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Really glad you joined JD, I hope you like it here.  A different vibe than RS (nothing against it) and I think you'll enjoy yourself.

I'm DELIGHTED you brought your awesome photonovel here.  We have a great, photonovel-friendly crowd and I hope that you get more replies here than at RS, where your work goes tragically underappreciated.  In fact, I have been meaning to write a post at RS about the lack of feedback that many stories unfortunately seem to get.  It's a shame.

(Ahem, JD-ers...let's get some chatter going here for this cool photonovel!!!)

Glad to have you here!!!  As you know, I really love this story!

Photonovels and Movies / Re: Rykrof Enloe #6 - ASSASSINS OF EVIL
« on: July 17, 2006, 05:49 AM »
I love the update!

Great sets, great action.  Zeedo was always my favorite badoo corba.  Keep him alive for the long haul!

Get rid of Mubbas (just a retread of Trigg) and do more with Snodd, who is a cool, but underused character.

I also always liked ralbarra more than Borocca (probably because he just seems more fleshed out, as he's been in more chapters).  Borocca's death was shocking the first time you did this story, but obviously knowing the outcome robs the impact.

But bring on Ralbarr!

Good stuff all around, Chewie, but I think it's time for a new, NEW chapter!  ;)

Wow, that IS really good!  Very imaginatively done!  Bravo.  Excellent soft goods.

What head is that?  I can't quite place it.  Good choice for the character, though.

"Good night, but not good-bye!"

I like the Vos, but I LOVE the Sora Bulq!!!  Awesome improvement to an already fine figure.  He looks TERRIFIC!!

You did a very good job with Vos' hair, don't be too hard on yourself, but I am not crazy about the choice of heads.....still, some fine customizing!!


Can't wait for a NEW chapter!!!! :)

Here's my only comment - Gunships are sweet looking vehicles - except from directly behind.

They look kinda boring, actually, from this angle.  Next time, would it be possible to skew the angle slight while still achieving the effect of them flying away? 

It would just look better, I think.  Not your fault, obviously.  The backs of these guys just look dull.

Like a shmuck, I totally forgot to submit my entry.  Oh, well, the winning concept is a great one. 

I am not sure what the "dantooine feel" really means.  But obviously this is just concept art.  Obviously, the trees need to be thinned out a little so we can SEE the figures and such in the dio.  I don't think that will end up being an issue. 

Also, I think we should be able to see some of the mine entrances over in the mountain region.

Quick question about the backstory - since this takes place after ROTS, shouldn't the description reflect that the Alliance, not the Separatists, are the ones behind helping the natives on the planet?


Like I said in another thread, this was one of my favorite early chapters and remains one of my favorites all around.

I think this is the point where the story really started to take off and where the series became a terrific cocktail of intrigue and amazing action.

The new visuals in the new version are simply amazing.  As you know, I have mixed feelings about the updates.  But given the sheer awesomeness of this new edition, you're slowly winning me over.  :)

At the same time, though, you have only made me more eager to see some NEW stories!  So get cracking on #22!  No more remakes!!    ;D

seriously, though, this is terrific.  The use of Owen's Imperial fortress is great!  Do you have one of those?  Or are you just using the images?

I will try to post more detailed comments when I re-read the story.....

AMAZING chapter, Longhorn!  I loved the battle itself, the emphasis on the tactics.  It was extremely well done, you could feel the confusion and frustration of the troopers.

Awesome work, will try to post detailed comments.  but, as usual, I loved the friggin' thing!

this is another great custom, but he doesn't look very Imperial to me.  Just looks like a bad-ass fringe character of some kind.  Maybe it's because he's so dirty.  As great a painter you are, I still think you have slight tendency to "over" weather some of your characters.  If this guy's an Imperial, I'm sure his sergeant would send his ass to the showers STAT.

Still, it's very well done.  Nice work, I like the softgoods tunic especially. 

Wow, DD/Malignus, another AWESOME group.  these are just out of this world!

The Alpha is simply gorgeous, great paint job!  and I love your manalorians.  Extremely well-done and creatively conceived.  they are very original looking, occasionally a mando custom will be little more than a Fett repaint, but these dudes look wonderful.

And the Whipid Jedi is similarly excellent.  No reason why Hasbro couldn't kitbash like you have done so excellently here and offer us another great CW Jedi.

What a great day for customs!!!  These are all magnificent.

DD, these three are FANTASTIC.  My favorite, though, is the wolfman rogue.  EXCELLENT job on all three, though, these guys are first rate, very imaginatively concevied and flawlessly executed.

I can't find ANY tatooine wave stuff and you guys are already customizing from 'em.  Damn you!

That looks flippin' sweet, but I am not sure I like the "wall" separting the city from the wilderness.

I think the town should kind of taper off into the woods/jungle.  Maybe with some mountains creeping
in to make a natural border, as seen in Chewie's pic.

But this looks great.  I love the idea of the Imperial tower lording over everything.

Chewie and Glassman,

GREAT job, guys.  I find it interesting how similar both your concepts are.  I think most of us are really on the same
page about this now.  Excellent ideas and great conceptualizing.  It's really starting to take form in my
own mind thanks to these.

Superb custom.  I love this character from CW, such a shame they didn't make him.

Gorgeous work, excellent paint job.  Well done!!  Thanks for sharing.

Awesome idea, Phurby.

This might be logistically difficult, but it might be possible to combine ideas from several suggestions instead of just choosing one.

Just a thought.  Especially if someone has a cool backstory, but crappy name!

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