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Sorry I haven't commented about this one yet, Swede....

I haven't had time for detailed comments yet, but this is another terrific chapter!

...more soon....

Customizing Tips and Tricks / Re: Fodder Alert!
« on: July 27, 2006, 06:11 AM »

Where did you buy those great Marines?  Please do tell....

Jesse, what figure are going to be in the second wave of POTC figures?

Please let me know and direct me to any websites with pics!

Thanks, guys.....

Saga Collection '06 / Re: The "Final 22"
« on: July 22, 2006, 01:46 PM »
I think these year end repacks & repaints are the ideal time to re-release hard to find figures like Ki Fitso and Kit Keetak, both of which I will hopefully buy.

During the AOTC years, I was never a clone fan, but I went a bit crazy last year, so I will be buying as many of these repaints as possible, I think they look pretty good and it's nice to get an AOTC sculpt in the mix.

I can't BELIEVE they are re-releasing Sith training, though, as that figure blew (except for the metal saber, which I still have, thankfully).

The Aurra Sing figure is just UUUGLY.  I would have been all over it if it was even slightly retooled, but it shares the exact same awkward body as her predecessor.

I'll also pick up just about ANY astromech repaint in the world and I'm glad we're getting some battle droids out again (not 100% jazzed about the paint scheme, but I can live with it). I hope they release these guys in big numbers, as my clone army is getting big and they need some droids to duke it out with.

All in all, for a group of repaints, these guys aren't bad.  But, last year I couldn't find so many of the year end rehashes so I hope this year will be bettter.

Oh, as for that Padme - i already customized myself an identical figure a couple of years ago.  I think I'm owed some royalty payments or something....

bTW, where do you announce your swap shop??

These look amazing!

I always thought it would be great to try to paint the Amidala one for use in a post-ROTS Theed/Naboo diorama and that the Jedi would look great in a jedi temple set-up.

Please give as much detail as you can about the making of these, i.e. what paints did you use?

For some reason, though, my Yoda was already silver, so at least I have a leg up on that one.


Unfortunately, Pimpy's L.A. adventure went wildly overbudget and overschedule.

I released Pimp Daddy from his contract early so he could attend Comic Con.

But he'll come back to L.A. to shoot some pick-ups , finish the greenscreen work and do ADR when DD is done with him.

Saga Collection '06 / Re: Imperial Officer 5 Pack
« on: July 21, 2006, 08:20 PM »
This set is awesome.  One of the best things (if not THE best) revealed at Comic Con.

Can't wait!!!

Owen has updated his site with some pictures of diorama props that he recently made for me!

Check 'em out here -

I got this awesome set last week and I love, love LOVE it.  Hopefully we'll see 'em in a day.

Photonovels and Movies / Re: THE STORMTROOPER TALES
« on: July 18, 2006, 11:57 PM »
Great stuff, Longhorn!  A lovely change of pace from the seriousness (but awesomeness) of your usual fare.

Funny, funny stuff!

Here's some more current sculpts of some the characters:
TSC C-3PO-Ewok Diety
TSC R2-D2-Hoth
VTSC X-Wing Pilot Luke Skywalker
Besides the old figures *excluding the Gonk droid & his lil' buddy* the PN is pretty good.

I don't mean to pick on you personally, Artoo, as  you are not the only person I've seen do this.

But I always think it's a little rude when people point out that they should buy better figures for their photonovels.  Not everyone has cash to burn and not every figure is easy to come by, anyway.

Hell, Endor wave 3PO?  It's just BARELY out now! 

Frankly, a cool story and great dialogue (which this photonovel has in spades) are far more important that figure choices.

Let's try to have more feedback, folks.  This is JD for crissake, not RS.  Let's keep this thread going and give some props to our new member.

Like EVERY battlepack, it's a mixture of good and bad.

But I'm used to that now.  Jedi V. Sith was the best battlepack for me personally since I didn't already own that Grievious figure.

But everyone of them is a mixed bag.

Here we get two cool figures and three very mediocre ones.  The red commander is good and the chain gun guy is cool, too.  but the others are pretty sloppy kitbashes with no articulation.  Good background filler, but that's it. minimum for buying a battlepack is two good figures, so this one just scrapes by.  I'm glad I bought it, but not overjoyed.

LOVE the droid!  wish I had one!  I can definitely see Lando owning this sleek, shiny, sexy model.

And I dig lando a lot too, but the cape doesn't quite fit.  The rest of the outfit is great, though, very creative stuff!!

Great figure!  Wow, you're crankin' em out!  This is excellent!  Very original design, nicely done!

I would love to see a "close up" of the head, to appreciate all the painting and sculpting you did.

But I love it.  I have an extra Elizabeth that I've been trying to figure out what to do with.  This is an inspiration.


I love it, excellent work.  I have one slight constructive criticism - I would try to get a really glossy black paint to paint her top with, to give it that shiny, leathery look.

Otherwise, this is aces!!

Wow, VERY imaginative job.  Excellent use of parts and a wonderful paint job.

GI Joe figures often have great parts, but I don't like the awkward-looking pelvises (pelvi?) and the arms with their large and visible joints.

You found a way to combine the best of both worlds, great JOE legs and, ahem, torso while hiding the pelvis and eliminating the bad arms!

Great job!

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