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Disagree totally.  The fact itís a Bespin droid and it has these goofy yellow orange white colors and simplicity makes it so awesomely Bespin to me!  Itís clean, itís retro colors...  I love it!

Candy corn sucks though.
Yeah it's a dud.

Which kind of adds to the candy corn authenticity if you think about it.
I normally like just about ANY astromech droid.  But this paint scheme was just too much for me.
Got the shipping notifications for both the Han Solo and Starkiller base sets. 
Anyone else get a shipping notification yet?
Just received mine R4-Boo18. I think he could use a little weathering. The white top makes him look a little unfinished. He includes a removable candy corn just like the mistletoe from last year.
Got my shipping confirmation this afternoon!  ;D
LEGO / Re: Complete Set Storage?
« Last post by Pete_Fett on Today at 09:54 AM »
Mine are all broken down to save space, separated into labeled ziplock bags and then like you said, in storage bins from there.

Same for me as well. In fact, I'm rapidly approaching a point where I need to break a lot down to make room for new stuff. I have no where to display the latest sets that have just been released.
Other Toy Lines / Re: ReAction Lines
« Last post by Rob on Today at 09:10 AM »
I saw they had the regular vintage He-Man and Skeletor but nothing yet about the Comic Reaction Mer-Man and Skeletor.  Tell me it wasnít those also...
Other Toy Lines / Re: ReAction Lines
« Last post by McMetal on August 13, 2018, 11:26 PM »
Did you see they had some of those Mexican MOTU figures for sale on the Super 7 website today, Rob? Hope you got them. I just saw the tweet earlier tonight...
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