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I want a Tie Defender, Lego got one, we should get one.

This is one of my favorite fighters along with the Tie Interceptor.
I mean just look at it... this is really beautiful.

Image Star Wars Wikia

Honestly, this is probably the best TIE design out there.  Weapons on the panels allow for 6 different guns - I always thought the single shot original TIE was kind of a silly design in comparison to the X-Wing, which boasts four guns, torpedoes, and shields.  I get the TIEs were intended to be more disposable, but I think you'd still arm them with more firepower.  The design also just aesthetically cool. I haven't bought any ships in a while, but I would definitely pick one up.

this is one I could actually see them do, I would def get a couple. I would be really happy if they announced this at SDCC.

I'd be down for 1 or 2 of these, easy.

I don't see this ever happening. The only place this ship was ever used was in Rebel Assault 2 from 1995. No one remembers it beyond that.


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