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But how am I gonna fit all those Bith on my already crowded ANH shelf???

I'm still debating which way to go with this.  If it were 3.75" I would get enough to fill out the band, but with 6" I'm not sure I'm going to get more than one Figrin and one Nalan.  Getting six will be expensive and take a lot of room.

As I’ve been paring down and selling off things the past few years, I’ve come to the decision - with space issues - that I’m keeping extras/army building buying to 3 3/4” only. I just don’t have the room aside from just packing them away. So if I grab these, it will likely only be one of each as well unless something drastically changes budget or space wise.

We had two Beskar Mandos and a Death Trooper at our Target the other day, so grabbed one of each. I’m pretty sure these didn’t come in a case and were just sent in the toy pack boxes Target gets because we only had those three and the cards were all destroyed. Honestly it is too difficult to try to get minty cards on these flimsy boxes anyways, so I guess I don’t really care. Love the new cloth goods cape on Mando, sweet figure overall.

As someone who opens pretty much anything, I for the most part could care less. The only figures I keep on card anymore are doubles I get of OT characters that show up in the TVC line. I could see TVC being the “exception to the rule”, or maybe we will just see a switch to a look like the deluxe Fett. I’d like to see them finish out the original 96, but beyond that who cares. I’m fine with all cardboard. Like others, I get most of my stuff online anymore anyways, so paint is a gamble either way. Honestly I can’t say I’ve had a ton of trouble with paint overall since the face painting tech started being used.

To each their own, and I know everyone has different collecting habits/goals. It might be my age or years in the hobby, but I have more perspective on the world at this point and see how silly our complaints sound outside of a vacuum. “Did they stop making your toy line?” “No, but they are putting them in different boxes!” If cutting the plastic helps the world a bit, fantastic, give us the cardboard. Honestly I think most of the concern is over the TVC line from what I’ve seen. Maybe we have taken it for granted a bit. It used to be once or twice a year in the VOTC days, or it would go away sometimes and then come back like earlier TVC days. Like I said, finish the 96 in this same style, and then move on or make them special releases.

The Vintage Collection / Re: 2020 TVC Haslab Razor Crest
« on: February 16, 2022, 09:41 PM »
Got mine yesterday, finally got to open it today. Like others have said….wow. Looks so great, so much detail. No idea where I’m going to put it, but I am a big fan of the stand. Kinda wish they made ones like that for other vehicles. That weapons locker though….oy.

The Vintage Collection / Re: Big Items of the Future!
« on: February 10, 2022, 09:25 PM »
Was talking with a friend this morning and wanted to ask the questions here too...  seeing what you get for $230 with the Jabba's TBOBF Throne Room, how are you guys feeling about a Death Star Playset?

- Would you want to spend $1k on a similar set that was like 4 of the Throne Room sets stacked on top of each other (thinking along the lines of the Kenner DS set)?  I'm hoping it'd be way less than $1k since there wouldn't be 4x the accessories of the Throne Room, but still it's gonna cost a LOT if they go this route.

- Would you want any DS Playset to be more modular and something in-between the $50 walls and the $230 Throne Room - like $100 trash compactor, $60 Conference Room, $250 full Detention Cell level with cells, etc?  Then you can pick and choose what to buy/skip.

- Have you come to the realization that this stuff is just trending too expensive and not worth it anymore?  Like $50 for a Tantive Hallway is one thing, but $250+ for a diorama is crazy?

This is exactly what I’ve been thinking about lately. I preordered the Throne Room today as soon as it was available, but I’m really starting to consider the prices (and storage/display footprint) of everything I get. We all keep saying it, but prices are creeping with all lines, all properties, all companies and it is really forcing us to make tougher choices.

Just the last couple weeks I saw some of the newer MOTU Revelations Masterverse figures, and the inclination is to grab them right away. Then I consider that I spent the last year plus grabbing most of the Origins line. And years before that a pretty good run on Classics. How many lines covering the same characters do I really need to collect?

Same could be said for Star Wars. Although I’m not a completist, I buy some or most of each of their lines. Black Series. Vintage Collection. Retro. I love them all, but don’t have room for everything. Most of my Black Series is packed away other than one shelf of about a dozen figures representing the OT, and the same for Mando. Things would be so much easier if I only collected one thing 🙄

But yes, price is definitely becoming a factor…and getting worse. As excited as I would be if they announced some form of Death Star playset like this, I would be holding my breath waiting for the price. I know I personally couldn’t just drop $800-$1000 on a toy.

Joe Defender / Re: 2022 3.75" GI Joe - The Return of the O-Ring!
« on: February 10, 2022, 01:51 PM »
Just got mine delivered today, same feelings as all of you. I’m really excited that they are going back to these, and I hope the line continues for awhile. I was hesitant at first to open them as well, but like you mentioned the card backs are so thin. So thin in fact that even with being inside the print box, outer box, and shipping box there are still creases on mine. It doesn’t matter, I want to open them anyways. Just can’t understand why the card stock on these and TVC is so cruddy but the Marvel retro stuff (both 3 3/4” and 6”) is very sturdy. Kind of wish these were coming out with a little more frequency, like 15-20 per year, but maybe we will get there eventually.

Very cool. Pricier than I’d like, but also not incredibly surprising. I’ll definitely preorder one, and hope they continue “playsets” like this in the future. To me, this reveal really saved the livestream today. Lots of things we’ve gotten before otherwise. Man has collecting changed over the years, for a variety of reasons. I can’t imagine them dropping a $200+ playset during the POTJ days.

That’s how I feel as well. It has been said before, but the wait between character reveals in “new media”, and the time when we get the figures in our hands is ridiculous and I think hurts the momentum of the line somewhat. I mean, yes, we still buy them but the grumbling gets louder and you may miss casual fans that were interested. I don’t know if it is a Lucasfilm secrecy thing, or Hasbro, or a combination…but it simply takes way too long to announce and release characters that have been shown a year or more ago.

It’s like, we saw Boba in Mando 2 in 2020…why can’t that figure be ready to go and shipped in solid cases if nothing else is ready? Heck, we got solid cases of each member of the Eternals in at Target (that are still there in many cases), why can’t they take one of the most popular characters of all time and ship him out. I know there is plenty of room on Black Series pegs around here for him. They finally announce the Dark Trooper (looks great), then say he’ll be here next year? I had to preorder him on a card that will have expired/changed by then! 😂

I really think that Throne Room play set saved their bacon today. It is pricey as all get out, but at least it is new and looks amazing. It seems like all these other Hasbro lines (Marvel, Joe, TF, Power Rangers) can really rock these livestreams (and have product from current media actually available), but the Star Wars team is slow or their hands are tied. The quality of the product isn’t the problem. I actually think most of it looks outstanding, it just seems like the news and releases are such a cluster.

Another issue, is maybe the entire Star Wars Saga is getting to be a lot to cover in one (two) lines. I’ve maintained that Mando should have a dedicated line of its own, preferably in 3 3/4” scale so we can gets vehicles, beasts, and playsets. Keep the mix of everything in Black Series. I’d still want TVC figures from other media (particularly OT), so it is tough. Maybe move the “finish the 96” stuff to readily available Pulse exclusives, I don’t know. Just feels like we are missing out on a lot of cool stuff from these shows. Imagine a ROTS sized line (ok maybe that is excessive) focused on Mando, or Book of Boba together.

Joe Defender / Re: 2022 3.75" GI Joe - The Return of the O-Ring!
« on: January 22, 2022, 11:47 AM »
Honestly, I am really excited about the return of the o-ring figures. A couple years ago I started tracking down some Joes I always wanted as a kid, and many of those have gotten PRICEY. I’m all in for these new packs. I was super bummed I wasn’t able to back the Skystriker, but between being right before Christmas and our water heater deciding to go out, I just didn’t think it was a great idea at the time. Definitely regretting it though. Excited for the rest of this line though, got notice that the Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow pack is shipping soon. Between these and the Classified announcements, the Joe team is really killing it these days.

Other Toy Lines / Re: 2022: What Are You Collecting?
« on: January 1, 2022, 09:41 PM »
Time for the New Year check in, looking at the plan for the year. For me it continues to be the theme of being more selective. Most of my interests have stayed the same over the years, the main “new” area has been Super 7 Ultimates, which look great but are pricey. The price increases are really dictating how much I can really collect these days.

Star Wars
Vintage Collection and Black Series.  I’ll stick with TVC (or the equivalent) in some capacity until the end. 3 3/4” Star Wars is what started it all for me, and I still enjoy it very much. I’ll continue to pick and choose with Black Series. I like the figures, but it can be a frustrating line at times. Love the Mando stuff, OT of course, and there are still a few things from PT, ST, that I’d like to see.

Legends. Probably my main line anymore, definitely from the number of figures/money spent standpoint. I love the classic comic figures, as well as the MCU characters. Fun line, their brand team really seems to care.

Origins. Love it, hope it continues. I’ve bought most of it so far, and plan to continue. I dabbled in Masterverse briefly, but ended up returning most of it. Nothing wrong with the figures, I just figured I can’t collect multiple lines for each of these properties, so I stuck with Origins. I kept the He-Man and Battlecat, but that’s about it.

G.I Joe
Classified. Still not necessarily easy to find, but a fairly slow release schedule so it isn’t impossible to keep up with what I want. Very interested to see this potential return of the o-ring figures. Wanted the Skystriker, but just didn’t have the extra cash at the time.

TMNT, Thundercats, Silverhawks, G.I. Joe, some random things. Hoo boy, this one is the money black hole. I’ve really liked the figures I’ve gotten so far, but I also know I won’t be able to keep up with it all. Only all in with Turtles so far. Hoping to get the main team for things like Thundercats and Silverhawks, and pick and choose with Joe and other stuff.

In general, I gravitate towards the same properties I liked as a kid. So when things go retro, I get tempted. Outside of prices and distribution, the amount of properties represented and overall quality of the toys kind of make this a golden age of collecting….and harder to set limits. More and more I’m drawn to Kickstarter/small company type figures, especially the 3 3/4” scale stuff.

The Black Series 6" Figures / Re: 2021 HasLab Black Series Rancor
« on: December 9, 2021, 06:03 PM »
I’m disappointed for those that wanted/backed this, but the team really bungled this one too. I have been all in on OT Black Series up to this point, but I was passing as well. For me it was the timing (right before Christmas, plus personally we just had to replace our water heater and pay for our daughter’s club bball), plus it seemed too pricey for what it is.

I know it is not remotely the same articulation and detail wise, but I picked up one of those “Super Colossal” T-Rex back when they hit around $36 a couple Christmases ago, which is huge and fun. I think their regular price was about $50. I’d rather see the Rancor land somewhere in between those two even if it sacrifices some articulation or detail. Bottom line is, I don’t know where I would put it anyways.

Having three at the same time was dumb too. Honestly I was interested in all three, but had to pass on all unfortunately. I’m really regretting not figuring out a way to back the Skystriker, but I thought with all the expenses it was the responsible thing to do.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Ghostbusters: Afterlife
« on: November 25, 2021, 07:16 AM »
We saw this yesterday, and I thought it was really very good. I won’t go into spoilers, but I thought the new cast was great…and the nostalgic touches were done just right. Also I think this is the third or fourth thing we have seen McKenna Grace in, and that kid really has the skills. Also, there are credits scenes for anyone who goes.

The Black Series 6" Figures / Re: 2021 HasLab Black Series Rancor
« on: November 19, 2021, 03:32 PM »

It would depend on the item, but I think at least for the next five years I would be willing to spend $300-ish on an all new kick ass 3.75" thing.  Ultimate U-Wing?  Death Star playset? Ultimate Mos Eisley Cantina?  Yes, yes, and yes please.

Oh absolutely. For all the space issues, if they came out tomorrow and said “we’re doing a TVC Death Star!”, I’d figure it out 😉. I’ve got the Razor Crest on the way eventually as well. It is hard to say no when they dip into TVC.

The Black Series 6" Figures / Re: 2021 HasLab Black Series Rancor
« on: November 19, 2021, 03:06 PM »
I honestly kind of chuckled when they brought out that cardboard backdrop. Like everyone else, not because I want it to fail, it was just one of those “yeah, that seems about right”. When I heard they were planning this, let’s be honest, “emergency livestream” to try to change the narrative of this campaign…I thought they would pull out all the stops. Rancor Keeper, another new or new-ish figure, whatever it took. Today’s livestream was about what they whole ride has been….a sad trombone sound.

I’m one of those who does collect both lines. I’m primarily a 3 3/4” collector (which probably should be the HasLab focus because of scale, as mentioned), but I buy Black Series as well. Specifically,I think I have bought all of the OT characters made so far. That alone had me at least initially interested in this. Then I thought about it more, and I just couldn’t justify it. It is a lot of money (right before Christmas), and I honestly don’t have anywhere for it to go aside from the floor. Not to mention that I’m almost more interested in things like the Skystriker and Super 7’s Party Wagon (although that may have priced me out as well).

This whole Rancor thing just shows how the Star Wars team just seems a step behind lately. The figures and everything always look pretty great, but releases are few and far between, announcements in dribbles, and the fact that Funko, Hot Toys, etc can all seem to beat then to market with new or hot characters is kind of ridiculous. I mean, why is there no Mando season 2 Fett ready and on the shelves in time for Book of Boba? That aired a year ago!

To the HasLab side, I do wonder a little if collectors are reaching the breaking point for these huge items. They all look great, but they are pricey space hogs. Add to the fact that many of us follow multiple lines, and it is even worse. As much as I love the Barge…and think it is great…and I’m glad I have it, sometimes I look at that thing and think “as cool as this is, this is ridiculous”😂. I thought the Rancior would end up funding no matter what before today, but now I’m not so sure.

The Bullpen / Re: Marvel Legends
« on: October 23, 2021, 09:05 PM »
Another nice showing from the Legends team at PulseCon today, which is saying something considering how much they unveil on a weekly basis throughout the year. Plus they are very enjoyable guys who really seem to enjoy their brand. Cool things include an anniversary line for the beginning of Legends with all new Cap and Iron Man figures (Toad and Hulk are rumored to complete that original wave), retro carded versions of Scarlet Witch and Vision, MCU updates/re-releases of Endgame Cap, Falcon Cap, Winter Soldier, and another retro 4” wave. Plus, coolest of all, X-Men Animated Series figures that come in VHS tale style boxes. Wolverine and Jubilee are the first announced.

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