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I recently made a massive purchase of vintage ROTJ/POTF2 figures from a guy in Phoenix. 

 - Original figure cost based on price tags: $150
 - My paying price including shipping: $1750   :o
 - Getting a box of 50 well preserved vintage figures in one box: Priceless!

I've had a few requests for pictures, so I'm going to host a month of vintage on the site.  I'll try to post 2 figures per day as I go through them with a few scattered comments.  Hope you enjoy...

Let's kick things off with the medical staff: 2-1B and FX-7.  These two have always eluded me in the past for some reason.  2-1B is on a clean, crisp card with just a hint of yellowing.  His "tool" is barely hanging on, but still attached to the side for now.  Too bad he's not programmed for self repair in there.  FX-7 has a some creasing at the top and the bubble has been dinged along it's top as well.  She's obviously doing her best to escape her plastic prison.  Actually, is FX-7 a "she?" I know "it" is probably more appropriate, but I always thought of it as the nurse of the pair for some reason.  On the bright side, this is one of many that was still unpunched. 


Another fun aspect of this collection - the figures all came from one original owner, so you will see that Target price tag show up on a lot of these figures.  I'd rather not have the tag on there, but kind of cool to me that they're all linked in some way. 

Nice, Justin, and thanks for sharing. I like/hate the price tag, too. Kind of long for current vintage figures at that price... We need another KW special.

I used to really dislike price tags, but now I enjoy them because they add some history and context to the figure and how it was purchased back in the day.  I'm looking forward to your pics Jman!

Thanks guys.  We're travelling to Tatooine for the next round.  Here's the Tusken Raider and Jawa.  The Tusken has a nice clear bubble and remains unpunched, but he has some damage over on the right side of the card.  The Jawa card is pretty much mint.  I had forgotten about the weird slanty bubble on this one as well.  I think I have both of these on 12-back cards, but they're not nearly as nice.



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