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I was curious where most of you display (or store) your collection?  Are you lucky enough to have your own "collection room" where you do nothing but display everything in all its glory?  Do you have it in a room with something else, such as "this is our office, and I display my collection here too"?  Is it spread throughout the house, with little parts in different areas?  Or, is it packed away in storage until it can see the light of day when the ultimate display area is ready for it?

For me, the majority of my collection is in our office, in a couple of display cabinets, a bookshelf, and on some shelving I put in a closet that isn't being used in there.  Some things have a place on our desk as well, but I'm trying to keep it from being too cluttered.  There are a few things in our basement family room as well, just things like mugs, plates, and a few posters.  Other than that, its basically in our office or in rubbermaids stored away.  I've got most of it out now, although I've considered starting to pack some of it up to keep it from becoming too cluttered.  Anyways, where does your collection call home right now?

Much of my basement is taken up with SW.  My stairwells, have a bunch of carded and autographed 8X10's. (stariwells are great usually unused space for things like posters, figs(in protective cases), photos)

An upstairs bedroom is filled with stuff, upstairs hallway is also lined with figs, mid-level family room is filled with busts, vintage figs, and other stuff.  Attic is filled with stuff in storage, and my garage (gasp, yes, but no where else to put it all) has my vintage arcade game, figures, store dsiplays, and some other stuff.  enter bobafett14 to search

Like Bobafett14 my collection is in my basement. I have 1/2 of an unfinished basement to house my collection. I have used my stairwell for mostly Star Wars promotional wall displays and two autographs.

My deal with my wife was the stuff will not invade the rest of the house.

I'm always rearangeing and reorganizing my collection in order to get the most out of the space. I do need new lights down there though to do the collection (and the dust) justice.

There a link in my profile if anyone is interested.

And on a sidenote, Bobafett14 the lady at your side on the fist page of your album is H-O-T! And you collection is just as impressive (but not hot ;D)

Thanks. Gonna be moving again, so hopefully, I'll have more room to display some more stuff.

Heh, yeah, met her at CIII.

Yeah you told me in a pm conversation after CBIII about her. I remember her from CBIII. Quite the beauty.


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