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CIS Super Tank.

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Rune Haako:
If Hasbro won't release the MTT, then they should release the Super Tank, it has more fire power.

Jesse James:
And one episode of the Clone Wars that is now long gone. :)  I can't say I agree with this thing getting done.  The MTT's equally boring, but yeah, that doesn't make this really that much better to me.  To each their own though.  I'd rather see them try to make the Snail Droid Tank an RC vehicle.  THAT would rock.

Rune Haako:
Two episodes, and it could always show up again.

Jesse James:
I thought it was only in the one episode of the 2 episode arc?

Either way though wasn't it a super weapon that got destroyed?  It was ultimately just a mobile mortar/artillery thing so it was kind of comical that it was considered a super weapon, but I'm guessing it won't show up again...  I could be wrong on that, but I doubt it.

I was kind of hoping they'd instead somehow shoehorned the seismic ship thing from the original Clone Wars line as the "Super Weapon".  It would've been neat to see it get some recognition in a CW3D episode.

I'd love to see the Super-Tank done too, but I'll admit it's not the most exciting vehicle in the world.

The Jedi T-6 shuttle is next up on my most wanted list, that thing has tons of play potential.


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