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I don't know if there's a thread about this or not, but here goes.
Anyone else collect these here? I'm a G1 addict. Anything G1 that Hasbro reissues, I buy, even if I have the Japanese counterpart. I just found the TRU exclusive Prowl, and thirty dollars later it was sitting on a shelf next to the rest of my G1 stuff.

I might post pics of my stuff later. I'm hoping they don't have to be on the 'net as they do when trying to post at RS. ::)

I used to own Transfromer toys (all original), but I sold everything on eBay about a year ago to help the growth of my Star Wars collection.  I do regret selling that stuff though.

Mandalorian Madman:
I don't collect them at the moment but I really like the re-releases they are doing, basically get the same toy without paying insane prices. soundwave is coming soon so I will be all over him (and starscream once I see him again). there is a shop here in the international district that sells some of the asian market exclusives like megatron and 'stealth' starscream, etc. I drool over them everytime I go by.

The only Transformer stuff I collect are the PVCs. Takara mostly with a few Hasbro ones here and there.

But I did have a bunch of Tformers when I was younger and were sold for Star Wars as I got older.


Darth Broem:
No, I don't and won't.  I like them though.  Some dad was singing the original cartoon series song to his son in the toy aisle the other day.  That guy was annoying as hell but it was funny to hear a thirty year old man singing it.


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