping, even if it's faster, if I can avoid it.

So get your butt in gear, Pulse!  Everyone else is eating your damn lunch.

Thanks for the pics! I'm definitely going to hunt that figure down. If you get sick of it, let me know!

You'll be the first person I call!  Thanks!  :D

Thanks for sharing the Jedi Luke pic. I am not sure what to think of it - it looks ok just doesnít match Luke in ROTJ to me. But as a collector of all things JL, Iíll have to get my hands on one at some point.

It's a great looking figure, but it just doesn't look all that much like Hamill.

I still prefer the "lightsaber construction" figure, as it has more personality. 

Ah, screw it.  Here he is!

Awesome!!! Can you post a couple pictures of Jedi Luke? And is Luke Stormtrooper shorter than Han?

Jedi Luke is still in the bubble, as I'm not sure if I'm going to keep him or not.

Luke is definitely shorter than Han, but not as much as Hamill is shorter than Ford.  Also, the Han figure has a wider stance, making the height difference very slight when posed next to each other.

Got this set at SDCC!

(cost at the booth was actually $54 plus tax!)

**edited picture size - reminder that [img width=xxx] is your  friend!

Just gonna echo everyone else here.

Best Han ever, by a country mile.  One of the best "human" figures of all time.

And, yeah, had a stunningly easy experience at Target. Bought two online after midnight the day of release, picked 'em up the next morning, neat as a pin. 

I will definitely do an ESB head swap.  I worry about messing up the neck permanently on what is at this point a rare and expensive figure.  If I can accomplish the task by dremmeling out the head, so much the better (as they're clearly far easier to replace and, worst case, you wind up with an extra stormtrooper.) 

Can't wait to get the new Stormtrooper Luke this summer at SDCC.

Arrived today, exactly the day predicted.  I'm hesitant to compliment those soulless fiends at Walmart, but they did a good job.

Yeah, the palace songs are pretty excellent.

Well, the original palace songs.  :)

Yeah, I think the problem is that there's no good recording of the Sail Barge music, like the recording of the palace music you posted. I definitely have this one bookmarked to use in my palace diorama though. Once I mount the barge on my wall, it'll be my next project.

Oh, you know, I got my signals crossed.  Didn't realize my link was actually the palace music, not the barge music.  to me, they sound like just remixed versions of the same song, but the barge version is more, I dunno, "industrial"?  With the horns/melody much more muted compared to the electronic sounds.  I guess I just prefer the palace version.  :)

But I don't mean to be negative about what is an utterly terrific and brilliantly-executed idea!

That's absolutely brilliant, Lando, but that audio clip you linked to sounds weird to me.  Very tinny and dissonant and seems to lack the "melody" of the barge song.

This version, for instance, sounds better to me.


Anyone have a good reason that Jabba's bed moves left and right?  It's on some kind of track like the Jail door...  it moves...  I can't figure out why.  Jabba doesn't need it to move.  It doesn't seem to make sense to me.

Feng shui.

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