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Well, here my character, Callie Pulsar, is working as chaeuffeur for the notorious Purple Pimp Daddy Kenobi and his foxy entourage.

This picture was taken shortly before she was arrested for vehicular homicide.

In this pic, my "Lance Quazar" custom character (actually created by Chewie) is confronted by Camie and the red-headed female spacer, having carelessly scheduled dates with both of them for the same day.  His efforts to quickly rush back between different tables (frantically changing clothes in the restroom) at Judde Lulos' most expensive restaurant yielded delightful comic dividends - until his deception was hilariously exposed.

And in this image, the notorious Weequay enforcer and mercenary Blendak Finkelstein has tracked his quarry, the wealthy Bith merchant Kaann Vil'klo to Judde Lulos and is about to collect a debt owed to a powerful Herglic bookie.

Sadly, Blendak had to turn to a life of crime in order to pay the exorbitant medical bills for his sick grandmother after tragically losing his arm in his previous job in a restraining bolt factory.  His efforts to obtain workman's comp were callously denied by the factory, sending he and his family into an economic tailspin.  His reluctant decision to turn to life of crime to support his family ironically alienated him from his wife, who has since left him, running off with a flashy Gamorrean hyperdrive salesman and setting up a new life for herself in Corellia. 

There's more to the story, but it's really to depressing to relate. 


It was GREAT seeing this in all its glory today at Celebration and it was even better getting to meet so many of you in person.  Phurby, Ryan, Brent, Anton, Jedistyle, Mac, DSJ - you guys are my heroes.

I took a bunch of pics which, sadly, are a little dim (they had just started kicking people out and lowering the lights!)

But the entire project was truly amazing and I was delighted to be able to make a teensy contribution to such an incredible undertaking.

Kudos to EVERYONE involved. 


Looks absolutely phenomenal, team!  Bravo to EVERYONE who participated!

And, not to brag, but not one, but TWO of my customs are driving speeders!  And one of 'em is chaeuffering Pimp Daddy Kenobi!!!  :)

Modern Classifieds / Looking for DOORS
« on: May 24, 2007, 01:32 PM »
Hey, looking to buy (or possibly trade) for doors.  Doors, you say?

Yes, that's right - DOORS.

If anyone has any loose or unused doors from stuff like the Episode 1 hangar playset or the Arena playset or the POTF2 Death Star swing to freedom mini-playset thingy.....anything like that, let me know!


I bought some furniture from this site a few months ago.  GREAT stuff!  Highly recommended.  They've added a few items since then, here's hoping they add more!

I would be interested in attending this event, but why is everyone so keen on Hooters?

Hooters was pretty much ruled out a couple pages back.  It just used to be a silly (albeit fun) JD tradition to meet up there.  But yeah, that's totally out of the way in this situation.

We were planning on trying to go to Hard Rock Cafe on Saturday night now instead.  Some of the outta towners were interested in going there, and if we try to carpool a bit, parking wouldn't be so bad.  Cheesy is also kinda "touristy" for the traveling folks as well.  I think parking's only $8 there now though, right?  Or has it gotten higher in recent months?

Sorry, I meant Hard Rock, too.

My point was that the Uni City Walk is far from downtown and parking is at least $10 a vehicle.

Personally, i hate the City Walk and Hard Rock Cafe (especially on the week-ends), but that's a personal preference.

if you're going to travel to a new city, why go to a chain you can go to any place?

Please don't raffle any of the few meager figures I sent.

I would, however, be up for buying or winning just about any diorama bits or figures!!

I would be interested in attending this event, but why is everyone so keen on Hooters?

It's actually a bit of a schlep from the downtown area.  It'll take a while just to get there.  Universal City Walk is very cheesy and the parking is extremely expensive.

That's to say nothing of how silly a place Hooters is anyway.

Photonovels and Movies / Re: Episode VIII: THE VOLATILE VISION
« on: May 18, 2007, 02:30 AM »
(also posted on YF)


I have been following your stories for a while now (though I don't always get a chance to comment.)

You have a very unique visual style which is quite striking but this chapter is by far the most impressive looking one you've done.

I have absolutely no clue how you generate your backdrops and images but i think they look great and you've done a better job this time around intergrating the action figures with the backgrounds and CGI characters.

It really does look terrific. I love the "Star Wars" DVD logo, the chapter heading, the crawl in the beginning. Very, very well done! I also really llike the action sequences quite a bit, they're a lot of fun and look cool.

Very nice customs, as well with the following nitpicks. Luke's hair seems a bit too poofy. I think you should have just painted in the white like Leia and Han.

And I am not crazy about the Marvel Legends electra body, only because characters with that much skin showing never look good with super articulation. The joints are a bit unattractive to look at, but that's certainly not your fault.

However, as much as I truly commend you for your visuals, I must admit that I often find your stories a little too densely plotted.

I don't know much about the post ROTJ EU, but you have so many different characters with some many complicated motivations and goals and so much history that it is difficult to sort through it all.

I read the first half of the updated chapter and then started to skim and skip a little, as I was feeling a bit lost. Certain scenes work very well and are enjoyable, but I do tend to get confused and lose the thrust of the story.

You also have TONS and TONS of very heavy dialogue. Again, it just makes it hard to keep track of everything and everyone and slows down the reading.

I think you should separate the updates as you post them to keep the new material separate from the old.

I also think (and I don't want to sound too harsh) that you need to re-think your storytelling a bit and try to streamline your photonovels.

Look at the Original Trilogy, for example. The storytelling is very straightforward - the characters are basic types, we know who the bad guys and good guys are at all times and it's more about adventure and action than about complex plotting or motivations.

Take a look at your opening crawl, for instance, then compare it to the one in the original "Star Wars". You have so many more things to keep track of, so many more characters and factions and plots and it's almost work to try to keep up with all of it.

I know you want to build on the history of the EU and you are clearly filled with many, many cool ideas of your own, but I think you need to simplify things a little bit.

I don't want to speak for anyone, but I have noticed in the past that your stories don't often get much feedback, which I think is a shame. I have been very vocal about trying to get more feedback for all photonovels because they are great fun and are labors of love by those who make them.

Clearly you have put an enormous amount of effort into your work and it shows. But, at least speaking for myself, in the past I've often felt a little reluctant to post because I haven't been able to really get into and follow the stories as much as I'd like to.

So, often all I really can do is compliment you on your amazing visuals, I don't have much else to offer in terms of feedback much of the time. And maybe that's why, sadly, your stories don't get a great deal of feedback. But I'm just speculating.

At the end of the day, I am very glad that you have been making these stories for as long as you have. The visuals keep getting better and better and, if nothing else, I can enjoy them on that level.

But I wish I follow the stories more easily.

Just my two cents on the matter. Again, I hope this wasn't too blunt, but that's what I've been feeling about your stories for a while.

On a smaller note, I did notice many spelling errors and typos in the dialogue and in the crawl. I would recommend writing them first in Word to spot any spelling issues then writing them up in your graphics program. Just a thought....

Excellent job!

But here's my incredibly lame nitpick - his eyebrows are a little too color-coordinated with his clothes.  ;)

Still, this fig looks awesome.

Modern Classifieds / Re: Dk2K4's WTB List - HELP ! ! !
« on: May 10, 2007, 04:16 AM »
you DO realize that half of your list won't be out for months and months and months...?

Nice looking custom and cool story.  If I might make a suggestion, I would recommend painting the torso and/or giving her some kind of jacket or vest to wear, just to make her a little more interesting visually and to differentiate her more from the Padme source material.

Nice work, though, and I'm sure the story will be very cool.

Wow, Robo-Quack, I never caught your preview before.  Looks cool, action-packed! 

I have posted a "sneak preview" of my upcoming Aayla Secura photonovel in the PN forum.  It's a complete scene from the middle of the first chapter - should have the chapter done in the next few weeks.  They're time consuming, but I'm having a great time.  Please check it out!

Photonovels and Movies / Aayla Secura PN - SPECIAL SNEAK PREVIEW!!
« on: April 10, 2007, 06:42 PM »
Whew.  After a year and a half off from the photonovel game, I have been working furiously on an all new story!

Set in the early days of the empire, the story is called 


And here's a special preview scene....

To set this up a little - at this point, Aayla, having survived Order 66 and spent a year in a coma (it's not quite as ridiculous as it sounds in the context of the story), is looking to escape off of Felucia.

Prior to this scene, she managed to disable the security network on the Imperial outpost on Felucia by uploading a computer virus using a computer pad stolen from a trooper.

EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS and props to diorama maker extraordinare Rebelstryker81 who "guest directed" the hangar scene on his mind-blowing Imperial hangar set.

The other diorama pieces were constructed by resident custom genius Owen Driscoll.

And there's more....Forum member JediJep has also contributed scenes photographed on his absolutey stunning Felucia diorama.

So I am very proud to have the participation of these enormously talented artisans on this project.  I probably wouldn't have even bothered without them.

So dio makers, you're on notice....I might come a calling for some future scenes.

Unfortunately, the first completed chapter won't be up for at least a few weeks.  I had forgotten how time consuming these babies are. 

So, without further ado, hopefully this scene will whet your appetites until then...

...coming soon!

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Tonphanan's customs
« on: April 7, 2007, 02:24 AM »
These are some great customs!  Well-done.

Painting the "screaming" Mace to look like Maul was a stroke of genius and is flawlessly executed.  That's my favorite, but the others are terrific, too.

I've never seen the Trandoshan before, but it's very cool.  :)

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