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Re: The Hasbro Q & A Compendium
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Session 44 - December 21, 2007

Hasbro regularly answers certain-figure questions with the statement "we would like produce this figure or that vehicle but we don't have an appropriate slot for it at the moment." Why does Hasbro set those narrow limits? Within the POTF- and POTJ era the figure production happened just arbitrary and not film- or scene-specific. Why couldn't a Jocasta Nu pair a Gamorrean Guard or couldn't a Bespin Security Guard beeing released with a Yarna d'al Gargan within the same wave? (4".de, 12/21/07)

Marcel - our strategy since 2005 has been to create waves of themed figures, by movie, and it's difficult to argue with the success of the strategy as the figure line has maintained an unprecedented level of popularity. By theming figures according to wave, it has helped us achieve balance and focus, creating figures that work together well and meet the needs of both kids and collectors. It has also helped us systematically tackle each of the films and EU concepts in turn. We do not plan to deviate from this waving strategy. The reason why we say we "don't have a slot" for something is that we plan a full year's worth of figures at once, looking at the overall balance. It is very difficult, the further we get into a year, to make changes to the plan since it is really all tied together and approved in conjunction with Lucasfilm. What we promise to do is take your input into consideration the next time we have an opportunity to lay out a plan (i.e. the next year's line, or an exclusive, an opportunitistic repaint wave, etc). So keep that feedback coming - it really is valuable to us - and we will take it into consideration for the next time we can shape the line.

In the q&a-session from 12-01-06 Hasbro made clear that POTF2-figures won't be recycled for the T30AC- or following lines because with the enhanced production methods these figures are antiquated by now. Why does Hasbro then still re-releasing POTF2-figures furthermore like it happens with the Max Rebo Band as repack or the RA-7? And a possible release of an Oola figure recently has been noted as a likely repack of the POTF2-version. Why don't you go any further and only use repacks for the more modern figures while use new molds for re-releases of "older" figures? (4".de, 12/21/07)

Daniel - we are staying true as far as characters that will be updated with a new sculpt. There are certain figures, specifically very fan-centric figures like many aliens, that we simply will not be updating with new sculpts any time in the next several years, if ever. There are simply waaay too many interesting and new figures to create before we would go back and redo these. In many cases, these figures (such as the Jabba's palace figures) are still quality figures in terms of aesthetics, even though they may not be highly articulated like many modern figures, and there are many new collectors to Star Wars who are interested in adding them to their collections. In these cases, we evaluate the continuing demand of the figures and see whether a re-release makes sense. Since we are not going to be redoing any of the Jabba's palace figures in those sets and doing new ones like Ak-Rev instead, a re-release made sense. As to RA-7, you may not know that it and other figures were determined directly by fan vote for inclusion in the Saga Legends line. We let fans select these, and they determined it was important to bring these back, and we agree it is a good idea since we will not be updating him.

Just another certain-figure question: What are the odds for a Torryn Farr figure within the next two years? That character still has top rankings in many collector-forum wish lists. Even if she is a female character and for that there will be just a few possible slots she would be a great choice for another Hoth wave. And for this she should be released with a screen and a chair, in my opinion that character really demands for those accessories because she has been seen in that certain film-scene. Even if Hasbro more and more have to deliberate which character deserves bigger accessory because of taking into account rising material costs that figure should be given priority even compared with main characters, isn't it? (4".de, 12/21/07)

Andreas - There is a very good chance you will see her in the next couple of years.


We understand your current stance on playsets, but if you go back to making beasts, would you consider a Sarlacc pit? It's got a big gross mouth, tentacles, and the special editions have added a large beak (which, should you make this figure, we'd hope could be a removable aspect), yet this is one Star Wars creature that's always gotten the short end of the merchandising stick despite being a major part of ROTJ. It could be done as a beast pack, maybe an ultimate battle pack, or even part of a boxed set with a Tatooine Skiff. (AF, 12/21/07)

Wow….multiple questions on the Sarlacc this week! All we have to say is that the challenge of making and marketing basically a hole in the ground with teeth is a pretty stiff one indeed. It is a beast, but doesn't look like one. Kids won't get it. How would you display it? Not to get any hopes up, because it is a cool idea, but the challenges might be impossible to solve.

A few Battlepacks have featured Jedi, a Clone Commander, and three Clone Troopers. Will we see this concept applied to more sets in the future, perhaps something like Ki-Adi-Mundi, a grittier repaint of Commander Bacara, and three Galactic Marines? What about extending this idea to the other films beyond Ep III? (AF, 12/21/07)

We have been looking at continuing this very popular format and there is a chance that the Ki-Adi-Mundi pack will come out this spring. It's too early to confirm that it will be shipping, or how different (or not) the Clones will be, but the Mygeeto battle is a good concept for this. As for other films, we have been doing different concepts since the leader/troops idea works so well for EpIII. It's possible for EpII, but we will have to look at those ideas to see if they are compelling given all of the choices we have available for battle packs.

In the past, Hasbro's stated that main characters should always be available to casual collectors, which makes sense, and Lucas has stated that the saga is about Darth Vader. That said however, there are currently at least 9 different Vader figures available on shelves - TAC Vader, 2 Saga Legends figures, 2 different battlepacks, the TAC coin album, 2 different comic 2packs, and the McQuarrie Concept version. Out of those, all but the McQuarrie version are pegwarming in many areas; some areas also have older Vader figures from as far back as 2005; and there are more Vader's on the way. Have you considered that such oversaturation may be problematic to the line, as collectors are less likely to buy the same character over and over (especially when most are rereleases of earlier molds) while casual collectors (who might only need 1 or 2 Vaders) might find the sheer number of them confusing? (AF, 12/21/07)

Looking at data at local stores may reveal an area slowdown, or may not even be a problem as the inventory can turn over at a rapid rate. In any case, we are not seeing a slowdown at all on any Vader and he continues to be, by a great stretch, the most popular character in Star Wars in all forms. We do try to make each new Vader purposefully differentiated whenever possible, and weigh all of our release decisions against the collector market when they are targeted as such (McQ Vader or the Leia/Vader comic pack) to make sure these are weighted appropriately.

With our questions, we also sent in these images from ROTJ regarding the Sept 28th Q&A about Luke Jedi's cloth vest - or lack thereof. Here's what Hasbro said about the matter: (AF, 12/21/07)

Also, thanks for the image. We have had some differences in input, and this helps tell the story. This would make a great update to that Luke figure when we have a place to slot it in. Thanks for sharing.


Toy Fair is sneaking up on us...any hints you can give us on what you will be showing? (BB, 12/21/07)

Mark - we can't offer any sneak previews of any Toy Fair items right now, or even comment on the line list rumors that have been floating around except to say that it is not accurate.  You will have to stay tuned, but trust us, it will be worth it.

So do you guys have one of each figure that's been made lining your offices? (BB, 12/21/07)

As for this year, yes, a lot of the team members have a wall devoted to the current figures as well as popular sublines like Galactic Heroes, comic packs, and Vintage.  As the new lines come in, they tend to displace the old, which either gets taken home or packed away. As for one of each figure that has ever been made?  There are at least three of us here on the team who have near-complete loose collections of the Kenner/Hasbro 3-3/4" line either on display or packed away for easy access when we are brainstorming ideas.  That's why we are able to work on some ideas quickly, especially exclusives - we sometimes devote our own personal archives to the task!

Are there any vehicles from the 2 trilogies that haven't been done yet that you would LIKE to do (but they keep getting shelved or postponed for one reason or another)? (BB, 12/21/07)

Great question.  In the Titanium series, we hope to cover pretty much everything, and nothing is off limits, so we assume you mean 3-3/4. Looking over the six films, we have to say that we are very happy with what we have been able to bring to market.  Of course, there are still classic vehicles we would like to re-do when given the chance.  We talked about a few of them with our team and picked a few of our favorites, which may or may not ever happen or be possible, but it's good to dream.  Here goes:  One person really wants to see a Star Destroyer (!). Another has as a wish "wish" vehicle the Clone Turbo Tank, a mock-up of which we have built but it is just too expensive to consider without animation support. A couple of us would like to complete the Pod Racers, but the likelihood of that ever happening is very, very low given that they are cool, but just too niche to justify their development and tooling. Perhaps one day, when an influx of fans nostalgic for Episode I comes into the collecting fold, we will have that opportunity.  Bottom line is that all of these have the odds stacked seriously against them of ever seeing the light of day.  So they remain on the "wouldn't it be cool if someday we could get to these?" list.


Are there any times you want to pimp-slap the askers of some of the more obnoxiously smug and self-important "Why didn't you do it like THIS?" questions in these forums? YOU know the ones I mean. (CC, 12/21/07)

It's all cool. We wouldn't be having so much fun ourselves making Star Wars rock along if there weren't equally passionate fans there to share the excitement, speculate, debate, and just talk Star Wars in general. So we keep it all in perspective. Besides, if things ever get really nasty, there are plenty of Bounty Hunters at Chalmun's, and some of them work for peanuts.

Any chance you guys could STOP packing your figures in their bubbles in "action poses" with their weapons in hand to prevent the type of warping as seen below (please refer to images), please? The amount of water I've had to boil lately to get my figures and accessories straightened out again is frightening. Thank you! (CC, 12/21/07)

This is a tricky thing. One of the best on-shelf innovations that has helped our Star Wars figures continue to excite has been the engineering team's work on posing in-pack for a very dynamic presentation. It is highly unlikely we will ever go back to the "old way" except probably for the Saga Tin/Vintage style executions, but we will continue to look for ways to improve. Thanks for the comment.

Would you ever consider offering a Christmas Taun Taun exclusive that plays the Christmas Taun Tauns song? That would be AWESOME!! (CC, 12/21/07)

That would be awesome! But, alas, we don't have plans.


What are the odds of single man swoop/speeder vehicles (i.e. the $9.99/Deluxe) price range coming back in 2008 since there won't be a "Vintage" premium line? (GH, 12/21/07)

We will not be introducing a "deluxe" $9.99 price point next year. Past results of this format combined with costing pressures have made us look elsewhere for the solution of getting gear/accessories out.  Instead, we will be infusing speeders into the Battle Pack format, starting in Spring. "Mini vehicles" like these are something we plan to keep in the line for a long time.

With the Clone Wars television series hitting our TV (and potentially other multimedia concepts) next year, are we going to be blessed with some television commercials for the toy line? (A lot of us are fans of the vintage toy commercials, which we pray Hasbro still has somwhere. Not to squeeze in another question, but we'd like to see them in some digitized form someday - even just on as flash video.) (GH, 12/21/07)

We ran a continuous loop of the toy commercials in booth at Celebration last year, and they were a big hit…..with countless requests to do just as you have asked, Adam. Unfortunately, rights issues prevent us from doing much more with them at this time.  Regarding your first question, we tend to guard our advertising strategy very closely since it reveals competitive information. We will be revealing the CloneWars line at Toy Fair, and your question will probably be answered there.

Was the Commander Gree figure shown at a recent convention a prototype, or was it the final product? If it is indeed a prototype, do you have plans to make any changes to the decoration in the interest of enhancing its accuracy? (The tampo painting/camouflage is off a bit, and our "accuracy checkers" note that the color for the helmet and his suspender straps aren't quite right.) (GH, 12/21/07)

The Commander Gree shown at the Dallas Fan Days show was, in fact, a pre-production and the final product image is attached.


Any chance we'll see a revised edition of the Rebel Troop Transport from the Vintage line? (IS, 12/21/07)*

Sorry to say it, but no. This has come up a few times in the 18 months or so we have been doing the Q&As, and our answer is the same. This vehicle just doesn't have kid appeal, and our vehicle slots have more iconic (and higher priority) vehicles waiting for their turn. It's highly unlikely this guy will ever be revisited.

With the release of your latest waves of titaniums, are there any plans to release a full size black shadow AT-AT? (IS, 12/21/07)*

At this time, we do not have plans, but that would certainly be a possibility at some point. The "shadow" cadre of Republic and Imperial troops does appear to be very popular.

Hasbro, with all the clones released over the past couple of years what are the chances that the aotc clone trooper pilot will be released? (IS, 12/21/07)*

While we don't have plans right now, this is something that we will be looking at since it has been a while (2005's first Clone Trooper Evolution set) since we have produced a quality articulated version of the pilot. We would not go back to that specific AOTC version but would likely re-release somehow the evolutions version.


In 2008, the pack-in stands will make a come-back. We've already seen pictures of at least 10 of the 2007 figures re-carded with stands. The carded complete-ist collectors out there are wondering just how many of the 2007 figures will get re-released this way? 25%? 50%? 100%? (JD, 12/21/07)

As of this writing, which is pretty much the end of the tweaks we are able to make to the contents of Spring 2008 case pack ratio, there will be 16 2007 figures that "carry forward" into 2008 and will be revised to have bases swapped into where the coins would have been. A good number of these are the late Wave 7.5 & 8 figures which were on the cusp of late 2007/2008 and will straddle the pack-in changeover.

A few folks have noticed something in the backgrounds of the recent box sets. It appears that the backgrounds feature custom-made set pieces, and not just paintings or drawings. They seem to be actual photographed custom dioramas. True or false? If true, where do they come from? And what do you guys do with them after the photo sessions? (JD, 12/21/07)

That is certainly true. It is a technique that has been in place for years in our photo studio, starting with the GI Joe line and expanding into other brands as time went on. Once the sets are struck, then the components go back into racks in our photo department where the components can be repurposed for other future sets. We do not keep dioramas intact.

OK, Indy toys. What are we looking at for the launch? Are we talking a "street date" with a big push, including store exclusives (similar to the last few movie lines you’ve done)? If so, any idea what that date will be so we can mark it on our calendars to be sure we have the day off work? (JD, 12/21/07)

There will be a tight on-shelf date for the IJ product line, which will be a few weeks before the movie (the theaterical date is 5/22). We can confirm that there will *not* be any store exclusives at the movie launch for IJ... we are focusing on the mainline assortments. The complete lineup will be announced (along with the on-shelf date) at Toy Fair.


Hasbro, great job with the Target exclusive Ultimate Battle Packs! Great toys at a great value. I especially like the suprise Hoth Rebel gun turret. Please keep the playset-like toys coming!

Have these battle packs been successful to the point that they can be an outlet for playsets or environment pieces? Jabba's throne dais could be released this way as well as a Sarlaac pit. Create some Hoth trenches this way, or an Endor forest or tree to hang the cargo net packaged with TAC #46 R2-D2. I know I'm rambling now, but you guys get me so amped up for Star Wars toys! (JI, 12/21/07)

Thanks for the great thumbs-up on these, Joenubb! We were glad we could surprise folks like that while at the same time delivering some new things in this bigger format. And therein lies the rub - "some new things." As has been well-documented, playsets are backbreakers from a tooling and product costing perspective, and their return on investment is still not justified relative to the higher level of interest in figures and vehicles. That's why there were new elements to these sets, but they were not the sole focus of the sets themselves. By using a considerable amount of existing items, we were able to justify some tooling expense, which we spent on the turret and the logs. So the sucess of the UBPs (and they have been very successful) does not mean a change of format to more playset-dominated sets, but it does open the door to opportunities that have a similar type of format - i.e. some newness mixed with a good dose of existing to keep our costs down.

Any chance we'll ever see Clones in Imperial Officer uniforms like the ones shown near the end of Revenge of the Sith? (JI, 12/21/07)

Great question. We had not considered these, concentrating instead on doing the on-screen Commanders from EpIV-VI every so often. Now that you bring it up there are some interesting possibilities, and we will discuss it on the team and see if any opportunities present themselves down the road.

Any chance we might see some Expanded Universe Galactic Heroes? I'd love a GH version of Mara Jade and Grand Admiral Thrawn. Quinlan Vos and Aayla Secura would make a nice looking 2-pack as well. (JI, 12/21/07)

Hey, awesome screen name, ARBCOToys! We can confirm that Aayla is on the way - here is a sneak pic shown below. Look for the Aayla/Bly pack on shelf around 3/1. While Aayla was born of the EU, she is the only one of your wish list that we are looking at as of now, preferring to work our way through on-screen characters before we turn our attention to the EU proper since kids still make up a sizeable share of the GH audience. We don't rule out the possibility of Quinlan or Mara eventually finding their way into the line because of their continued popularity with fans.


In a previous Q&A Hasbro responded to our question about larger Basic Figure accessories by saying "we like to do the "bonus" accessories when we can".  With that sentiment in mind, how likely is it that something like an ANH Obi-Wan Kenobi with the Death Star tractor beam control station could make it into the Basic Figure line? (JTA, 12/21/07)

There is no chance that that would happen in a basic figure line because of the sheer size of the piece.

The Fan's Choice Figure contests have always been a hot topic of conversation around the collecting community, and there's also been a fair share of controversy around the process as well.  How is the poll process regarded within Hasbro?  And might we see it return some time in 2008? (JTA, 12/21/07)

We think opening up the voting in a truly democratic manner, where you, the fans, decide, is a fantastic process and we are pleased with the results.  We were surprised at some of the results, but fans did drive the vote and we stand by it.  Overall, we think that it is a fair way of gauging interest among not only the active, vocal fans on the forums and message boards, but also those who may be active collectors but don't frequent the message boards.  While we don't have plans right now to do another Saga Legends-type poll in 2008 (since we don't have a seprate Legends line), we could decide to do another poll on another topic and would probably run it in a similar fashion to the most recent.

I was watching The Empire Strikes Back recently, and it seems that we're really starting to draw down on new characters that can be made into figures for that particular episode.  Does this kind of shortage register with Hasbro in planning TESB themed waves?  And might it open the door for something like a figure of the Emporer's giant flloating holographic head? (JTA, 12/21/07)

It is challenging to be sure, definitely the movie that has had more coverage than any other and the shortest "parking lot" list, but there are still some good opportunities with EpV and we think we have some good multi-year wave plans.  As for your latter are right on the bulls-eye with something we hope to bring out this year.  Stay tuned!


With Australia being the “Home of Star Wars Episode II and III”, I would like to know if any more of our local actors will be getting figures made of them in the near future. We have had several Aussie and Kiwi actors such as Bruce Spence as Tio Medon, and Jay Laga'aia as Captain Typho, would it be possible to produce some more Aussie Actor/Characters? Character such as Owen Lars, (Joel Edgerton), Beru Lars (Bonnie Piesse) and Cliegg Lars on hoverchair (Jack Thompson). Maybe even a box set of the Lars Family? (MD, 12/21/07)

Welcome to the Q&A! We look forward to hearing from our pals down under on the directions we're going. The short answer is that we have looked at ways of bringing more of the "early" Lars clan to the shelves, but they won't be out in 2008. We are optimistic that we will be able to do them at some point, though.

I am thrilled that we are able to purchase more Jedi and Sith action figures. The variety is great, the sculpts are superb, but what I really love are the unlit Saber hilts. What I do find annoying, is that there's no way to attach these hilts onto the figures belt. (Malak, Revan, VTSC Bespin Luke etc). I've noticed that some figures have a hole in their belt, where the hilt should go, but there's no 'peg' on the hilt to attach it! (Foul Moudama). Is it possible for you guys to fix that, so all Jedi and Sith may have their unlit Lightsaber hilts hanging from their belts please? (MD, 12/21/07)

It may not always be possible, given that some tools are used/shared by other figures. We'll definitely take your comment into advisement for when we do figures with unlit hilts. Thanks.

I thought the 2007 Ralph McQuarrie figures were all brilliant. Great card designs and the translation from sketch to figure was well executed. Is the concept figure line to end with the McQuarrie figures or were further artists works to be explored? Maybe Doug Chiang could be done for an Episode I concept figure design series? (MD, 12/21/07)

The McQuarrie signature series will end with the Rebel Trooper (#60) this year in Wave 8. There will be no concept figures in the line for 2008, but we are looking at the success this subline has enjoyed this year as an opportunity to bring it back in some way in a future year. No decisions have yet been made on what artists we would focus on, however.


Congratulations on a fantastic year of Star Wars, and thanks SO MUCH for the Q&A sessions!! It's really great to be able to let our voices be heard and to be able to communicate directly with the Hasbro team. 2007 has been a BIG year for everyone, and I look forward to continuing to work together next year, and for many years to come!

Anyway, on with the questions...!

Is the modern "Vintage" line pretty much done? We know there isn't a wave planned for 2008, but to be honest, the basic figure line has pretty much caught up to the Vintage line in terms of articulation and soft goods. Plus, with the return of the Evolutions sets, the high-quality standard is maintained with an opportunity for an even greater choice of characters. With all of this in mind, the only reason to continue the "Vintage" line is for nostalgic packaging in a protective case, which raises the price. (RS, 12/21/07)

Thanks for the good word, Dan. We love the Q&A and are glad that we are able to have great dialogue with fans.especially as interest heats up for 2008. Keep bringing the Q and we'll supply the A.

Regarding Vintage, the concept is probably over as far as a high-end, premium clamshell packaged line consisting of 100% new figures, for the reasons you mentioned (a welcome overall trend toward articulation) as well as the fact that there are few really iconic main characters left to do that would be strong anchors for future waves. We do not rule out the possibility that vintage could return in the same format, but we are also looking at other ways where we can harness the great nostalgic power of that very iconic line look. We don't have a timetable for when we bring it back, but know that we are looking at it for farther down the road.

We've heard rumors earlier this year that The Clone Wars line will see the return of action features, which are primarily targeted toward a younger audience, and the results are often not esthetically pleasing. While "quick-draw" and "lightsaber slashing" action is great for play value, many collectors prefer the see added articulation and detailed sculpts instead. Is it too soon to talk about this yet? If they are returning, how extensive will they be? (RS, 12/21/07)

Dan - we hear you and think you will be very pleased when you see the lineup. While we won't get too specific at this point, we will say that we are developing the line so that it achieves both objectives - the figures have feature play (although it won't be built-in in all cases) and also meet the sensibilities of collectors. Stay tuned...!

With the popularity of the McQuarrie figures this year and their impossibility to find on peghooks, I know you are good at getting more out in later wave revisions, but have you considered releasing a wave of nothing but McQuarrie figures? There's enough out there to put only 1-2 of each per case... (RS, 12/21/07)

What you suggest would be a poisonous mix for the kid fan who is focused on the main characters. While you might say "that's what Saga Legends is for!" it's vital that each and every case pack of both lines offer attraction for the kid audience. Instead, we'll be chasing the figures, to the best we can...but with demand running even hotter than we can chase, the basic figure line basically wrapping up at the end of June to make way for the new Fall 2008 basic figure line, and three great waves of basic figures still to go in Spring....the slots in which we can re-pack and chase the McQs are not going to be as great as hoped and some of these figures are probably going to remain scarce. There are still quite a few figures and waves shipping, and we're not deliberately shorting any
figure, so we're hopeful fans can still find what they need.


Will there ever be a Galactic Heroes figure of Princess Leia as Jabba's prisoner (i.e. wearing the metal bikini)? (RTM, 12/21/07)


Will we be seeing Guri (Shadows of the Empire) in the new comic packs? (RTM, 12/21/07)

Not yet. We have only one SotE pack lined up for 2008/2009 with some of the more compelling characters. She is a very interesting character, though, and has appeared in a lot of other sources so her popularity among fans is pretty decent and is in her favor. We would not rule her out for "some day," but not in the near term.

Any plans for more vehicles in the Galactic Heroes line? (RTM, 12/21/07)

Yessir! First up, we will be getting the Millenium Falcon back into circulation in a special "Cinema Scene"-inspired window-boxed style package with Han, Chewie, R2-D2 & C-3PO. Look for this exclusively at Wal-Mart in approximately February. After that, we have plans to continue our popular Cinema Scenes format with some more sets in '08 featuring some new takes on existing vehicles along with some new vehicles *and* creatures. The GH goodness will really be amped up next Fall.


With collectors clamoring for playsets the last few years and Hasbro's take being that there's no market for them at this time, might the Ultra Battlepack concept be used to get us a little closer to playsets by including larger environment elements instead of vehicles? We could have Dagobah with Yoda's hut and the tree (where Luke battles his demons); and a Death Star with trash compactor, corridors & doors, and cellblock. So, might the Ultra Battlepack line be purposed for this need? (SSG, 12/21/07)

We certainly look a the Ultimate Battle Pack concept as a way to deliver more play features but at the same time not weigh down a product with a massive tooling burden. As has been well-documented, playsets are backbreakers from a tooling and product costing perspective, and their return on investment is still not justified relative to the higher level of interest in figures and vehicles. That's why there were new elements to these sets, but they were not the sole focus of the sets themselves. By using a considerable amount of existing items, we were able to justify some tooling expense, which we spent on the turret and the logs. Surprisingly, the turret did not take up that many tools and was very efficient from that standpoint compared to some of the other suggestions which are more intensive from a tooling and piece price standpoint. The exception might be Yoda's hut, which is a pretty good suggestion and one we should look into. So the sucess of the UBPs (and they have been very successful) does not mean a change of format to more playset-dominated sets, but it does open the door to opportunities that have a similar type of format - i.e. some newness mixed with a good dose of existing to keep our costs down.

Back in October, Hasbro said that getting a Corran Horn figure in the comics 2packs line was unlikely because he "only appears in one comic series (X-Wing Rogue Squadron: Family Ties) as a security officer, well before his most iconic stores in later novels." However, that's not accurate as he's in the SW:Union mini-series, in at least 3 different outfits - training gear, civilian clothes, and trademark green robes during Luke & Mara's ceremony (which would also be a great way to sneak in a Cilghal figure). Does this up the odds at all for Corran Horn? (SSG, 12/21/07)

It still doesn't change our belief that the comic packs might not be the best place to deliver a Corran Horn figure. He's still high on our wish list with some other prominent figures, but we'll have to wait a while longer yet before we can look to do something with him.

With Commander Neyo from the Treachery on Saleucami set being among the winners of the Saga Legends fan choice poll, would you please pack in a second, generic belt with him the way you're doing with the Gray Clone Commander figure in the Saga Legends line? That way, the Neyo-style troopers could be represented by this same figure (remove the pauldron, swap the belt, voila), leading to more sales of the guy. (SSG, 12/21/07)

Excellent suggestion, but too late to impact this figure, which is being built now for shipment soon.


Looking at some of the figures of minor characters that were made years ago, I started to think about how cool they could be if some of them were brought up to today's standards. Some examples that come to mind are Boshek, Tessek, Adi Gallia, Takeel, Dr. Evazan, Prune Face and Ree-Yees. Most of these figures looked nice in their day, but they just don't hold up to today's standards anymore. I understand that remakes of minor background characters can't happen very often, but I'm wondering who, if any, is one minor character that the Hasbro team would really like to have another shot at? (ST, 12/21/07)

Great question.  As we have produced "definitive" versions of many such backgrounders lately and added them to our shelf displays, we, like you, have noticed that many of these old-timers, while great in their day, do look a little soft around the edges.  We would say that of the seven figures you single out, we have plans to update three of them over the next couple of years, and will probably get to a couple more of them as well before too much longer.  Of the remaining ones, it's unlikely that we'll update Boshek or Takeel for a looong time, if ever, since we would be more likely to spend that "slot" in the lineup on a new Cantina figure.

In a recent thread on our site I mentioned that a dream figure for me would be a remake of the shirtless training Darth Maul in a super articulated format. Another member mentioned that that figure was scheduled for release in the new Sith Evolutions set. I had totally forgotten about that! I was so focused on the Mandalorian Evolutions set that I spaced the others off. So here's my question... it's almost 2008. The 3 new Evolutions sets (Mandalorian, Sith and Jedi) are already announced and confirmed by you. Any chance we can get some more/better pictures of these figures? Include what all accessories will be included, confirm the SA and removeable helmet status of Jango? Clearer pix of Mandalore, Nihl, Bane (does that silly glow in the dark helmet come off? How about Boba? He looks a little rotund, maybe too much uj cake or does his chest armor come off? I'd love to see some updated pix, maybe even packaged if available. (ST, 12/21/07)

We are glad you asked, and will share what we have. Four pics are attached - three higher-res pics of the same images we showed at Comic Con.  These are all of the pics we have available as of yet, but the sets are shipping soon so more images will be hitting.  Also, there is a more detailed rundown in this month's copy of Lee's Toy Review (#182) with The Sith legacy set on the cover.  As far as accessories go, all of the accessories that come with the figures are shown.  This is important for collectors toknow, since there won't be as much extra stuff as the last line, except for the three reissues which will be the same as before.  The new sets will not have all of the extra gear, and the explanation is we looked at the components, we felt we added the accessories that the characters would need and that we could afford to add while not compromising the articulation, soft goods and deco on the figures themselves.  As our costs have risen since we last did Evolutions in 2005, trading out extra pieces to deliver high quality figures was the right one.  As for the details you asked about, we can confirm that Bane's mask is removable.  Regarding Jango, we can confirm that he is SA with swivel articulation at wrists/forearms, ball & socket elbows, swivel upper arms, ball & socket shoulders, ball neck, ball & socket waist, swivel hips, ball & socket  knees, and ball & socket feet.  And his helmet is removable. Wow!  Boba looks great in person, his armor is not removable.  We can also confirm that there will be one more special surprise set in this wave....centered around The Force Unleashed.  Look for more information on that after the new year.

Will Canada be getting any figures from the TAC line past wave 5 or have we seen it all up North. One of the  sites said they would not be getting wave 6 on CDN card, so does that also mean we wont be getting anything past wave 6 at Canadian retail? (ST, 12/21/07)

We have confirmed with our Canadian pals that all waves are indeed planned to be dsitributed with the Canada-exclusive Vader-head packaging. According to the marketing team in Canada, it may take a while into Spring before they all make it out but that is the plan as of now.  Good news!


Will any of the figures from wave 5, especially Darth Malak, Darth Revan, and Pre-Cyborg Grievous, appear in any future TAC wave case assortments? (ST/"TJ", 12/21/07)

They will not be repacked into any other assortments.  Since your question centers on additional supply, we have checked and confirmed that more of the original ratios (case packs) have recently shipped to retail with the last planned releases against these going out in the next couple of weeks, so there is more supply on the way.

Hasbro did a magnificent job with the sculpt for the Galactic Marine, however there has been one negative aspect to the mold that fans have mentioned over and over again which I'm wondering if Hasbro is aware of. The base of the marine's feet is slightly curved and this makes it difficult to stand him up (he tends to fall over onto his back) unless you pose him in a very specific way. Typically this has been in a semi-walking pose. Some fans have made this adjustment and had no problems, others have tried and never had any luck (I have 9 marines and read all of the tips from various fan forums and have had absolutely no luck in getting them to stand no matter how I position the ankles or legs). Is there any chance that you might flatten the feet so that any future reuse of this mold won't suffer the same issues? (ST/"TJ", 12/21/07)

We actually didn't know about that issue, so will make it known to the design team. Thanks for passing that along.

The 2008 Obi and Anakin figures seemingly were retooled so that both could sit more easily in their Jedi fighters, the 2008 Gree has ball-jointed hips... and this got me wondering if, now with the Clone Wars TV show looming and the possibility of more kids getting into playing with Star Wars again, is Hasbro looking at making sure more figures down the road will be able to easily sit in the vehicles that are being released in your $20 price-point line (V-Wing, Starfighters, etc).  This would be great news if so since I fondly remember as a kid playing with the Kenner vehicles and always knowing that any figure at any time could fit inside any vehicle (or beast, like the Dewback and Taun-Taun) and this is one of the aspects that I'd love to see more of. (ST/"TJ", 12/21/07)

Yes.  We are making sure that our core characters (the ones kids will likely be playing with) will fit inside vehicles.  It won't be possible to make sure that every character can interact with every vehicle (like for instance, Hermie Odle) but there should be a much greater fit.


(SWC, 12/21/07)


Despite the strong showing of single carded figures in 2007, there seems to be an ongoing format trend towards multi-figure packs (Order 66, Battlepacks, Comic 2-packs, 2008's Force Unleashed 3-packs and new Evolutions). What's the rationale behind this?

'Cinema Scenes' were popular in the past, so are we seeing Hasbro trying to increase playability by giving the consumer several characters which can interact, balancing obscure and mainstream characters so that more 'fan-favourites' get made, or justifying re-releases with the inclusion of newly-tooled sculpts? (TPU, 12/21/07)

Basic figures still remain the heart and soul of the 3-3/4" collection, and it's important to maintain our focus there to make sure there are an ample number of new figures released, and that this "collection" maintains the core of the movie figure lineup. However, the Star Wars universe holds so much potential and fun that we have actively pursued a variety of alternate means of delivering new figures from both the films and EU sources.

We work closely with retailers to match the opportunity (such as an off shelf display in the checklane register, or an end-cap or promoted item) with an idea that we may have been thinking about. That is how the Order 66 2-packs came about - an idea we had had for a while centering on the relationship between Jedi and the Clones, to an out-of-aisle placement that made sense. So the impetus for more multi-pack offerings is really a product of having a brand that is still in very high demand with story opportunities that lend themsleves to trying many different things to complement the core line.

So, action figure stands are back in 2008 - something we all seem to agree is a great move on Hasbro's part. However, do you have any plans for that vintage / early modern classic - the carry case?

We've seen C-3PO, Vader, Chewie's Bandolier and even a Rebel Troop Transport in the past. With the number of collectors who like to open their figures (they do exist), surely there is a place for a new storage system from you guys? We don't all have abundant shelf-space! (TPU, 12/21/07)

The stands will be back for Spring. However, we have no plans to bring back the figure cases at this point (or make new ones). We *have* looked at it but the cost is just too prohibitive to make it work, and previous sales (in 2005) have not really shown that the demand is high enough to make continued efforts worthwhile. Not to say we won't look at it down the road, but right now it's not a high priority for us.

Star Wars toys obviously go through various proof-of-concept stages between initiation and production. What percentage are discarded during initial (paper) design due to cost constraints, licensing issues etc? How many make it to sculpting but don't progress due to design constraints? Can you give us any examples of figures that have been abandoned? (TPU, 12/21/07)

We don't have many modern examples for you because our design team has been in place for a while and has an exceptionally well-developed sense for what can/cannot be done in different segments. As a result, we are very efficient when it comes to ideation and implementation, especially when it comes to basic figures, battle packs, vehicles, and role play.

The area where, quite frankly, we have spent considerable effort at brainstorming and model-making, but have been stopped at the costing stage, has been the area of playsets. Our challenges with mock-ups of Death Star-type playsets have been well-documented, but we have found it's not just 3-3/4" playsets that are a challenge - any set that used a substantial number of parts and plastic is going to present a costing problem, and ultimately has a high risk of getting bumped from the line when the price point proves prohibitive.


In the last session of the QnAs, you confirmed that there will be a ROTJ-themed wave in Fall '08. Can you confirm if one of the figures in the wave is a female or a droid? (YF, 12/21/07)

Yes, consider it confirmed.

A few e-tailers, Entertainment Earth and for example, have pulled their pre-order listings for the Indiana Jones case assortments. Are these still "on track" for an April 08 release? (YF, 12/21/07)

The specific assortments and method of shipping were changed up, so that caused some retailers to have to redo, but we are on track for them be on-shelf a few weeks before the movie.

Dear Hasbro, the first pictures of the Force Unleashed commemorative collection sets have surfaced and it seems that the Emperor Palpatine figure is a straight repack from the 2005 Evolutions set. I really like this version in terms of sculpt and articulation, but the color of his skin seems off. Is there any chance that we’re getting a color corrected - ghostly white - version of this figure, since a lot of collectors are desperate for a SA movie (and game) accurate Emperor Palpatine. (YF, 12/21/07)

We did a straight pick-up, as this was the approved direction. In hindsight, we could have done a different yellow-gray or ghostly-white shade, but it won't happen for this release. Next time we do the Emperor, this will be considered.


Will you continue with Expanded Universe figures in 2008? Although we love figures such as Luke and Han and the others of the original movies, new characters would be a nice change of pace from the same old, same old. Also, any plans for new vehicles that haven't been released before? (YN, 12/21/07)

The comic book 2-packs will continue throughout 2008. As has been our strategy for 2007, we will continue to make sure that there is a mix of core characters and introductions of characters new to the 3-3/4" scale. By keeping core characters in the mix, it ensures that we have traction with kids, too, who are looking for familiar favorites and a comic book with them in it. This strategy has been very, very successful for us this year and we will continue that plan. Also, by keeping core characters in the mix, we can fill some of those with repaints and dedicate our tooling to new figures, which is what you are asking for. It will be a happy balance. There *will* be new vehicles in the 2008 lineup that have not been released before, as well as some great exclusives that are off-shoots of our existing tooling library. However, it is too early to release details on these yet. Look for some news at Toy Fair, the rest around Comic Con.

I love the different weapons that come with the figures and the effort made to make them the right size. Some seem to be a bit soft. Is it possible to make the guns a little stiffer so that they don't get bent in the figure's hands? Also, would it ever be possible (as a special run, or even as an UGH / chase figure) to get "titanium" blasters included with the figures? Those die-cast versions that came with the titanium figures were awesome and they look great with the figs! (YN, 12/21/07)

The softness/stiffness of the accessories is something that we have been aware of and have spoken with factories about. However, there is likely to continue to be varying degrees of stiffness. The reason is that factories often shoot black parts (like accessories) with plastic that has been recycled, a process that we encourage for certain items. As plastic becomes melted down and reused, it loses some of its integrity, so if weapons are shot with a recycled mix they will be softer. By doing this, it keeps overall costs a bit lower in the long term. As for the Titanium weapons, that is a very interesting question. The weapons are, of course, much more expensive to produce, so they wouldn't be part of a basic figure run. They do look sharp, so we'll look at possibilities.

Any High Resolution Images of The Force Unleashed Basic Figures Carded that you can share? Some low resolution shot have surfaced in the last few days online and we have seen the loose High Resolution ones but we would love to see the figures and cardbacks in beautiful High Resolution for the Holidays! (YN, 12/21/07)

Sorry - these images have not been made available to us yet. Generally, as soon as they're made available they are sent out to the outside world, so we aren't any faster or more efficient on these sorts of requests. Since you asked and we don't have them yet, we will dig around and forward as soon as we get some high-res to share.
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Re: The Hasbro Q & A Compendium
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Session 45 - January 18, 2008

Hasbro mentioned multiple times that the assault vehicle assortment (or midsize vehicles) will be a core segment within the Star Wars line for the next couple of years and that the most iconic vehicles should appear in that line. Well, the latest vehicle releases are providing a quite good insight into what you mean by this statement. How many "never seen before" vehicles could fans expect for the next years, would there are 2 or 3 "new" vehicles each year? Within this context it will be interesting for fans how Hasbro does appraise the "iconic" value for those vehicles that hypothetically would fit into this format just by their expected size. And before we harass you with that same question for each single vehicle again and again we would ask you on the whole: How would you rate the "iconic" value for vehicles like: Bongo (Episode I), Neimoidian Shuttle (Episode I, II und III), Coruscant Airtaxi (Episode I), Naboo Gian Speeder (Episode I), MTT Shuttle w/ Battle Droid Holder (Episode I), Count Dooku's Solar Sailor (Episode II), Homing Spider Droid (Episode II), Bail Organa's Airspeeder (Episode III), Kashyyyk Oevvaor Katamaran (Episode III), ISP Swamp Glider (Episode III), DC0052 Intergalactic Airspeeder (Episode III), NR-N99 Tank Droid (Episode III), HAET-221 Republic Assault Gunboat (Episode III), Mankvim-814 Light Interceptor (Episode III), P-38 Starfighter (Episode III)? And last part of the question: Are there vehicles among the mentioned ones that Hasbro wouldn't take into account for the standard vehicle assortment because they are not enough "iconic"? (4".de, 01/18/08)

The outlook is very bright for 2-3 new models a year, and we will announce shortly at Toy Fair the news ones for 2008. There are indeed some very exciting ones on the list, including at least one you mentioned. For the most part, we take into account how uniquely Star Wars they are, how much screen time they get (not always a prequisite, but it helps), the context of their use (are they assault vehicles like fighters, or passive like landspeeders?), ease of fit and manufacturability within the format, what the kid & collector demand would be, and the like. Without revealing too many details, we think that your list contains many vehicles that we will likely not do because they are too passive (speeders, Bongo, taxis), do not have an inspiring design (Dooku's Solar Sailor), represent factions that are not very popular (Nemoidian ships), or cannot be manufactured in this size (MTT, Wookiee catamaran). We have learned to never say never, but those are the criteria we use to guide our decision-making and hone in on the vehicles that we feel are "must-haves" against which we will devote our resources.

If Hasbro would redesign the Millennium Falcon which dimensions would the Falcon have? Would the vehicle be completely "new" or would you re-use parts from the POTF2-vehicle? What could fans expect for a given price, say $ 150,00, electronics, one or more added figures? (4".de, 01/18/08)

We will not be taking any questions on the Millenium Falcon.

The Sith Apprentice Evolution Set was recently be announced. Is this the set you mentioned as you said there would be a character based evolution set or is this another just unannounced set? With the Sith Apprentice Set there are 7 resulting evolution sets including the 3 repack sets by now that will be released during 2008. Will there be a few more evolution sets on the radar for 2008? (4".de, 01/18/08)

Yes, we alluded to The Force Unleashed Evolution set previously, but could not announce it official until after the new year. You are correct in your totals. We can also confirm that there *will* be additional Evolution sets in Fall 2008 as the line will continue throughout the year. Details on those sets will be made available around Toy Fair or at later conventions.




A couple of online shops have shown the new Hoth Speederbike set. Will we be seeing more of these (I'm going to make up a new phrase here) "Extended" Universe type sets in the near future? (BB, 01/18/08)

That's the only non-entertainment battle pack planned for now.  We have been looking at those images for some time and looking for the opportunity to do that one.  We can confirm that it will NOT be shipping in Spring under our 87503, but it will show up under a new asst later in Fall.  Fans will have to wait a bit longer for it, but it will be worth the wait.

I recently discovered I still had my old Droid Factory Playset.   Is there any chance of an updated version?  Or a build your own Astromech type set? (BB, 01/18/08)

Well that's a very interesting question.  While there are no plans for playsets in Star Wars, the play pattern you describe would be fun.  Stay tuned….

So, you guys are now going to be making the FX Lightsabers (previously made by Master Replicas).   Will be seeing new characters/versions or will you focus on unmade sabers?   Will your pricepoints be in line with MR or lower due to your manufacturing capabilities? (BB, 01/18/08)

We are very excited to be continuing this great line. Our initial plan is to continue the existing product line, and eventually look at additional opportunities whether that be new/unproduced charecters or additional FX products.  We have not announced pricing yet, but we do not anticipate a change from the marketplace as it exists today.


Why can't Hasbro get the Battle Droid plastic back to the quality of the Episode I Battle Droids? Every single Battle Droid since the (Power of the Jedi) Boomer Damage Battle Droid has been made of fairly soft and extremely unsuitable plastic. The legs warp, the hands are too soft to hold weapons, etc. Is there too much plasticizer in the mix? Is the plastic just too thin? What's the issue behind the scenes that is making our favorite killing machines so limp and listless? (GH, 01/18/08)

The issue is with the design.  To be as accurate to the droid design, some of our figures were made with very thin legs. Because of this, the specific plasticity cannot be too hard or we risk breakage and sharp points hazards.  Even when we ask the factory to be vigilant, it is still difficult to control such a fine line with thin parts.  We are aware of the problem, and are taking it into account in designs for the next generations of droids.

Now that art of Darth Plagueis has been revealed is there a better chance of us getting a figure of him, possibly in the next two years? (GH, 01/18/08)

At one time, he was high on our wish-list but because of lack of reference, we were asked to put him aside and he slipped down the list. Now that there is certainly more "news," we will revisit the opportunity. It won't be for a while though… but the chances of seeing him come out some day are pretty good.

Hasbro and Target's exclusive Ultimate Battle Packs were a tremendous holiday gift success. What are the odds that we'll see more of this concept in 2008 applied to the likes of Jabba's Palace, the Cantina, or even the Carbon Freezing Chamber where Hasbro can mix excellent heroes with obscure aliens/troops to please both kids and collectors? (GH, 01/18/08)

We hope that this format will continue in 2008 and beyond, matching up the right retail opportunity with the right theme. Your suggestions are very cool and may or may not be close to some of our own ideas. For now, though, we're going to keep specifics of our own top concepts close to the vest.


In the answers to the 12/21 Q&A, someone asked about Obi-Wan and a tractor beam console accessory in the basic line, to which you replied something like "it is not a possibility in the basic line." However, you already have the makings of a great ultimate battle pack with 2 of the 25th anniversary doorways (that had Luke & Leia in the chasm swing), create the complete tractor beam console, and then add the best Luke w/stormtrooper belt, Leia, Obi-Wan, and a few stormtroopers. Would something like this be a possiblity and something Hasbro would be interested in creating? (IS, 01/18/08)*

What you have outlined is something we could do, but it would still cost a considerable amount and we would have to be convinced that it is something that kids would want as well, and that has been the sticking point with playsets - kids don't want them like they used to, and the costs for development/materials/labor is very high.

Can we expect a new SA correct scale General Grievous in the Clone Wars Line this year, or perhaps a true V-wing pilot? (IS, 01/18/08)*

It is to early to announce anything specific regarding specific Clone Wars. Announcements will be made at Toy Fair. As for a V-Wing, there are no plans right now to bring out a true V-Wing Pilot, but that is something we are looking at for the longer term.

Hasbro, what are your thoughts of adding interchangable heads as pack-ins for figures like imperial officers. I would think by doing this you could increase sales as it would be an easy way to be able to swap heads with other figures, thus creating your own figure. (IS, 01/18/08)*

We have no plans to do this. We think that most collectors would want to showcase the range of heads on shelf anyway, so if we go to the effort of making extra heads, we would offer them as complete figures.


Every year, you manage to knock off one or two figures from the “original Kenner figures yet-to-be-remade" list. Of the figures that are left (see the list below), who has the best chance of making it to the pegs in 2008? Will we see more than one of these in 2008? (JD, 01/18/08)

- Death Squad Commander
- Imperial Commander (Black Tunic)
- Lumat
- Warok
- Klaatu (Jabba's Palace)
- Lars Family Power Droid
- Sim Aloo (Imperial Dignitary)
- Vintage Style Nikto
- Vintage Style Barada (Kithaba)
- Bespin Guard (Black)

Actually, in 2008 you will not see any of these. There are some of these on the 2009 list (which is still subject to change of course), but it will take a little longer than you'd like. But trust us, there is much OTC goodness to come in 2008.

Many different pictures of a blue Force Unleashed Stormtrooper Commander have been leaking out over the last few weeks. He doesn't seem to have any wave or number attached to him though. Is he going to be an exclusive of some sort, or will he show up in a second TFU wave that we haven't seen or heard of yet? (JD, 01/18/08)

We can’t give you any more detail on this other than the fact that he is not in a mainline assortment (hence the numbering). The actual details are still under wraps and will be revealed closer to the launch date for the game. All of our other mainline TFU sets will still ship on our original schedule, though.

OK, hypothetical question: Let's say that this spring, I were to walk into my favorite bulls-eye themed retailer. What are the chances that I might find another wave of exclusive two-packs featuring a Jedi and a Clone? I mean, I might have seen a rumor list on the subject, and I might have seen a few (more like 7) of the rumored figures on eBay already. So, would the chances be pretty good then? Since you usually don't talk about exclusives at Toy Fair, can you say anything now? (JD, 01/18/08)

There will indeed be a sequel to Order 66, comprised of six more sets that will be exclusive for Target. We have tried to make most of the Jedi in this series as new as possible, tooling up at least wholly new figure and parts of others. The plan is to be on shelf the beginning of April.

Sets include:
- #1: Obi-Wan Kenobi & Arc Trooper Commander (red deco)
- #2: Anakin Skywalker & ARC Trooper (blue deco)
- #3 Tsui Choi (new figure) & BARC Trooper
- #4 Emperor Palpatine & Commander Vill
- #5 Luminara Unduli & AT-RT Driver
- #6 Master Sev (new head sculpt) & ARC Trooper (yellow deco).


What can you tell us about "Captain Rex"? We hear he is going to be a mail-away figure this year. Who is he, what role in Clone Wars does he play and what does he look like? (JI, 01/18/08)

All good questions which will be revealed in time. We will say that he is a central figure in the new Clone Wars series, and that there will be a special promotion so fans can get him first.

Will Star Wars/Transformers continue in 2008 and if so, any hints as to what we might see? (JI, 01/18/08)

You bet. Up next are a pair of redeco/slight retools for this Spring, including a maroon Obi-Wan/Episode II Starfighter with hyperspace ring and Clone Pilot/Clone Wars Republic Gunship.

Any chance of seeing playsets or any large vehicles released in 2008? If so, can you give us some hints as to what they might be? (JI, 01/18/08)

Regarding playsets, our stance has not changed..kid demand is still low for playsets, and they do not justify the extraordinary cost to develop and produce. Our focus will remain on vehicles as the natural extension of the 3-3/4" figure play pattern. There will be a "big" announcement at Toy Fair regarding a new vehicle for Clone Wars....stay tuned.


Obviously there's so many connections between Star Wars and Indiana Jones including the fact that you're working on both products lines. Consequently, will we see any cross over products this year, maybe even a Harrison Ford Evolutions set or will there be anything else? (, 01/18/08)

Right now, on both properties, the focus has been on the characters rather than the "men behind the masks" as it were.  It's doubtful that we would do something like that, but if there was one actor where it made sense, it's with Harrison Ford.  We won't rule it out, but right now we just aren't focused there.

You've already let us know that there'll be about 53 figures in then basic line next year and that Legends will continue with the additional wave of 5 figures that you let us vote for last year.  Can you let us know roughly how many figures we'll see in the Clone Wars line so we can work out how many single carded figures we can expect to see this year (also in which month will the Clone Wars figures be available)? (, 01/18/08)

All of the information about Clone Wars will be made available at Toy Fair in February, James - so it's too early to release any specific detail.

As normal the UK Toy Fair takes place before the US Toy Fair.  Will the UK have to wait until the US Toy Fair to see the big Star Wars reveal or will we get to see some (if not all) of the new products at the UK Toy Fair first? (, 01/18/08)

Some product news will undoubtedly be released at the UK Toy Fair and Nuremburg, but we are holding most of the new product news, and details, for NY Toy Fair.


First of all, thank you for making the 30th anniversary of STAR WARS a year to remember. Not only did you make some of the best figures ever but, for me anyway, you made the collecting FUN. Anticipating the different waves and then tracking them down, only to find my favorite characters done so well was rewarding. Wave 5 was my favorite by a long shot. Which brings me to my question.
After Reven, Malak and the new evolutions sets with Mandalore and Nihilus, will Hasbro be continuing with any KOTOR figures? Basic figures in waves or more in multipacks? You seem to have covered the main sith/bad guys but we need some lightsiders to fight against. Or Does Hasbro think the good guys will not sell as well? Once again keep up the bloody good work mates! (MD, 01/18/08)

Thanks for the nice comments, Luke. We are glad you have enjoyed the 30th Anniversary collection as much as we have in bringing it to you.

Right now, we don't have plans to do any more for KOTOR characters for a while. It doesn't mean we won't come back to KOTOR again, especially if favorites rise to the top to the next time we do a fans' choice type of poll. After all, Revan and Malak were on there because *you* the fans voted for them in the Toy Fare / poll, so without your voice it is likely that they would not have come out at all. So keep the flame alive for your KOTOR favorites and be sure to let your voice be heard next time there is an opportunity.

The 30th Anniversary has been a major success both here and abroad. Thank you for listening to the fans in regards to and allowing us to vote on the various websites for the Fan Choice Figure!!! Now as we move into Expanded Universe territory with The Force Unleashed, the soon to be CG cartoon Clone Wars and of course the various novels available etc, etc. My question is.....Will Hasbro EVER make the evil Yuzhan Vong figure from the New Jedi Order series of novels???? (MD, 01/18/08)

We have some good news for you - we can indeed confirm that a Yuzhan Vong is in fact in development, but when and how it will be introduced (as a basic figure or as a multi-pack) has yet to be announced. Look for more information around Comic Con timing if all goes as planned..

Recently I purchased a couple of your "New" Destroyer Droids with Shield "effect". Firstly, I think the figure looks great with the blast "effects" on their guns. My problem, and the problem I hear a lot of other people have with the figure, is the Shield itself. The first part of the problem is when you join 2 halves together, the Destroyer Droid does not quite fit inside.

The second part of the problem is the color of the shield. It just does not seem translucent enough. In the films, you can clearly see the Droid inside the shield. With your "effect", if you're able to get a droid inside, you cannot see it. I'm going to assume that there is no chance of you redoing the Shield (making it bigger), but if you ever decided to re-release the figure down the road (either as a single carded figure on in a multipack) would you consider making it a little more translucent, with a blue tinge of course? (MD, 01/18/08)

Commander, the size was based on the need to really get the packaging down to the minimum. It takes a little work, but we have found that the droids can fit without a problem if you are patient.

Regarding the color….this was an unavoidable consequence of needing to hide the "ugly" aspect of the method that was required to join the halves - the pins and sockets. If we made the shield more translucent, the effect would have been ruined by seeing the pins. There just wasn't a good way to accomplish the translucency, so the relative opacity gave it the best overall toy-like look. At the end of the day, it was one of those things we tried, and learned a bit about in the process that can influence what we do in the future. Right now, we don't have plans to re-release the shield or make it larger, though that is always subject to change.


We know that the 7 figures from The Force Unleashed were delayed and were rescheduled to the 2008 line, but what about the coins that were planned for these figures? Was development of these coins far enough along that you could still make them? If so, are there any plans to make them available, perhaps as an exclusive or a mail-in promotion? (RS, 01/18/08)

The coins were far along and could be produced, but we don't have plans to since we "replaced" their numbers in the system with what became Wave 7.5.

Three words: More Female Figures!

Okay, more words: While we love Clones, Jedi, Droids, multiple versions of Vader/Anakin/Obi-Wan/Luke/Yoda, how about some more female figures? Not just Leia or Padmé, either! There's a lot of females in the Star Wars saga who never seem to get their day. Any chances we will see someone like Aunt Beru, Toryn Farr, or dare we say it?---Yarna? (RS, 01/18/08)

Yes! A few more females are on the way, with at least one of your list seeing shelves in 2008, and at least one more planned (but subject to change) for 2009.

Will we ever see a SA sculpt Gray Coruscant Clone Trooper? The sculpt used on the one packed in the "Clone Attack on Coruscant" battle pack isn't the best, and I really think this figure deserves to be upgraded. After all, it is actually IN the movie, whereas other clones that have gotten the SA treatment were not (442nd, 5th Fleet, etc.). (RS, 01/18/08)

The clone in the Clone Attack on Coruscant battle pack is for all intents the Clone Commander from Clone Trooper-to-Stormtrooper Evolutions set with some slight deco changes and interchangeable belts. So...we considered the figure to be SA to begin with (aside from waist articulation). You make a good point that this paint scheme can be used on our other SA clone body at some point, and this would be a very good candidate for a future Saga Legends-type figure down the road.


Any chance of bringing forward that one vehicle that hasn't been out in the new line, the Twin Pod Cloud Car? (RTM, 01/18/08)

While there is a possibility we will update it in the future, the Cloud Car is much farther down on our list than other choices. It suffers a bit being not a very aggressive looking vehicle, and not that cool among among kids. It also seems to be one of the most abundant vintage vehicle and can be had very inexpensively, so we just haven't felt compelled to devote a slot to it yet...

Any chance of seeing Droid based Star Wars Transformers, like an R2-D2 or C-3PO that convert into something? (RTM, 01/18/08)

It's a matter of size, character expression, and natural fit between the modes. First, R2-D2 and C-3PO are already robots (well, droids). Generally, Star Wars Transformers make sense in the film context with their character tying into vehicles with which they are associated and there aren't any good ties with the droids and vehicles that are compelling (other than perhaps R2-D2 and a Starfighter). In addition, while R2-D2 would be our first choice, a robot mode for him have to change his silhouette significantly and would not really deliver on R2 that we know and love. That's why the humanoid characters work the best.
Are there any figures you completely under-estimated the demand for before it was released? (RTM, 01/18/08)

Absolutely. During Episode III, we completely underestimated the sheer number of Darth Vaders we would need due to the sheer number of kids that wanted to get perhaps the most iconic movie character of all time. Of course, Episode III exceeded our wildest expectations for the number of kids who "had to have" Star Wars, so that's a great "problem" to have that has continued to this day.

In fact, little known fact, to this day Vader has been the only character we have ever "solid-packed" in basic figure master cartons to keep up demand! That's right, during 2005, there were entire cases of Vaders being put out on shelf - you may not have noticed it because they would sell down quickly. In addition, the factories were working feverishly to keep up with increased demand on R2-D2 and Obi-Wan. Kid demand for these three remain at huge levels today, which is why we always keep them in rotation. There are also some figures that have chased more reently as well. Most notable were Commander Cody and Scorch in 2006, and McQuarrie Boba Fett this last year.




In the Battlefront packs, why were stands included with the droids but not with the Clones? And while I'm on the subject, why were there only 5? You put 7 droids in the pack, yet only 5 stands. And I realize that the Destroyer Driod has no pegholes to use a stand, but you included stands with R2-D2 and R5-D4 in the SAGA Collection and they have no pegholes either. (ST, 01/18/08)

Well, you caught us doing something a "little extra" at the very last minute because, well, we could.  There were a few pennies to work with on the droid set, so the designer snuck in some extra bases, as many as he could afford.  There wan't room in the cost to include them with the Clone set, so the Droids were the lucky recipients.

Do you have any plans to upgrade the plastic used to manufacture some of the parts for the figures? A lot of weapons and droid arms and legs are made with a plastic that is so soft that it usually bends beyond repair just removing the figures from the packages. Why do you need to use so many of those clear rubber bands? (ST, 01/18/08)

To address your first question, we have been asking for more rigid weapons when possible, but there are some caveats to consider.  In the interest of conserving resources and managing costs, we allow our vendors to reuse unused or scrapped plastic components at times.  This reworked plastic, or "regrind", is often used for black parts since black will mask any previous colors thrown into the mix.  Since our accessories are black, sometimes they are shot with the reused components.  Also, with each heating/melting cycle, the plastic loses some stiffness, so that is why there is sometimes a range of stiffness on parts.  Long answer to a short question!   On your second point, we have really striven to pack out our characters in the most dynamic poses possible to showcase the characters and bring out sets to life.  The clear rubber bands have been the cost effective, and we feel most aesthetically pleasing, solution to this challenge.  Alternatives, like wire ties, are more costly and consume more resources.  At times, in order to make sure that nothing slips in transit, there may be a few more bands than seems necessary, but we really try to keep things to a minimum.

Do you think that re-issuing some of the Vintage style figures and previous excluisves via the Legends line will hurt the sale of these types of figures going forward? Vintage style go for anywhere from $10 - $13 depending on where they are purchased, and exclusives can go for more than that. Why should collectors who only want the figure - openers, who are going to remove the figures from the packages and throw the cardboard away - shell out that kind of money when there's a chance that a year or two later the figures will be re-issued on a regular cardback at stores for $7 (like the 07 Boba Fett and Biker Scout)? (ST, 01/18/08)

It will not harm out future strategy, in part because that strategy will need to change and evolve.  So before we answer specifically, we need to provide some thinking on Vintage as we have seen it to exist the last few years.  We have already been looking at all aspects and challenges of carrying vintage forward as an ongoing assortment with the "original" definition - that is, an all-new, premium OTC-dedicated format that can command a higher price several dollars above basic figure prices.  Since many of our basic figures now are at or near vintage-quality, and the stable of real strong versions of core OTC characters to anchor future vintage waves is getting thin, we just don't feel the future is there for Vintage as we have been bringing it out.  When we come out with vintage next, we'll be looking at all aspects to try and solve the needs of collectors, understanding that packaging, articulation & character selection are all important components of making a compelling line.  This is why we have done polling both at conventions and online to try and get collector input on the issue facing us, and that has been a big help.  So back to your original question, we think using our library of great figure in either Saga Legends of other venues (battle packs, comic packs, exclusives) where it makes sense to deliver our best offering and provided high-demand characters to collectors.


In 2008 will Hasbro's Star Wars toy production and distribution take a backseat to Indiana Jones, or some other film-based toys, just as it did in 2007 to Transformers and Spiderman 3? (ST/"TJ", 01/18/08)

No, nor did it in 2007.  We encourage you to another look back at what we have been able to bring to fans in terms of breadth and depth, the number of new things we have been trying and bringing out, and Star Wars performance as one of the top boys brands last year, and we think you'll agree that we are more devoted than ever to making sure that we maintain our connection to collectors and kids.

Do you have any plans to go beyond the first two waves of "The Force Unleashed" figures? Now that the case breakdowns have been released by Entertainment Earth and it looks as if there is only 1 of each figure in each case. Any chance that we can get solid TFU case packs as revisions? Or maybe have these figures slotted back in somewhere else down the line? (ST/"TJ", 01/18/08)

The waves that will go to mass retailers will have 1 each of the TFU characters due to capacity constraints.  There is a plan to get the figures that will have higher demand - such as Vader and the two troopers, possibly the Shadow Guard, into the line eventually.  There is at least one case pack ration that has been developed for Internet accounts that has the three army-builders double-packed (plus two Kashyyyk Troopers)..ask your online retailer for information on that case ratio if that suits your needs.

First, I would like to thank you for including Darth Revan and Darth Malak in the 2007 lineup. As I'm sure the whole Star Wars team at Hasbro is aware, characters from the Old Republic era are still some of the most popular EU characters today, even among fans, who like myself, have never played either of the games or read any of the comics.  So my question is, besides the Old Republic characters included in the 2008 Evolutions sets, will there be any more KOTOR figures in 2008 from either the comics or the games? (ST/"TJ", 01/18/08)

Right now, we do not have plans for more KOTOR characters in 2008, but that doesn't mean we won't go back to KOTOR (games or comics) in the future, and are looking at opportunities.


With Battle Packs such as the Bantha and Tusken Raiders out this year, is there any chance that a similar pack containing a Dewback and Sandtroopers will be released anytime soon? (SWC, 01/18/08)

There is a possibility that we would do this within the next couple of years, but at this stage nothing has been confirmed. It remains one of those strong possibilities given the right opportunity and resources.

For future Clone Troopers with removable helmets, has there been any consideration to make both the phase 1 and phase 2 helmets for the same figure as accessories? Basically, the helmets are the only thing different about them, so it sounds like a fun idea. (SWC, 01/18/08)

We don't have any plans for "generic" clones right now. Our strategy has been to make them as scene (movie, and even EU) specific as possible to tell the best story in packaging and graphics. If and when we ever do generic trooper packs, what you suggest is an interesting idea.

Are there any plans to release a Clone Swamp Speeder from "Revenge of the Sith" in the 3 3/4" scale? It seems like a nice vehicle for the $20.00 line. (SWC, 01/18/08)

This vehicle has been near the top of the list numerous times, but keeps getting bumped in favor of some other ideas. As it is a true on-screen vehicle from Episode III, there is a strong likelihood it will see glory sometime down the road. With the vehicles we have in the pipeline, though, we think you'll be plenty happy waiting in the meantime.


Most collectors have now seen the intial wave of Indiana Jones figures on What's the rationale behind not revealing the full case assortment (there are 'mystery' figures), when we all know the characters you aren't showing us because they were previewed at Comic Con last year? (TPU, 01/18/08)

Actually, we have not revealed any characters from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which are shipping in each case pack alongside the classic figures.  Details on the full lineup will be revealed at Toy Fair - stay tuned!

The new Hoth Patrol battle (cold weather scouts on speeder bikes) pack looks awesome... almost. Why do you persist in using vertical handlebars when you have a movie-accurate horizontal tooling?  You've gone to the trouble of kit-bashing an awesome new trooper for the pack, any chance we'll see the minor handlebar revision before release - thereby making it a home run? (TPU, 01/18/08)

We use tools that are available to us at the vendor we are working wiith us on this pack. We will look what is possible for this one, and whether a change at this point is possible.

Wave 8 (McQuarrie Rebel Concept, Voolif Monn etc) of the TAC line has yet to reach retailers in the UK - any idea when it'll be arriving? (TPU, 01/18/08)

We have been assured that figures are coming, and should be out around Feb/March.




I really enjoyed the Target exclusive Hoth and Endor Battle Packs that came out this winter. They were an excellent mix of retooled and repainted figures and vehicles and the excellent packaging makes for a great display piece. I'm curious why didn't the Endor set come with the Bunker from the mid-90's and will we see this format again - preferably with Jabba's Skiff hovering over a diorama of the Sarlaac pit? (YN, 01/18/08)

We felt that the Speeder Bikes added the play value we were looking for, so we decided to pass on the bunker in favor of that. We simply could not afford to put it in without sacrificing the figure quantity either. Based on the warm reception to these sets, we are optimistic that we will be able to bring more out, but as always is subject to costing, timing, and tooling availability to make it work. The one you mention would make a great display, no doubt about it, but would require a much larger tooling budget that we could probably bear.

Are there any plans in the coming months for Hasbro to release play sets? Something like the old sets, Cantina, Death Star and so forth? Also, what is the word on the new Order 66? We have seen pictures of possible clones from these new set, so can you confirm them and when can we expect them? (YN, 01/18/08)

There are no plans to release any play sets. There will indeed be a sequel to Order 66, comprised of six more sets that will be exclusive for Target. We have tried to make most of the Jedi in this series as new as possible, tooling up at least wholly new figure and parts of others. The plan is to be on shelf the beginning of April. Sets include #1: Obi-Wan Kenobi & Arc Trooper Commander (red deco); #2: Anakin Skywalker & ARC Trooper (blue deco); #3 Tsui Choi (new figure) & BARC Trooper; #4 (Emperor Palpatine & Commander Vill; #5 Luminara Unduli & AT-RT Driver; and #6 Master Sev (new head sculpt) & ARC Trooper (yellow deco).

The modern vintage line’s future uncertain mainly due to costs at retail, and the fact that regular figures have caught up to the quality of the modern vintage. Why not have a parallel line like you did with TAC and saga legends? You can have equality in figure quality, and this line can hose the vintage style cards, this can bring the entire vintage card back line to the market with parallel pricing, or maybe a simply $1 more if justified by costs. (YN, 01/18/08)

We have thought about this, but unfortunately there are several key barriers to doing this that relate to retail and our own productivity, including the figure count we would need to devote to this to keep it fresh (which would pull from the main figure assortment). Also, having vintage as a "permanent" figure stripe does not meet with out need to have a very consistent, uniform line look at retail. This strategy worked in Fall '04 when the line look was black & silver, but this year and beyond it would not fit. We love vintage and the great tie back to the roots of the line, and there are high odds of it coming back again (and again), but there are just challenges with resources and timing. We will get to it before too long, though.
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Re: The Hasbro Q & A Compendium
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Session 46 - February 1, 2008

For a long time I'd wish a Mantellian Savrip figure for the 3 3/4'' line (the one from Episode IV). That figure doesn't need to be thus large as "Wookieepedia" characterizes (just 4 meters), the size of Hermi Odle would fit. Perhaps the figure could be released in two versions, a solid one and at some time later as a transparent holo-figure. And maybe some times later it could be possible to release the other Dejarik Hologame figures as well. How do you think about that? (4".de, 02/01/08)

     Ah, yes. Dejarik figures. Something we have discussed is how, if ever, to do figures of the great holochess "characters." One thing that would make it easier is if the species actually appeared elsewhere in the Star Wars universe in "real scale" and not just as miniatures. This is the case with the Mantellian Savrip, which has appeared in comics, but still not in a significant enough role for us to commit to doing this huge fella in the near future. Time will tell whether we can get to him (or others) in 3-3/4" form, but they are a lower priority right now.

I have a question about these "yellow boots". A thing that bothers me again and again is: Why do all these Stormtroopers, Clone Troopers and Biker Scouts that get a painting-upgrade only have those ugly yellow or brown discoloration at their boots and only at their boots? It doesn't matter if they have a mission on Tatooine, Hoth, Endor or at a starship like the Tantive IV: all over there it only seems to be brown or yellow dirt. How could this be? If Hasbro do have too much color left over why don't you use another color as green or like a restrained grey or do apply some black scratches over the figure and not only at the figures boots? (4".de, 02/01/08)

     The boots are tricky. We do try for variety, and occasionally there are unintended hue results, for example sometimes we have done browns (ie Geonosis), but when lightly painted they look a little red. Other times tans (ie Tatooine) but they sometimes come off looking yellow. We have also done some green drybrushing for Kashyyyk, as well as some gray weathering. Sometimes we do specify a figure for repaint, but don’t change the deco patterns, just the coloration, and leave the boots.

By realizing some of the former Saga 2002-2004 figures Hasbro didn'd do a great job for some figure sizing, especially for Taun We and Bail Organa. Compared with Lama Su the Taun We figure is much too small and Bail Organa (AOTC) is alike too small compared with its counterpart figure from ROTS. Does Hasbro see a chance to revise these figures one given time? After all the Episodes I and II are quite under-represented over the last few years. It would be time for a few more figures from these Episodes, don't you think so? (4".de, 02/01/08)

     You will see more of a focus for Episode I & II, starting with the early waves of the 2009 basic figure lineup. It is unlikely, though, that we would go back and update some of the more obscure characters when we have upgrades planned for major characters or turn our attention to as-yet-unproduced figures. Given the great years ahead of us on Star Wars, though, anything is possible.

When do the Sandtroopers get some other type of weapons, that are seen in the film? There are in fact quite a lot more weapons that could accompany further Sandtrooper Versions, Repaints or Repacks not only the big thick blaster rifle or the E-11 BlasTech imperial standard weapon. Equipped with some shoulder pauldron variants, belts or backpacks one could recreate some more nice variants of that cool trooper (i.e. like the "new head" Imperial Officer figures). (4".de, 02/01/08)

     We have found the differences on these weapons to be pretty small ourselves, but will look again to see what variety exists. If the opportunity is there to offer something different, we'll look at it next time we do something Sandtroopers.

Although Hasbro has stated that plants aren't high on the potential accessory list, Hasbro's also shown interest in completing the cantina scene. With that in mind and the increased focus on producing figures of concept art, has there been any consideration of doing a figure of the plantlike Revwien alien developed for the cantina scene, maybe as an accessory or pack-in figure due to its unique design? Would he/she/it be given a proper name? (AF, 02/01/08)

     That's an interesting suggestion, and we'll take a look when the time is right. Since it is based on a cut scene, and pretty funky/obscure one, we wouldn't offer too much hope on this one though.

Since Hasbro has just stated that it is unlikely that RA-7, Oola, BoShek and Takeel will ever be updated, is it likely that they will be re-released in the forseeable future with new/better paint jobs? And how about doing an Original trilogy version of Sy Snootles with the puppet's smaller eyes, perhaps even with the tusks and the feather hat and microphone - how likely is that? (AF, 02/01/08)

     It is certainly possible that they could be re-released at some point. We have looked at Oola a number of times, for instance, but just couldn't fit her into the lineup. We'll consider it when the opportunity presents itself.

The idea of having 2 Battle Droids on a single basic card is a good one, as it lets fans build up armies quickly and cheaply. However, the Saga Legends Battle Droid 2packs feature very distinct-looking droids - the first set has a Commander, and the others all have battle damage - resulting in droids not suited for army-building due to identical markings. Will future versions of this 2pack be released in "clean" versions for more army-building potential? In the same vein, will this set ever be retooled to allow the droids to hold the blaster with both hands as the movies consistently showed them, and a few previous figures emulated? (AF, 02/01/08)

We are essentially done with the Battle Droid 2-packs in the Saga Legends assortment, so no further deco changes or retooling will be done. It is unlikely that any "new" Battle Droids will continue to be offered in 2-packs, though. We will if we can afford them, but that may not always be possible. However, your comment on "clean" deco is a very good one and we will look at that next time we release.


Is the LucasArts delay in releasing The Force Unleashed going to effect your plans to release figures/toys based on the game?  (Mainly Release Timeline...) (BB, 02/01/08)

     With one exception (a figure that we have not announced yet) everything tied to The Force Unleashed will be going out as scheduled

I've heard rumors about more vehicles for the Galactic Heroes line this year.   Any comments? (BB, 02/01/08)

     That is certainly an interesting rumor, and not unexpected given our assertions at Comic Con that vehicles will play a bigger role in Galactic Heroes, starting with last Fall's exclusive releases.  Look for some "new" news at Toy Fair this year on what the future holds for Galactic Heroes rides.

Overall, you guys do a great job with the sculpts on the figures. But occasionally, Luke doesn't look like Luke, or Leia like Leia.   Who is the hardest of the characters to get the sculpt correct on? (BB, 02/01/08)

     Any human with distinctive characteristics is difficult to replicate exactly right in 3-3/4" and variation is expected from the sculpts that we do send, related to the nuances of casting, tooling, and even factors like the size of the neck post, etc.  The more figures we do of a particular character, the more difficult it is to stay true to a "standard" because of these factors.  So based on the number of Luke's we've done, he is probably the answer to your question.


We had the rather unexpected Father's Day figure set last year, so are there any holiday-themed figures in the pipeline for 2008? (GH, 02/01/08)

     We are looking at a little something something, but it will not be 3¾" focused.  Stay tuned!

Now that has really gained its footing, is there any chance we'll see the e-tailer tear a page from other licensees to solicit and create limited-run, made-to-order, collector-oriented pieces? (GH, 02/01/08)

     Yes, and the recent Cloverfield announcement goes right to heart of your question.  Although "made to order" is not in the cards, things like the FX Saber business and Cloverfield are the types of more premium expressions that we could be doing with HasbroToyShop.

Jar Jar Binks: Wesa wunderin if any Gungans (especialitly Jar Jar Binks) issa gettin' out on da shelf for da Clone Wars? Wesa figure dissa de only chance wesa be seein' Gungans in 2008. What say yousa? (GH, 02/01/08)

     Time will tell what, if any, role Gungans will be playing in Clone Wars. If they (or other alien species) play a prominent role in the animation, we will be looking to capture the excitement of this fascinating species in the lineup.


Imperial Shipyards (not participating this session)


OK, we've seen the new pics of the "shadow" EU coins coming with a few of the Legends figures in 2008. What we haven't seen yet is a picture of a figure with a silver EU Coin. Previously you had mentioned plans for one. Will there still be a silver EU coin or were those plans changed in favor of the shadow coin idea? (JD, 02/01/08)

     Neither, actually. We decided to pursue "shadow" coins for the two Shadow troopers (Storm and Clone), but due to the tight timing, the factory ran the Dark trooper coin (which is gold) to pack in with the Covert Ops Trooper. So right now, there will be no silver EU coin - only gold and black.

Let's pretend that you were planning to re-issue the B-Wing Starfighter as say, oh I don't know, a TRU exclusive this year. Would you include a new human pilot figure with the hypothetical ship or would you just re-pack the Sullustan B-Wing Pilot from the previous releases? (JD, 02/01/08)

     Hypothetically, there would be specific reasons why we would *not* want to do a Sullustan and do something else instead.

And our monthly Indy question - Toht. We've seen the new figures for Indy, Sallah, Belloq, Marion, and the rest of the Raiders gang, but no sign of Toht yet. Can we expect to see the creepy man in black in 2008? (JD, 02/01/08)

     Not in 2008; we just couldn't fit him in. Hold tight for news on him, and some others, further down the road.


We got a glimpse of the new Clone Wars AT-TE toy on a CNN news video clip highlighting products coming from Hasbro in 2008 the other day. Are there any details about this toy you can tell us now, like what kind of features will it have, will it come with any figures, what is the price point for it, and when is it scheduled to be released? (JI, 02/01/08)

     We can tell you it is real, and it is spectacular, set to debut when the Clone Wars line debuts. The rest of the details are strictly embargoed until *Toy Fair, though.

I am a rogue squadron fan, I have bought the Rogue comic two pack with Hobbie and Baron Fel, I have Wedge Antilles, and I bought the Tycho Celchu figure, there is only one rogue from the movies still missing and that is Wes Janson....he is definitely a fan favorite...any chances? (JI, 02/01/08)

     You are definitely in luck. There is a Wedge slated for the next wave of Evolutions packs, right now timed for Fall. Look for more details on Wedge and his pilot cohorts at Toy Fair. (Note: We believe there is a typo in this answer and that they ment to say Wes, not Wedge. By the time we read through this, everyone at Hasbro had gone home for the day and we were unable to get clarification. We will update this one next week once we do get their clarification.)

We know there are toys coming that are based on the new Animated Clone Wars series, but can you tell us if anything is planned for the live-action television series that takes place between "Revenge of the Sith" and "A New Hope" that is also in the works? (JI, 02/01/08)

     We have no updates on the live action series. You can be sure that we will be looking at it for possibilities when we know more.


The Ultimate Battle Packs seem to have proved a big success in the US and from the pictures we've seen they look amazing and such good value too.  The discussion in the last couple of Q&A's has suggested we 'might' get to see some additional Ultimate Battle Packs this autumn.  We asked a while back if we in the UK could get these and you told us that we'd have to see how they sold in the US.  Based on their success and possible new sets coming can we ask that these first two sets be re-issued here in the UK along with any new sets too? (, 02/01/08)

     We are currently working on getting them into retail for this year, although this has not been confirmed as of yet.  In any case, we are working toward making sure that all of our exclusives are available, or at least offered, to retailers in Europe as well.  Even if they are offered, it does not mean that they will be accepted by buyers due to cost, timing, and specific audience, and some items still may not have a home. We are working hard to follow through on the promise of enhanced distribution throughout Europe though.

The Shadow Troopers two pack (in Order 66 packaging which looks awesome) has been announced as being available at JediCon in March. It doesn't mention anywhere though that this is an exclusive to that event only.  Is that a mistake or will this be available in any others places and if so where\when? (, 02/01/08)

    The 2-pack will debut exclusively at the Jedi Con. Whether or not it is available at another venue has not been determined yet.

Can we ask about the availability in the UK of the Galactic Heroes Cinema Scenes, Cantina (2 sets) and Jabba's Throne Room, that were discussed at Celebration Europe?  Also, will the Galactic Hero's poster being offered at be available here at some point? (, 02/01/08)

     The Cantina cinema scenes will be available soon at Toys 'R Us, if they are not already on shelf.  The Jabba set, unfortunately, did not make it into the lineup for this year, but it will likely return to the lineup in the future…if not this year, then perhaps the next.


In the answers to the 12/21 Q&A, the question was asked about ANH Obi-Wan Kenobi with the Death Star tractor beam control station accessory in the basic line, to which you replied "There is no chance that that would happen in a basic figure line because of the sheer size of the piece." However, you already have the makings of a great ultimate battle pack if you put 2 of the 25th anniversary bridge extensions (that had Luke & Leia in the chasm swing), create the complete tractor beam console, and then add the best Luke w/stormtrooper belt, Leia, Obi-Wan, and a few stormtroopers. Coupled with a good background photo of the chasm walls, it could look awesome in the package. If you could complete the doorways that would fit over the bridge extension, that would be even more amazing.  Would something like this be a possiblity for the Ultimate Battle Pack or some other assortment type package and would it be something Hasbro would be interested in creating? (JTA, 02/01/08)

     What you have outlined is something we could do, but it would still cost a considerable amount and tooling and we would have to be convinced that it is something that kids would want as well, and that has been the sticking point with playsets - kids don't want them like they used to, and the costs for development/materials/labor is very high.

2005's Red Royal Guard was a major step forward from previous offerings in sculpt, articulation and softgoods.  But it seemed pre-posed in order to hold the rifle accessory.  Fast forward to now, and the upcoming Emporer's Shadow Guard looks impressive as well.  Has that figure been modded at all to better enable it to hold the lightsaber-lance accessory?  And if so, could we see a similar modification made in order to offer up a force pike wielding Emporer's Royal Guard? (JTA, 02/01/08)

     The Shadow Guard uses the existing Royal Guard, with a new pike.  There has been no change to the articulation or grip.

Historically Target has been one of the top sources of Basic Figures for a good number of collectors.  However we have seen numerous reports in collector forums as well as personal sightings of Target stores that are very short on 30AC Basic Figures, but are almost too well stocked with Saga Legends.  And by way of contrast, WalMart and Toys R Us stores seems to have managed their 30AC Basic Figure inventory more efficiently with waves coming out with a greater degree of regularity.  Can you comment on what might be at work here, and is Hasbro working with the retailers to get the Basic Figure line shipments back on track? (JTA, 02/01/08)

     In theory, all waves ship to all retailers at the same (or about the same) time, with the same proportionate share.  What actually happens at retail is out of our control and is affected by seasonal traffic patterns, difference in the demographic composition of the shopping audience, what actually gets shipped from the retail DCs (distribution centers) to individual stores, promotions, and the speed with which retail teams can get the new figures to shelf.  If you surmise that collectors have been a heavier influence at your local Targets, then that could explain the relative paucity of the 30th basic figures right now versus Saga Legends. Also, while Saga Legends has a mix of kid and collector-targeted figures, it may be that in your area collectors are filling up on their troops' needs so what you are seeing is a relative abundance of Legends.


It has been stated a number of times that various Cantina/Jabba's Palace aliens from the POTF2 area will not be considered for resculpts in the immediate future, as many of them are still quite good aesthetically (such as the Rebo figures). However, the figure of Ponda Baba (Walrus Man) is still a POTF2-era figure, and is not among the best sculpts of that range.
As this toothy fellow is a featured participant of the Cantina sequence, (moreso than Hammerhead, for example, though near-equal to Greedo) is there a likelihood of him getting an update in the near future? (MD, 02/01/08)

     Yes (to a Resculpt of  Ponda Baba), and we did not mention him specifically because there's a strong possibility that we'll take another look at him someday.

In regards to vehicles for 2008/09; Do you have any plans to re-release the Naboo Starfighter? Would you ever consider developing a 100% new version with the ability to allow us to insert our own Astro Droid instead of the "fixed" Astro Droid in the current one as it is a bit small and lacks detail? and secondly, Which Grevious figure fits best into the upcoming General Grevious' Starfighter?
Do you have any plans to release a Grevious with a soft goods cape anytime soon (perhaps as part of the Clone Wars line)? (MD, 02/01/08)

     We do not have plans to take another run at the Naboo Starfighter, at least for the next couple of years. There will probably come a time when we will want to look at it.
We actually designed the Grevious Starfighter to fit pretty much every figure we have done (sans cape). One cool feature that helps this is a removable dashboard. We are looking at any future ones we may do with this in mind so there is "forward compatibility."
As for a Grevious with a cape, it won't be this year, but we think you'll be very pleased with one we have on the drawing boards. Stay tuned!

In 1996 you released a series of electronic ships - Collector Fleet, which included the Rebel Blockade Runner, Imperial Star Destroyer and the very scarce SUPER STAR DESTROYER (which goes for a king's ransom on eBay if you can find it) Would it be possible to re-release this item as well as the MON CALAMARI STARSHIP (that never saw release) at some stage in the future? (MD, 02/01/08)

     Right now, we do not have a strategy or plan for getting these Star Wars vehicles back out into the market. Some day they *could* come back out, of course, and if we do turn our attention to these we will be sure to take these comments into account in looking at the line.


I'm a big fan of the Titanium Series line and I'm wondering if a couple of major gaps will be filled anytime soon - the Rebel Transport, Rebel Medical Frigate, Cloud Car, Home One, and Death Star II are all prominentley featured but have yet to be done. What are the chances of seeing some of these this year? How about EU vehicles like the TIE-Defender, V-19 Torrent Starfighter, E-wing, Sith Starfighter? (RS, 02/01/08)

     Thanks for being such a big fan of the die-cast world that is Titanium. We love bringing them to you. These are some great suggestions, and you are in luck. Some of the ships on your list will be out this year (look for the Cloud Car, V-19 Torrent, TIE Defender and the Rebel Transport this Fall). Two on your list will also be rolled into the line in 2009. Stay tuned and keep an eye open.

I'm looking forward to buying the Hoth Speeder Bike Patrol battle pack, but as usual, it's the Imperials that are getting all the love. When are you guys gonna deliver on something cool for our under-appreciated Hoth Rebels? I mean A) we need some super-articulated goodness B) head and color variants and C) something like the speeder bike pack. Maybe a slightly bigger verision of the Kenner mini-rig Hoth Tank with a commander and two rebels with different accesories? (RS, 02/01/08)

     The Rebels won't be left out, and there is some tasty figure goodness coming their way late in the year. While they may not get a battle pack like the speeder set yet, we really think you'll like what we have planned.

Several years ago, Steve Sansweet published an immensely popular book (The Action Figure Archive) collecting all of the Vintage Kenner figures along with all of the modern-era Star Wars figures released by Kenner/Hasbro to date. That book was never followed up on and it leaves many, many recent years worth of Hasbro figures uncovered.

Dan's Note: Star Wars Insider did run three issues with updates that finished off the POTF2 line and was just beginning to cover the Episode I line before the magazine changed publishers, and the column was cancelled. (Just for the record.... :))

Have you ever considered releasing a similar journal to chronical the figures released since Sansweet's book was published? I'm envisioning a one or two book collection that fills in the gaps where the original book left off. That, or smaller annuals that chronical the releases in the line for each particular year. These could follow a format similar to Sansweet's popular book, detailing each figure, when and in which wave it was released, what scene the figure was modeled after and any additional background in the planning phases or execution of the figure. You might even include some of the figure conceptual drawings like you shared years ago to outline how a particular figure was put together. These would be great for collectors and could serve as checklists for each year's worth of product. Win-win? (RS, 02/01/08)

     That would be a very cool, but immensely time intensive project. It is more than our team could handle right now, given our focus on the figures themselves, and that's why sites like Rebelscum are so valuable as a central destination for keeping collectors informed on the past (and current) lines.


Are we going to see DROIDS (yes the 80's cartoon) versions of R2 and C-3P0? (RTM, 02/01/08)

     That is a cool thought, but right now we don't have any plans to do anything specifically around Droids in the near future. It doesn't mean we couldn't at some point, if Lucasfilm agreed, but right now our priorities are elsewhere including the new Clone Wars animation.

Any chance of releasing Jaxxon, the big green bunny? (RTM, 02/01/08)

     We have to admit that Jaxxon is very, very far down our list of priorities. While a large number of comic fans remember the big green bunny, his role in the Marvel storytelling was very minor and he did not appear in many issues, and at a fairly low point in the Star Wars comic storytelling at that. We think there are much better characters to look to from that series and look forward to getting to some exciting ones over the next couple of years.

Any possibility of a new Jabba the Hutt playset (complete with throne)? (RTM, 02/01/08)

     Someday we hope to get to either a new Jabba or a new set with Jabba and throne, but just don't have any news to announce.


We understand the need for exclusives, but isn't it too much when 1 store has multiple exclusives all at once? Target having the 2 Ultra Battle Packs, 2 vehicles (TIE Bomber and ARC-170), a regular Battle Pack, the AT-RT 2-pack, and 2 Galactic Heroes battle packs all coming out in roughly a 30 day period - and that's just 1 of the 3 major retailers with exclusives! What happened here? Plus, with all these exclusives coming out at once on top of regular new product, it makes getting them even more difficult, is there any chance we'll be seeing production continue on the harder-to-come-by stuff such as the Target- and TRU-exclusive Galactic Heroes battle packs? Could next time, you get them to space out their exclusives' releases a little better please? (SSG, 02/01/08)

     We make recommendations regarding when to stage exclusives, but it is up to our retail partners to decide on when they want to get them on shelves and how to promote them. We will certainly take your feedback into account when we meet with our retail partners. Regarding those two battle packs specifically, their run at Target is over and no more will be flowing onto shelves there. However, if you are patient, we are looking for a way to get these back into the market later this Fall at a different retailer.

Is Hasbro considering continuing the Galactic Heroes line with more figures from Jabba's Palace (like Tessek, J'quille, Oola, the band etc.) and the Mos Eisley Cantina (like Elis Helrot, Kitik Keed'kak, Muftak etc.)? Also, bounty hunters Aurra Sing and Zam Wesell would be round out the bounty hunter set nicely. (SSG, 02/01/08)

     Those are all fun suggestions for additional "background" characters that could be brought into the GH world. We are not going that far into the secondary characters just yet, as there are still some major ones to be focused on, but it's a possibility that given the success of these little guys, someday we could see your choices immortalized in a squishy, fun form. Thanks again for the suggestions.

The Snowspeeder has only been an exclusive item in the past two releases for it where prior releases were regular mass-retail. Why the exclusivity and accompanying higher pricepoint on this vehicle? If it's due to its somewhat large size compared to other vehicles, could it be scaled down to accurate proportions (since it is actually a little over scale as-is) and released in the $20 line? (SSG, 02/01/08)

     Because of the size and greater cost, it has not been possible to get the existing Snowspeeder into the $20 vehicle pricepoint. You and your readers have been instrumental in the past in championing for a "true to scale" version and for this reason we have held off at using it in more exclusives. We have heard you....and are looking at ways to bring a new one to market within the next couple of years. Stay tuned!


It sounds like a lot of fans have never seen certain 'waves' of figures at retail. We constantly see people in our forums saying "Did wave 6 ever hit in New Jersey?" or "Has anybody seen wave 8 in Ohio?" and comments to that liking. Can you tell us if there was some kind of mix up with distribution during the TAC line in 2007, and if those fans who haven't seen some of the later waves with the coins will still have a chance to get them? Or should they be scrambling to ebay to pay $10+ per figure for everything that they've missed? (ST, 02/01/08)

     In theory, all waves ship to all retailers at the same (or about the same) time, with the same proportionate share.  What actually happens at retail is affected by what actually gets shipped from the retail DCs (distribution centers) to individual stores. We know that at this level, individual wave information cannot be tracked and it's more of a "first in first out" approach.  We checked what is still shipping, and learned that while '08 Wave 1 has been going out, we will be shipping additional resupplies of Wave 6, 7.5, and 8 as well.

While there are collectors still clamoring for R2-D2 to be released using the R4-G9 mold, I'm wondering if Hasbro will continue to simply reuse the existing R4-G9 and VotC R2-D2 molds for the next few years. Are you planning any innovations with a new R2 mold in the near future? And will Hasbro continue to alternate between the VotC reflective dome and the brushed metal dome or focus only one one style?  I'm a huge fan of the V otC dome (for the nostalgia) but I've noticed that there is also an equally large camp who like the more canonical brushed metal look. (ST, 02/01/08)

     Will think fans will be pleased with what we have coming up.  For the most part we plan to use the same bodies we have been using, with one exception: there will be one upcoming R2-D2, debuting late this year featuring an R4-G9 body.  It won't be a single-carded figure but part of another set.

I've been a big fan of the RotS Obi-Wan Pilot figure - it has great sculpting and all the articulation any fan could want but I was a bit disappointed to learn that the retooled Obi-Wan for 2008 didn't fix one glaring flaw: the figure has pencil-thin legs! Surely with all his running and jumping around, Obi put on a bit more muscle than that. Is there any chance Hasbro could redo the legs and also perhaps not spread out the legs as much? You'd then have an excellent generic Jedi body to kitbash other Jedi figures from. (ST, 02/01/08)

     We have good news for you. The Obi-Wan figure in our current Wave 1 uses the original Pilot body, but adds significant new articulation (ball and socket waist) for more poseability (previously, we had announced there would be soft goods changes, but no tooling, so this is a reversal of that previous statement).  So the lower torso is all new and improved.  As to whether Obi-Wan's legs are beefier, we'll leave that open for you to make comparisons.


Recently when pictures of the Incinerator Stormtrooper and Felucia Stormtrooper were leaked to the net, the reaction on the forums seemed to be very negative. Repainting clones is fine and appropriate, but repainting the classic Stormtrooper armor feels more like a cash grab by Hasbro (or Lucasfilm) and I'm sure many fans would not like these new types of rainbow-colored Stormtroopers to become a part of the canon, even the EU canon. Rather than pursue this direction, which risks further alienation of fans/customers, but recognizing that Hasbro wants to maximize its existing tooling as much as possible, why doesn't the company focus on reusing the mold for say,
a Blackhole Stormtrooper or a new Shadow Stormtrooper with removable helmet, or the red Magma trooper?  These would probably be far more desired by fans.  You can even re-release the white Stormtrooper again but with different accessories like an updated mouse droid or Death Star detention block computer station or Tantive IV wall piece (that would connect together to form the entire hallway, encouraging customers to army build it for the trooper and to build the entire hall).  Hasbro could also appease fans by just releasing the TAC Stormtrooper but rather than the Jango head, offer a generic conscripted human head underneath.

Even fixing some of the issues with the existing molds (e.g. the very loose torso on the TSC Sandtrooper, or using a better helmet sculpt for the TAC Stormtrooper, the drugged-out upward stare of the TAC Stormtrooper's Jango face) are things that a lot of fans would like to see addressed before the tooling is reused any further. (ST/"TJ", 02/01/08)

     The extensions you offer for Stormtroopers are all good ideas, and we plan to keep classic Stormies in the lineup, in one form or another, for a long time. So don't worry there.  As we have stated previously, the "film canon" is a very important focus of ours and we will continue to explore unproduced avenues and bring excitement to the lineup for years and years to come. There are a lot of other exciting things in store for the Star Wars universe as well, and we think that all fans, film, new animation, video game, and publishing (comics, novels) can share in the excitement of this energy together.  For The Force Unleashed, we are following the LucasArts lead. We can't wait to get the game, and we think that the new storyline is an important addition to the Expanded Universe. We hope that fans will greet this story, and our tribute to the game, with the same excitement and enthusiasm we have had in creating it.

Any chance of releasing any more of the OTC/ROTS "environment" style display stands? I personally prefer those Dagobah, Kashyyyk and Mustafar terrain stands over the ones released in the Saga Collection.  If you do ever re-release some of these with figures or in exclusive display stand packs, is there any chance some new ones could be added? It would be nice to have stands resembling the scenery of places like Tatooine, the Cantina, Hoth Echo Base, Endor, the Naboo palace, plus a few EU worlds like Korriban. (ST/"TJ", 02/01/08)

     Interesting question, guys….and one that definitely has merit in looking at.  In our research, we have found that most collectors prefer the "generic" stands to the dedicated ones, since they are so scene-specific and most collectors do not build diroamas but arrange their figures on shelf.  But that does not mean that there isn't an opportunity to spice things up with some specific, almost diorama-like, displays down the road. We will keep it in mind as we look toward future opportunities.

Will the convention exclusive Shadow Troopers 2-pack be made available at HTS or (ST/"TJ", 02/01/08)

     The 2-pack will debut exclusively at the Jedi Con. Whether or not it is available at another venue has not been determined yet.


With the delay of the release of THE FORCE UNLEASHED video game from Spring to Summer 2008, will this mean the basic figures will be delayed again, even though several FORCE UNLEASHED-related toys (electronic lightsaber, Unleashed Battle Packs) are already in stores? (SWC, 02/01/08)

     The basic figures are going to ship right on time, projected on shelf about 3/1. Everything else tied to The Force Unleashed, with one not yet-announced exception, will be going out as scheduled.

The large-scale Spider-Man 3 and Marvel Legends Unleashed 360 action figures are great concepts! Any chance of seeing this applied to STAR WARS or INDIANA JONES? (SWC, 02/01/08)

     There are no plans for more large-scale Unleashed figures in the Star Wars or Indiana Jones lines.

The only 3 3/4" movie-accurate version of Darth Vader's shoulder armor from REVENGE OF THE SITH ended up on the Deluxe "Rebuild Darth Vader!" figure. Now that we've seen greatly improved versions of Vader from A NEW HOPE and RETURN OF THE JEDI, can we expect to see the ROTS version revisited any time soon? (SWC, 02/01/08)

     Sometime down the road it is a certainty we will be revisiting this Vader for basic figure treatment. The challenge we see with this version right now is the somewhat restrictive armor on the shoulders. To do it right, it will probably restrict movement some at the shoulders, but is an acceptible tradeoff for the aesthetic. No timetable on when we'll get to this one.


The Evolutions sub-line has a strong resurgence in 2008. Have you ever considered a release that showed the progression in Hasbro's sculpting talents? By this I mean (for example) a 3 figure set including a Kenner Luke from the 70s, a 'bulky' Luke from the re-launch of the line in the 90s, and an all new super-articulated Luke showcasing your current skills ? (TPU, 02/01/08)

     We don't feel that that story would be interesting to most collectors. We have deliberately chosen not to "go back", so to speak, to vintage articulation (or even late '90s resurgence period) and instead will concentrate our offerings around modern articulation and aesthetics.

With both GI Joe and Star Wars, Hasbro has proved that the comic 2-pack format is incredibly popular with fans. When the new Indiana Jones line hits, can we expect it to utilise this format for Marvel / Dark Horse Indy comics? It'd be a great way of introducing otherwise obscure characters into the mix (remember, Brody and Katanga featured in the comics as well as the movies). (TPU, 02/01/08)

     Thanks for the kudos on the comic packs. Given our strong ties to Dark Horse, it is something we are looking at but do not have a confirmed date on if/when we will be doing them. Stay tuned.

There have been rumours circulating of a playset in the forthcoming Indy line. While we appreciate that it's difficult for you to comment this close to Toy Fair, can you confirm or deny the rumour - and give us an idea of what to expect (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull temple, Raiders temple / Well of the Souls etc)? Also, does this set a precedent for the future inclusion of playsets in the Star Wars line - something that’s been often discounted? (TPU, 02/01/08)

     You'll have to stay tuned for Toy Fair to see if there is any news on the playset front for IJ. Regardless of whether we do one for IJ or not, our stance on Star Wars playsets has not changed.


Hasbro-Your new Mighty Muggs line looks great, and I am already hooked! I noticed however that you are utilizing the same sculpt for every figure, which makes sense and has worked so far. But does this mean we will never see characters like R2-D2 that have huge differences in their size and shape? (YF, 02/01/08)

     We are glad you like the Muggs! We will be looking at different sizing of the Muggs so we can do characters like Yoda, but the shape and proportions of the Mugg torso won't change. Therefore, characters like R2-D2 right now don't fit the Mugg profile. It doesn't mean that we won't do him sometime when we figure out how to "Mugg" him, but not in the near future.

Is there any rhyme or reason to which Galactic Heroes get peg holes? I got really bored the other day and went through my son's whole collection and was surprised at what I found. Some (exp. 3 leg R2, Jawa, Ben Spirit) which have no problems standing have holes. Some have one hole, most have two holes, while others... have none.

By the way... what are those "peg holes" for? Maybe, perhaps, possibly the future could hold playsets? Could there be a chance of display stand sets for the Galactic Heroes similar to the 3.75 and Mpire lines? (YF, 02/01/08)

     Excellent question. Generally, we include pegholes on all of our figures whether or not we have intentions to make playsets or other things with which they would interact. This way, if we ever do bring out something, there can be forward compatibility. In the case where some figures do not have the holes, it is most likely oversight or because the copyright info precluded it.

It seems that aside from the Sith Infiltrator vehicle in the 2007 TAC line, there has not been a single new sculpt for anything from episode I. We have had a handful of repaints and repacks, but no new figures. So, my question is: are you deliberately neglecting The Phantom Menace because it is the least popular episode in the saga? I for one feel that it is high time for a new Sebulba, Sebulba's blue wenches, more pod racers, some Gungans, and heck -- even Jar Jar. (YF, 02/01/08)

     Great question. We admit that over the last couple of years we have focused more on the other five films, with the view that our coverage of Episode I was pretty thorough and that collectors are looking for us to make updates elsewhere right now. We *did* have an EpI basic figure wave lined up for 2008, but it has been pushed out to early 2009 (it will, however, be well worth the wait). Of course there is the great upcoming Evolutions Qui-Gonn and a few other things to look forward to. Going forward, we are treating Ep.I like the other films, so we expect that fans will be happy for years to come.


As you also seem willing to answer questions about your Indiana Jones line, I have a question pertaining to the Indy figures. As there aren't as many characters (as compared to Star Wars) from the films to make in action figure form is there any chance that the "Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" would be fodder for figures? I don't see many figures from the series being made myself but a few suggestions would be: 8 year old Indy in knickers, young Henry Sr., Anna Jones, Helen Seymour, 18 year old Indy in "Mexico adventure" clothing, 18 year old Indy in Belgian army uniform, and his friend Remy. Just curious if we are likely to see such figures. (YN, 02/01/08)

     We are indeed looking at Young Indy, and we do like some of the concepts there. We think, though, that there is a lot of iconic film reference to go before we probably look to it. We are planning IJ for a nice long run, so we are optimistic that someday we will see something related to Young Indy.

What do you think about making a tribute/maybe exclusive figure to Obi Wan Kenobi in his last stance against Vader? It can be made the same way the 2002 Toy Fare Vader was made with Obi Wan’s saber sticking out of the plastic or something close to. Make the figure with his eyes closed.. Cloaked etc.? (YN, 02/01/08)

     But we did just that with #16 Vader in the TAC line this year! Or did you lose the Obi-Wan figure that came in the pack? Not the flattened cloak, but the full-size spirit figure that was invisible *and* immaterial. OK, we kid….but that's an interesting suggestion for a future tribute. Thanks for the suggestion.

Any chance we get a two pack of the aliens that fueled Obi wan’s fighter at the end of Episode 3? (YN, 02/01/08)

     There is a chance that they will come out within the next couple of years, but will most likely not be a 1-pack due to costing. Stay tuned!
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Re: The Hasbro Q & A Compendium
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Session 47 - February 27, 2008

As we know Hasbro had planned to release a Stass Allie figure within the first 2008 basic figure wave. It seems that this figure has been withdrawn at short time. What can you tell us about that figure? Is it a new sculpt figure? When will she be released, if ever? As a figure mold should already exist is it possible to get a picture of it? (4-".de, 02/27/08)

     The idea was to update Stass Allie with a nice quality articulation model and a great sculpt. However, the sculpt didn't turn out as we expected so we went back to the drawing board and pulled the figure until we could get her in again. We will be getting a new Stass (who looks great!) into the line-up in the EpIII-themed wave of the Legacy Collection this Fall.

There are several existing color variations for the Battle Droid yet. Why then is it so difficult for Hasbro to release a Pilot Battle Droid figure? There couldn't be a missing slot for releasing such a figure when there are several Battle Droid figures on the short run. Wouldn't it make sense to release at last a Pilot Battle Droid figure preferably on a basic card? What is the actual state of the Stap Attack Battle Pack that Hasbro has promoted during recent conventions? Will it come out later on or has it been definitely cancelled? (4-".de, 02/27/08)

     The STAP battle pack, which has the long-planned debut of the blue-deco'd pilot figure, will finally be out this Spring as a Toys 'R Us exclusive. It was originally to be an item in the mainline Battle Pack assortment, but due to the increased package depth could not be fit into the assortment. Because of this release, the pilot was never planned for a basic figure card.

During the POTF2-era Hasbro released several creature with figure sets. Later on creature sets became rare although especially with the New Trilogy there are even more creatures that could be released (e.g. Orray w/ Geonosian Warrior, Aiwha w/ Kaminoan Rider, Shaak w/ Anakin & Padmé, Felucia Gelagrub Beetle w/ Clone Troopers, Naboo Gualaar w/ Funeral Padmé, Utapau Nos Monster), and most creatures that has been released from the Classic Trilogy would profit from an update (e.g. Jabba the Hutt or Dewback). And some creatures could be released in a different way again (e.g. Falumpaset w/ Boss Nass, Eopie w/ Obi-Wan). We know that Hasbro don't want to release other assortments as the existing ones but as the speederbikes has come with the latest battle pack assortment: Could Hasbro imagine to release more creatures within the battle pack assortment and how are the odds for those creatures, mentioned above? (4-".de, 02/27/08)

     Historically, creatures have done OK but not sold as well as vehicles, which is why we have been putting our emphasis on enhacing our vehicle library in recent years as opposed to initiating new creatures (kybuck excepted). There is a chance that we could get to some more creatures, but some of the ones you mention, like the Aiwha, are positively huge and will probably never be produced. Other creatures, like the Shaak, just because of its nature, will probably never be something that we would focus on when there are many more worthy candidates ahead of it. Smaller creatures could be possible down the road, and an update of Jabba is very likely at some point.

With photos confirming Tsui Choi from the Order 66 2packs now out there, are we likely to see Ratts Tyrell - another member of the same species - in 2008? Could we see 1-2 Podracer figures per year the way we're now seeing Ewoks? (AF, 02/27/08)

     You will not see Ratts Tyrell in 2008, as we do not have an Ep I-themed wave in the basic figure line. We do have one [Ep I wave] planned for 2009, and we will be targeting a Pod Racer or two, but no word on which ones those will be yet. We'd like to think that, like Ewoks, we could systematically get to the racers a couple at a time and eventually produce them all.

Do you have any plans to release the V-Wing Fighter in Imperial colors as seen at the end of ROTS? (AF, 02/27/08)

     Actually, we only had one set of reference material for the V-Wing, which we were sure was the end of the film. We will go back and check with Lucasfilm. If it turns out there is another deco version, this would be a great one to release sometime down the road. Thanks for bringing that to our attention.

Now that we're getting an ROTS-specific 2-1B droid, is there any chance we'll be seeing an updated ESB-specific version in the near future? There are many differences between the two designs, both large and small, including head, torso, arms and legs - which is pretty much everything - so the ROTS one wouldn't really fit in an ESB scene. 2-1B is one of the rare OT non-hero droids to actually have lines, and is quite memorable, so an update would be much appreciated. (AF, 02/27/08)

     Thanks for the support for 2-1B. We've got him in the "parking lot" fur future consideration, but there's no telling when we'll slot him in.




Among the Hasbro Star Wars team is there anyone who sort of speaks for or represents the fanboy/fangrrl collectors when ideas are being pitched? We know our input is considered, and we appreciate it. (GH, 02/27/08)

     The simple answer is that members of the teams do read the boards and are able to bring outside perspective to the table when we are faced with some choices. The much deeper answer is that enthusiasm for all things Star Wars oozes out of every pore around here, but not always for the same thing (which is great, variety after all is what the Star Wars universe is about!). Most everyone on the team is a passionate fan of one area or another, whether it be source (films, which is everyone, Marvel or Dark Horse comics, video games, novels, Clone Wars) or specific subline (3-3/4", Titanium, Galactic Heroes, Mighty Muggs/vinyl, Transformers, etc).  So often the "fan voice" is right here on the team as well!

We know that figures are decided on through some weird economic values. How does costing break down? Are the main heroes/villains "worth" more than, say, Gargan? I suspect Hasbro might sell more Princess Leia figures than Gargan figures, but I still want ball joints and "real feel" underarm flab on Gargan. (It can be made from the surplus plastic that weapons are sometimes composed of!) (GH, 02/27/08)

     That could be an award-winning design for Yarna, for sure.  Actually, the weird economics are not all that weird. It's all about planning. We shoot for an average cost over the whole year that meets our targets, building out our assortments and average cost around some assumptions that help us get to the overall bigger picture without getting too mired in analysis paralysis on a figure-by-figure basis. We'll first break down how the "heroes" and more obscure characters are going to comprise the line and get to our overall release numbers, and then make sure we can hit our targets with the selections we have made. We will try to estimate costs for each figure based on articulation, size (if it has a deeper blister or uses a large amount of plastic or parts), deco, and accessories. We also acknowledge the very real situation that "niche" characters, like Cantina aliens, Jabba aliens, senators, Separatists, and pretty much all female characters (yes, even Leia) are going to be much less popular than other characters that could be produced in much higher numbers. These characters are important to the DNA of Star Wars and are high-collector desire figures, so we know that we'll have so much tooling set aside for them (and most of them are brand new tools). To counterbalance, we need to make sure that we have enough higher-production run figures, such as fresh takes on core characters and troops, that we can release in greater numbers. These characters may or may not be refreshed, which helps out on tooling.  By taking into account the overall costing, tools, individual volumes we arrive at our assumptions on how we will build the line wave by wave but not "sweat" when a few figures are over (or under) our costing all balances in the end if we do a good job at the front in planning.

A handful of figures show bare skin (Slave Leia, Oola, Aayla Secura, and the upcoming Force Unleashed Shaak-Ti). Does this cause problems for adding extra articulation? Does exposed skin automatically mean limited articulation? (GH, 02/27/08)

     It does pose some aesthetics challenges, as joints seem to be more visible on a figure with bare arms and legs than on, say, a trooper or Jedi. However, bare skin doesn't mean less articulation…often the limit is the width of the limb we have to work with.  Good try, but we have no news on when, if ever, there will be a The Force Unleashed version of Shaak-Ti.


With fan interest in playsets for Death Star Scenes, has any thought been given to making modular sets and releasing them in Battle Pack format ? For example, looking at the Classic Death Star Playset, releasing one platform at a time with separating struts, that way we can buy as many as we want and set them up how we want? Perhaps with 1 or 2 figures only packed in? (IS, 02/27/08)*

     That is an interesting idea and we have considered it. The main challenge is that the playset section we would include would eat up a lot of cost and would result in fewer figures - essentially, a playset assortment on a smaller scale. That leads us right back to the issue at hand, which is that kids like Battle Packs for what they offer in figures and story, and would not find the playset compelling either. So while it's an interesting way to "divide and conquer" the playset problem, it still doesn't solve the kid interest issue that prevents us from pursuing a playset in the first place.

Are we ever gonna see hasbro make protective cases for the comic two packs? I would also like to know if the anniversary of the Empire Srikes back is going to see a line that will include mostly figures and vehicles for that movie? Are we ever gonna see a rerelease of the imperial troop transport vehicle? (IS, 02/27/08)*

     That's three questions in one! The answer to all three, at this time, is no. The ESB 30th anniversary in 2010 is intriguing, but we doubt we will see a articularly heavy emphasis on ESB.

There have been some rumors that the Clone Wars line for the new 3D Cartoon will be in an animated style as opposed to a realistic style (Like the Yoda with Kybuck and Tattooed Anakin Skywalker). Is there any truth to this? I think many fans would be disappointed if all the Clone Wars figures will be in an animated style. (IS, 02/27/08)*

     By this time, you have seen the images coming back from Toy Fair, and we can confirm that the style of the figures does indeed match that of the animation, but a style that is much less "extreme" than the previous Clone Wars figures. In addition, the figures are designed with collector aesthetics in mind - higher levels of articulation when merited, for the most part avoidance on internal "features" (Yoda being the exception), and the ability to pose them as you would like, rather than pre-posed. We know that this will not get automatic buy-in from many collectors, but we think that the final figures will be an incredibly high-quality testament to George Lucas' vision and a proud addition to the collections of all those who do choose to embrace the new look.


A lot of our forum members are currently engaged in speculation and debate about the upcoming The Clone Wars figures. Some think we'll get "realistic" style sculpts, while others think we're going to get a new "animated" style sculpt. Assuming that the debate will be settled with a preview of the figures at Toy Fair, can you share some thoughts on why you chose the style that you did? (JD, 02/27/08)

     By this time, you will have seen the images coming back from Toy Fair, and we can confirm that the style of the figures does indeed match that of the animation, but a style that is much less "extreme" than the previous Clone Wars figures. In addition, the figures are designed with collector aesthetics in mind - higher levels of articulation when merited, for the most part avoidance on internal "features" (Yoda being the exception), and the ability to pose them as you would like, rather than pre-posed. We know that this will not get automatic buy-in from many collectors, but we think that the final figures will be an incredibly high-quality testament to George Lucas' vision and a proud addition to the collections of all those who do choose to embrace the new look.

Which one item shown at Toy Fair were you the most excited to reveal? Which one item garnered more excitement from Toy Fair attendees then you thought it would? (JD, 02/27/08)

     By far, we couldn't wait to share the AT-TE with everyone. It's an awesome vehicle - at a price point we haven't seen often in Hasbro's Star Wars line - and symbolic of the new era of opportunity that Clone Wars brings.

As you know, JediDefender is proud to support the "Please Give us a Willrow Hood Figure" campaign. During the conventions last Summer, it was sounding like he might finally make his way into our collections in 2009. How about an update for our ICMG fans? Have you guys decided on "single card" or "multi-pack" yet? (JD, 02/27/08)

     We can confirm that Willrow will be a basic-carded figure in 2009 in an EpV-themed wave (no updates on who his wave-mates are. You'll have to wait!). As of yet, no design work has been started on Willrow, but we'll see if there's an opportunity to share with everyone the progress of this fan-favorite figure as work starts to begin.


Could the people who are answering these questions take a moment to introduce themselves and tell us a little bit about their roles on the Star Wars brand team? (JI, 02/27/08)

     It's our policy not to publicly list our team members, but the team answering the questions is essentially the same one that we bring to Comic Con or Celebration - several design and marketing members who have been with Hasbro's Star Wars team for a number of years. While one person in marketing is the "point" for making sure that the Q&A gets completed every other week, questions are distributed out to various team members in design, engineering, packaging, and marketing as needed to get the detailed answer. If team members do not answer back in a timely fashion, or give the appropriate level of detail required to satisfy the fan question, it is up to the senior director to mete out severe punishment. We cannot reveal precisely what that punishment is.

What is your favorite Star Wars movie? (JI, 02/27/08)

     OK, we'll play along. We canvassed eleven members of our team, and came up with some interesting findings. Of the 11, 3 prefer A New Hope ("the original Star Wars") and the other 8 have a single-minded devotion to Empire Strikes back as their favorite. The simple asking of this question, and the debate that ensued, has caused tempers to flare, harsh words that cannot be taken back, and crushed and bruised feelings littered across the Hasbro landscape. It has left a lasting divide that may never be healed. Thanks a lot.

Out of all the Star Wars toys ever made going all the way back to the Kenner days, what is your favorite Star Wars toy that has been released? (JI, 02/27/08)

We broke this one down into two categoriees, since most people on our team are incapable of just one answer. For "favorite figure" - the answers ranged from original Kenner figures including Luke Skywalker ("my very first figure and still my favorite to look at today"), Greedo, Boba Fett, Han Solo Hoth, and Admiral Ackbar, along with 12" Vader and 12" IG-88 which, interestingly, one of our team always wanted but never got (does that still count as a "favorite"?). More recent favorites include the brand new Gree, Vintage OTC Stormtrooper, Evolutions Boba Fett, and Tsui Choi (Boba made it twice for old and new, making him the winner). For all other Star Wars, the answers were wide-ranging from original vintage Kenner Landspeeder and AT-AT (each with two votes), Slave-I, the original kid-sized lightsaber and the Han Solo blaster pistol. The most stylish vintage choice was the Bespin Micro World playset. Modern favorites include the FX X-Wing and the new large-wing TIE Fighter.


You've confirmed that the new, second wave of Order 66 packs will be coming out later this year.  You've also stated that you're trying to get as  many of the US exclusives into the UK.  Will Tesco or another UK outlet be stocking these? (, 02/27/08)

     We have looked into the situation with our U.K. team.  The remainder of the first Order 66 wave will be released this Spring through Tesco (only two of the first wave have been released so far).  The second Order 66 wave currently is not planned for this year, but could be evaluated for release further down the road pending the success of the the rest of the first wave release.

Will all the new figures coming out in the autumn (Fall) ship in the new packaging revealed earlier this week or will the core line ship on different cards? (, 02/27/08)

     The Clone Wars animated line will ship on the cards shown (Clone Trooper helmet), while the Legacy Collection (built around film characters) will ship on a different Stormtrooper-centered design.

Congratulations on getting the FX lightsaber license.   We read the recent interview with Derryl and Philip from Rebelscum with great interest.  Can you please advise when we're likely to see the first Hasbro FX lightsabers on shelf and idea what the first products will be? (, 02/27/08)

     The first Hasbro-produced Force FX Lightsabers will be on shelves this Fall.  This year we will only be producing the current line-up of sabers, and we will not be looking to add new items until 2009 after we have had a chance to wrap our arms around the business.  There is no update on what new items we will be adding to the line-up but we look forward to getting to them!




Regarding the Titanium series wave 1 of 2008, Saesee Tinn's starfighter seems to carry the Imperial six-spoken logo instead of the correct Republic eight-spoked logo as carried correctly by the other Titanium Series Jedi Starfighters. Will this be corrected before this wave begins shipping? (MD, 02/27/08)

     You have sharp eyes. This was not caught before shipment began. Instead, it will be a running change.

With a line like Star Wars, I feel that vehicles are the backbone of the line. The movies themselves have always put a lot of emphasis on the vehicles. Very few other boy toy lines focus so heavily of vehicles from both the good guys and the bad guys. Batman is a line that springs to mind that only focus on Batman's vehicles. Having said that, what can you tell us about the 2008 vehicle line-up prior to Toy Fair? i.e. How may we are likely to see. Will your focus for the vehicles change to The Clone Wars later this year or will you try and keep it an even mix of Movie and TV? (MD, 02/27/08)

     Hi there - by now, you have seen our lineup. We will take our cues for new vehicles from both Clone Wars and the films; there are few vehicles we have not done from the films in 3-3/4" scale, but there are some we will be tackling. The great news for vehicle fans is that the Clone Wars vehicles and film vehicles are created with the same styling, designed to be seamless across both lines. In fact, the V-19 and Homing Spider Droid debuted at Toy fair were designed originally for the Legacy Collection before being brought into the Clone Wars subline to add vehicle support to the figures.

Young Anakin Skywalker and Jar-Jar are well overdue for brand new sculpts, as is Padme Amidala, Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Trade Federation's Battle Droid unit. We've already seen the upcoming Evolutions Qui-Gon Jinn, which would make a fantastic repack in the basic line. Now, with 2009 being the tenth anniversary year of The Phantom Menace does Hasbro have any special plans to commemorate this event, such as a special TPM wave? (MD, 02/27/08)

     We will have an EpI wave in the 2009 line, but details on which figures are included will not be revealed until closer to that wave's debut. We do agree that most all of the figures you mention could use a new figure in the next few years. Padme, at least, has a great new EpI version coming in the Evolutions pack devoted to her this Fall.


Will the Jedi Knight Army Multipack be re-released one day, perhaps in the course of the Clone Wars series? It is very difficult to get, very rare, therefore I'd like to see a re-release. (RS, 02/27/08)

     We do not have any plans to re-release that multi-pack at this time.

My question will we see a new figure representing 750th or some landmark number like that soon?? And how would you come up with the numbering system. I know that you only number by single carded figures but with the success of the Greatest hits and Saga legends. Most of these are straight repacks while others were in battle packs, vehicles, or just slightly retooled figs. And if I could make a suggestion if one of these special figures will be made soon a two pack of Luke and Leia in the famous pose from the original poster art. (RS, 02/27/08)

     We have yet to stop and take tally of where the exact figure number stands, and the counting is kind of murky, but you are right there is probably a significant milestone coming up. In any case, we wouldn't count the straight repacks of Greatest Hits and Saga Legends among the numbering; in our book, they don't advance the number of brand new figures, but keep them active much as figures were kept active in vintage Kenner days with refreshes from Star Wars to TESB to ROTJ. That poster pose would be interesting to do someday, but we don't have plans for it right now.

When and if will we see the rest of the council members made in a single pack. Figures like Even Peill, Depa Billaba, Adi Galia and even Oppo Rancisis. We have had the likes of Eeth Koth and Yareal Poof which were fantastic, but I think the last couple need to also have the opportunity to have the soft goods and lightsabers added so the die hard MOC collecotrs can complete there own councils. Thanks. (RS, 02/27/08)

     That is an interesting question, and one that we have looked at with the repaint/repack waves we have done at various times. Some of them could use updating, but right now we don't have any plans to get them back out there any time soon in single carded format (or any other format either). That could always change as these are prime candidates for re-release sometime.


Many or most Power of the Force figures had extra accessories (two guns were common). Why do current Star Wars figures include so few accessories now? (RTM, 02/27/08)

     We give each figure the accessories we feel makes the figure complete. Some figures get one or even none (in the case of an astromech droid or holo figure) while some may have whole Cantina bar sections, a moisture vaporator, or even a kybuck.

Why, despite being pictured with them on the card's front artwork, do nearly all Clone Troopers not come with rifles, but small blasters instead? The back of their cards even say, "Weapon of Choice: Blaster rifles." (RTM, 02/27/08)

It's a matter of cost. We usually don't include both weapons if the figure is super-articulated or has deco - both factors which raise our costs. We do try and rotate the weapons around.

Are there any playsets in the works? We really, really need a Mos Eisley bar (with light-up tables!) and a Jabba throneroom. (RTM, 02/27/08)

     There are no playsets in the works. We are concentrating our efforts on bringing out a healthy range of Star Wars vehicles, since we feel the figure/vehicle play pattern is the more dynamic one for Star Wars. In the past decades, playsets have really struggled in Star Wars (and in boys toys in general) as kids do not see them as the important "center" of their play experience. In Star Wars, there are few examples of buildings or settings that are truly iconic and would be the anchor of play sessions. The ones you mention would be narrowly targeted at collectors (kids are much more interested in the prequel trilogy, versus the original trilogy), and as such would not be something that we would look at if we did decide to pursue playsets.


Would Hasbro ever consider releasing figures based off artist Feng Zhu's Imperial Recruitment posters which appeared in the Star Wars: Visionaires comic series, perhaps as Comic 2-Packs? There's 2 designs in the official series, and 4 more posters drawn but not released. Besides the sexy female recruits in the posters, the SW: Visionaries comic has other great characters like cyborg Darth Maul, Darth Sidious and the Sithisis Worm, Corporal Jobin just to name a few that would make great action figures, especially coming off the heels of the TAC concept figures since the comic was done by ROTS concept artists. (SSG, 02/27/08)

     We love those posters, but it's very doubtful that we'd do figure versions of them. We will confirm that at least one of the figures you mention will become a figure before too long based on a Visionaries story.

Concerning pegwarmers and Saga Legends taking up TAC shelfspace, back on Sept 28th you told us "stores will be resupplied based on what has sold down, not based on what is sitting on what pegs, which is invisible to the automated ordering systems. So if Saga Legends is selling in those stores, it will be reordered. If 30th Anniv. is selling, it will be reordered. To finish that discussion - the stock of one has no impact on the other." Understanding that you have the 2 separate SKUs and assortment numbers in place to avoid these problems, what your argument seems to miss is the rampant amount of human error in the process, pegging Saga Legends on TAC pegs (whether done by store employees, or customers who simply don't notice the difference between the red accents vs orange accents of the basic cards), so in your argument, if Saga Legends takes up all the pegspace, TAC can never sell down and be reordered because it never leaves the back rooms to hit the pegs in the first place. Keep in mind, the TAC & SL cards are pretty much visually identical, and the assortment numbers which are supposed to separate them don't stand out on packaging and at a quick glance appear the same (87500 vs 85770) especially for an overworked, underpaid retail employee who is trying to get too many things done at once. So how can sales be generated for a specific product if it doesn't reach the floor in the first place? (SSG, 02/27/08)

     What you outline is a problem if *only* one (or the other) of the assortment is put out at the exclusion of the other. The same risk - that of human error - has always existed with side-by-side figure lines in Star Wars. Since all case packs are clearly marked by assortment, and replenishment is directed automatically, the impact of human error is minimized.

What are the chances of seeing an Evolutions set of the Seperatists' droids, consisting of updated, all-new versions of the Battle Droid, Super Battle Droid, and IG-100 MagnaGuard (aka Grievous' Bodyguard)? (SSG, 02/27/08)

     We just did a new Super Battle Droid in the 30th Anniversary Collection, so we do not have plans to do a set like this although we acknowledge that both regular BD's and Magna Droids are in need of a new sculpt at some point.


As I'm sure you are aware, there are many talented customizers - sculptors, painters, builders, etc. - that spend hours and hours sitting in their workshops (or at their kitchen tables) creating toys (and not just Star Wars toys, either).  What does it take for someone to get a job working for Hasbro, sculpting or painting toys, designing packaging, and the like? (ST, 02/27/08)

     We'll tackle each of the disciplines one at a time, since they are a little different.  The large majority of our designers and sculptors have industrial design backgrounds, and there are several great schools that specialize in this and with which we have a strong relationship when it comes to internships, etc. We look for folks with solid all-around skills and ability.  This includes work with diverse materials, incorporate features, and cost management.  We look for a very diversified skill set as it is very rare for a designer to stay on one line for more than a couple years before moving to the next assignment; they could be working on girls toys, vehicles, or any other type down the road. For painters, we have a small team in house that handles our painting needs, but we do contract with outside resources to handle the workload.  When evaluating painters, we have hired a wide range, including a wide range of backgrounds from fne artist to hobbyist (i.e. the folks at home).  We evaluate painters on their ability to apply very fine detail and ability to color match.  Anybody interesting in painting for us should contact Hasbro Human Resources (links are found on our web site).  For package design, we typically look for candidates with a degree in graphic design or fine arts, and with experience in packaging and illustration, as well as specialized structural engineers trained in that discpline who direct the structures and materials of our diverse needs.

Have you (or would you) ever consider running a promotion allowing a few lucky Hasbro fans access to see the behind the scenes world of Hasbro? Seeing the process that goes into the planning, designing, testing and production of an action figure first hand would be very interesting to a lot of fans. (ST, 02/27/08)

     While we have offered behind-the-scenes tours to a few lucky winners of different contests in the past, it's not something that we can really do anymore.  With so many movie lines in development across the boys division, it really puts a strain on the system as we can't risk having plot points, top secret projects and the like get out to the public. In any case, we think it's far less glamorous than it seems!

How far in advance do you usually begin work on a figure before it's actual release? Is it already decided which figures will be in 2009's line? The reason I'm asking is because from what I've heard, the live-action TV series will probably be starting in the fall of next year. With the TV series not even having any actors cast at this point (at least to my knowledge), will you have enough time to get those figures made and have them ready to sell by the time the show airs? (ST, 02/27/08)

     We generally get started on any year's line about 14-18 months before the first toys are available on shelf.  We also tend to plan a full year's worth of product in the initial stages, built around the themes we have chosen.  To give you some reference, we wrapped up planning for the 2009 line in November and have now moved into sculpting and approvals for the first waves, which will be followed by tooling and then package design over the next few months.  Rarely will the plan change, though it has been known to change for significant events - such as when we first saw The Force Unleashed and knew we had to work some TFU products into the line as quickly as we could (the original street date was then pushed back, but we had already fast-tracked the product development).  Your estimate on timing is right - in order to be able to produce figures for Fall 2009 we would need to have reference material ready in the next couple of months. We can't comment on live action, that would be information Lucasfilm would release on their timetable.


The 2006 Christmas release of the Imperial Shuttle was great. We've seen the Imperial Landing Craft in lego form, how about in 3 3/4" form. Any plans to do so? (ST/"TJ", 02/27/08)

     We agree that it would be a great vehicle to do.  However, the price point it would need to be in doesn't exist in our line right now.  We wouldn't rule out the possibility that we will do it someday, but right now we are not working on it because we have no way to bring it to retail.

We are starting to get reports of the 2008 TAC figures showing up at Wal-Marts already. I thought these were slated to start shipping in March - what gives? (ST/"TJ", 02/27/08)

     Our first wave came in early, and, as is our tendency, we shipped some out as soon as we got it.

Is the latest delay of The Force Unleashed video game going to delay the action figures yet again? (ST/"TJ", 02/27/08)

     No.  While the new date for the release of The Force Unleashed has not been announced, most of the figures will go out on our schedule.  The Evolutions pack is at retail right now, and the basic figure wave should be along in mid-March.  There will also be a few exclusives including a Wookiee battle pack (Target, 3/23 on shelf), Rancor (Target, April in-store), and two three-packs (Wal-Mart, July in-store).


With the Build-A-Figure concept being applied to the STAR WARS line, how likely are we to see something like a ROTJ-accurate Jabba the Hutt or 8D8 Torture Droid with Full Torture Rack as pack-ins? (SWC, 02/27/08)

     By now you know that we are focused on droids as the build-a-figure pack-ins in the Legacy Collection/Droid Factory line. So, Jabba will not be a possiblity for a figure, but 8D8 could be…except for the fact that he has already been released and the build-a-droids will be comprised of previously unreleased figures. 8D8 is still a possibility for "some day."

The lightsabers packed with the McQuarrie Signature Series action figures such as Concept Darth Vader and Concept Starkiller Hero were really unique and interesting designs. Any chance for electronic roleplaying versions of them at some point? (SWC, 02/27/08)

     Unlikely. The McQuarrie concepts hold no relevance for kids, which is the target for our role play line. Instead, we will probably look to new characters or colors as they present themselves in upcoming entertainment for the next generation of lightsabers.

With both Obi-Wan in General's Armor and IG Lancer Droids being released this year, will we be seeing Speeder Bikes for them to ride being released, too? (SWC, 02/27/08)

     While we will have existing speeder bikes back out this Fall, we won't be releasing any speeder bikes custom-built for these guys at this time. Maybe in future years, but not right now.


We've seen a number of UK Toy Fair reports which detail the 3 3/4" Indiana Jones line. Raiders, Last Crusade and Crystal Skull all seem to be represented - but Temple of Doom appears strangely lacking. Are you, like Lego, avoiding merchandise from this film due to it's darker tone? Will we ever see Willie, Short-Round and Mola Ram in plastic form? (TPU, 02/27/08)

     Wave 4 of the IJ basic figure line will be Temple-themed, and it will be a doozy of a wave. We showed one image at Toy Fair - of a Temple Thug - and we can tell you that this is one fine wave. As for specific characters, we will confirm Wave 4 at Toy Fair (if not before).....the remaining one(s) will be be in the first of the 2009 waves.

The new Clone Wars packaging previewed on the Official Star Wars site looks incredibly dynamic - great job! However, many have noted that the graphics feature animated renderings of the leads. Is this merely an attempt to tie the cartoon portrayal of characters to 'movie-style' figures in the mind of kids/collectors, or will we be seeing toys that reflect the designs seen on-screen? (TPU, 02/27/08)

     By this time, you have seen the images coming back from Toy Fair, and we can confirm that the style of the Clone Wars figures does indeed match that of the animation. We do want to emphasize that the Legacy Collection - the basic figure line that focuses primarily on movie figures - will continue side-by-side with Clone Wars so the "movie"-figure collectors will get a fantastic line-up as well in a unique card style just for that line. The artwork for the Legacy Collection will feature a Stormtrooper head (as opposed to Clone) and realistic imagery as has been the case for the 30th line.

Will press be given more access to Star Wars product on your stand at the NYC Toy Fair than they were at the UK event? We were frustrated not to be able to get details out to the fans considering that the two shows are relatively close together, and that other licencees were showing Clone Wars items. You've been very gracious in participating in these Q&A's, but how do you really view the fan-site community - as a useful tool for reaching out to your customers, or as a hinderance to your marketing plans? (TPU, 02/27/08)

     We see the Q&A as an essential part of our community-building with fans - that's why we originated it, and why pretty much every Hasbro boys brand has followed suit! Now to your specific question regarding Toy Fair. Given the nature of New York, the tremendous press attention, and the participation of our Hollywood studio partners, we have chosen to save all product news for Toy Fair. We did show the lines to retailers at U.K Toy Fair and Nuremburg, but held all public unveilings so we could best leverage the message on a global scale. After all, it's not just the fan press we are courting - it's international news media, investor relations, and the like - all of which are in attendance in New York. We apologize for not giving you access to the lines at the previous shows, but those are the reasons why New York was central to our bigger corporate plans.


Now that hip joint articulation has made its way to the basic figure line in the new Darth Vader/Anakin, Obi-Wan and Commander Gree figures, will the Scout Trooper be realizing the added benefit of this upgraded area of articulation in the future? It would surely improve the aesthetics of the figure when mounted on a speeder bike, plus it would address the “bow-leggedness” often occurs with figures of this type (ex: SDCC Shadow Scout). (YF, 02/27/08)

     We will be using it on select figures. We agree that it would be a good addition to future Scout troopers (or any figure that pilots a speeder bike), and will take that into consideration next time we approach those figures.

Bravo on the new Clone Wars (wave 3) figures. A few questions on these: Will Saesee Tinn and the Comic Pack Durge have removable helmets? Does the Calamari Warrior have articulated knees? (YF, 02/27/08)

     An enthusiastic yes to the first two. The Mon Calamari Warrior does not have knees, however. By now, most readers probably know that this great Clone Wars-inspired wave has been moved to this Fall as wave 2 of the Legacy Collection (Droid Factory) basic figure wave. Trust us, it'll be worth the wait!

How many and which of the 2007 figures (w/coin) will be re-released with the display stand pack-ins? (YF, 02/27/08)

     Fifteeen of the figures that previously came with coins will be re-released in on-coin versions with pack-in stands. They include: Anakin (Tatooed), Clone Trooper (Clone Wars/Hawkbat Battalion), Clone Trooper (Kamino Training), Ewoks, Rebel Vanguard Trooper, Destroyer Droid w/shield, R2-B1, Padme Amidala (Fireside dress), Voolvif Mon, MCQuarrie Rebel Trooper, Biggs (X-Wing Pilot), C-3PO w/Salacious Crumb, Spirit of Anakin, Jango fett (w/poncho), and Clone Trooper (7th Legion).


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Re: The Hasbro Q & A Compendium
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Session 48 - March 12, 2008

At Toy Fair you introduced the new Rebellion Pilots Legacy evolution pack. Ten Nunb again comes with a white B-Wing pilot gear while this character doesn't have any screentime (cut scene). There is a sullustian pilot figure seen several times on screen in Episode VI but that guy does have a red B-Wing pilot gear. Why didn't you decided to release that guy within the evolution pack, he would slot very well into the evolution pack better than the white guy I think. And with your statement that there wouldn't be a sullustian pilot with the next B-Wing fighter chances seems to be quite small to get a red sullustian B-Wing pilot figure anytime and that would be very disappointing. Would you please think about that point and perhaps recolor the sullustian B-Wing pilot for the upcoming evolution set? (4-".de, 03/12/08)

     Ten Numb was drawn from Lucasfilm archive reference. We knew that we were going to be doing two Evolution Pilot packs, and wanted to mix it up as much as possible within the packs, as some of the body tooling will be shared. To this end, we selected Kayan Farlander (a human pilot) for the second pack, in his red outfit and it made sense to provide an upgrade over the previous Ten Numb. We really like the Rebel Pilots, and can guarantee that not too far down the road there will be a red-suited Sullustan pilot. As for the rumored TRU B-Wing, you will have to wait a little longer for news on that. We will say that it is not tied to the OTC, but, in fact, something else is brewing in the Expanded Universe that we do not want to announce just yet.

Pictures of the Padmé Amidala evolution pack let the different Amidala figures packed within that set appear different in sizing. Can you affirm that the three Amidala figures will have the same size or do they have different sizes? If that what is the hidden agenda related to that decision? (4-".de, 03/12/08)

     The Padmes should be the same size. If there is variation, it is due to the inherent nature of toy manufacturing, where during sculpting, casting, tooling, and assembly some variation can creep in. It is not intentional in any case.

The Amidala Evolution Set lets speculations arise for some more Sets of a single evolutionary character i.e. Palpatine. Could you imagine to go this way the next couple of years? (4-".de, 03/12/08)

     Actually, this year has been an exhausting one for the Evolution line, with a total of eight sets in the works, each one containing three substantially new figures (or new heads, in the case of the second Rebel pilots sets). That's a lot of pretty demanding figures needed to keep the line going! As such, will probably be resting it for a while after this Fall. We might get back to it at some point; it's tough to keep a great idea down. As soon as our sculpting team forgives us, that is....

You've said in the past that you were done with animated figures, that your testing had shown the realistic style to be far preferred over animated, yet the new Clone Wars show's figures are based on its animation rather than the realistic style. What was the thinking behind going animated-style with these rather than realistic? (AF, 03/12/08)

     We said that we were done with pre-posed figures done in an exaggerated style. The new animated figures are grounded in an animation style, but they are not based on the exact silhouettes of the animated characters. Instead, they are a step toward the realistic style, and designed with a high degree of articulation as needed. We felt that it was important to pick up some of the style cues from the animation to best match the toys to the entertainment, but to design as much as possible with the collector in mind and draw them closer to the realistic style.

[editor's note: Hasbro's previous answers to which we referred, June 9, 2006 - 'Characters in Clone Wars are great - and we're looking at ways of getting more of them in the line for 2007. However any we do will be in "realistic" styling rather than animated. We’ve done some polling with fans, and overall the realistic style is preferred.'; June 16, 2006 - 'We do have plans for some of these characters in 2007, but we won't be announcing the specifics just yet. However, any we do will be in "realistic" styling rather than animated. We done some polling with fans, and overall the realistic style is prefered over the animated style so we are going to stick with that.'; April 17, 2007 - 'We will not be producing any more of the Clone Wars animated-style figures. Unfortunately, for each one of these we produced, we did not get results on par with the realistically styled versions of Clone Wars characters. Realistic is where we will be keeping our focus']

Hasbro's Toy Fair press release uses a July 26th availability date for all the Clone Wars products, as well as the new Legacy Collection line, and does not include an "approximate" qualifier. Will this be just a tentative on-shelf date, or is this a more "concrete" release date like those of the intial prequel films' product lines? (AF, 03/12/08)

     It will be a hard-coded on-shelf date similar to the Episode III on-shelf date.

The Comic Packs are a very welcomed addition to a lot of Star Wars collectors, but there is a lot of buzz about Hasbro's choices of whom to include in these packs. Many collectors are wondering how does Hasbro chose which characters to make, since the ToyFare fans' choice poll a few years ago included a lot of comic-based characters such as Exar Kun, Guri and others who have yet to receive the action figure treatment. So how does Hasbro plan these packs, and just what goes into your choices? (AF, 03/12/08)

     We're glad you like the Comic Packs as much as we do. The overall line selection is based on a variety of factors, primary among them being a balance overall in each wave between known characters and more collector-targeted characters (this is very similar to the way we manage basic figure wave composition). For each wave we are looking for new takes on hero character(s) along with a limited number of new or lesser-known but very interesting (and uniquely Star Wars) characters. The process is that we read each comic and pick out the most interesting characters and new takes on classic for each issue, keeping track in a master spreadsheet that becomes the database for our wave selection. We draw from that a wave of packs that go together meeting the above criteria, giving kid/collector traction to each wave. The Toy Fare Fans' Choice poll has been a great inspiration and we have done some of those characters in comic form (including Quinlan Vos and Kir Kanos), but we haven't been filling out the packs with choices primarily from the list, and have been using some of our own favorites and consulting with Dark Horse on some of theirs. It won't be too long (within a year) before a character that you cite - Exar Kun - will get his first figure in the comic pack lineup.


It is something of an obvious statement that there are millions of Star Wars  fans all over the world, the majority of whom are indubitably hooked up to the internet. Now, even if all the outlet retail chains in the U.S.A. were to pass up on such big-ticket items as the AT-TE and Big Honkin’ Millennium Falcon we’ve heard about (and I actually hope they don’t), would it not still be possible to turn a profit by selling them over the internet, considering the large numbers of good e-tailers across the globe? (CC, 03/12/08)

     While the Internet is a great business model, it would not be enough to sustain large tooling-intensive vehicles such as the AT-TE (it is barely enough to sustain some exclusive runs!). A large majority of the Star Wars collecting audience still enjoys shopping at retail (“the thrill of the hunt”) and that is where we will keep our focus with the vast majority of Star Wars offerings.

Are you planning to do any Vong ships/figures/etc. in the future? Like Nom Anor, Tsavong Lah, Shimmra (with Onimi in a 2 pk) or even just Vergere? (I dunno why, but I really like the character.) (CC, 03/12/08)

     We will have at least one Yuuzhan Vong figure coming up in a comic 2-pack, and we would like to do more of them as time goes on. Whether we get to 3¾” vehicles is another story - as we would need some serious additional exposure (and perhaps entertainment support) to justify. Vergere is very interesting, but there is a long list of worthy Legacy characters in line before her.


Considering the advances that the Star Wars team has made in action figure engineering, is it now possible to create a transforming Droideka? (We're sure the Transformers folks would enjoy the competition!) During the Episode I era we were told that a three-part helmet for Darth Vader was impossible, so is our favorite action figure team up for the challenge? (Then we'll get to the collapsing Pit Droid!) (GH, 03/12/08)

     Interesting question.  The science of Star Wars figure design and articulation certainly has come far.  We admit that we don't have these figures on the drawing board, but it poses an interesting challenge. We'll share the results with the team and see if there is a possibility for "down the road" to tackle these challenges.  Thanks.

Now that the cat is out of the bag about Darth Vader's Transmission (Comic Con Exclusive), which version of the Emperor's floating head will we get? The recut version? The crazy monkey eyes (pre-DVD) version? Or might there be a variant? (GH, 03/12/08)

     The Emperor is from the Empire Strikes Back - Special Edition, rather than the monkey-eyes version.  However, there may be a future Emperor figure himself down the road that has those primal primate eyes.  Stay tuned…!

Is the Shadows of the Empire Princess Leia shown at Toy Fair the final sculpt, or is there still hope for some retooling of her legs to give her smaller thinner ankles? Those fat "cankles" looked really awkward on an otherwise great looking figure. Also, does the Hoth Princess Leia (from the other 2-Pack) have new articulation, or is she a repaint of the POTJ-era Princess Leia? (GH, 03/12/08)

     What do you mean “cankles”?! We purposely gave her full-figured ankles because some people may be attracted to that sort of thing! Seriously, in this case, Princess Leia’s small stature created manufacturing difficulties for thin ankles - always an issue with Princess Leia and other females (and Battle Droids, too). When we add extra articulation to elbows, shoulders, and in this case ankles, there are minimum requirements that need to be allowed for when insert molding the nylon pins. In larger figures this is less of an issue because there is more mass to incorporate these restrictions. Princess Leia Hoth has a new head, but the body is the existing body.


Can u confirm the Lt. Tank Sunber figure rumor? If yes, will he have a clean uniform, or will it have battle damage? (I'd prefer a clean uniform!) (IS, 03/12/08)*

     We can confirm a Tank figure is in the works, as part of the comic pack series. He will hit the shelves later this Fall. As for his uniform, we're going to keep it under raps until Comic Con.

Now that we have Bane Malar, can we expect to see my favorite obscure mercenary from Jabba's Palace, the famed white suit black masked Sgt. Doallyn? (He'd probably be an easy repaint, but just have a different helmet) (IS, 03/12/08)*

     We know fans have been asking for Sgt Doallyn for some time. He is not currently slotted into the lineup in the near-term, but he is on the"short list" for the next time we plan a RotJ wave so it won't be too long before his time will come. Interesting point on whether he can be a substantially repainted figure; we haven't looked into it but certainly will. If that's the case, it could speed up his chances to find a home in another project elsewhere in the lineup.

Hasbro, would you ever entertain the idea of making furniture and set pieces that correspond to particular movie scenes and planets? I would have loved to see the actual table and chairs packed with that bespin bp that just came out. Or make a Hoth bp and pack it with tactical screens and computer stations perhaps? (IS, 03/12/08)*

     We have, in fact, done the tactical screen from Hoth in our 2004 Ultra series. Unfortunately, these diorama pieces prove to be less popular than figures or vehicles, and as a result it has not been the best investment of our resources (tooling especially). However, we do know that there is fan interest there in these set pieces, and we are looking at opportunities to get them in here or there (much like we have done with Cantina pieces in the past, or even the Jedi Council from the Cinema Scene series).


Legacy Wave 1 features a new Darth Vader with an apparently multi-piece removable helmet, but unfortunately we haven’t really seen any good pics of the helmet off Vader’s head. Can you share a picture (or an explanation if no pics are available yet) of how many pieces his helmet will have? And is it true that this same figure is the basis for the white “Infinities” Darth Vader from the upcoming comic-pack shown at Toy Fair? (JD, 03/12/08)

     Initially, the head will be attached and will not be removable from the collar (our factory decided to tool the top of the head only) and we are looking to make a running change to a full head that is separate from the collar. We will send pictures as available. The Darth Vader from the Infinities pack is not the same figure, and is based on another existing Vader figure.

There appears to be some confusion on the SDCC exclusive that you announced at the Toy Fair collector event. The "Executor Meditation Chamber" exclusive is not really a “playset" per se, just a new Holo Emperor and Darth Vader figure set, correct? And will the figures be new sculpts or repacks? (JD, 03/12/08)

     The "Disturbance in the Force," the exclusive for San Diego Comic Con consists of an existing Vader, a newly tooled base with lights and sounds, and a new holographic Emperor bust. When the medallion in the center of the base is pressed, the hologram and light in the middle of the medallion light up, and a loooong sequence of movie dialogue is started. This is one cool exclusive, and it will also be available online after the Convention starts.

The Galactic Heroes shown at Toy Fair looked awesome. A dewback, a rancor, new vehicles - everything fans of the line have been asking for and more! However, you're not expecting us to believe 2008 is going to come and go without a GH version of Ahsoka (or any of the other characters from the new Clone Wars cartoon), are you? It may be a long shot, but is there any chance of an Asajj Ventress GH figure? (JD, 03/12/08)

     Well now, we were hoping to leave some info for Comic Con but ya beat us to it. We can indeed confirm that at least one of these female lightsaber wielders will be out for Galactic Heroes. Exact timing is still TBD, but look for them on shelf by mid-Nov.


In reference to the new Clone Wars animated series figures we have seen - do they all have knee articulation? Some are in question such as Anakin and Obi-Wan (although due to their tunics may be useless anyways), but mostly the Battle Droid. He seems to have elbow articulation and is a nice sculpt. If he had knee articulation, he would be pretty darn complete. (JI, 03/12/08)

     Not all figures have knee articulation in their basic figure form. Obi-Wan, Anakin, and the Battle Droid do not have knee articulation.

Will the Durge figure that is slated for the upcoming Comic 2-Pack have interchangeable hands? (JI, 03/12/08)

     He will not have interchangeable hands.

Can you tell us anything about the Star Wars SDCC exclusives yet, and will there be Hasbro exclusives for Celebration Japan that will be taking place later this year? (JI, 03/12/08)

     The exclusives for San Diego Comic Con will include "Distrubance in the Force," an awesome 3-3/4" set that will include Vader supplicating before a giant holographic head of the Emperor. What makes it special is the light-up base and very long sound chip, playing pretty much the entire sequence. Also at Comic Con will be a Mighty Muggs General Gree, and a Mighty Muggs Golden Idol from Indy. To top it off, San Diego will also debut some event-specific t-shirts for Mighty Muggs - both Star Wars and Indy. There will be no Hasbro exclusives unique to Celebration Japan, although some of our San Diego exclusives may debut there and be available in the U.S. the following week.


With the announcement of Celebration Japan later this year, can you tell us if they’ll be a show exclusive(s) and if so what it will be? (, 03/12/08)

     Our participation, because of the proximity to San Diego Comic Con, will be limited as our efforts are focused on making sure that Comic Con is a success for fans stateside. Our partner in Japan, Tomy, will be releasing news on what they will be doing at Celebration Japan on their own timetable.

Were very glad to see that the Galactic Heroes line is getting a lot of love in 2008, thanks for that.  You’ve made a lot of figures from Jabba’s Palace and we’re getting a new R2 from the Sail Barge along with a Slave Leia.  All that’s really missing from this scene is Jabba’s Band with Dancers - any chance we’ll see this as a Cinema Scene or in two pack form any time soon?  It could connect to the Jabba Cinema Scene in the same way as the two Cantina Scenes link together for extra play value! (, 03/12/08)

     That is a good idea, and one that we have thought about but just have not slotted into the lineup.  If Galactic Heroes continues to grow in popularity as it has been, that pack will probably be done at some point….we just don't have an idea when.

You’ve confirmed that there’s no Episode I wave in The Legacy Collection this year but there will be in 2009; was this a conscious choice because next year is the 10th anniversary of Episode I?  If this is the case, will you be doing anything special to commemorate it? Talking of anniversaries, this year is the 25th anniversary of Episode VI, consequently will we be seeing anything special to celebrate this – Jabba on Throne maybe or perhaps you have something else up your sleeves... If so, can you share it with us? (, 03/12/08)

     We skipped this year for an EpI wave because, compared to the other waves in the lineup, we felt that we had some stronger waves elsewhere.  While next year is the 10th Anniv of EpI, we don't plan on necessarily celebrating in any big way (the same goes for EpVI).  We might do something to acknlowdge the 10th Annv., but it might be more subtle.  That's not to say we don't see growing interest and potential for EpI; we feel that the years ahead will see continued growth in the collector ranks of folks interested in EpI and plan to definitely meet that demand as it unfolds longer-term.


As of this writing, has just released imagery of the new Clone Wars line's packaging.  In that article it was stated that the new line will debut on July 26th.  Is this the kind of hard street date that we've seen in the past with the other movie lines, and do you expect your retail partners to hold midnight madness type events? (JTA, 03/12/08)

     It is a hard street date that will be held across the entire Star Wars Fall line (the Legacy Collection included).  There will indeed be similar activity as during Episode III, but the exact nature has yet to be determined.  We will keep everyone informed as the details shape up.

The current state of the Star Wars planogram in stores has evolved to the point where shelf space is at a premium.  And it seems that barring exclusives, the Starfighter vehicle line is the only vehicle line that we can expect at most stores.  Certainly, we've seen speeder bikes packed in the Battle Pack line, but what about other small vehicles like the land speeder or Coruscant speeders?  Can we expect vehicles like these at all? (JTA, 03/12/08)

     Shelf space has always been at a premium in the boys aisle, and this year is no exception.  While speeder bikes will return in Battle Pack format, the other vehicles are not a part of our focus right now.  We just haven't had the slot to put a landspeeder in the line. It seems to make the most sense as an exclusive, but hasn't made the cut yet.  As for Coruscant speeders, these don't seem to be that exciting or in need of a re-release right now, and haven't be an area of focus when it comes to the Starfighter vehicles.

In a previous Q&A with JTA, Hasbro grudgingly seemed to confirm that we might be getting a giant Emporer Palpatine's holographic head.  Would said hypothetical offering be in the Basic Figure line, or part of a Battle Pack?  And if it is part of a Battle Pack, what else might we get in such a set? [post-Toy Fair note: This was confirmed at Toy Fair] (JTA, 03/12/08)

     Chuck – we are pleased to announce the details on this one.  "Disturbance in the Force," the exclusive for San Diego Comic Con, consists of an existing Vader, a newly tooled base with lights and sounds, and a new holographic Emperor bust.  When the medallion in the center of the base is pressed, the hologram and light in the middle of the medallion light up, and a loooong sequence of movie dialogue is started.  This is one cool exclusive, and will also be available online after the Convention starts.


Over the last few years you have been very kind to collectors of Imperial and Republic forces, with great-quality releases of Death Star Gunners, Death Star Troopers, AT-AT Drivers, Vintage and Evolution Sand/Snow/Scout/Storm troopers, not to mention two different decorated clones for every color of the rainbow.

I'm wondering if there are any near-term plans to give their rebel brethren some love? The Endor Rebels from Saga06 and the recent Vanguard Trooper were decent but suffered from their origins as kit bashes of the '02 Endor Rebel. Are there any plans to refresh the Endor troops with a new torso sculpt that will bring them up to the standards of the Empire?

The situation for Hoth on the other hand can only be described as dire. The '04 version looks quite rough even by the standards of the other '04 figures, and really doesn't stand up to today's figures in terms of either sculpt or articulation. We now have Major Derlin, General Rieekan, VTAC Han and even Gen. McQuarrie but no-one in the infantry that deserves to be led by them. Are there any plans to rectify this situation? If not, Hoth might be overrun by the Empire! ...and we wouldn't want that to happen. (MD, 03/12/08)

     Give us some time, and we think you will be very pleased with the way the Rebel forces are shaping up, including numerous pilots this Fall in mainline and exclusive sets (and don't forget - we recently had a great Yavin Sentry and A-Wing pilot, too!). Specifically, to your question of a super-articulated Rebel Commando, he is on the "short list" to do the next time we draw up a RotJ wave.

One figure I still cherish from the vintage days of KENNER of course is Jabba the Hutt. Earlier Versions of this figure from 95 to now aren't up to today's standards you must admit. Hasbro are ALWAYS pushing the boundaries, especially of late, with awesome new sculpts and articulation and even AMAZING paintjobs on figures that you cannot believe until the item is in hand. Is there demand enough to make a similar style Jabba with Dais-which hasn't been done as of yet-maybe even a 2pk with Gardulla??? You must admit the spitting frog and goo, and the poor paint work on this figure past DOESN'T do it justice. Thank you for your time. (MD, 03/12/08)

     We agree wholeheartedly. However, the challenge with Jabba is finding the way to get him into the line and cover the tooling costs of a new figure (and, if possible, the dais as you mention). We are looking at ways of making it happen, but do not have the specific package for him yet. It will not be '08 in any case.

In previous Q&A sessions, you said that the 'Clone Wars' figures would be both in the 'realistic' style and wouldn't contain many - if any - action features. Now we've seen from Toy Fair that both of these are false. Taking into account the lead time required to both design and produce the figures leading to the products shown at Toy Fair, why were collectors mislead regarding these products? (MD, 03/12/08)

     We never stated that the Clone Wars figures would be produced in a realistic style. We said that they would not be produced in an exaggerated, pre-posed style as the earlier cartoon-style figures were.

     In fact, the figures have been designed so they are one step closer to their realistic counterparts in terms of proportions and style rather than exact matches to the on-screen silhouettes. Regarding features, there is only one figure (Yoda) in the line-up that has a dedicated feature (a launching feature in his sleeve). All of the rest of the features are snap-on launchers and may be removed easily.


Thanks for a great Toy Fair. I was disappointed that you did not show the Battle on Mygeeto Battle Pack. Could you tell us about the Commander Bacara figure? The picture that has been shown online seems to show a more articulated Commander Bacara. Could you let us know if the Bacara is new, slightly re-done, or will it end up just being the old Bacara mold from the ROTS line? (RS, 03/12/08)

     We did not show the Mygeeto pack as our focus was on Fall for the most part. You do have sharp eyes. The Bacara figure has been upgraded to an SA body for this set, using the same helmet and detachable gear.

Who is Bane Malar? We ask the question rhetorically, as we'd like to hear Hasbro's take on the figure. Best as most of us can tell, he's a photoshopped character from the Decipher Star Wars Customizable Card Game. From what we can see he's not visible in the film, and while he's easily confused with the character that gets thrown down the stairs when Boushh brings Chewie in for the bounty, the EU has established that character as Sgt. Doallyn. Stills from the film bare out that there are differences in the helmets between Decipher's Bane, the character that gets thrown down the stairs, and then Decipher's Doallyn, which they have incorrectly labeled as Skiff Guard from the Carkoon sequence - with yet another, albeit similar helmet.

Can you help illustrate the process by which a character like this gets chosen, and perhaps tell us what the bio on the card back will read? While the figure looks great, it is one of the more "confusing" choices out there, and we'd LOVE to hear YOUR take on the Malar/Doallyn confusion. (RS, 03/12/08)

     Bane Malor is a character drawn from Lucasfilm archive reference material to which we have access. We double checked with Lucasfilm just to make sure, and indeed he is in on-set photos, but whether he actually made any background scenes has yet to be determined. He is without a doubt a different character from Sgt. Doallyn. Malor was actually brought to our attention during a past Q&A session, and became part of the "parking lot" that we regularly draw from when creating waves for a specific movie. At the time we selected him, we assumed he was on screen somewhere and was interesting to us, our own team favorite pick to complement Yarna (who is a deliberate nod to the fans). While it'll be a little wait before we actually do Doallyn, he is definitely on the short list for the next time we plan plan for a RotJ wave.

Can you illustrate the decision process behind the gray flight suit Ten Nunb in the upcoming Evolutions pack? Outside of a photo in the Star Wars Chronicles, there is no other reference to that appearance of the character. In the film, the same character shows up twice, in B-Wing pilot's gear, but like the other B-Wing pilots, the flightsuit is RED! The Y-Wing pilots are the pilots that wear gray. There is ample reference to back this up, so can you help us with how this decision came about?

And while you're at it, how about some words about the second Rebel Pilots Evolutions set that's in all the retail systems - we understand that it's the same mix of figures, and thus, they'll be largely repaints with new helmet deco and head sculpts - will the B-Wing Pilot in that set (reportedly Keyan Farlander) sport the PROPER Red flightsuit, and B-Wing style head gear (different from the others that have been released so far)? How about the B-Wing pilot in the upcoming TRU exclusive B-Wing (shelf tags have already been spotted for the item). (RS, 03/12/08)

     Ten Numb was drawn from Lucasfilm archive reference. We knew that we were going to be doing two Evolution Pilot packs, and wanted to mix it up as much as possible within the packs, as some of the body tooling will be shared. To this end, we *did* select Kayan Farlander for the second pack, in his red outfit (and head gear), and it made sense to provide an upgrade over the previous Ten Numb. We really like the Rebel Pilots, and can guarantee that not too far down the road there will be a red-suited Sullustan pilot. As for the rumored TRU B-Wing, you will have to wait a little longer for news on that. We will say that it is not tied to the OTC, but in fact something else brewing in the Expanded Universe that we do not want to announce just yet.


The Galactic Heroes Darth Vader TIE Fighter shown at Toy Fair looks great! Will it have any sound or action features? (RTM, 03/12/08)

     There are no electronic features in the Galactic Heroes TIE Fighter. This would have pushed costing up too high to be able to do the vehicle. However, it does have panels that you can remove by hand to simulate battle. Other than that, there are no other features.

The new Jungle Rancor looks impressive, and I'm even more surprised to see that it's a new mold rather than a rehash of old POTF one. That said, it's disappointing to see that this behemoth is only going to be a store exclusive. What goes into making the tough choice of marketing an all-new figure as a store exclusive instead of a mass release, and should any fans be concerned about its availability upon release? (RTM, 03/12/08)

     The main issue is the stand-alone size of the the Rancor and uncertainty over whether it would be popular enough in the much bigger volumes we would need if we were to do a national release. Since it is a creature (as opposed to a vehicle), and from a game not yet released, we decided to set the Rancor up for success by going the exclusive route so we could better manage the overall release.

So glad to see a Padme Evolutions set, thanks! However, since this is a great way to get unreleased/hard to market outfits, why is AOTC Padme in an outfit we've gotten at least three times already (and another wave coming up), instead of one of her other outfits from the film (the rainbow dress from Naboo perhaps)? (RTM, 03/12/08)

     We wanted to draw the largest number of collectors to the set. There is a strong iconic draw to the white Padme "battle" outfit and since that figure was due for an upgrade, so this was the right time to trigger it. We thought this gave the pack greater strength than if we solely focused on outfits that were more ornamental with less screen time.


Why was Titanium Series so poorly represented at your Toy Fair display? Can you tell us what's forthcoming for Titaniums later in the year (preferably with pictures), and why they are delayed until fall? Are we ever getting the Outrider mentioned back in '06? (SSG, 03/12/08)

     We simply could not give adequate coverage to everything at Toy Fair, and some sublines regrettably did not get the true time and attention they deserve. Titanium certainly was not alone in this respect, as we lightly covered it as well as Unleashed 2" and Star Wars Transformers Crossovers as well. In Fall, we will be doing a Clone-Wars inspired redeco wave for the 7/26 Clone Wars brand reset. After that, Titanium will have some exciting new vehicles, a total of twelve all new tools for the Fall including the Cloud Car, and some other surprises we will reveal at Comic Con. Going forward, we are determined to keep Titanium vibrant and exciting, with new tools drawn from movies as well as Expanded Universe.

The Hasbro SW Toy Fair press release has The Legacy Collection clocking in at 30 basic figures. Back in October, you told us "For 2008, we are going to take the classic total down by about one wave. So from the current 60 figures this year, expect around 53 figures or so." The '08 TAC line has 15 figures total across its 2 waves, so according to your info, adding another 30 basic figures will give us a total of just 45 figures, a whole wave smaller than the 53-ish you originally stated. Has an '08 wave been pushed back out of the year, or are there more figures to be expected in the TLC line than the press release stated? (SSG, 03/12/08)

     The answer is that yes, a wave has moved due to sculpting delays, but no the number will not come down to less than 50 figures for 2008. Here's the score: you know about the 15 from TAC in Spring, along with the 16 that were shown between Waves 1 and 2 of Legacy Collection (Droid Factory), bringing the total to 31 "seen" so far. In addition, another 24 figures are on schedule, including a redeco wave which was created to replace the delayed wave (there will now be 8 unique Droid factory figures for the Fall figures, four Astro droids in Waves 1 & 3 and 4 Protocol droids for the subsequent waves). These figures will be spaced out from 7/26 launch until the end of the year, or about 6-8 per month through the Fall if all goes according to the firmed up schedule.

In recent years, many Darth Vader figures have included a silver piece of fabric material around the neck to represent the chain that holds Vader's cape on. However, every time this feature has been included, the "chain" ends up looking too big and out-of-place, while Vader figures that do not include this chain end up looking much better. In the interest of accuracy, could the chain either be scaled down (to better match its look in Episodes III, V, and VI), or done as sculpted plastic (as on earlier incarnations), or simply left off (as in Episode IV) on future Darth Vader figures? (SSG, 03/12/08)

     The thickness of the soft goods chain cannot be reduced any further than it already is due to minimum material strength needs. Sculpted plastic would be the alternative, but it doesn't always work with the soft goods that we choose.


We've gotten new, updated, better versions of Boba Fett, IG-88, 4-LOM, and Bossk. When are you going to show Zuckuss and Dengar some update love? (ST, 03/12/08)

     We do have plans to get to an update of Zuckuss before too long. However, Dengar will still be a ways off.  Eventually, we will get to him as well but he just isn't dialed into a plan yet.
I realize that Hasbro has previously said "no" to the idea of a single universal neck peg for all of the basic figures and that the needs of a particular sculpt would dictate the peg size. However would Hasbro please consider the idea at least of a common-sized neck peg on most human characters?  For example, there were many complaints about the face sculpts for last year's Moisture Farmer Luke and Yavin Ceremony Luke. They really didn't resemble Mark Hamill even remotely and most of us searched around for an alternate Luke head to put on these figures to improve the overall look.  For example, when I used the VTSC X-Wing Luke head on my Yavin Luke, I was astonished at how much I suddenly loved this figure - although to make the head not wobble, I had to insert some extra tissue paper inside.   Having the option of swapping heads vastly improved my appreciation of this figure and I even went out and bought a second Yavin Luke for another head swap.  When Hasbro sometimes gives us a figure with a "pinhead" like the VTSC Endor Han, or the comic 2-pack Jedi Leia, again, we collectors would at least be able to find another larger head to fix the problem.  Or if we're not happy with Hasbro's version of X-Wing Biggs (because of the Dutch Vander mold) we'd have the ability to make our own X-Wing Biggs by taking the head from the Tatooine Biggs and putting it on a 2008 SA generic X-Wing pilot body (hint).  Please don't underestimate the value that having a common neck peg size for at least the human characters has for we collectors to fix perceived problems.  The ability to make minor customizations to a figure to suit our own taste has tremendous value and would probably help Hasbro to sell a few more figures for "body parts" or "extra heads". (ST, 03/12/08)

     We do try to use a standard neck size whenever possible. Sometimes, the factory makes changes to the neck without notifying us. Usually, by the time we see production samples it is too late to make changes and we just run with it.
Even though I'm not a big fan of the Geonosians as characters, I was so impressed with the sculpt and articulation of the TSC Sun Fac that I was happy to add him to my collection. I'm now wondering if Hasbro will be retooling this figure any time soon in order to give us a great generic Geonosian Warrior. It'd be a fantastic army builder and perfect for an arena diorama. (ST, 03/12/08)

     Thanks for the comment.  We don't have any specific plans for a Geonosis Warrior update in the near-term, but will take your comment into consideration.  We like the Arena battle ourselves and agree that it needs some more attention someday.


Would Hasbro ever consider using the comic 2-pack format as a way of revisiting the idea of cardboard dioramas?  It could be done in any number of ways that make sense to you (e.g. 1 figure, 1 comic, 1 diorama, OR 2 figures and 1 diorama OR 2 figures, 1 comic and 1 diorama marketed as a "deluxe" version of the comic packs with a slightly higher price point)  Obviously given the smaller size of the packaging, the diorama could not be as complex as the Jabba or Cantina environments, but it would offer something that isn't too costly for Hasbro to develop unlike a plastic playset and would offer something to collectors who are STARVED for some kind of environment to display their figures in.  Or if not in the comic 2-packs, perhaps for the VotC line when it returns someday?  It'd be a great way to pay homage to the old Kenner-style Land of the Jawas playsets and very fitting with the vintage theme. (ST/"TJ", 03/12/08)

     While the comic packs would not be the right format for it, doing something with the cardboard display scene idea is interesting and one that we have started to explore (albeit in a small way) with the upoming Captain Rex mail-in figure.  We do know that there are a number of collectors who enjoy the cardboard style scenes (and their tie back to the days of vintage toys), so we will keep that in mind as we look at different ideas.
Why is it that sometimes Hasbro will release figures that have oddly-painted eyes?  For example, the TAC Stormtrooper, the RotS AT-TE Gunner, and TAC Smuggler Lando all seem to have strange "drugged out" stares that were not there when the initial hi-res photos of the figures are posted on the SW collecting sites (although maybe these were early hand-painted samples?).  I always wonder why Hasbro's QA doesn't catch the problem early on when they inspect the factory samples and correct it before the figures are mass produced.  The drugged-out look generally seems to be due to the fact that the pupil is painted a little too far upward on the eyeball, giving the impression they're staring inexplicably up to the sky.  You've said that figures are painted by using masks -- is it just a misalignment of this mask on the figures head that shifts the paint a bit too far upward? (ST/"TJ", 03/12/08)

     You are correct in that the early photos we show sometimes are the hand-painted "paint master" or photo sample that we use for packaging, since often production samples are not available when we are doing announcements or finishing up the cards or boxes.  We also do set standards which the factory will try and follow, but face deco, especially eyes, is the single most difficult thing to get right time after time.  Our factories have incredibly talented painters, but expecting each of them to be the same is a tall order and we must allow some variation, or a large percentage will be rejected.  Sometimes it is done with masks, but eyes may also be hand-painted or applied with tampos.  It depends on the individual figure, and the factory doing the work.
It seems that the only criticism of the otherwise superb Kashyyyk 41st Elite trooper is that he is a bit too short. We had a similar problem when Hasbro previously released Commander Cody and unfortunately Cody was dwarfed by his own 212th clones and his general.  Now it's the reverse and Gree (and apparently every other clonetrooper figure) are taller than the poor 41st clones! While maybe height issues are appropriate for a squad commanded by Yoda, will Hasbro look into tweaking this sculpt in the future?  Perhaps thicker boot heels and extending the neck peg and waist just a wee bit taller would help alleviate things?  And could Hasbro also pass a note onto its designers that since we collectors often pose the clonetroopers with their clone commanders and Jedi generals that it's important to ensure their heights are all very close together to create a satisfying diorama? Why the sudden change in the height of the figures? (ST/"TJ", 03/12/08)

     While we'd like to say that the Republic typically assigned the small, lighter Clones to the scout trooper / speeder bike corps, we realize that makes no sense. But we will say that any differences in height are not intentional as all Clones are supposed to be the same 6'0" height. However, unfortunately, manufacture variances do sometimes occur. One can start with the same size sculpt and still end up with some variances as we have seen before with some figures, however unintentional. These variations tend to happen for several reasons. 1. Humidity does play a part in the molding processes. Typically, figures shrink aprox. 4% from our tooling models. But, this can vary.  2. When tool parts are finally assembled, they can fit together slightly differently than originally intended, adding variety. 3. Removable helmets also tend to pose difficulties. We sculpt heads separately, then make a head casting, then sculpt a helmet over the top of the cast head. This allows us to estimate the wall thickness necessary for a removable piece. But, this is an estimation and there are minimum requirements for manufacturing. In some cases, the manufacturing vendor will request to make the helmet larger in production to increase the wall thickness. This causes a big helmet look and creates aesthetic scale issues.  4.  The combination of elements above can create combination variations. 5. The final possibility is there was an unintended mistake and our hardworking design, sculpting, and manufacturing elves just missed it.


I've noticed in the last few weeks that the prices of the Titanium vehicles have passed the price of a basic figure. Has the tooling and/or the supplies to make them made the cost go up or is this being done by the retailers? (SWC, 03/12/08)

     Due to forces beyond out control, we did indeed take a price increase on Titanium vehicles recently. You have probably seen retailers take their price up as a result.

Will Hasbro be making any large scale weapons (like the E-11 and Clone Nerf weapon ) for the upcoming Clone Wars Cartoon to go with the Voice activated Clone Trooper helmet and/or any weapons in general this year? Costumer's and kids love these by the way. (SWC, 03/12/08)

     We will not be making any new blasters for Clone Wars this year, instead re-decoing our current library of blasters.

PROXY and Shaak Ti are two THE FORCE UNLEASHED characters conspicuous by their absences in the 3 3/4" action figure line. Any chance to see them added as EU characters to the line in the future, either single-carded or together as a Comic Pack (since there is a FORCE UNLEASHED comic)? (SWC, 03/12/08)

     There is a possibility that one or both of these characters could see the light of day eventually. Although neither is slotted into the line plan (and we have yet to see the TFU comic ourselves), they are cool characters and certainly good candidates for a future offering.


We've now had time to digest the Indy toy line previewed in NYC, ! With two Indiana's in both the Raiders and Crystal Skull waves, can we expect additional variant Indy's in the Temple of Doom and Last Crusade waves ? Perhaps "torn shirt" Indy and "necktie" Indy ? Also, Raiders Indy has a touch of the Darth Malak "scary eyes" - will this be fixed prior to release ?. (, 03/12/08)

     Thanks for the comments - glad you are looking forward to the IJ line. Yes, we do plan additional Indy figures for Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade as well. As for what those will be, we will plan on releasing the next wave information around Comic Con in July, if not before. As for eyes, there is another similar question about eyes on Star Wars figures from another fan site this week, and the answer is the same: eye deco is one of the toughest aspects of any figure in 3-3/4" scale to get consistent, since it all involves human touches (whether applied by hand, with spray masks, or with tampos). Slight variations is an expected part of the process. As time goes on and we work through the production of any figures with our factories, we look to dial in tighter to reduce variation.

The two small "Indy Trap" dioramas from the Deluxe line have a lot of potential. Will these continue, showing traps from the other movies ? Also, these type of "environments" are really lacking in the Star Wars there any opportunity there ? (, 03/12/08)

     These two are it for the year in the Deluxe assortment, but it will continue into next year with some interesting new ideas along the same lines (though probably not as *big* as these have been). While we feel the environmental piece is an important one for IJ, since the action is so specific to certain scenes, the idea doesn't necessarily translate to Star Wars as readily and we have been spending our energies elsewhere, broadening the figure and vehicle lines. That doesn't mean there won't be a few surprises here and there, but there aren't any "Deluxe" lines on the drawing board for Star Wars.

Once again, the Comic Packs look fabulous. Now that you've explored the Legacy, Prequel and OT periods, can we expect a foray into the distant past of KOTOR ? (, 03/12/08)

     Yes, but the foray won't be as deep as the film period or Legacy packs. Look for at least one, perhaps two, KotOR/Tales of the Jedi packs next year.


First off thanks for having another fabulous showing at this year's Toyfair, With all the announcements made, 7/26/08 (Saturday) is going to be the busy day at most retailers which begs the question - are there any TRU (or other retailer) "midnight madness" plans like with past major line releases? (YF, 03/12/08)

     Yes indeed, retailers are shaping up their plans and there will be activity similar to 2005 and the launch of Episode III toys. As for specific details, it is too early to talk about it but as things take shape we will keep fans informed.

I'm REALLY excited about the comic packs taken from the Legacy series. My question concerns the Imperial Knights pack. It looks from the photos that they have Red sabers. Now I know that often the product we see at Toy Fair isn't the final product, so we're wondering if the final release will include the correct "silver/ white/clear" sabers that the Knights are drawn with in the comics. (YF, 03/12/08)

     Yes indeed, the final sabers will be clear (silver).

In the press photos distributed by Hasbro, the V-19 Clone Fighter is displayed with it's wings folded up (for landing) and down (for flight) it was displayed this way in your booth at Toyfair as well, but in both instances the center wing was in the same position. Does this wing, in fact, fold under the main fuselage as shown in the Clone Wars cartoon and will there be any sort of weathering paint treatment this vehicle? (YF, 03/12/08)

     Yes, the center wing will be able to be folded down under the fuselage. This is truly an amazing vehicle if we do say so ourselves! As for weathering, it will be pretty much in the paint scheme shown at Toy Fair. For this guy, the money is definitely tied up in the vehicle tooling, and not necessarily the deco.


The new 2008 Kashyyyk Trooper was made visibly smaller than the rest of the clones from Episode III. I was very disappointed upon opening this highly anticipated figure to discover this very discouraging flaw. Was there any reason behind this? (YN, 03/12/08)

     While we'd like to say that the Republic typically assigned the small, lighter Clones to the scout trooper / speeder bike corps, we realize that makes no sense. But we will say that any differences in height are not intentional as all Clones are supposed to be the same 6'0" height.

However, unfortunately, manufacture variances do sometimes occur. One can start with the same size sculpt and still end up with some variances as we have seen before with some figures, however unintentional. These variations tend to happen for several reasons.

1. Humidity does play a part in the molding processes. Typically, figures shrink aprox. 4% from our tooling models. But, this can vary.

2. When tools parts are finally assembled, they can fit together slightly differently than originally intended, adding variety.

3. Removable helmets also tend to pose difficulties. We sculpt heads separately, then make a head casting, then sculpt a helmet over the top of the cast head. This allows us to estimate the wall thickness necessary for a removable piece. But, this is an estimation and there are minimum requirements for manufacturing. In some cases, the manufacturing vendor will request to make the helmet larger in production to increase the wall thickness. This causes a big helmet look and creates aesthetic scale issues.

4. The combination of elements above can create combination variations.

5. The final possibility is there was an unintended mistake. And our hardworking design, sculpting, and manufacturing elves just missed it.

There have never been figures based on the later jedi knights games! Seeing as there have recently been figures based on the battlefront, force unleashed, kotor and republic commando games, is there any chance that figures like Desan, Tavion, the reborn and a new KYLE KATARN could be incorporated into the line sometime in the future as a 2 packs or carded figures? (YN, 03/12/08)

     There is a very good chance that Kyle Katarn will become a figure at some point. Whether or not he is based on the Jedi Knights games is TBD. The odds are longer on the others.

Can you speak on the rumors that Hasbro Is working on a way to make the 2008 released FX Lightsabers in some form of plastic or cheaper synthetic material as opposed to the metal we have seen from MR in order to bring the cost down to something not only a collector would buy but also a child? (YN, 03/12/08)

     Those rumors are false. We have an abundant supply of lightsabers focused at kids already in the form of basic, electronic, The Force Unleashed, Ultimate LS, etc. Our intention is to keep production exactly the same, with the same materials, on a consistent and ongoing basis. In addition, future FX sabers that we plan to introduce would also be made of the same materials to form a contiguous collection.
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Re: The Hasbro Q & A Compendium
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Session 49 - March 20, 2008

(4-".de, 03/12/08)


Would Hasbro ever consider doing a figure of a "classic style" Sy Snootles from before the Special Editions? That's the one including the feather hat, tusks, more realistic eyes, a microphone, and can still be seen in the current version on the sail barge. (AF, 03/20/08)

     We won't say never, but the odds of us getting to updates of the Jabba's band are pretty long.

Does Nippet the Wokling come out of his basket? If so, might you be able to share a picture of this? (AF, 03/20/08)

     Indeed Nippet does. Attached is a pic. Enjoy!

Although Hasbro's been releasing more and more Battle Droid designs lately, one that's been overlooked so far has been the Geonosis Battle Droid Commander, the one that has the OOM-9-style yellow markings on a maroon body. Moreover, the last Battle Droid Commander you released had a regular Battle Droid's backpack, which is inaccurate, the commander droids have no backpack, only a small antenna array as seen on your Ep 1 OOM-9 figure. Might this design be considered for the next time we see Battle Droid figures, perhaps even in a Geonosis Arena battle pack with the unreleased Geonosian Cannon accessory that was originally shown with the Arena playset? (AF, 03/20/08)

     We do indeed have plans to bring out this maroon commander in 2009 if our plan holds, and we will pass along your comment about the antenna array as the correct one. Thanks.


What prompted the unusual creation of figures based on the Return of the Jedi sandstorm scene, which fans have never even seen aside from a few fuzzy still photos, and why wasn't Slave Leia in sandstorm garb (or the less significant Skiff Guard Lando) included among the group? (GH, 03/20/08)

     When we learned about the existence of the deleted sandstorm scene, we were very intrigued and thought we had the nucleus of an intriguing wave. As you know, a key to our basic figure wave strategy is to look for new versions of core heroes, and this scene was the perfect opportunity to deliver some original, if not in the movie, concepts for these iconic characters.  We do have plans to do a sandstorm version of Princess Leia at a future date.

We (Brian Wilke and I) discussed this a bit at Toy Fair, and the "big tuna" Rebel Troop Transport is seen in all three "Classic" Star Wars films. It's not the most exciting vehicle, granted, but it's a nice sized freighter. Why not resurrect it with more "playset" styled features in its belly and lid? (We modern collectors would just be happy with the piece as-is, but extra features never hurt.) What do our friends at Hasbro think? (It's cooler than the Cloud Car, at least.) (GH, 03/20/08)

     This vehicle has been suggsested numerous times in Q&A over the last couple of years, primarily because it (and the Cloud Car) have yet to be updated for the modern line.  Despite that, we do not feel that either of these are the best candidates for our (precious and limited) vehicle slots. They are not overally aggressive vehicles or in the case of the Rebel Transport, visually interesting.  If we were to invest resources and tooling in a vehicle/playset combo as you suggest, our choice would probably not be the Rebel Transport.

For each of the prequel trilogy Hasbro developed one large playset. First we saw the Attack of the Clones Geonosis Arena Playset recycled as the G.I. Joe: Attack on Cobra Mountain Playset. Now we're seeing the Revenge of the Sith Mustafar Duel Playset being recycled to create an Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull playset. Is there a contractual obligation with LFL to make at least one big playset per film? We've been told time and again that they don't sell, but we see "our" sets used for other lines, and it leaves Star Wars fans a little bitter. So what gives here? (GH, 03/20/08)

     There is no contractual obligation to produce a playset; we tackle the best line-up for the movie on a case-by-case basis.  For example, there is no playset for The Clone Wars… unless you consider the AT-TE a playset on legs as many kids probably will.


Hasbro, are there any plans to do an Obi-wan evolutions pack. We are now only lacking a super articulated Episode I Obi-wan to go with our evolutions Qui-gon and Darth Maul. Most importantly though, is the lack of a definitive Episode II Obi-wan. Every version released since 2002-2004 saga collection was rendered sub par by mediocre action features and awkward presculpted poses. While we have had similar comic pack versions released, they have been wearing wrong color clothing or Episode III boots because most have been retools of the Pilot Obi-wan figure, or a solid cloak which restricts articulation. To complete the set, we could use a redo on Episode IV Ben Kenobi. The vintage OTC version was not so satisfactory either, due to straight cut swivel arms that are sculpted oddly, a ridiculously puffy cloak and no knee articulation. Any chance of wish fullfilment this year? Even word of a single carded version of these would be fantastic. (IS, 03/20/08)*

     OK, great question. The answer is that an Obi-Wan Evolution set with figures from EpI, EpII, and EpIV *was* on the drawing board for late in the Evo run, but the plug was pulled. Before you get to angry with us, though, it was cancelled for a good reason: the figures are going to be some of the "anchor" figures for upcoming waves in late 2008/early 2009. All three fgures should see the shelves by the end of 2009, in any case.

I think we can all agree that the KOTOR figures released last year were very popular. Any chance we may see a few more characters from the game? Bastilla Shan, Carth Onassi perhaps? I also wondered if you had considered a player character figure. While technically you already did the character, I won't say how for fear of ruining a plot element for anyone who has yet to play the game, but how about a "battle pack" or 2 pack like the "order 66". I was thinking maybe a somewhat generic figure, male and female versions in a couple of different costumes from the game with swappable heads for different hair styles/ colors and different ethnicities. I think the McQuarrie rebel trooper body would be an excellent mold with minor retooling and different paint. I really love that head sculpt. The McQuarrie figures in general look like they are right out of the game except for color. For 2-packs maybe pair one player character body with one of the main characters? (IS, 03/20/08)*

     We do think that at some point we will get to Bastilla Shan (although there is no timetable), and with the success of the Dark Horse series it makes characters like Carth a greater possibility for future years as that series continues. However, we don't know about the player character idea for KotOR. You have some interesting suggestions, especially using existing tooling (a big criteria for doing ideas like this). While we still doubt we'd do these, given everything else floating around, we will take a look at some point.

Often with these Q&A sessions, we get answers (especially about playsets) about the cost or retooling, new sculpts, etc. Is there any way you can break down this process for us so that we can have a greater understanding on why we get these answers? I think a lot of collectors who ask questions and get these answers get frustrated because we just don't understand all of it. I think if you were able to explain it all to us, we'd be much happier! (IS, 03/20/08)*

     Everything we do as costing associated with it from various areas and all of these are put together before we proceed in a project. We have engineers on staff whose exact job it is to accurately forecast detailed costing information for tooling, plastic prices, packaging specifications, deco, inter-factory transfer costs, transportation, labor, and a host of other things we need to get our arms around. This is vital when creating a product whether it is a single figure, a whole lineup like Legacy/Droid factory figures, a new or repainted vehicle, a new lightsaber role-play short, the entire line. We have targets we need to hit, and in cases where there is an extraordinary cost associated with it (such as a playset) there needs to be a very high degree of confidence that we will meet our goals.

In the case of playsets, we do not have confidence (based on past experience with Star Wars and other brands) that we will have the market support for our ideas. That is why we have focused our energy on large vehicles, like the AT-TE, instead of playsets. It doesn't mean that we will never do things like playsets, but it would have to be a "must have" for today's generation of kids. That would mean that any new playset would not be drawn from the classic films, since they are not as relevant to the next generation of kids as the new entertainment will be. It's too early to tell exactly where Clone Wars will take us, and whether there is a great persistent enviroment in there suitable for playset creation, but from what we have seen we think the big vehicle approach is the best one.


During the Toy Fair collector event, you briefly mentioned the possibility of a third basic figure line hitting the shelves at the end of the year. The line was going to be like the Saga Legends repack line, but focused more on bringing back figures of characters that would compliment the Clone Wars line. Is this still going to happen, and if so, are we talking mainly Jedi, Clones, and Droids in the line? (JD, 03/20/08)

     There will indeed be a third basic figure line this Fall, once again called "Saga Legends". Unlike previous Saga Legends, this one is kid-focused around the animation and will consist of hero characters who are prominent in the animation, but who will not have an animated version for their character right away or who we are looking to get out there in greater numbers to take advantage of the excitement that the movie and TV show will generate. The lineup consists of figures you might expect: Anakin, Obi-Wan, R2-D2, Yoda with Kybuck, C-3PO, numerous Clones and droids, and others.

All of the figures will be existing. It's too early to say whether the line will continue longer than through Spring. Because this line was created to complement the animated line, and be particularly kid-focused, we aren't planning on doing any particular fan-request figures in this line like we have done with past Saga Legends.

Our "OT only" collecting friends are starting to worry about a lack of original trilogy goodness in the basic figure line this year. We’ve had a RotS wave and an EU wave (TFU) in 2008. Confirmed for the Legacy Collection are a RotJ wave and another EU wave ("old" Clone Wars). That’s only 25% OT goodness so far.

In the Q&As, you've confirmed that there are four waves of the Legacy Collection yet to be revealed, one of those being a repaints wave and one being RotS-based (again). Please give our "OT only" friends a reason to believe that the two remaining "yet-to-be-revealed" waves will be chocked full o’ OT goodness!
(JD, 03/20/08)

     There have been a number of wave shifts as we've gotten further into the year, so some of our original lineup projections have had to change as we have had delays and shifts (always one of the headaches of trying to give advance info, only to have things change beyond our control). So, here's the latest: In addition to what you have outlined, there will be three additional basic figure waves in the Legacy Collection. One will be a predominantly repaint wave that will draw from across the Saga, one will be an EpIII wave, and the final wave will be EpIV. We were angling for another OTC wave in there but it was running behind so it was pushed out to 2009. We will tell you that 2009 has a great OTC lineup and we hope to provide a sneak peak into that at Comic Con.

OK, so now that we know there are plans in the works for "Midnight Madness" events for The Clone Wars toy launch in July, we’ve got to wonder about the man in the hat. Do you know if there are any "Midnight Madness" events in the works for your big Indy toy launch in May? (JD, 03/20/08)

     There are no plans, as far as we know, for special Midnight Madness-type events for IJ. If you hear of any, let us know!


Will we see more Evolution sets centered around original triology characters, for example Luke (Tatooine, Bespin, Jedi) or Han (ANH, Bespin, Endor)? (JI, 03/20/08)

     We do not have any plans for Luke or Han Evolution sets for this year, since many of those figures were recently done or will be upcoming in basic figures in the next couple of years. In general, on Evolutions, our tendency is to cover a theme with multiple characters (like Legacy of the Sith, Legacy of the Jedi, Legacy of the Fetts, upcoming Rebellion and Imperial pilots) or a single character we are not likely to do in basic figures for a long, long time (Secret Apprentice, Padme).

Can we expect to see any more holiday-themed exclusives this year - like last year's Father's Day set? (JI, 03/20/08)

     We don't have any more 3-3/4" holiday-themed sets planned for this year. However, we are looking at another possibility, and if we can get it done we'll have details at Comic Con. Until then, that's all we will say.

Can you tell us what new Transformers/Star Wars sculpts we might see for this year? (JI, 03/20/08)

     Four all-new sculpts are planned for later this Fall. We are going to be revealing all of them (and possibly more) at Comic Con, but we'll give you a little taste of our September wave: General Grievous/Grievous Starfighter, and TIE Pilot/TIE Bomber.


We collectors are a funny bunch and sometimes we’re very hard to please.   This is related to some of the exclusives that came out last year.

We don’t know if you’re aware but in the UK the McQuarrie Luke from Celebration Europe is currently being given away at TRU stores with a Star Wars spend over £25 and the Celebration Europe McQuarrie R2 and 3P0 are available now from for just £1.99. 

Finally, the Comic Con Shadow Trooper Bike/Scout is available from for just $10. With all this is mind, we’ve had several readers e-mailing us and being rather upset at this turn of events based on the fact that these McQuarrie figures were originally £15 at Celebration Europe and whilst the Comic Con exclusive was never available in the UK the costs of buying it on the secondary market was very expensive – especially shipping.

They’ve asked why you think this has happened, was it due to the fact that these items were over-produced and therefore there’s a glut of them left in the market or is there another reason? (, 03/20/08)

     The simple reason is that while we were able to better forecast demand for the U.S. Celebration exclusives, due to a lot of experience with the U.S. fan base, getting a feel for the size of the European market was more of a challenge.  As such, since it was the first Celebration there, we did not want to disappoint fans and there was excess which found its way to market. If there are future Celebration Europes (or any other European show for that matter), these learnings will help us dial in more acutely on the right quantities to bring.

Captain Rex – this figure looks amazing and we’re really pleased you’ve gone back to revisit the ideas of dioramas that were first seen with the Expanded Universe line.   Unfortunately, the promotion that’s running in the US to get this figure is not coming over to Europe.   Will you or can you find another way of getting this released over here (could it be released as an exclusive or directly via Hasbro UK)?   Otherwise we’re going to have to resort to eBay and it’s not going to be cheap! (, 03/20/08)

     While we do not have concrete information, our team is still looking for ways to make use of the Captain Rex figure in the European market.  Jedi News - this is great news, we'll keep you all informed...

In the last round of Q&A answers you said that the Comic Con Exclusive Vader and Emperor may debut a week earlier at Celebration Japan.  Will the folk in Europe and especially us here in the UK get a chance to buy this figure set?  Also, is there any chance of a photo... please? (, 03/20/08)

     Attached is a photo, James.  Right now it is planned as a Comic Con exclusive (with a Japanese splash) and we are looking for ways to also bring it to Europe although the specific retailer has not been lined up as of yet.


When can collectors expect to see Hasbro packaged Force FX lightsabers arrive in stores?  And on the same note, can they expect any new products in this line within the calender year? (JTA, 03/20/08)

     This Fall (approximately August) will see the first Hasbro-produced sabers hit market.  Since the factory and production line is the same, it's our intention to make the transition seamless.  There will not be any new products slated for 2008, but there are some on tap for 2009.  Stay tuned for more info on those at the end of the year.

At Toy Fair we saw that some of the other Hasbro licensed properties (Marvel & Transformers specificially) have taken up the Unleashed concept and put a large Unleashed figure offering in their own lines.  In the past the Hasbro Star Wars group has said that the Unleashed figures proved too costly to continue, and yet other boys toys groups within Hasbro are continuing on with this concept.  Did the Unleashed line just prove to not be as solid of a sales performer in the Star Wars line as the 3.75" figure system? (JTA, 03/20/08)

     Collectors just did not embrace the format to nearly the extent that other segments of the line enjoy (especially 3-3/4").  An impressive number of Star Wars Unleashed 7" figures did see the light of day, but the smaller production volumes just could not be sustained when compared to where else in the Star Wars line those design and tooling resources could be employed.  As for the popularity of the format in other lines, we really cannot speculate since every brand is different.

One of the highlights of Toy Fair had to be the AT-TE.  But of equal note was the V-19 Torrent and the Homing Spider Droid which are part of the $19.99 vehicle assortment.  Can collectors expect more than just these two vehicles in the Clone Wars assault vehicle assortment when that line launches in July?  Also, is it possible to get an image of the V-19 toy with all of it's wings in flight mode, as seen in this image? (JTA, 03/20/08)

     There will be other vehicles carried forward into the Clone Wars vehicle lineup, including some of the existing EpIII starfighters, a re-release of the Anakin modified starfighter, V-Wing, Grievous Starfighter, and the like.  We will not have any additional new vehicles in the assortment until late in the Fall or early 2009.  See the below picture for the V-19 in it's flying position.


When comparing the designs from the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy, I don't think that anyone would argue that the designs of the prequel Characters, droids, creatures and vehicles are much more complex. Characters specifically are much different. The characters, specifically aliens, of the Original Trilogy are very "Human" shapes, where with the prequel trilogy we get a lot more aliens who are not so human is shape. We get serpent like characters such as Oppo Rancisis, bug like characters like the Geonosians and characters who have a much smaller stature (Tsui Choi, some of the podracers) or have a smaller skeletal structure (kaminoans, some of the podracers).

Having said that, do the design that Lucasfilm have created make it harder (from a design, engineering and cost perspective) for you to turn them into 3 3/4inch figures? Does or has this level of detail/complexity effect your line-up choices? Is there anything that you have been trying to do, but just cannot get it "right" and have put it in the "too hard basket" least for now? (MD, 03/20/08)

     Generally, the challenges of both are equal but different. There are positives and negatives to both the Classic and Prequels. In the classics, props had to be created using pieces of real objects, but had to be constructed to make us feel that they were futuristic and other-worldly.

This was due in some part to the limitations in technology which made the prop/set designers work under more “real-world” restraints. These restraints created unique and in some cases more believable design solutions. Conversely, the CGI technology of the modern era allowed Star Wars to explore more conceptual designs. However, these design do not always have to meet restraints of actual physics (ie. R2 fitting into a CGI starfighter that is not thick enough for him to fit in or a Destroyer droid that unrolls but the CGI parts actually occupy the same space in ball form.) The challenge with CGI is to really create an object so that you believe to be real. In both cases, the goal is to transport us to different time and place but the means to get there are different. As for actual sculpting difficulties, small characters are fine, since the demands for articulation on these characters are usually relaxed (and there are plenty of small figures in the OTC as well, including Yoda, Jawas, and Ugnaughts. Anything that is taller but very thin (like Battle Droids legs) pose a challenge from the standpoint of making sure there is enough articulation to meet collector needs.

We can sculpt pretty much anything, and we can get anything to move, but getting them to look great (like the on-screen version), move, and be durable and not fall over, is the biggest challenge.

This question is in to a background Tatooine vehicle - The 9000 Z001 Landspeeder, (the UFO like craft that's parked outside the Cantina to the right of the front entrance when Luke & Obi-Wan arrive & walk in). To date, apart from the one included in the Mos Eisley Lego set, I believe there has been no toy made of this unique vehicle to speak of.
Will we ever see this make it's debut in the 3&3/4" line some day? As a huge OT fan - & particularly of EPIV, this would simply be a dream come true for me! (MD, 03/20/08)

     We have actually thought about doing that before, but put the idea aside since there are still many more great, aggressive vehicles yet to do.  Someday we could look at it, but it will probably be a long while.

The Titanium Series collectibles was effectively ignored at Toy Fair this year. Does this represent a lack of interest in the brand, or nothing more than a lack of product to show? (MD, 03/20/08)

     We could not cover everything at Toy Fair this year, and Titanium was one of the lines that we just didn't have the space and time to explore fully. Rest assured that the basic vehicle assortment will continue on for a long, long time. We have a lot of great vehicles, and quite a few new tools, coming up later this year and are developing many exciting entries for 2009 as well. We plan to take a more in-depth deep dive at Comic Con this Summer..


Many collectors are passing on the Fett evolution set and are wanting some changes to Boba and Jango. Jango is too purple and should be more blue, Boba's color is off and he is missing the icon on his chest plate. The helmets on both are somewhat warped as well. Is there any chance that Boba and Jango will see single carded releases with these changes? (RS, 03/20/08)
     The Evolution of the Fett clan will run through 2009, and we will be updating to a version with the tampo (a regrettable error). Right now, we don't have any plans to offer these on basic figure cards.

Great job with Toy Fair 2008. The toys look great and I am very excited about all the different things that were shown. One of my favorite items at Toy Fair was the Padmé Legacy Evolutions set. All three figures look great and will make a great addition to the other Padmés. However, I was noticing that of all the Padmés that have been made, there are still no Padmés in her various senator outfits. There are numerous battle Padmés and scene specific ones, including the nightgown/birth one, but none can be used for any of her senator scenes. Does Hasbro plan to release a Padmé in one of her senator outfits soon? Possibly in the 2009 AOTC wave that you have mentioned in previous question and answer threads? (RS, 03/20/08)

     Thanks for the comments, and we hope all of the Padmé fans like the Evolutions set (we think it came out great and it's worth the wait for some great Padmés). While we don't have a senator outfit in the lineup for 2009, we agree that it should be one of the next ones done when we craft our next AotC wave. So while it won't be as soon as you like, it won't be too long (hopefully) before we get to Senator Amidala.

I would like to say thank you again for the upcoming release of V-19 Torrent Starfighter and TIE-Defender. I was wondering since you have released a number of ships and vehicles ranging for the six episodes,Clone Wars,and EU if you plan to release the following ships and vehicles within the next year or two:  Sith Fighter, UT-AT, SPHA-T, Naboo Yacht, Eclipse-Class Star Destroyer, E-wing, Republic Carrier, Imperial Transport (ANH special edition) (RS, 03/20/08)

     We assume you mean Titanium. Yes you can look for some of these vehicles in 2009. Specifically we have plans for the E-wing, Republic Carrier, & UT-AT. Thanks for your continued support of Titanium. Keep your eyes open for these new ships and many more.


Why do the Walmart exclusives seem to be so scarce? The Jabba's Palace entertainers showed up in Michigan for the first time the first week of March, 2008. In other parts of the country they've already been clearanced out. The exclusive comic packs still can't be found around here. This doesn't seem to happen with the Toys R Us and Target exclusives, although last year's Target exclusive battle packs did go very fast. (RTM, 03/20/08)

     Not all WM stores will carry Star Wars exclusives, due to different store layouts (amount of space decidated to toys) or the relative strength of the store as it indexes to Star Wars sales. In other cases, it may take a while for the exclusives (or any item in general) to actually get out of the distribution center, and, once in store, to get out of the back room to shelves. We have no other explanation for why the Jabba's Palace sets you saw actually got to the shelf months after most other stores had theirs.

Why do the build-a-droid R7 droids have jet boosters on them and will they be removable? (RTM, 03/20/08)

     We added them to put additonal play and functionality in the Droid Factory figures. The good news is that yes, they are removable.

Regarding the SW Legacy Line's Bane Malor, is the bandolier covering his chest removable? Also, is the helmet removable? And is the head ball-jointed? (RTM, 03/20/08)

     The bandolier will not be removable, nor will the helmet be (there is no face sculpted for him). The head will be ball-jointed and can be removed.


Should Hasbro ever decide to revisit the Ishi Tib species with a new figure, would you be more inclined to do one from Jabba's palace first, the prequels, or would you want to update the figure from 1998 of the unnamed rebel? (SSG, 03/20/08)

     We would probably go with an OTC version. While an Ishi Tib is not in any planend waves for the next couple of years, it is a good candidate for eventually updating since there is also a vintage precedent.

With the upcoming Comic Pack figure of Cade Skywalker, you seem to have nailed his look, but he doesn't seem to be coming with his green lightsaber. Might that be rectified in time for the figure's release since it's unlikely we'll be seeing another Cade Skywalker figure for a while? Cade's even holding the hilt on the cover of Legacy #2, and after all, your figure of Quinlan Vos wasn't entirely accurate to the issue he came with, instead opting for his more popular look, so why not give Cade his saber? (SSG, 03/20/08)

     Originally, it was planned that Cade would have a saber hilt. However, the hard copy was misplaced and by the time the mistake was discovered, it could not be included. We decided to release as is (since he has his blaster rifle).

While it's our site policy to avoid rumors, our readers have been wound up a bit on this one so they demanded we ask.... It seems like there was a lot of hype and rumor about a new Millennium Falcon vehicle for the main line, including the leak of a Target DCPI number that came with the AT-TE - which Hasbro is indeed materializing. There was a lot of expectation that Hasbro would unveil both the AT-TE and this new Millennium Falcon at Toy Fair, and while the former appeared, the latter did not, so might you comment on these Falcon rumors at all? If nothing else, a simple confirmation or denial would ease a lot of collector tension. (SSG, 03/20/08)

     We have no comment on anything to do with a Millenium Falcon item, other than to say that it is not our policy to comment on certain rumors especially as they pertain to items that may appear in the Target (or any other retailer's) computers. Often, there is a reason for this secrecy because some items may be part of that retailers promotional tactics such as the Ultimate Battle Packs at Target. Whether or not there is another such concept in development will not be commented upon for this reason.


With the new release of the clone wars AT-TE vehicle coming up, are there going to be any more plans for producing more large scaled vehicles?  Is it going to depend on the sales of the AT-TE?

Im stoked to see Hasbro making larger Star Wars vehicles.  The one vehicle I would love to see the most is the Clone Turbo Tank.  Im sure a lot of other collectors especially ones who collect mostly clone trooper figures would go into a frenzy if Hasbro planned on doing this! (ST, 03/20/08)

     We do think that the large vehicle format is the way to go to unlock the excitement of the Clone Wars, but whether we do another one will depend greatly on how this one does and what other vehicles await in the Clone Wars animation.  By this Fall, we should know a lot more on both of those scores, but if what we have seen of the early animation holds out for the rest of the series, the future looks very bright.

Do you have any plans to make more interactive 3 3/4 inch Star Wars action figures? The R2-D2 that beeps and flashes when you press a button on his chest, or the Chewbacca that carried C-3PO with eyes that lit up are recent examples. I understand that costs could be a factor early on, but why not an entire line of staple Star Wars figure with similar interactivity? A Vader with a light saber that would glow red and makes the famous breathing sound when pressed, or a Stormtrooper th at yelled "stop right there" and the tip of his gun would glow red when pressed, would make exciting figures! (ST, 03/20/08)

     Interesting question.  The biggest obstacles are the extra cost of electronics, and being able to incoporate them in a way that does not detract from the aesthetics of the figure. We can't afford to put lights and sounds in many 3-3/4" figures in the "basic" price point because of the added expense; if we did, we would have to take cost out elsewhere to be able to afford them. We could look at a higher price point (as we have done in the past for FX figures), but aside from droids, we don't think that the electronics within figures add all that much to the 3-3/4" play pattern. If we could afford the cost, perhaps the more serious challenge is where we can actually hide the electronics in the human figures. On figures like R2-D2, electronics and asethetics can be combined relatively seemlessly because of R2's relative lack of articulation and body width that can accomodate the guts (electronics & battery). On humans, something would have to give if the electronics were inside the figures - like an an increase in chest size, and certainly decreased shoulder/arm articulation.
In a recent Q&A about the Vintage Line, you made this comment:

"The stable of real strong versions of core OTC characters to anchor future vintage waves is getting thin, we just don't feel the future is there for Vintage as we have been bringing it out."

I'm not sure how you're getting to that conclusion. There were 92 figures in the original Kenner line, not to mention how many characters were never realized in plastic. So far, there have been a total of 23 figures in your "vintage" line, so you've still got close to 70 figures to make, just to catch up with Kenner  . I understand that you're looking at "core" characters, and not all of the original Kenner figures were of "core" characters, but if you're aiming this Vintage line at older collectors who remember the original vintage line and are looking to spark some nostalgia, ANY of the original Kenner figu res would do that. (ST, 03/20/08)

     Of course there are plenty of solid figures left, but you are assuming that all vintage figures sell-through to collectors at the same rate.  Actually, they do not. Core characters and strong troop builders do the best, with lesser-known characters trailing behind.  Why this is, especially when the recent mail-in redemptions encourage even purchase across the line, is still a bit of a mystery but does point to the fact that we need to craft Vintage waves with the same sensibilities with which we approach basic figures...a mix of core strong heroes to support the smaller-run more obscure characters.  In the main basic figure line, it is easier to compensate a number of lower-volume characters, but in a smaller assortment like vintage, each and every choice is important to helping us get to where we need to be volume-wise.


Why is it that the GI Joe line figures come with stands and more articulation that SW, yet are still $2 on average cheaper than SW figures? $6.99 average for SW versus $4.99 for GI Joe? When SW basic figures were first given stands, we were told the price increase from $5.99 to $6.99 was necessary to cover the cost of the stand? (ST/"TJ", 03/20/08)

     You can't necessarily compare across lines in an apples-to-apples manner.  There are a host of other parameters used in establishing and setting our targets.  Lucasfilm royalties are also one factor that we must build into our line which other brands will not have.
Any chance of releasing any of the exclusive set Galactic Heroes figures in the regular line of 2-packs? I know a lot of collectors that didn't buy the Cinema Scenes because they had every figure save one or two (Leia from Hoth, Jar Jar and Qui-Gon from Naboo, etc.). Any chance we can get those without spending the $30 for the entire set, even if they were repainted in some form? (ST/"TJ", 03/20/08)

     We don't have any plans right now to release those figures in the 2-pack line.  Instead, we are working hard to try and make as many of the figures in the Cinema Scenes unique as possible so collectors feel that they are "must have" sets to complement the 2-packs.  Could they appear someday? It's always a possibility, but for now they will remain exclusive.

We're getting Force Unleashed 3.75" figures, and Unleashed Battlepacks... any chance of some Force Unleashed characters showing up in your other lines, like Galactic Heroes? Please?? And what are the chances that we could get some other Expanded Universe characters in the Galactic Heroes line, like Quinlan Vos and Darth Revan? (ST/"TJ", 03/20/08)

     Interesting question!  Other than bringing in upcoming Clone Wars characters, we don't have any plans to dip into the EU for Galactic Heroes for the foreseeable future.  It doesn't mean we won't at some point, but right now with so many great film characters yet to be made in GH, and Clone Wars bringing a lot of kids to the format, that's where we'll be putting our emphasis.  You never can tell what he future of GH will bring, though; it does have a strong collector following in addition to kids, so we will look to keep it relevant to all audiences.


Any chance we'll see some "Vintage" Indiana Jones figures similar to the Vintage Star Wars line? (ST/"WOTS", 03/20/08)

     On a unique package background?  No, at least not in the first 12-18 months.  Most, if not all, of the "vintage" characters/outfits will be finding their way to the basic figure line, though.  Eventually, we could do a vintage-type of package treatment but it wouldn't be for a while.

At the Toy Fair Q'n'A you announced that Henry Jones would be coming out as a figure. Can you give us any more details? Will he be single carded, deluxe, or possibly a pack-in with a vehicle? (ST/"WOTS", 03/20/08)

     We are assuming you mean 3-3/4" and not another expression (like Adventure Heroes).  Yes, he will be coming out later this year.  Stay tuned!

Again, at the Toy Fair Q'n'A a question was asked about the possibility of future playsets. What would you guys like to see made for the Indiana Jones lines, and would the old molds be used or would they be completely new toolings? (ST/"WOTS", 03/20/08)

     The original Kenner tools do not seem to be available, at least as far as we can find, so anything we did would need to be new.  As far as what we'd like to see, without question something in the Map Room/Well of Souls vein would be cool (and the most vintage-inspired).  However, playsets are very expensive to produce and we have to see how Akator does (and kid demand for IJ in general) before we can consider any more.


I'm pretty excited about the Droid Factory concept and think it's like the coolest idea ever. Will we see R2, R3, and R5 astromechs join the line along side the announced R4 and R7 models? And do you know what the duration of this line will be? I'd like to see it go on as long as possible! (SWC, 03/20/08)

     Thanks for the great word … we are excited about Droid Factory ourselves and hope that it has a long, long run. The answer to your question is yes, yes, and yes … all three models are in the 2009 lineup.

THE FORCE UNLEASHED Evolutions set is awesome, and the Secret Apprentice character's three separate identities look really cool. But, in the character art used on the box, the Sith Lord is using two red-bladed sabers that look like the one packed in the hands of the Apprentice figure, while the art for the Apprentice shows him wielding the pronged saber packed with the Sith Lord figure. Which depictions would be more game-accurate? (SWC, 03/20/08)

     They are both game-accurate (as of this writing). For more info on the game itself, you will have to wait and see when TFU debuts later this year.

2008's Legacy Collection looks like it will be off to a great start with the Clone Wars and RETURN OF THE JEDI waves. Will this line's packaging be incorporated into the Comic Packs and Evolutions sets, or will those continue to sport 30th Anniversary Collection-style packages? (SWC, 03/20/08)

     The enite Star Wars line will switch over to the blue & white motiff shownat Toy Fair. The 30th line look will give away on 7/26 to the new look.


You've pretty much nailed all of the core characters from the original trilogy in terms of sculpts, articulation and variants now (with the prequels catching up). So, what's next in terms of innovation for the brand at this scale ? Can articulation be improved any further, or do the materials prohibit it ? Will we see any more attempts to introduce electronics in 3 3/4" figures ? Perhaps another attempt at the Force FX technology for sabre-weilding characters ? (, 03/20/08)

     As for innovation in 3-3/4", there are three things we are continuing to refine: pack-in concepts like the Droid Facory in which every figure gets a piece of a larger collection (the sequel to the 30th Anniversary coins), as well as continuing to push the envelope on soft goods, and updating/producing new unproduced characters with the current aesthetics and articulation. We think we're at a good place with articulation and sculpting aesthetics overall, with most characters having as much as we think they need. We pretty much pack in as much as we can for each wave (we simply can't super-articulate everything, for cost reasons). As for electronics, it's also a question of cost as well as aesthetics. We can't afford to put lights and sounds in many 3-3/4" figures in the "basic" price point because of the added expense; if we did, we would have to take cost out elsewhere to be able to afford them. We could look at a higher price point (as we have done in the past for FX figures), but aside from droids, we don't think that the electronics within figures add all that much to the 3-3/4" basic figures play pattern.

With the success of the Battle Pack format in the Star Wars line, can we expect to see something similar for Indy ? "Rope Bridge Showdown" containing Indy, the aforementioned rope bridge, Thuggee's and crocodiles would be neat ! You've already introduced the concept of multi-packs of army builders with the German Soldier 2-pack (and fans are loving you for it), so the recreation of specific scenes with some environment elements thrown in would certainly be well-received. (, 03/20/08)

     We are looking at some IJ battle pack concepts, and the one you mention is a possibility either for the Deluxe assortment or battle packs at some future point.

The figures in the Indy line all appear to have ball-jointed heads. The customising-orientated among us would like to know if the neck posts / ball and sockets are of similar dimensions so that quick swaps can be achieved (eg, Indy head on a German Soldier body = instant Indy in German Soldier Disguise / Cario Indy head on KotCS jacketless Indy body = super-articulated Cairo Indy) ? (, 03/20/08)

     We have sculpted IJ with standard head and neck post sizes, but as with Star Wars, our Asian engineering team and the factory do what they feel is needed for production of the figure. This means that some figures change in neck post size and they won't always be consistent. Since timely manufacturing and durability are two of our most important parameters, we often give ground on some of the more minor issues like universal part sizes.


What were the determining factors that went into producing the Jedi Legacy Evolutions Set. Granted Qui-Gon needed the revision, but why another Bultar Swan since we just received a version of her in the Purge Comic Pack?

Also regarding this set: There are several pre-existing Jedi accessories available that wouldn't require investments in "new" tooling (communicators, lightsaber hilts, aquabreathers, cloaks, robes etc.) why were they not included with this set? (YF, 03/20/08)

     After doing the Bultar Swan in the comic pack, we felt that we were missing the actual on-sccreen version of her and so she became a great candidate to slot into our Jedi pack. Also, we wanted to get a nice, articulated female Jedi body that we could use down the road as she actually fit two needs in that pack. As for other accessories, we put in what we could afford for these sets. Most of our costing is tied up in the new tools and deco so we used everything we could spare (the additional soft goods robes are expensive, so we could just do the one)

Another Evolutions question: There are currently 3 packaging variants of the Fett Legacy set that have been produced dealing with corrections to the film designation above Boba Fett (1 ROTJ printed, ESB sticker, ESB printed), but the Boba Fett figure itself is still missing the proper symbol on his chest. Will this be addressed in subsequent production runs of this set and/or figure? (YF, 03/20/08)

     The symbol issue was brought to our attention by fans, and we put a change into effect as quickly as we learned about it. At this point we do not have a precise date when the set will be affected, but it might not be until July at this point. This has been a tough set! We want to get it perfect in one shop, but that's not always possible, and this one unfortunately suffered the two errors but we're thankful we have a chance to correct it.

I have a question regarding the Legacy "Deleted Scene" wave. I can't help but notice that the Leia from this scene is missing from this themed-wave. Is this figure in the works or will a new Slave Leia be done instead? (YF, 03/20/08)

     Interesting question. The "deleted scene" Leia is not in the lineup for that wave because we couldn't fit her in, but we do plan on doing the Sandstorm version of her eventually (no specific date has been announced). However, your specific question about another Slave Leia being in the works first is very prescient. We do not have details to offer, but if all goes according to plans we'll see a new one in the EpVI wave planned for '09.


We know that Hasbro is in contact with Lucasfilm and they give you the material for figure designs. Is it possible that you could request that some of your unique figures designs example (mace windus purple clones, Kashyyyk deco battle droids etc) could be inserted into expanded universe material like the clone wars tv series, as to give these figures some recognition? (YN, 03/20/08)

     While we do not have any input as to what gets into the entertainment, all of the characters from various media (whether they be from the shows, comics, books, and even toys) do get incorporated into the Lucasfilm database. In this way, they become part of the expanded storyline that other groups could draw from if they so chose.

Now that you have put the super articulated touch to the 501st clone, can you please move the Clone Commando to the top of the list of the clones who need super articulation? Great figure when scorch came out and the exclusive ones are cool as well, but after just getting the new comic 2 pack all white one, I really noticed how limited his posability is. Really what he needs is knees and ankles and that would be a big improvement over the current figure. Oh, and as a nit pick, shouldn't the visor on the white commando have a blue tint just like scorch's visor? (YN, 03/20/08)

     We agree that the Clone Commando is in need of an SA figure. As of this writing, we don’t have one slotted in but will look for a way to update it to SA when we have a chance.

This one is a Indiana Jones question, With the Adventure Heroes Line will we also see play sets and environments like with Star Wars? Something along the lines of the Cantina Sets and Falcon sets? (YN, 03/20/08)

     Not initially, but eventually we hope to get to do some Cinema Scene-type ideas as the line continues into future years.
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Re: The Hasbro Q & A Compendium
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Session 50 - April 4, 2008

A few months ago Hasbro announced a Bothan figure in the Q&A. What has happened to this figure? Is the character that the figure is based on Master Hudorra from the Republic #79 Comic? (4-".de, 04/04/08)

     It's possible that we'll have a sneak peak at San Diego Comic Con. It will not be based on Master Hudorra, although we do like him. We already used Republic #79 for the Commander Keller/Galactic Marine comic pack, so if we ever do Master Hudorra, it would be in some other fashion.

Ak-Rev comes out with the second part of the big drum and with a drumstick. The band will then at last be completed. But what is the deal with this other instrument Ak-Rev plays? Will Hasbro jumps at the chance to release this to a later time perhaps within another figure compilation or in a new band edition? What considerations have led to the decision not putting this instrument in the Ak-Rev package? (4-".de, 04/04/08)

     It's a question of costing. We planned the release of the drum in two halves and this pack is packed as it is. We have no plans to release Ak-Rev with another instrument.

In Germany we do have some problems refering availability, price and case-composition of the Star Wars Action Figure line that we want to pick out as a central theme encouraged by lots of collectors and likewise by a lot of retailers in Germany. The distribution of the Star Wars segment is nearly exclusively ruled by one single wholeseller. Formerly there were a handful of wholesellers but in the last years only one wholeseller had focussed on the whole sortiment of action figures. Last year that wholeseller has closed down and another single wholeseller has carried over the distribution of the Star Wars segment. Like each seller does this wholeseller even has to calculate his business. Within the last months it has turned out that this wholeseller is rather hesitant and cautious with his ordering policy and it had happened that more and more Star Wars items didn't find their way to the German collector. Unfortunately retailers are not allowed to order directly from Hasbro and of course it is not allowed to import items that are not available in Germany from the US or other countries. So collectors do have to pay a lot more money for each single action figure than in other countries. Another point is the awkward case-mix that seems to be not balanced well in a nearly 100% collector market that Germany is. Retailers don't sell Darth Vader figures as well as in the US but have to buy 3 Darth Vader figures each case to sell other figures at least one time that are asked for by the collectors. So retailers have begun to sell the whole case but single figures and collectors do have pay more and more money to get their desired figures and have to throw away their hundreds of Darth Vader figures. More and more collectors order their figures via ebay or direct from US retailers so more and more retailers give up the Star Wars segment. All these trends do spoil the party for most collectors. The demand is high to let Hasbro take more attention to the German market. Sollutions to these problems would be a) offer solid cases (the market is too small for bad case-mixes and retailers would better be able to buy exact those figures that would be selling and in consequence they would sell more figures as yet, b) prices should not rise over 10 EUR per figure, c) offer better availability of toys for Germany or at least advertise if and when some certain items would be available (even if delayed) and d) perhaps allow retailers to buy directly from Hasbro to avoid higher prices or less availability. (4-".de, 04/04/08)

     Thanks for the thorough update. In the U.S., where the product line is developed, we were not aware of the severity of changes to the German marketplace. Some of the changes you suggest are not possible (solid case packs of figures) or out of our control (retail figure pricing), but the others deserve scrutiny and we will look at them. The German market (and German collector) is very important to us but unfortunately things are no so simple as the German market by itself is not large enough to commend separate production; our releases must be synched up with the broader EU releases. We are looking at options to figure this out though....thanks for sticking with us as we work through these issues.


Many collectors have noted that Moff Jerjerrod was not a great seller and can still be found in stores, while it seemed as though Admiral Ozzel, Captain Piett, and Grand Moff Tarkin seemed to have sold better. There are times where Hasbro really nails a likeness, but unfortunately Moff Jerjerrod did not look like the actor and had an angry facial expression not seen in Return of the Jedi. Would Hasbro ever consider resculpting this figure or does the perceived poor performance of the Jerjerrod figure make it unlikely he would ever be revisited. Do you agree that if this figure sold poorly it may have been in part because of a poor likeness? (AF, 04/04/08)

     We don't attribute a lingering quantity of his figure to the likeness (we think he is a nice addition to the officer ranks). Instead, it is due to the fact that we released him at levels higher than we had typically gone for purely collector-targeted figures. In any case, he was one of those characters that helps us figure out our "baseline" for collector-targeted figures.

A number of fans would like to see more figures from the SW Holiday Special, which you've stated is not a priority for Hasbro. One of the characters from it, Ackmena, played by Bea Arthur, has been getting some traction lately in the collector community as a figure they'd like to see made. Before fans get too fired up, might you comment on if Hasbro even HAS the licensed authority needed to make a Bea Arthur Ackmena figure? (If by some miracle the answer is "yes", could you posit on its chances of being made?) (AF, 04/04/08)

     The SW Holiday Special is not high on our list, or importantly, Lucasfilm's and as such, any additional figures have a very, very low likelihood of being produced. It is something best forgotten, and we are happy that we were able to at least get Boba Fett out of there.

Has there been any thought about doing a few deliberate variations to some of the figures this year as running changes offered in later assortments, like you did with the ROTS line? For instance, the new '08 Anakin-as-Vader figure could be repainted with Sith eyes, or the '08 Obi-Wan could be redeco'ed with battle damage. (AF, 04/04/08)

     We don't have any plans to do that for figures this year. Instead, we would probably release those as separate figures down the road.


Just wondering if Hasbro has a "green" initiative. Are the plastics used in the manufacturing of Star Wars figures recyclable? And if so would it be feasible to do a mail-in redemption using action figures instead of UPCs? I know I wouldn't mind shipping off three or four figures to receive a new one, especially if it was helping to save the planet. (GH, 04/04/08)

     We do have a green initiative related to reducing the materials we use whenever possible.  On the figure question - while it's a very interesting and appealing suggestion - there are many issues surrounding doing something like that.  Foremost would be the overall carbon footprint of shipping back/providing a new figure for replacement, which would not result in a significant amount of material that could be recycled (figures in general do not use large amounts of plastic themselves). Second, since we do not do domestic figure manufacturing, we would need to get the the figures back to Asia which would further defeat the purpose.  In short... it would consume more resources than would be saved. Very interesting thought, though... thanks.

Is there any chance you can give us a look at what the new Darth Vader's 3-piece helmet looks like when disassembled? (GH, 04/04/08)

     Sorry, but we still don't have our pre-production samples to send you any updated pics.

More an observation and a couple suggestions than a question for Hasbro: My 6-year-old daughter enjoys playing with my vintage Ewok Village playset using her Galactic Heroes figures. The two generations of product are surprisingly compatible.

Very recently she discovered the Ewok Battle Wagon and has added that to her list of favorite toys. (She loves the working winches and knocks over block walls with the battering ram.)

My suggestions: 1) Offer more Ewoks in the Galactic Heroes line and 2) reissue both of these toys under the Galactic Heroes brand not only for the younger demographic but for the older collectors who just want to get their hands on these fun toys. (GH, 04/04/08)

     Those are great suggestions.  We hadn't consider using these old toys as part of the Galactic Heroes universe, but we will take a look.  Great ideas.  Please tell your daughter that more Ewoks are on the way, and first up is a special Cinema Scene available at Target including three Speeder Bikes, one with Paploo.


Dear Hasbro, is there any chance there could be some new figures from the Droids and Ewoks cartoon series coming out someday? As one of the first Star Wars multi-media events beyond the movies, (consisting of TV shows, comics, toys and more) I think these should warrant some attention. It would be nice to see a tribute to the very first EU figures. Some good choices could be R2-D2 and C-3PO with a Droids color scheme, a realistic Princess Kneesaa from Ewoks, the three masters from Droids and Boba Fett with his droid BL-17 (which would have made a great two pack in the droid factory line!) Boba's Silver Speeder would be cool too! Ok, enough suggestions. But please consider Droids and Ewoks! (IS, 04/04/08)

     We have been thinking about these two series, especialy since they continue to be in DVD release, but just haven't come up with the right idea or the right opportunity. We'll continue to take a look at it though. You have some great suggestions there.

Hasbro, we understand your dilemma with regards to playsets. Any chance the following might warrant consideration? Test the waters first. Rerelease an existing playset, such as the "Hoth Battle" or "Endor Assault" sets? The tooling is already done, and the boxes are small enough to ship alongside vehicle assortments. Heck, maybe even the Cardboard Dioramas of "Jabba's palace" or "Mos Eisley Cantina". Try them first as an exclusive, maybe throw in a modern resculpt or a new exclusive repaint? How about one half of, say the Millenium Falcon cargo bay with Luke wearing the blast helmet and perhaps a robeless Obi-Wan? All you need do is the three walls, the floor the bench with the Dejarik table and the seat Han sits in. Then maybe the other half but from ESB. The computer wall, the alcove where Leia works, maybe a retool of her while we're at it. A shallow hatch in the floor with a tool box to fall on Han's head, and a portion of ceiling for Chewie to hang upside down through. The Seperatist command room on Mustafar, the computer room from the Death Star for example would also be good ideas. You guys are testing the water this year for big vehicles. Give us another shot to prove to you, if it's cool, we'll buy it. (IS, 04/04/08)

     Unfortunately, we will not be going this route. The demand from the playsets the first go-round was not strong enough to merit continuing the format, and we doubt that they would fare any better as a re-release. There is a better chance of us pursuing cardboard displays, but even then we have not buit it into our lineup yet. But it is the most likely format for us to try if we did decide to embark on playsets.

I am really missing the tubular full sized unleashed figures that you have produced the last couple of years. Are there any plans on releasing anymore in the upcoming years? Can I put in a request for an AT-AT driver? (IS, 04/04/08)

     There will be no more further Unleashed 7" figures, either new or re-releases, planned for the foreseeable future. The response to Unleashed 7" over the last few years, whether new or re-released figure, has not been sufficient to keep the line going. Not to say we won't try something in the scale again some day, but not enough collectors were active in the line to keep it afloat.


A question about upcoming Battle Packs. During Toy Fair, you mentioned that you were not sure when the Battle of Mygeeto and Hoth Speeder Patrol sets would hit retail. Will we see these two in the 30AC packaging or will we need to wait until July to find them on the shelves? And any chance we could get a nice image of the new SA Bacara from the Mygeeto set or the Snow Scouts from the Hoth Set? (JD, 04/04/08)

     Battle of Mygeeto should be out on shelves by mid-April or early May. It will be the last of the 30th Anniversary Battle Packs in the current "footprint." A new line of Battle Packs will debut on 7/26, with slightly different boxed dimensions (a little deeper, a little less tall). Hoth Speeder Patrol was suffering delays and had to be moved out, and will be in the first wave of the new Fall assortment.

So, when do we get to see more Clone Wars figures? You can’t just make us wait until SDCC for more basic figures, right? I mean, July’s a long way off and we need something to keep us going! So, how about a hint at Wave 2? (JD, 04/04/08)

     We hope that there will be something to reveal (ideally as part of the now-resumed Republic News Posts) before San Diego Comic Con. It all depends on how the schedules are going; if it is running later than we would like, we'll probably just hold for San Diego Comic Con.

Since you were willing to share pics of the SDCC exclusive Disturbance in the Force set, can you share pics of the planned Mighty Muggs exclusives - Commander Gree and the Golden Idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark? (JD, 04/04/08)

     Glad to help!  Commander Gree Mighty Mugg / Fertility Idol Mighty Mugg


Is there any chance of seeing a re-sculpted Yak Face figure in near future? (JI, 04/04/08)

     There is defintely a chance, as one of the Kenner vintage figures, we hope to get a chance to update him and produce a "definitive" version some day. However, there are quite a few brand new or more significant resculpt figures ahead of him from Jabba's the wait may be awhile.

Will the VOTC line be making a return in any way for 2008? (JI, 04/04/08)

     The VOTC line will not be making a return in 2008.


How far in advance do you plan a new figures release, how long does it take to develop a figure and can you explain some of the design and build process? Also, how much input do LucasFilm have in the design of the figures and do they request certain figures to be made? (, 04/04/08)

     Genenerally, the mainline assortments and stand alone items (those offered to all retailers) are planned from 15-24 months in advance. Exclusives are developed on a shorter lead time - 8-15 months depending on whether there is new tooling involved and the complexity of the item, and are usually developed as retailer promotional windows become clear.  For the mainline, we plan out a year's worth of product at once, and then develop systematically, wave by wave, as we go through the year.  Sometimes, there will be changes as we go through the year depending on schedules and deadlines. In about six months time we should have a good idea of what we will be doing for 2010.  While we brainstorm and come up with the broad brushstrokes of the line, Lucasfilm has a great deal of input (and complete approval) over all figure selections, sculpts, etc.

We know there are 2 Mandalorian Comic Packs coming but with more having been written about Mandalorians (Legacy of the Force series of Books, etc) will there be any more Mandalorian figures coming, for example Mirta Gec, Goran Beviin, Ram Zerimar or maybe Jodo Kast? (, 04/04/08)

     At least one of those figures will be coming out this year.  The rest have not been slotted into the lineup anywhere, since it is relatively difficult for us to do novel figures without the visual reference of a comic to draw from. Given the popularity of Mandos, though, there is a chance we will be looking at more down the road.

Have there been any further discussions between yourselves and Sideshow Collectibles with regard to the production of play-sets?  If so, are you able to shed any light on this? (, 04/04/08)

     There is no new news to report on this front.


Iconic scenes in the Saga tend to make for some interesting figures.  One such iconic scene from REVENGE OF THE SITH among fans seems to be Yoda's "Sword in the Clone" moment, as he and Obi-Wan fight their way into the Jedi Temple.  Would something like this be a viable candidate for a Basic Figure pack, even though it might incorporate 2 figures that could stand on their own as Basic Figures?  Or would this be a more likely candidate for something like the Order 66 2-packs? (JTA, 04/04/08)

     We like to theme our waves as much as possible, and have made basic figures in the past that "interact" with other figures to form a scene, so it is not out of the question that we could do ideas like this.  However, that's not where our focus is on basic figures and we like to look for ideas where figures could go together in the same pack for things like Order 66 or the upcoming Droid Factory exclusive packs.  Exclusives like Order 66 do need strong figures that could be basic figures themselves; if you look at the lineup, there are many core heroes in those packs, needed to "anchor" the quality of the set and give kids something to meet their interests.  As great as Tsui Choui is to us collectors, we still need to deliver the Vaders and Obi-Wans for kid traction.

The Saga Legends for later this year is reportedly offering characters that we're going to see in the Clone Wars line, such as Anakin, Obi-Wan & Yoda but in the movie-realistic style.  It also seems to be widely accepted that these figures will be reissues, as we've seen in the 2007/08 Saga Legends line.  Will this upcoming Saga Legends line mine recent figure sculpts, or in keeping with this year's Clone Wars theme, can we expect reissues from 2003's Clone Wars line? (JTA, 04/04/08)

     All of the Saga Legends figures coming this Fall will be resissues of current "realistic" sculpts.  We will not be reissuing the 2003/4 Clone Wars sculpts again.

In your most recent responses to JTA's Q&A session, you mentioned that the V-Wing fighter will be carried forward in the Clone Wars starfighter vehicle assortment.  We've also seen indications that there is another wave of REVENGE OF THE SITH Basic Figures on tap for the Legacy Collection.  Given those factors, and collectordom's love affair with all things Clone Trooper, could we be in store for a V-Wing Pilot Clone sometime in the near future? (JTA, 04/04/08)

     Not for this year, but we are looking at one possibily for 2009.




Where's Lumat? On the sticker sheet in the Action Figure Base Packs, Lumat appears on the list. While the "Graak" figure from 2007 appears to be based on the same Ewok photo that the vintage Lumat figure was based on, they apparently are different characters. Speculation was that we'd see Lumat in the ROTJ wave (what's now been revealed as The Legacy Collection wave 1), but that turned out to be another Ewok named "Leektar". So back to our original question....where's Lumat? Has he been bumped in favor of lesser-known Ewoks, or are there plans for this long-lost figure to come out? Longtime fans want to know if we can look forward to checking off another vintage upgraded figure! (RS, 04/04/08)

     Yes, indeed. Lumat was originally meant to be the figure we were doing in the two-pack with Romba. Lucasfilm asked us to change him to Graak, but the sticker sheet was already out to be printed. Someday soon we hope to get to Lumat.

Another question on a mystery the latest issue of Star Wars Insider, there is a photo of a blue-striped Stormtrooper figure from The Force Unleashed. Wizards of the Coast's miniature game identifies this character as a "Felucian Stormtrooper Officer" and the Unleashed Battle Packs identify him as a "Stormtrooper Commander." While loose and carded photos have leaked (on a TAC cardback, no less), we've not heard anything official on this character. We understand the frequent delays of TFU has changed the release of some tie-ins, but it seems the bulk of Hasbro's line is still on target, except for this one. Can you shed any light on this figure, and where and when fans can acquire him? (RS, 04/04/08)

     This figure, a Stormtrooper Commander, will indeed be released as part of an upcoming promotion dealing with The Force Unleashed. As the game was delayed, so too was the promotion. Details have still yet to be announced or finalized, but the figure should be out around the time the game is released.

In a recent Q&A session with our friends over at Jedi Defender, it was revealed that there will be another wave of Saga Legends repacks in the fall, featuring kid-targeted characters from the Clone Wars era. Without giving away the figures in this line, I'm wondering which characters you have listed as "kid-oriented", meaning are there in fact specific characters that are primarily targeted towards kids? If so, who are they? Also, which characters do you consider targeted towards collectors?

On a similar note, are there any characters that are "must haves" when you are setting up a line for the year? Presumably the ones listed above would fall into this category, but are there any others that are shoo-ins? (RS, 04/04/08)

     Kid-targeted figures include heroes and key villains (characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Yoda, R2-D2, General Grievous, etc) as well as core troopers and key droid opponents. In general these are figures that kids want in order to play out the major battles, which are also figures that we have a strong history with as "outperformers" because kids select these before anything else.  Since these are re-releases, with no changes, we consider these releases to be kid-targeted, even though collectors may be interested in the troops, or to some extent, the change to a new line. We don't have room in the Fall assortment to offer any collector-targeted Saga Legends as we did for the 30th line (based on voting). It's possible we could add that later for 2009, but for Fall '08 it will be all hands on deck to get the hero potential on shelf as quickly as possible for the movie and TV series.

Finally, this is not really a question, but I'd like to show our support for Jedi Defender's recent request for fans to follow the development on the Willrow Hood figure. We'd love to watch the step-by-step development on this fan-supported figure! (RS, 04/04/08)


It was mentioned in a Q&A last year that Hasbro had potential plans to re-release some of the figures that kept *just* missing out on winning the polls for Saga Legends such as Ephant Mon, Pablo-Jill, Sio Bibble, R3-A2, and Coleman Trebor. Are there any plans to get any of these figures back out to collectors in any form in 2008-2009? (RTM, 04/04/08)

     We don't have any specific plans right now for these guys. If the opportunity beckons, for example in future waves of the new Saga Legends, they will be good candidates for inclusion.

Any chance of re-releasing the old Unleashed figures that were hard to find? Maybe as a Target exclusive ala the Luke & Vader versions from a few years ago? (RTM, 04/04/08)

     We don't have any plans to re-release any more Unleashed 7". Not to say it won't ever happen, but our focus remains elsewhere.

Are there any OT battle packs scheduled for 2008? Possibly one featuring Jabba's skiff guards? (RTM, 04/04/08)

     There are OTC battlepacks slotted for 2008 (and 2009), but none feature Jabba's Skiff Guards. Details on the new packs will be announced at San Diego Comic Con. We promise there WILL be some pleasant surprises for fans of the Original Trilogy.


Regarding Luke Jedi in his Death Star 2 look, the only basic figure of this is from 5 years ago, is preposed, has an action gimmick with floppy arms, and a likeness somewhere between "caveman" and "Harpo Marx". That despite Luke DS2 being the only OT main character figure in the last Fans' Choice poll's top 25 - 10 of the 14 figures above him are made or confirmed, as well as 4 of the 9 figures beneath. Hasbro's past answer on this matter was "theming issues, it may be a while, hang in there," yet since the 2003 DS2 Luke figure there have been 7 ROTJ waves and 2 Vintage-style lines with ROTJ figures; as well as 4 more Luke Jedi with Jabba's Palace outfits and Toy Fair has shown yet another ROTJ wave, this time with a Jabba's Palace-styled Luke Jedi from a deleted scene; and the previous new Luke Jedi figure could have fit the bill with its removable vest and outer belt yet was designed specifically against making it into DS2 Luke. Fans want Luke DS2, most of the other Fans' Choice poll results have been made or confirmed, Hasbro's had several opportunities, now we have sandstorm Luke coming - a deleted scene figure - over Luke DS2 which is baffling. So what's the full story here, why no Luke Jedi DS2 yet again? When can collectors finally get the last main OT character's significant costume yet to be done as an action figure? (SSG, 04/04/08)

     We chose the deleted Sandstorm theme to bind several core characters together. We had long planned to do both versions, but the Sandstorm scene came first in rotation because of our desire for the new Han and Chewie, so a new Death Star II Luke was slotted into the next Episode VI wave. We are pleased to announce that if our schedule holds, you will see the next Episode VI wave in late Spring 2009.

Back in 1996, Kenner/Hasbro was developing a Virago vehicle toy for the Shadows of the Empire figure line to go along with the 2 other vehicles the line produced. Several pieces of concept and packaging art were produced, a retailer-enticement sheet describing some cool features was found not too long ago, as well as a prototype model, but the vehicle never materialized. The Galoob Action Fleet Virago remains one of the most sought-after vehicles on ebay, as this ship makes for a unique and exciting Star Wars toy. Did your Virago design ever get turned into a mold? Does Hasbro still have any molds or prototypes of it? What would the chances be of seeing a Virago released today? (SSG, 04/04/08)

     The Virago was never tooled, as the somewhat ambitious plans for the continuation of the EU line at the time were scaled back. While it is a different story to do, we are committed to figures and have not gone the vehicle route for EU aside from repaints. It is doubtful we will get to the Virago in anything other than perhaps Titanium.

The current R5 droid mold (used on R5-D4, R5-J2, and R5-F7) is close to "perfect", but there are a few glaring issues that should be addressed before this mold becomes the all-purpose version. They include the antenna, which comes out and may be lost easily; the pop-up motivator, which worked on R5-D4 but had diminishing returns on later uses; and the chest plate being a separate piece, which has been a problem on every figure to use the VOTC R2-D2 body. The head could just be retooled and used on the more-accurate R4-G9 body. Will these issues be addressed, or will we continue to get more less-than-perfect R5 figures? (SSG, 04/04/08)

     Most often it is a capacity issue - which tools are available when, etc. Certain elements, like a pop-out chest plate, are necessary parts of the design, but we will take your comments into account the next time we release.

Also, could we get clarification on the Ishi Tib answer we received last round since there actually is no vintage precedent that we're aware of? (SSG, 04/04/08)

     (Thanks for giving us a chance to update out answer. We obviously misremembered the PotF version as vintage). While no new Ishi Tib is planned, we would probably do a Jabba's Palace one first. However, we're not sure on that…. given that the Ishi Tib have been fairly prominemt backgrounders in many places, it's possible we would do an entirely different version first.


2008 TAC sees a return to the pack-in stands last seen in 2006. What about the Legacy Collection and the Clone Wars figures? Will they also contain stands? And if so, will the Clone Wars come with a Clone Wars stand or the generic Expanded Universe stand? While I'm on the subject of stands... I know that in past Q&A sessions you have mentioned that revisiting the sticker sheet for a new set of names is not something on the horizon. But what about if you were to make a package that contained software and blank sticker sheets so that fans and collectors could print their own name stickers, similar to what Testors does with their car and airplane model makers? And what would be the chances of releasing the stands in small packs - say 25 or so - of a movie specific stand instead of the entire set, so that someone could buy 30 ROTS stands to display a Clone Army or 30 ESB stands to display a Snowtrooper army, or something like that? (ST, 04/04/08)

     The stands (which are still available on have done OK, but not great enough yet for us to make a re-release from the first batch.  It's a nice item to keep availalable, but we wouldn't be able to get near the forecast required to do dedicated packs by movie. At the rate of sales predicted for each, we would have to release years worth of inventory up front - not a prudent decision.  Instead, we'll continue to make available the current pack.  When that sells out, we will release a new sticker sheet, but we aren't really near that point yet.  We have no plans to return stands to the basic figures for 2008/2009, because each of the basic figure sublines already have extra pack-ins that take the place of coins/stand: Legacy will come with a Droid Factory, Clone Wars figures will come with attachable missile launchers for the most part, and the new Saga Legends will come with a small packs of spare weapons.

You recently said no to the idea of modular playsets in battlepacks due to the usual reasons (cost and no play value for the kids). That's understandable so what about revisiting the idea of scene-specific stands like what we saw in the RotS line?  You had a few stands that were generically sculpted (hallway/Temple, swampy/Dagobah-ish, rocky/Mustfarish) and were able to get some nice variety of scenes by just repainting them differently.  These stands obviously had some intent on being able to connect together (especially the hallway/Temple one) but as much as I struggled with it, I was disappointed to find that I couldn't make anything sensible with the pieces.

This felt like a huge missed opportunity since if Hasbro was going to pay for the tooling of these stands anyway, a better design that incorporated more seamless and logical connectibility could've allowed your company to, in future years, release more environmental stands that plugged in and could eventually give us our Tantive IV hal lway or Hoth rebel base or Death Star hallway... And by making one stand into an "intersection" piece that let us connect many separate stretches of hallways together, we could literally build our own Death Star/Tantive passageways as large as we're willing to pay up for (by buying more and more SW figures of course, to get those stands). And a slit in the floor moulding would allow us to slide in either a cardboard or thin plastic wall piece.  So how about this idea? It'd be like Build-a-Diorama but done slowly over years to reward collectors for sticking with the hobby (especially when figures are getting more expensive to collect) and the cost would be incorporated into the cost of the stands as you did with the RotS line. (ST, 04/04/08)

     The idea has some merit, but it simply isn't practical for a number of reasons. To do it the "right way" we would have to start with a completed playset model and then chop it up and distribute it across 50 to 60 packs. (We can hear the shouts of fans saying "Yes!  Yes!  That is exactly what we want!").  However, where the idea falls apart is in the amount of tooling required to do that and the end-result being structurally very poor and probably not aesthetically pleasing. If we  thought there was an opportunity to make a specific playset scene, we would just commit to doing it as one item.  The Episode III stands were an attempt to build something greater with an environment-specific stand; however, the product ends-up looking generic anyway and not scene-specific since the stands themselves were constrained by the needs to connect together universally. To have made each one different and unique, to make a unique structural element such as a blockade runner hallway or what-have-you, we would have had to do each as a separate tooled part, which would have dwarfed our tooling budget assinged for the pack-ins.

I've always wondered about this: the RotS Padme figure did not have a "baby bump" even though the character had a full belly at that point in the movie. Your Saga line Taun We figure came with a container for a clone baby yet oddly the ba by was absent inside. In both cases, was there some concern about the negative reaction from the more conservative elements of your customer base that caused you to go in the direction you did?  I can see that an action figure of a pregnant woman or of a genetically-engineered baby might offend some people but I've always been curious if this was Hasbro's reasoning too. And if not, does that mean we might actually get a "clone baby in a bottle" someday? (ST, 04/04/08)

     In the case of Padme, she does have a bump to indicate her pregnancy, but it is not nearly as stated as the upcoming Evolutions figure.  We wanted to present her as an action figure still at that stage, to appeal to the greatest audience of kids as well as collectors, so we chose to dial back a bit.  As for Taun We, we did think that showing the baby was too stark an image and chose not to include one in the capsule.  Could we do one in an incubation chamber some day? It's possible, but we have no plans right now.


Since Hasbro was able to recently provide a nice "shield" half-piece for the Droideka, is it possible that someday we'll see something like this for a basic-carded eps2 Clone Pilot where he comes with a half-piece for the Ball Turret of the Republic gunship? (ST/"TJ", 04/04/08)

     We have looked at the turret, and it is simply not possible to include it on a basic figure card.  Does that mean that it won't be done? Not necessarily; it does remain on our list of things we want to tackle sometime, someday, but just haven't been able to fit it in anywhere.

I love softgoods but I have to admit that there's never really been a case where the hood part of the cloak looks even remotely good. The hood always fails to convey the same sense of "weight" that a real hood would (obviously due to the scale of the figure I realize) so I was wondering if Hasbro would ever do something similar to the Sideshow 12" Darth Maul figure where the hood has a small wire running inside it that lets you shape the hood to look as it does in the movie?  If not that idea, then what about using a plastic head/hood combined with soft goods for the rest of the body (you did this with the TPM Darth Maul figure that came with the Sith Attack Speeder for example). (ST/"TJ", 04/04/08)

     That is an interesting idea.  We agree that the hood is a challenge to get it to look realistic in 3-3/4" scale, and we are looking for ways to make cloaks even better in a general sense for display purposes. One thing we are looking at is exploring wire for cloak hems on a few of our upcoming figures (Kit Fisto in the upcoming Wal-Mart exclusive Droid Factory packs is one of them).  If the results are good, we will see if it offers a solution to help the hood keep shape.

Will the VotC Lando sculpt ever be updated with ball-jointed elbows? I was more than a little disappointed when after years of waiting for Hasbro to make a Smuggler Lando from TESB, that the figure ended up just being a minor retool of the VotC mold given that the swivel elbows design meant an inability for the arms to be posed straight and more natural.  Will we ever see a better Smuggler Lando if the mold itself does get better elbows, say in a Battlepack or as part of a Saga Legends release?

Along those same lines, have you ever considered using the Battlepacks or Saga Legends line as a way to re-release older figures with minor but new SA updates to make the figure more appealing to collectors who may already have that figure?  For example, a RotS Aayla Secura or RotS Shaak-Ti but with ball-jointed elbows (since the swivel or fixed elbows were the only real flaw when these figures were originally released) or a taller 41st Elite trooper?  ; You mentioned that we are finally getting an "upgraded" SA Bacara in the upcoming Mygeeto battlepack for example. In all cases, these would be figures that you have 90% of the tooling for but with just a small added cost to update the tooling you'd be able to sell that figure again to those of us who want the real "ultimate" version of that character with the best articulation. (ST/"TJ", 04/04/08)

     Battlepacks are a great format for getting to some characters that we would not probably otherwise update, but it is on a scene-by-scene basis.  With some battlepacks we look to make them all new in some way, or leave them alone. Saga Legends will remain a line where the figures will be pretty much unchanged from their earlier form unless there is an updated body we can use (such as the 501st trooper migrated to an SA body).  Now, specifically on Lando, we just did this figure last year, so we don't have any plans to go back to him any time soon.  If someday we do update the VOTC Han body, then you can be sure it will be playing in the back of our heads that there is a future Lando upgrade waiting.  In the meantime, we really enjoy Smuggler Lando as a figure who was long overdue, in our opinion.


Will a 3 3/4 Ark of the Covenant be made? (ST/"WOTS", 04/04/08)

     Yes, indeed. It will be found in our Deluxe series ($9.99 SRP), paired with an Indiana Jones in the Map Room robes.

Hasbro currently has the SW license until 2018, what time frame does Hasbro have the license for Indy and any hints at some surprise goodies to come? (ST/"WOTS", 04/04/08)

     It is a long-term license for us, although we don't want to discuss the length of the agreement publicly. We have plans for a long and bright future for IJ, especially if as we suspect the movie hooks in a generation of "Indy kids" who will enjoy the franchise just as we have. We have shown the majority of the line for the year already, but we will be debuting a glimpse into what 2009 holds at San Diego Comic Con.

Can you give us a list of what "artifacts" we can expect to find packed in with the 3.75" line coming out soon? And were there any that you couldn't get to do that you'd like to include somewhere down the line? (ST/"WOTS", 04/04/08)

     See the attached Indiana Jones relic list. There are a couple types of relics, including those from the film, and those that have hi storical reference. We used a mix of both types. We haven't specified which figures have which artifacts...that is for you guys to discover. But they are all "dedicated" - not randomly packed. Happy hunting!


Hasbro, do you have any updates on the remaining Saga Legends Sandtroopers that you said we might see this spring? I tried to jot down all the "forthcoming" ones mentioned after the main four in the fall and here's what I came up with:

5. Dirty with black pauldron and probably Evolutions but maybe TSC body
6. Super-dirty Evolutions to be possibly released as a last shot
7. Clean with black (unpainted white) pauldron Corporal with TSC body.

Some claim the clean-black was a short run error that was quickly corrected but its existence caused a demand that made you consider turning it into an official running change at some point.

So, have any of these been released or are they going to be released this year, and can you settle for us whether or not the mysterious clean-black was ever released at the retail level or did all of the existing specimens come directly from Hasbro sources? (SWC, 04/04/08)

     There are five types of Sandtroopers total. The final (fifth) will be the clean with black (unpainted) TSC body, and our response was indeed to correct the very short run of error figures by getting it into wider distribution. Look for them to be showing up within the next month or so. The other two will not be coming out.

With the Evolutions sets doing so well, could this be where we might finally see a figure of Senate Duel Palpatine, along with a new THE PHANTOM MENACE Darth Sidious and a non-action feature version of Empire Proclamation Palpatine? "The Palpatine Legacy" has a nice ring to it! (SWC, 04/04/08)

     We don't have a Palpatine set planned for Evolutions, but your suggestions are interesting. Maybe someday we would do a pack like this, if Evolutions returns, and if we haven't done these versions already (we have already slotted at least one of them into the basic figure line for a future wave).

I see we're getting a new SHADOWS OF THE EMPIRE Comic Pack with new sculpts of Leia and Xizor. Why still no Guri? She's been getting the brush-off for a decade now! (SWC, 04/04/08)

     You'll have to wait a little longer for Guri, as she still does not have a pack slotted in with her name on it. However, she has been bubbling to the surface of a number of internal conversations and chatboards, and we will be strongly considering her for a future wave. The wait may be awhile, but we think your patience will eventually be rewarded.


The Mighty Muggs line has certainly been a welcome addition to the Hasbro stable for those of us who dig vinyl toys(especially those into collecting Biskup, Kozik, Brian Flynn etc). However,given that the body shape is generic and that two of the most beloved Star Wars characters - Yoda and R2 - don't fit the dimensions, do you plan to represent them in this line by some other means? Or should we just accept that some icons won't make the Mighty Muggs concept? (, 04/04/08)

     Yoda will in fact be seeing some Mighty Mugg love, in a form to be announced later this year. However, we still have not decided what to do with R2. As the series continues(and the response has been great thus far, so we are hopeful for a long run), you can be sure we will look for ways to get R2(and his other Astromech stablemates)in there.

A few fan sites have been touting alleged pics of the rumoured Millenium Falcon re-do. Do pics exist ? Can we see them? Is this just wishful fan-boy thinking - or is the product actually in development / production ? (, 04/04/08)

     The pics that we could see - all based on wishful thinking - were of previous model kits or Code 3 product. We have not done anything to encourage hope that a new Millenium Falcon is in the works.

We haven't seen the Indy line at retail yet, and already interest is focussing beyond your initial offerings - specifically on vehicles. The 'Last Crusade Tank' and 'Raider's Flying Wing' - are these something you've considered producing? (, 04/04/08)

     We are indeed considering the Flying Wing for the vehicle line and are looking at whether it can be done in our $19.99 assortment (if we did it, it would be in '09 at the earliest). However, the Tank is just too big to do in our $19.99 vehicle line. As we don't have another, higher priced assortment in the IJ line, this one will have to be a "wait and see" based on the response to the IJ line, and possibly tied to future movies if we can't get it done for this one. The entire IJ line will have a shelf-date of 5/1.


Dear Hasbro, in the forth coming Indiana Jones vehicles (which i might add are brilliant), you have made the inserts of the boxes into pull-out cardboard dioramas and crates. Is their any chance that you could do this for the Star Wars line since you will not produce stand alone playsets? Death Star corridors and Hoth hangars etc would be great. (YF, 04/04/08)

     We have looked at this, but it's not so easy to do for Star Wars since this comes with an added cost that has not been factored into the continuing Star Wars vehicle line. When possible, we will look at the feasibility.

I recently purchased the Force Unleashed Jump Trooper and I understand why you didn't make his new gun and gave him an existing similar gun, but on the cardback it shows him with a jetpack on and even mentions it in the description; so why did you make a jump trooper without a jetpack - the main requirement for his expertise? (YF, 04/04/08)

     We try very hard to create product that accurately relates to the SW fantasy and with the highest levels of authenticity and detail. But, the development timelines for the video game are much more fluid than our product development schedule and we were using the best reference we had at the time (which was supplied by LFL) to create the figures. The reason he does not have the correct gun and jet pack is because those were added to the game after we had the product designed, sculpted, and released for tooling. We were however able to match the package copy and images on the package to match the game because these type of changes can happen very late in our development process where as the actual product can not change because of the time needed for tooling and ramp-up time on production capacities.

Dear Hasbro, for several weeks now there have been a couple images floating around of a Stormtrooper Commander (an OT-style Stormtrooper with blue markings) from THE FORCE UNLEASHED line. According to the figure backer card, there is no number indicating that it is part of the “basic” figure series. Is this a store exclusive item? If so where/when will it be available? (YF, 04/04/08)

     This figure, a Stormtrooper Commander, will indeed be released as part of an upcoming promotion dealing with The Force Unleashed. As the game was delayed, so too was the promotion. Details have still yet to be announced or finalized, but the figure should be out around the time the game is released.


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Re: The Hasbro Q & A Compendium
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Session 51 - April 25, 2008

(4-".de, 04/04/08)


Might the build-a-droid concept be applied to other build-a-whatever ideas such as build-a-beast or a piece of scenery? (AF, 04/25/08)

     We have had discussions on other types of things we could do if there were no limit, but right now there are no other plans beyond Droid Factory.

After six years, you've finally made a highly articulated Jango Fett figure that has a great sculpt and lots of articulation. Trouble is, his jumpsuit is a garish shade of lavender that never appears in the film or any EU source, the one in the film was a far more muted, bluish tone. Was this an error or intentional, and if in error, will it be corrected in future shipments? (AF, 04/25/08)

     It was intentional. We don't plan a running change for this set (other than to add the tampo that was omiitted for the first run of Boba Fett).

In the Galactic Heroes line we have gotten an AT-AT Commander and Driver figures, and now several new vehicles and beasts. Might that increase chances of getting a Galactic Heroes AT-AT? (AF, 04/25/08)

     We would certainly like to do an AT-AT at some point. If kids and fans continue to show an increasing appetite for GH, we'd say there is a strong possibility. For now, we continue to be focused on the Cinema Scenes and an AT-AT is just too big a beast for that format.


Can we expect more product for The Force Unleashed in the 3¾" line later this year to coincide with the release of the video game in September? You've stated that there won't be any more basic line figures, but is it possible to see more new characters like Proxy and Shaak Ti released in another The Force Unleashed Battle Pack? What about plans for any vehicles, such as the Rogue Shadow. If you're reluctant to divulge specific details before Comic Con, can you at least confirm whether or not you have plans for more NEW The Force Unleashed toys beyond what's already been revealed? (GH, 04/25/08)

     Beyond the Wal-Mart 3-packs, and one special promotional Stormtrooper Commander figure, there will be no more The Force Unleashed figures this year. We are looking at the possibility of doing Shaak Ti at some point, but Proxy really isn't in our plans for the foreseeable future as we are focusing on other characters for our EU offerings.

Will you ever rerelease the Tri-Droid retooled as the Octuptarra Droid with the different guns, legs and eyes? (GH, 04/25/08)

     That's an interesting variant we could do someday. While we don't have any plans for it now, there is a really good bet that it will happen someday.

We've heard rumblings several times of a Death Star Escape themed wave and/or Battle Pack in the Third Quarter. Is there any merit to this? (Obviously Hasbro knows we'd like nicely articulated Han Solo and Luke Skywalker as Stormtroopers, a revised Princess Leia, and some other third-reel goodness.) Are Original Trilogy fans going to be overlooked as The Clone Wars rage? (GH, 04/25/08)

     While there is an EpIV wave slated for the end of the year, there is no "Death Star Escape" theme to it (we're not sure where that rumor came from but it seems to be persistent on several fan sites - we have never, not even conceptually, had such a wave planned). However, we can indeed confirm that SA Stormtrooper versions of our heroes *are* finally coming as part of the EpIV wave along with some more surprises that will be revealed at Comic Con.
As a follow-up to your revelation of a new Princess Leia - Slave Girl and Sandstorm Princess Leia planned for 2009, can you clarify if these are meant to be one in the same, or two separate figures coming next year? If they are one and the same, can we expect Sandstorm Princess Leia to accurately resemble the Princess Leia - Slave Girl we know once the cloak and goggles are removed? (GH, 04/25/08)
     Regarding Slave Leia, we have had a bit of a change-up in our plans and will clarify.  Originally, we wanted to do the Sandstorm Leia, but have instead selected a different version of Leia for our EpVI wave.  We think that you will find this Princess Leia every bit as interesting, if not more so (that's all the info we can give!).  We will eventually get to Sandstorm Leia, but we think you will like what we have for her in '09.


Dear Hasbro, with the re-emerging interest in the Expanded Universe, do you plan to include troopers that you can army build? I would love SOTE Coruscant Guard and Imperial Commando. Also the Brown Imperial Officer, Yellow and Red Patched Field Stormtroopers and the Imperial Commando from DF II. However, the figure I want most has to be Xandel Carivus' Bodyguard Troops. I will do anything to get these made. I even paid to have customs of them made, but I want official ones, I would gladly sell you my soul to make them! (IS, 04/25/08)

     Some of our packs do indeed have troop building components such as the current Republic Commando/Super Battle Droid, and the WM exclusive Kasshyyyk Clone/Wookiee set. We plan to continue these here and there as we go forward with the line but will not make it an overt focus. Specifically regarding the figures you suggest, we do not have a way of doing Dark Forces in the comic packs, but some of the others may be possible someday if the line continues. We especially like the Xandel Carivus' personal guard from Crimson Empire II as well, but to be honest the chances of this one happening in the next couple of years is slim given the other more prominent figures we are planning.

Dear Hasbro, Since quite a few of Dooku's Dark Acolytes have already been made into figures (including Asajj Ventress, Tol Skorr, Sora Bulq and Quinlan Vos) I'm wondering if there is hope for some of the remaining Acolytes like the female Chiss Confederacy General Sev'rance Tann, Zabrak female Kadrian Sey, and possibly more evil looking versions of Bulq and Vos? (IS, 04/25/08)

     That's a very cool theme you have identified that unites a lot of cool characters. We don't have any of them planned specifically, but we know the evil version of Sora Bulq is out there as a pretty easy update at some point. An update like this to Vos would probably be a ways off because we will be getting to our second Vos version at the end of this year and want to spread it around rather than do him again in such a short time As for new characters, Kadrian Sey is interesting because of the comic reference, but Tann is much more iffy since her video game appearance is a little more obscure.

Are there plans to expand on the novel characters seeing there is a rise in EU, especially in the games and the comics. I know there are a few in the pipeline but it seems many new major characters are sparse. (IS, 04/25/08)

     They are sparse currently, but we will be exploring some key ones a few at a time - most likely as part of any basic figure EU waves or occasional entires like NJO Luke or "crossover" characters in the Mando packs and comic packs. But we are thinking of ways to bring the novels in whenever we can.


Over the past 2 years, you guys have really been going to town on the characters from the ToyFare 2006 Fan Choice Poll. Over half of the “Top 25” finalists from that poll have been made into figures, with a few more rumored for 2009. Sounds like it’s time for a new poll, don’t you think? (JD, 04/25/08)

     Yes indeed, yes indeed. We have to say that poll was a great way to get the pulse of what resonates with fans, and it has been a great inspiration as we have planned out the line. At our current count, by the end of 2009, we will have released 18 of the 25 choices with another 3-4 likely in the 2010 line. We do think it's time for a new poll (perhaps with a retrospective) and will talk with Toy Fare about the possibilities. Stay tuned!

At Toy Fair, there was little info on the planned “1st Day of Issue" summer launch promotion for Clone Wars and Legacy (all we saw was the example sticker on a cardback). Do you have any more details that you can share on this promotion yet? (JD, 04/25/08)

     The "1st Day of Issue" foil variants will be like the UGHs in prior years in that they will be a special hunt variation that is differentiated by packaging only. This includes a sticker and foil version of the logo. The difference in timing is that this year, these variants will be available only during first shipment of product to support our 7/26 launch, so literally collectors will want to try and get to retail that very first day or week. Segments that will have a 1st Day of Issue version will be the Clone Wars basic figures and Legacy/Droid Factory only. Some other segments will have foil logos for a while (including the new Titanium and Evolutions) but these will not be variants but the main issue of those lines, and these will not officially be part of the 1st Day of Issue special run.

A few questions on the Deluxe Map Room Indy with Ark set. Why no poles (or even rings for poles) on the Ark? Will there be another Ark released later with the rings and poles? And where’s the Staff of Ra? Will there be a single-carded Map Room Indy released on down the line, with the Staff of Ra included? (JD, 04/25/08)

     The Deluxe pack is a bit of a hybrid but one we felt we needed to get out early since both this version of Indy and the Ark are so important. It was added later, so that is why the staff is in with the Belloq in Ceremonial disguise basic figure. The rings and poles weren't in the scope for this one, but could be a possibility down the road.


Even though we've seen tons of images and details on the new BMF Falcon, can we get an official confirmation that this is coming, when will it be released, what the SRP will be, and will it be a store exclusive? (JI, 04/25/08)

     Can we say we held back confirmation because we really couldn't believe it ourselves that it was happening, and didn't want to dash hopes if it somehow fell through? No? OK then, it is time to come clean. As most people have seen by now, pictures did get leaked of what we were hoping would be the biggest secret we ever held onto - the massive, new 3-3/4" Millennium Falcon. We can confirm that it *is* real, and it *is* spectacular! Please trust us when we say that our intentions were truly in the right place - we wanted to surprise fans everywhere with the biggest secret we had ever tried to hold back leading up to the massive 7/26 launch date for Clone Wars/Legacy. We do expect the first availability to be 7/26 at the same time as everything else. We have been working against a reveal plan, including a world debut in Wired Magazine (June issue, on sale in May!), followed by some very key celebrity reviews and additional exposure prior to the public debut at Comic Con. At least that was our intention...with something like this, as big as it is, and as intense the interest is in Star Wars, it proved impossible to hold. Look for additional details to roll out as per the schedule above, and look forward to the full public debut at Comic Con.

First seen at Toy Fair, the Droid Factory 2 packs with the Hoth Han Solo figure has the R-3PO who was first released in 2004. Will the new R-3PO figure feature the silver/white highlights that were absent in this toy's previous release? (JI, 04/25/08)

     R-3PO will be pretty much as shown at Toy Fair - without the highlights.

Is there any kind of midnight maddness release event planned for the Clone Wars toys like we've seen with previous movie releases? (JI, 04/25/08)

     Each retailer is shaping up its plans, and it is too early to reveal any specifics. Trust us to say that 7/26 will be a HUGE date for Star Wars, and folks should plan on marking that date down on calendars. More details as they become available!


Is there any more information on the “1st Day of Issue” variants that were revealed at Toy Fair and will these be available in the UK?  Is the difference between these and regular figures just the “1st Day of Issue” sticker or is there more to it?  Finally, on the same subject, is this the equivalent of the foil carded UGH figures from the previous two years? (, 04/25/08)

     The "1st Day of Issue" foil variants will be like the UGHs in prior years in that they will be a special hunt variation that is differentiated by packaging only.  This includes a sticker and foil version of the logo.

     The difference in timing is that this year, these variants will be available only during first shipment of product to support our 7/26 launch, so literally collectors will want to try and get to retail that very first day or week.  Segments that will have a 1st Day of Issue version will be the Clone Wars basic figures and Legacy/Droid Factory only.  Some other segments will have foil logos for a while (including the new Titanium and Evolutions) but these will not be variants but the main issue of those lines, and these will not officially be part of the 1st Day of Issue special run.

What’s the possibility of releasing replacement weapon/accessory packs for the 3¾” figures since these are the first items that go missing? (, 04/25/08)

     We hear you, and have decided to include special weapons packs as a plus-up feature in the new Saga Legends line coming this Fall.  As the other basic figure lines have added value features (launching weapons in Clone Wars, and Droid parts in Legacy/Droid Factory), this was a great way to round out the Saga Legends line.  Each cardboard weapons locker (similar to the little box that houses the relic in the Indiana Jones line) will have 5 clone weapons - the same weapons in every single Saga Legends figure.

Have Hasbro thought about setting up an official website that allows collectors to tick off their collection against everything ever released (including variants)? and others have tried this before but it’s not been up-to-date for a while now and doesn’t necessarily include variants – you’re obviously best placed to do this. (, 04/25/08)

     That is a pretty big task and right now, well beyond our abilities to devote the time and attention to go backward and cover past years.  We will take a look at this for the current year and going forward - however, we think that the existing fansites remain the best way to get a comprehensive view of the recent past.


The Hasbro ventures into the EU have begun to get more and more interesting with each passing month.  The comic 2-packs have been a great addition to the line.  And now we're starting to see forays into figures/vehicles that are derived from reference material such as the Hoth Speederbike patrol battle pack.  Could we see more EU exploration that draws from reference art in the near future?  I know there's an image of Dooku as a Jedi Master with the much talked about Jedi Master Sypho Dias that drew my eye from THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO THE FORCE. (JTA, 04/25/08)

     Chuck - our exploration into this world has been carefully managed to keep a "film-first" focus, but based on the success so far fans have indeed shown a strong appreciation for the efforts and we see about the same balance continuing going forward into 2009 and beyond. Master Sypho Dias is certainly a character that has been on our wish lists for some time, and while he isn't in the line-up yet, with time we have a feeling he will be someone we'll want to explore.  Based on the intriguing mention in EpII alone we think he would make an interesting basic figure possibility

In our Q&A session a few weeks ago, we asked about the starfighter vehicle assortment in the Clone Wars line.  One of the fighters that was mentioned was the Anakin Skywalker modified starfighter.  Can you please clarify if this be the blue and white Jedi starfighter from the original Clone Wars line?  Or can we expect a yellow and grey decoed version of the Delta 7 Aethersprite Jedi Starfighter like the one that LEGO has already released? (JTA, 04/25/08)

     In our mainline Starfighter vehicle assortment, we will be releasing Anakin's blue/white modified Starfighter from the (original) Clone Wars line, last released in 2004.  Look for this later this Fall.

The 2008 Commander Gree figure was a huge improvement over the previous version, not just in likeness but in overall sculpt and articulation. Is there any chance we will see more uses of that sculpt in other clones such as the Utapau Clone or a Shock Trooper? (JTA, 04/25/08)

     The Gree tooling is very specific to him so we wouldn't use it for any other character.  However, he has some nice articulation features that turned out well, and there is a possibility that down the road we would do other core Clones with this model.  Right now, we don't have any specific updates planned, but the Utapau Battalion would be a good one (along with Shocks).


I recall a while back in a previous Q&A, that the question of whether an updated Tatooine Landspeeder for the 3&3/4' line being on the cards was asked, & your response was basically that while nothing was being planned in the immediate future, it was a vehicle you do intend to revisit at some stage down the track.

Can you please give us an indication as to how far away down the track you're talking, or is there something on the horizon that you've kept under your collective hats till now & that possibly our patience might hopefully be rewarded sooner than later? (MD, 04/25/08)

     We still do not have any news on an updated Landspeeder as our focus has been on other vehicles. It still remains one of those "wishlist" updates that someday we hope to get to while we are concentrating on more of the flying vehicles and some other interesting twists. Thanks for hanging in there.

Firstly I just like to say that I love the comic packs. They are a great concept. Without them I feel that there are a lot of figures that would probably never be produced.

With that in mind, "The Stark Hyperspace War" (Dark Horse: Star Wars (Republic) #36-39) offers the opertunity for you to produce a teenage version of both Obi-Wan & Quinlan Vos. Would we be likely to see these as park of a comic pack? Issue 38 would be a good choice. Or would you be more likely to do other characters first? (MD, 04/25/08)

     We're glad you like the comic packs - we certainly enjoy doing them. As you say, by exploring this rich story-telling arena in collaboration with Dark Horse, we are able to get some compelling characters out there who would never otherwise have a chance to shine in the main basic figure line. For the Stark Hyperspace storyline, it's interesting you bring this series up.

Our feeling is that it's still a little too early in our exploration of the EU to introduce younger versions of our characters, especially Jedi like Quinlan Vos, who only recently got his first figure (with another one to come later this year or beginning of '09). So while Stark remains "on the list" with interesting possibilities like those you mention (along with a younger Tarkin and Aayla), we probably won't be doing anything with the series for a while yet.

My question is in regards to the new Saga Legends SA 501st clone that is shipping as we speak. Previously, it was the Tactical Ops clone that was released - within a very shape specific blister bubble mold on the card.

It was posed with a wide stance inside the bubble which was fine, because it had ball jointed hips. Recently I've discovered that you're packing the new SA 501st figure in the exact same blister bubble mold & this presents an immediate concern. The SA #41 clone figures didn't have ball jointed hips, & packing them in such a bubble mold stretches out the legs which in turn causes them to warp.

Will this new figure continue to be shipped in the Tactical Ops bubble mold, or will the matter be rectified in the near future? (MD, 04/25/08)

     As far as we know, the blister was not changed (if it was, we have not seen the changes). Sometimes our factory will make updates as needed for the figure, but in this case we have not heard of anything that needed to change to accommodate his articulation. The production run is complete at this point and no changes will be possible if it was not updated at the factory level. We have opened several samples ourselves and the figure came out perfectly each time, so hopefully this will not be an issue.


When and if you make more figures based on concept art, would you consider any of the concepts that were scrapped when the vintage Kenner line came to an end? Probably one of the most interesting concepts that they came up with was the "Clone Warrior" (seen at, which is to my knowledge, one of the earliest Clone Trooper concepts. Not only is he a Clone Trooper from way back in 1985, he has a pretty cool look too! (RS, 04/25/08)

     That is a great figure. Right now we have been focused on the concept figures generated for the movies that fans have some familiarity with from published sources, but that's a good one to talk to Lucasfilm about for a possibility some day. Thanks for the link.

In a previous Q&A, you confirmed Kyle Katarn would be in a Comic Pack in 2009. Could you give us any more details about this figure, specifically, will he be in his 'iconic' outfit from Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight, or will he be in the newer outfit he was wearing in Jedi Outcast/Jedi Academy? (RS, 04/25/08)

     He will be based on his appearance in Star Wars Tales #21. You can probably figure out from that who he is paired with..and this will be one sensational pack. We can confirm that his actual sculpt will not be as stocky and muscular as he appears in the comics, but more normally proportioned.

This question is a 2 parter:
# First how was the decision made to go with the generic clone head showing underneath a classic figure such as the stormtrooper, sandtrooper, etc. when it was never done up until that point?
# Secondly, being a fan of the new Evolutions Boba Fett finally with a removable helmet (thanks!) what are the chances of doing the same treatment to an AT-AT driver, Tie Fighter Pilot, or Emperor's Royal Guard? (RS, 04/25/08)

     The decision to put a conventional Clone head did cause some discussion. You can imagine a table full of fans discussing the composition of the Imperial forces...are they Clones? Are they conscripts? Volunteers? (Ah, good times).

Based on what has been written it seems all are valid, but we reasoned that the well-known Jango/Clone face was the one that made the most sense since everyone is familiar with the likeness and did not impart any personality that would come with an unfamiliar face being introduced.

We think that eventually we will get around to doing removable helmet versions of many of the OTC Imperial troops, if not all at some point. We'll probably stick with the Jango/Clone head for these.


One of your competitors mentioned that they have a "formula" for character selection when creating a wave of action figures (2 heroes, 1 villain, 1 female, etc). Can you share what Hasbro's "formula" is when creating a Star Wars wave? (RTM, 04/25/08)

     We ideally anchor our waves with updates or new versions "hero" characters that satisfy the dual kid and collector audiences. When we are satisfied we have the kid "traction" we need for each wave, we then lay in the collector-specific figures in the right proportion to round out the wave. Given the tremendous range of Star Wars characters and the themes we select we don't work against a hard selection model like you describe but more go by whether the proposed lineup will satisfy all audiences.

The Clone Wars figures shown at Australian Toy Fair look really cool - especially the "fully accessorized" R2D2 and "swappable arms" for the General Grievous. Any chance of seeing these improvements carried over to their respective characters in the non-animated line? (RTM, 04/25/08)

     We probably wouldn't do swappable arms for Grievous in the Legacy line. Instead, we'd probably stick with the current strategy of doing quality articulated versions of his iconic forms instead. The R2 is an interesting possibility for down the road, but there are so many accessories/gadgets/powers from the movies that it would be tough to fit them all in. It's an interesting challenge for some day, though.

What is the projected character depth/diversity of the Mighty Muggs line? Just as examples, can we expect a Mighty Muggs Jabba and a Mighty Muggs Salacious Crumb, or will we be lucky to get Mighty Muggs Greedo? (RTM, 04/25/08)

     Greedo is a strong possibility, but we don't have plans, at least for now, for the truly silhouette-busting characters like Jabba (and even R2-D2 is in this camp). The only thing we know for certain is that based on the tremendous response, Mighty Muggs has an exciting future where figures like you mention may be a possibility. But for now, we remain focused on driving the Muggs' unique shape and style across the lines.


C-3PO's presence in the saga is constant, he speaks the first and last lines, he facilitates the most important deeds, and while fussy his actions helped lead the Rebellion to victory, all while remaining one of the most recognizable cultural Star Wars touchstones, so surely he's an important enough character. That said, C-3PO figures have seemed a bit held back by the insistence on using a vacuum-metalized finish which limits articulation and fine detail. This despite the fact that 3PO's shiny, clean finish is rarely seen in the films. Is there some way we could get a super-articulated C-3PO figure sporting a shiny but not vac-metalized gold paint finish, while avoiding the dull look of the Saga Ultra C-3PO? (SSG, 04/25/08)

     We have had problems getting the shiny appearance of C-3PO on a super-articulated, super-detailed body but we think the Endor Deity version (with the introduction of the knees) gets darn close. We are always looking at new paint that meets the needs of our quality (wear and tear), has a super lustre like vac metal, and is affordable. So far we have not found the perfect paint to achieve all objectives but it remains part of something we are always looking at for C-3PO.

Will the Republic Gunship be re-released to coincide with the release of the Clone Wars cartoon? Several are featured in the preview, and some even have new deco. (SSG, 04/25/08)

     We can confirm that there is a redeco in the works, but can't release info yet. Look for an announcement in the next month or two via our Republic News posts.

The 3¾" action figure system has always straddled the toy market - on the one hand it's small enough that kids can have plenty of toys in the system without taking up a lot of space, while on the other it's not as big as many popular action figure scales out there so it's seen as "less product". With yet another round of price increases, this scale seems to be heading for a bit of a quandary: how does a $7.99 Star Wars or Indiana Jones figure in this scale compete with a similarly-priced 5" or 6" figure that sports as much detail and articulation and is perceived as being "more toy for the money". Pack-ins can only take it so far - although obviously you are gambling on the Build-A-Figure concept to take it an extra buck farther - so the question becomes, is there any concern that the eight-dollar Star Wars basic figure will be the pricepoint the brand or the scale itself cannot breach, especially in a sagging toy industry fraught with market-erosion from both video games and the internet, all while during an economic recession? Is there any concern with this price increase over the potential loss of collectors, both hardcore and casual (including kids) alike? You say the majority of your cost concerns are found in new tooling, and the greatest hits-style lines have been selling extremely well for you the past few years, yet the greatest hits-style lines like Saga Legends have no significant tooling costs to worry about beyond routine maintenance since it is all re-releases (aside from the pit droid anomalies). In the past we've asked about why the Saga Legends line shouldn't be a cheaper MSRP in relation to the main line and the answer was to support the system, but shouldn't the recent increased income from the high-selling line of purely existing tools help defray the costs and thus help lower pricing on the main line? (SSG, 04/25/08)

     We are confident that consumers will continue to enjoy our figure offering as a great way to experience the magic of Star Wars. To this end, we have worked to make sure that the lines have good value (firing projectiles in Clone Wars, Droid Factory parts to build and collect, and extra Clone gear in Saga Legends). Typically our discussions of "cost" have centered around tooling, since most questions are regarding new sculpts and added articulation, and we do set targets we must adhere to. However, that is just one factor that goes into our management of the line and there are many, many other financial factors that funnel into the end result.


You mentioned previously that there's a good chance that at some point you'll create an action figure based on Lumiya (the Marvel comics version, and hopefully from her second duel with Luke). Obviously, that figure would be a great candidate for a removable helmet, but would Hasbro consider simply providing two swappable heads for the ball-jointed neck instead?  While I absolutely love removable helmet/mask figures, my concern here is that we will either end up with a tiny Shira Brie "pin head" (as we saw with the Cody figure) or a woefully oversized helmet (as the case was with the Crimson Empire 2-pack figures). Given the likelihod that Hasbro will only make this particular figure once, it'd be incredibly disappointing to see it not done so that both the masked and unmasked Lumiya look as good as possible. Having two heads would enable the sculptor to not compromise the scale of the head or the mask and sculpt the best look possible. As well, the unmasked Shira coul d retain her ponytail from the scene (which a helmet that fits over her head would not likely be able to hide).  And PLEASE Hasbro, no more "comic toon" colors like we saw with Fenn Shysa and Tobi -- these are definitely not appealing to collectors. (ST, 04/25/08)

     Lumiya will be based on her appearance in Marvel Star Wars #96.  You beat us to the punch, but since you asked….she will come with interchangeable heads for the headress and Shira Brie modes.  This truly is one fantastic set....we should be showing our first peak at Comic Con.  As for Fenn and Tobi - those figures would not exist were it not for the Marvel Comics run.  Based on the popularity of the comic figures so far, a lot of fans are delighted by this part of the comic pack line. You may not like them, but they are true to the source material and we think these upcoming packs are going to really please a lot of people.

Will Hasbro ever release a soft goods Jawa, or is that something that would likely only be done for the VotC line when/if that is brought back? And does Hasbro have any other approaches for a possible Jawa "light up" eyes down the road e.g. maybe a highly reflective material that simulates "glow" without the need for say electronics? (ST, 04/25/08)

     Jawa with soft goods is one of those things that we have been "saving" for an eventual Vintage possibility; whether we save it for an eventual return of Vintage or do it elsehwere first remains to be seen.  As we have alluded to before, we have looked at electronics for the eyes but it seems impossible to add in without compromising proportions or articulation of the figure due to the housing needed for the electronics. Interesting suggestion on reflective material to simulate glowing eyes. Thanks for the suggestion.

Will Hasbro look at other more secure ways to attach jetpacks onto figures? I recently saw a complaint about the Evo Boba figure having a loose jetpack that fell off too easily. That also reminded me of the Commander Cody figure which had a tiny peg for Cody's jetpack that meant the pack would fall off if you even looked at it too hard. Instead of just a peg that pushes into the bac k, why not a clip or some other method that offers a better grip? Commander Gree seemed to be a great way to secure it, more of this maybe? (ST, 04/25/08)

     We will be looking at clips as needed for certain accessories, but it will still be on a case-by-case basis rather than an overall solution.


Is there any possibility of using the hyperarticulated Gree mold for a future release of the 212th Battalion (orange) Utapau clonetrooper?  It's true that this clone was previously released using the #41 RotS mold, but there are those of us who'd love to have that clonetrooper with a removable helmet (since most of the clones in the Utapau debriefing scene were unmasked).  Provided that the same hue of orange paint is used, a hyperarticulated Utapau clone would fit in great with our existing TSC Utapau clones! (ST/"TJ", 04/25/08)

     The Gree tooling is very specific to him so we wouldn't use it for any other character.  However, he has some nice articulation features that turned out well, and there is a possibility that down the road we would do other core Clones with this model.  Right now we don't have any specific updates planned, but the Utapau Battalion would be a good one.

You mentioned in the previous Q&A that there are plans to do a Geonosis Battledroid commander figure in 2009. Any chance that this figure will address the always-asked-about problem of thin legs made of soft plastic that eventually warp if the figure is stood upright for more than five minutes?  I know there are quite a few collectors, including myself, who absolutely refuse to buy (army build) any battled roids until Hasbro finds a fix to this problem given that using harder plastic seems to be out of the question.  Come on Hasbro, we need a sturdy army of battledroids for our now-massive clone armies to fight... sturdy legged non-warping battledroids. (ST/"TJ", 04/25/08)

     We hear you and are looking at a solution to this problem.  In addition to the possibility of upgrades (or even a new BD), we are also looking at the possibility of future figure stands having two foot pegs to help with the problem for all of the existing battle droids.  When standing on shelf for a while, the primary issue seems to be that they draw to one side or the other and two foot pegs seem to help with this.  We are doing some testing on this and if the results look good we will roll it out with our next figure stand multi-pack release.

For the figures that are going to contain pieces for the build-a-droid assortments, how are you going to pack these figures in case ratio wise so that fans and collectors can get everything that they want/need to build the droids? For the astromech droids you said it would be 6 figures to a droid, so that would mean 2 of each figure in a 12 figure case. But, for the protocol droids, you said 8 figures per wave would build 2 driods. But how are you going to pack those 8 figures in a 12 figure case? Basically stores are going to end up with 2 and 1/2 droids per case? Do you think that these "extra" figures are going to get left behind and become peg warmers? Especially when it will be the same 4 in every case?? Do you think this is going to cause problems at retail? Or cause problems with the fans? (ST/"TJ", 04/25/08)

     Outstanding question and one we are happy to answer.  The case will remain a 12 pack, and we will work only with "whole" droids available in every case pack, with either 2 copies of that protocol available in every case or 3 Astros (2 of one Astro and 1 of the second).  There will be no cases with only half droids available.  We have thought this through *very* carefully, understanding the needs of collectors, and we have a case ratio solution that should satisfy everyone. Here is our approach:  First, the Droid Factory line is designed so that collectors only have to buy one of each new (and that includes new tool as well as refreshed/updated) figure to get every part needed to complete every bonus buildable droid.  If collectors just bought 1 each of figures 1-52 (approximate number we expect by end of Spring 2009) in the first wave in which they are introduced, they will have all the droids.  Second, there is some redundancy built into the lineup in two ways: there will be select "greatest hits" that round out the case packs that will carry duplicates of the droid parts (these are usually kid-targeted figures, or figures where nothing has changed so figure completists can ignore these), as well as typical carryforwards we do from wave to wave to maximize potential for certain characters. Sometimes there will be 2 of each new figure in every case, and some waves will have 1 of each new figure as well as some greatest hits/carryforwards from prior waves. Third, when figures are carried forward from one wave to the next, they will switch to the new droids available rather than carryforward what would be an "old" part when the new droids are intro'd.  So that means that when we get to Wave 2, for example, it will only be protocol droid parts in the case pack and no Astro Droid parts, and vice-versa. This is to give a more ample distribution of each new droid as our intent is to NOT make certain droids scarcer overall but to have good availability.  This does mean that popular characters that will be continued across waves, such as Vader, will have several droid combinations possible depending upon how many waves he is slotted into.  We are cognizant of minimizing these variations and are working to keep these combinations down for the true completist who has to have everything, but carryforwards are inevitable to satisfy our kid market.


Do you have inside info on if there will be a midnight madness sale for Indiana Jones toys on 5/1? (ST/"WOTS", 04/25/08)

     There are no plans as far as we know for a 5/1 Midnight Madness-type event for IJ. If you hear of anything, let us know!

I have a question for hasbro regarding the new Indiana Jones line. I was rather impressed with the 3-d cardboard backdrops that were used for 2 starwars scenes a few years ago(jabba's palace and cantina)and i was hoping that these could be redone in an indy format? I think there is much potential for a ravenwood bar with exclusive marion figure or the temple in the opening of raiders where the idol could be enshrined:) My thinking is one it would also touch the nostalgic hearts of my generation that got treated to a cloud city playset or a cantina adventure catalog exclusive. Many play enviroments with the cost of cardboard and ink.I can think of countless play enviroments or even as a premium of some sort. (ST/"WOTS", 04/25/08)

     That is a great suggestion, and one that in Star Wars we have been looking at as well (the recent Captain Rex mail-in has a bit of this thinking, although not full blown like a wide diorama). While we have no formal plans at the moment, it is something we are evaluating.

Most (if not all) of the previewed Indy figures seem to have removable hats, which makes the hats seem just a little too large. Are there going to be any Indiana figures with hats sculpted onto the heads to avoid this problem? (ST/"WOTS", 04/25/08)

     Actually only one of the basic figures has a removable hat (the KotCS Indy); the rest are adhered to the head.


When you were creating the figures based on the Return of the Jedi deleted sandstorm scene, did you get to view some of the actual "lost" footage from the scene, or did you have to go solely off of reference photos in the Lucasfilm archive? (SWC, 04/25/08)

     We used reference shots available to us in the Lucasfilm archives. It would be a dream come true to see the actual footage, but it was not available and we went with what we had access to.

What happened to New Jedi Order Luke Skywalker's lightsaber in the Jedi Legacy Evolutions set? All promotional images show him with his RETURN OF THE JEDI green-bladed lightsaber, but somehow the actual figure on the shelves got a green-bladed version of Anakin Skywalker's REVENGE OF THE SITH lightsaber. A green-bladed version of Obi-Wan's ROTS saber would have been closer to the mark. (SWC, 04/25/08)

     The promotional images sometimes use placeholder parts. As for the actual one selected, we worked with Lucasfilm on the one to include, and that's where we ended up.

Isn't it about time to retire all of those Darth Maul lightsaber molds with the tubular blades and sculpt a new one with the "flared" blades at the correct length? (SWC, 04/25/08)

     Absolutely! Next time we do a Darth Maul, we will take your suggestion to heart.


(, 04/04/08)


Recently Hasbro held it's Toy Fair in Australia and on display were what we assume are the final packaging mockups for the AT-TE, V-19 Torrent Starfighter and Homing Spider Droid. It is possible for your team to provide our reader "official" images of this packaging? (YF, 04/25/08)
     Sorry to disappoint on this one, but our marketing team is holding onto these as part of the release plan starting in a couple weeks that will lead up to our big 7/26 launch. If we sent them out, they would kill us. We promise though, they will be worth the wait.

Now that checks and money orders are starting to be cashed for the Clone Wars Captain Rex promotion, when can we expect these to start hitting our door steps in the US and reaching our friends in Canada? (YF, 04/25/08)

     The Captain Rex figures should be getting out to the first batch of collectors in late May. We were caught a little off guard because of the surprising speed with which the promotional stickers got to retail, so we have been trying to accelerate our Rex delivery. Please thank the fans for hanging in there!

You've mentioned in previous QnAs that there will be an ESB wave in the 08/09 Legacy Line. Could a figure or 2 possibly include a mynock or oxygen masks as we haven't had new versions of these accessories since the Saga "Blue card" days? (YF, 04/25/08)

     We don't have these accessories planned, but next time we craft an ESB wave it would be interesting to look at updating these guys.


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Re: The Hasbro Q & A Compendium
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Session 52 - May 9, 2008

(4-".de, 04/04/08)


What are the chances we could get a Comic Pack set of Siri Tachi in "Zora" disguise and Obi-Wan in "Bakleeda" disguise from Jedi Quest? It gets you a new character and a core character which helps sell it, but in a new look which adds action figure credibility and is spawned right from the series. (AF, 05/09/08)

     That is a very interesting suggestion. We had not consider Jedi Quest to be high on our list of comic pack candidates until we looked at Siri Tachi's history in the books. We can't make any promises that we will get to this pack, but we will consider it next time we have a chance to craft a comic line plan. Thanks for the suggestion.

A while back, we asked about the possibilities of pre-orders on the HasbroToyShop website, your response was enthusiastic and passed along to the HTS team, but since then there has been no change to that matter. Since that time, gas prices have soared to nearly double, making it far more difficult for collectors to hit their local retailers day in and day out to find the newest Star Wars figures. With this in mind, might we see a preorder system on HTS any time soon? If not, why not? (AF, 05/09/08)

     The HasbroToyShop team does indeed do pre-orders, but it is not consistent for all products due to some logistics. (For instance, now the Indiana Jones pre-sells are live, but they had to wait until the national embargo date has passed before being allowed to do it). They will be doing it more and more on Star Wars this coming Fall, so keep checking back.

At Toy Fair in both New York and now Australia, from the Padme Amidala Legacy Evolutions set, the Revenge of the Sith Padme figure is shown without her japor-snippet necklace that she wore in the film with this costume, Anakin even makes a point of it in the movie, making it a fairly integeral aspect to this character and an odd item not to include. Will this be a separate accessory included with the final product? (AF, 05/09/08)

     We did not do the necklace for this set.


Do you plan to complete the vintage line of Indiana Jones figures? Meaning, can we hope for modern versions of Toht, German Mechanic, Marion in dress, Indy in German uniform, and Belloq in white suit? (CTR, 05/09/08)

     As the IJ line continues on, we defintely have plans for versions of all of those iconic supporting characters in the line. At least three of those are planned for early 2009.

With all the attention on recent releases of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles DVDs, will there be any characters from this TV series in action figure form? (CTR, 05/09/08)

     Not specifically. We have been looking at Young Indy ourselves (and reading the comics too for additional inspiration), but with all the movie figures we have been focusing on we just haven't fit them in yet.

At Toy Fair, it was hinted at the possibility of another playset...the Well of the Souls...which sounds like a great idea, BTW... Would you consider making is as a series of smaller playset environments like the current deluxe line so that they can be placed together to create the larger scene? (CTR, 05/09/08)

     The current Deluxe scenes can be put together to connect, and we are exploring some additional concepts for more in this vein. However, these are defintely very tough to develop (both from a manpower and tooling standpoint), so whether we do more willd epend in large part on how these perform. We're hopeful though that we have found a great way to really capture some of that scenic excitement of Indy with these (and future) sets.


Any chance of seeing Mara Jade from the Comic 2-Pack re-released on a basic card some day with a repainted black bodysuit instead of the comic-based blue color scheme? She'd be a great candidate for a future re-deco wave, and well deserving of basic card status. (And... could you retool her head a bit? The Comic 2-Pack head's hair prevents too much articulation, and it can't even be pushed all the way down onto the peg.) (GH, 05/08/09)

     We have not seen the last of Mara Jade in the figure lineup, we can promise you that, but where and when she will make another return had yet to be decided - either in a future comic pack, or as a basic carded figure with changes as you suggest.  We are looking at different options, but in any case it will be a while yet before we have her slotted back in.

Ackmena (as performed by Bea Arthur, legend, thespian, poet, American Treasure, and former U.S. Marine) does LFL own the rights to this character from the 1978 Star Wars: Holiday Special? (No, we're not asking you to make her, just asking if you have the right to do so in any event?) She was a U.S. Marine for Dorothy Zbornak's sake! (GH, 05/08/09)

     Since we haven't looked into producing her, we don't have a definitive answer for you but would assume that any characters from that special belong to Lucasfilm. That question would be better directed to

O.K. Let's imagine a glorious future. The Clone Wars is a massive hit (which is likely). How big would the Juggernaut/Rolling Slab/Turbo Tank vehicle be? Cost? What say you? (GH, 05/08/09)

     It would be big - very big.  We also have to wait and see if it actually shows up in the Clone Wars series.  We know about the AT-TE, but beyond that we don't know what the future of the Juggernaut/Clone Turbo Tank looks like.  That would be a very risky one to do just based on the scant on-screen appearance in Revenge of the Sith.




What is the status of the Target exclusive Battle Rancor from The Force Unleashed? At Toy Fair, we heard Mid-April, but April’s over and we haven’t seen them yet. Has it been delayed until the game’s release or is it just a bit late? (JD, 05/09/08)

     The Force Unleashed Rancor should be showing up at retail any day now.

Are you guys ready to talk about the TRU exclusive “Disturbance at the Lars Homestead” Battle Pack yet? If so, what can we expect - an Original Trilogy set, a Prequel Era set, or an EU themed set? (JD, 05/09/08)

     It's still too early to divulge any specific of the set, other than it is not a routine Battle Pack, and that it features an OTC setting. More details will be revealed at Comic Con, if not earlier.

Do you have any pics of the second version of the Rebel Pilot Legacy set yet (the one with the Red B-Wing Pilot)? We’re all interested to see how the Red B-Wing pilot and the rest of the set turned out! (JD, 05/09/08)

     We do not have pics of this set yet, because our original paint masters aren't a match for what we are actually doing for the final deco. Originally the B-Wing outfit of Keyan Farlander was more maroon when compared to the original Kenner red B-Wing Pilot; since then we have brought ours closer to the vintage color.


Any chance of getting an Episode 1 Senate Guard figure using the Revenge Of the Sith Senate Guard/Royal Guard body? (JI, 05/09/08)

     That is a good idea for a future figure. At this time, we don't have this one slotted into the line but will put it in the "parking lot" for a down-the-road wave. Thanks.

With the upcoming "Droid Factory" line coming out soon, are there any plans to expand this idea beyond just Protocol and Astromech droids? Any chance of bringing back the actual "Droid Factory" playset in some shape or form in the future? (JI, 05/09/08)

     We use the term protocol and astromech for the general shape and part count of the droids we'll be featuring. We plan to work in the 4-piece and 6-piece model for the pack-ins, and don't have plans to go to much larger or funkier droid models. While the astromech droids are going to be a staple for roughly every other wave, running the range from R2 to R7 units, the "protocol" slots will vary. It won't always be C-3PO-type or RA-7 type figures, but will include other humanoid types (arms, legs, torso, head). We have lined up some *very* cool droids that have never before been produced, some of whom have been drawn from EU source material and lined up to anchor the Droid Factory waves. As for bringing back the vintage Droid Factory, it's an interesting idea, but we don't have any plans to go back to those vintage tools. The aesthetics just don't match what we hope to accomplish with the line these days.

When will official images of the BMF Falcon, be released for all to see? (JI, 05/09/08)

     Detailed shots will be forthcoming in our scheduled debut stores and Republic News Posts.


Who designs the packaging for the Star Wars and Indiana Jones products?  Is this done in-house by Hasbro or by an outside agency that works with you and LucasFilm?  What’s the process that this goes through? (, 05/09/08)

     The packaging is designed by an outside agency that Lucasfilm manages.  We are brought in early in the process to provide input and make sure that the line look works for our needs at retail and is optimized for specific segments of the line.

A while ago we brought up the fact that we were fast approaching another milestone figure (like 500th Vader or 300th Boba Fett), probably figure number 1,000.  You said that something was in the works and would reveal soon – that was many months ago and we wondered if this had been lost in the mix or was still happening.  Can you bring us up-to-date with this news and if there are pictures to show can you please reveal? (, 05/09/08)

     We didn't mean to indicate that a product was in the works, just that at some point we need to figure out where we are in the "number" of figures we have done, and further that if there is an event to commemorate (that we haven't already missed) then it would certainly be worthwhile to look at that.  While we did spend some time looking into what the current figure total could be, it turns out to be a much more complicated exercise (as many fans have long known who have undertaken the same exercise).  As such, with the work in front of us of delivering our current (and future lines), we have not been able to spend the time to do the exercise justice. We do not have a commemorative figure planned to mark any occasion right now and have instead put our energies into moving forward against our upcoming plans.

How do you feel that some retailers here in the UK have already broken the 1st May release date for the Indiana Jones product line (Adventure Heroes, 3¾”Figures and LEGO)?  How far do you go to force the release dates and what lengths will you do to try and ensure the 26th July date is met for the Clone Wars? (, 05/09/08)

     We actively work to keep all retailers adhering to the same release dates, both with communication from our sales side as well as our retailer teams. The date is set by Lucasfilm and all partners together (including Hasbro and retailers) and is designed to promote an exciting event-like feel for collectors and kids alike. Setting out product early breaks a measure of trust that has been placed with the retailer.  An independant store or a retail chain can look bad if a store or department manager violates this trust for a short-term gain.  The 7/26 launch date will be one of the most exciting dates in Star Wars launch history, and both Hasbro and Lucasfilm (and other partners) are working with our retailers to make sure that everyone is on the same page with the launch strategy.


Now that Cade Skywalker is going to have two basic figure releases is there any chance to see Ben Skywalker or any of the Solo children as basic figures? (JTA, 05/09/08)

     Cade Skywalker is only going to have one figure - in the comic pack with Darth Talon.  There is no other Cade figure planned.  As for the other Solo children or Ben Skywalker, they are a long shot since there is no comic reference.  However, they are candidates for the (precious) slots in future EU-themed basic figure waves.  We would say that long-term, they stand a good chance of getting in somewhere; short term, the odds are not as good due to the few EU-themed basic figures in the 2009 line.

The response to the electronic features on the AT-TE at Toy Fair seem to have been very positive.  I also noticed that there were a good number of buttons for electronic features on the recently leaked images of the pending Millenium Falcon (very nice, I must say).  Are we trending back somewhat toward electronic features?  Has the technology improved enough to make electronic features more viable?  Does the improved state of  LED lights and sound chips make onboard electronics more feasible?  Also, is this something that would probably be limited to larger vehicles?  And could we eventually see some like say....a Target exclusive Gold 5 Y-Wing that says "STAY ON TARGET" at some point in the not-too-distant future? (JTA, 05/09/08)

     In general you will not see them added, say, to our $20-$40 vehicles because the "fixed" cost of electronics is a much higher percentage of the total offering and in most cases would necessitate a price increase above the retail price we feel the vehicles need to be at in order to be successful. We look to add electronics to make sure that our offering is as complete as possible for higher-end vehicles, where the cost of the electronics is a smaller percentage of the total vehicle.

Why did Hasbro decide to make their Clone Wars figure line incompatible with the rest of the 3.75" figure line? When it comes to play-patterns and the ability for Hasbro to reuse body-parts/components from previously released figures, this move seems like a huge gamble. Has Hasbro thought of the possibility that many collectors will pass on the figures in this line (like they did for the previous cartoon Clone Wars-inspired line) because they do not conform with the other line that has been running since 1995? (JTA, 05/09/08)

     We did not decide to make that decision ourselves - it was a collaborative decision reached with Lucasfilm in order to best match the on-screen entertainment to the toy line.  For the vast majority of kids who will be enjoying the new entertainment, this will be the relevant figure line.  Since the kids will vastly outnumber the collectors this Fall, especially for Clone Wars, this is a decision we felt was the easy one to make.  However, as discussed previously, collectors did contribute to our thinking.


How many Astro Droids and Protocol Droids do you predict we will see in the Droid Factory series in the 2008-09 line up? Who comes up with the design? Does Lucasfilm have a huge file that the developed during the preproduction of the prequels, that you can reference, or do you get to make the designs yourself and then Lucasfilm approves them. If the latter is the case, would you like to see your designs end up in the television shows? (MD, 05/09/08)

     The idea behind Droid Factory is to get out there some exciting droids that have never before been produced in a cool new collectible way, as a "bonus" to the figures that we all love to collect.

     We current have lined up about 18 different droids that would take us through the end of 2009…that is, if all waves go according to schedule (if there is anything we have learned, it's that there *will* be change). Of this total, there are 10 Astros and 8 protos in the lineup. All of the concepts have been drawn from continuity or concept figures developed by Lucasfilm (such as the R7 model). This includes EU sources as well such as games, comics, and novels. None of them are Hasbro creations, and all of them are approved by Lucasfilm before we begin development. Thanks for the question!

Are there any plans to retool the Imperial Officer, Death Star Trooper, or AT-AT Driver? so they do not have those awkward looking swivel elbows? Or are these figures on a long term list to get the whole "SA treatment" sometime in the near future? (MD, 05/09/08)

     Yes, we do have plans to update these guys within the to SA versions at some point. Imperial Officer would be first, in 2009. The AT-AT driver would come later and might be 2010. Death Star Trooper, though, is someone we might save for a Vintage line and probably wouldn't be in the mainline per se.

Yoda is one of the few smaller characters that you seem to be able to do as a single carded figure, and not as a 2-Pack. However, due to his less active role in the series (and lack of costume changes) it seems that accessories are a way to make him seem more appealing. Having said that, what are the chances of us ever see a Yoda with the Holographic Communication Table he uses on Kashyyyk to communicate with the Jedi Council? (MD, 05/09/08)

     Interesting idea, Commander. We'll take that into consideration for a future possibility for the Legacy line. For all of our Clone Wars Yoda figures, though, we will most likely continue to develop accessories along the current path - good kid-feature accessories like launchers.


I am a big collector of the Jedi Starfighters. I like to display them with their pilots and the accompanying astromechs. First I would like to thank you for the upcoming Droid Factory sets as I see many astromechs and pilots paired together. My question is 2 fold:
# Do you have plans to produce any more Jedi Starfighters what with The Clone Wars coming out?
# Second, are there any plans to do an updated R2-D2 figure using the standard R4-G9 mold as you utilized it for Vader's R4-K5 as well as Mace's R4-M6? (RS, 05/09/08)

     We're glad you enjoy the Starfighter - we certainly do too.

     This is a sidebar - but we also have good news to report for those who felt that stickers should have been included with the Aayla Secura Starfighter (even though as it is, it is deco-accurate to the comic). We will be producing a sticker sheet for the vehicles that can be obtained by contacting our Customer Service department on the Hasbro web site. The stickers are being worked on now but will take several weeks to finish. We will advise 'Scummers on when they will be available, and they can then contact Customer Service. We'll send a pic when ready.

     Now back to the question at hand...

     Yes indeed, Starfighters will continue at a good pace with The Clone Wars animation. While we won't abandon the iconic EpIII version, the focus will be on a new, slightly-modified Delta 2 to match the animation. This new one will be out later this year. As more Jedi are revealed to us in the animation, we hope to be able to match future Starfighters to them as well. Whether we do more deco versions of the "classic" Delta 2 and EpIII Starfighter has yet to be seen, but we will be keeping the main ones in rotation in the Starfighter collection. If we do more "new" color versions of these ships, we may use these as exclusives as we have for the last few variants.

     On R2-D2 with standard R4 body - We will be looking to get this version out eventually. We just have yet to figure out where to slot him in.

In the past, you have said that the more visual material you have on a character, the better the chance that character has of being made into a figure. So with this in mind, how much longer do we have to wait for a Jedi Master K'kruhk figure? He has been in the Republic comics, Jedi Council Acts of War miniseries comics, Dark Times Comics, Legacy Comics, and the Clone Wars micro-series, how much more material do you need? If he is not on the short list, is it due to the cost it would take to make him, due to his size and butt-kicking ability? :) (RS, 05/09/08)

     You will very much enjoy what will be coming next year with one of our own favorite as-yet-unmade Jedi. We won't offer any more details other than "he's coming!"

In an earlier Q&A session, you talked a bit about the character selection process for the upcoming Saga Legends line for this fall. But I'm also curious in how the Star Wars team selects the characters for a full line of basic figures. Are there any "must have" characters that you feel need to be included? For instance, which main characters are considered a "shoo-in" each year? How do you choose secondary or background characters like Cantina aliens, droids, senators, second-tier Jedi, troopers, etc.?

Also, with over 50 Q&A sessions behind us, how much do these sessions influence your selection process, considering the many requests for characters? (RS, 05/09/08)

     Well that is a great question that goes to the heart of our 3-3/4" strategy. While we have touched on it a little bit in past Q&As, we can elaborate a bit more.

     Before we go in, we will say that the Q&As are extremely enlightending in a few respects. First, there are threads and questions that often validate assumptions we have had, about certain characters or classes of figures that strike a chord, and to which we need to make sure we are looking into even if it means adding characters to the famous "parking lot."

     Second, there is good insight into what can make a character new and different in some cases that does influence our thinking; this feedback of course is also found in forums on many sites, but we can't get out to sites often enough and in the depth we want to get a comprehensive view of what fans are saying. From this standpoint, the Q&A helps us greatly in the sense that the best questions/comments rise to the top and are submiited to us, often independantly by a couple sites, and as such are a good representation of the top level of wants/desires/questions/concerns.

     Now as to how we approach the basic figure line. The key here is that since Star Wars basic figures have a dual audience of kids and collectors, it is imperative that each and every case pack has figures that are relevant for both audiences.

     We will start our yearly planning sesion right around late Summer, to get ready for the next planning year. The process takes a couple months from start to a working line plan, with a couple rounds of lively discussion with our team and Lucasfilm before we arrive at a plan we all agree on and start to schedule against. We start with a brainstorm/planning session that uses both our Parking Lot as well as homework that folks have done. We look to both make sure that we have enough heroes for the year, and at the same time lay out wave structures that make sense and spread the coverage around to at least all the films, with usually 1 wave of EU to bring in some high-demand characters we can't fit in elsewhere.

     To anchor our waves, we have a strict short list of characters that we consider our star hero characters, and we make sure that we have some of these characters in every wave, and at the same time we try to make sure these characters are in the basic figure lineup every year. These top-level heroes are informed by historical sell-through data, so it is fact-based, not an emotional list.

     So we will start by building waves around new takes on the core characters. Depending upon how many stars we have we then look to add strength to the wave by looking to a second level of well-known characters that are not in our top-tier but are key Saga characters nonetheless. The actual list of characters who don't make that "first cut" may surprise some people...but again, we try to be fact based as much as possible, and the more stringent we are the better the line will perform and the more we can keep doing.

     Once we are convinced there is enough iconic strength from these two tiers to give traction to the wave from a kid standpoint, then we turn our attention to the much more subjective, emotional, argumentative, political, deal-forged, exhilarating, and dissapointing part of the selection: the collector figures! We are kidding about most of that, because it is really a fun part to be able to plan and slot in "wish list" figures for the first time, so there is a little deal-brokering going on ("OK, I'll give you Willrow next year if we get Yarna in this year," etc). This is where we need to make sure we have enough tooling to do what we want, and that's why updates to core characters not only keep the line healthy but allow us to develop more in the way of interesting collector offerings.

     This part of the process is subjective in the sense that we consider personal wants and fan wants, paying attention to the sub-categories of collecting interest that have emerged, including in no particular order new troop builders, Cantina denizens, aliens (which includes Cantina), Jabba's Palace denizens (ditto), Separatists, Rebels/pilots, Imperials/officers, senators, Ewoks, vintage updates, Padme versions, Mandalorians, droids, updates to secondary Jedi/new Jedi, and figures derived from non-comic source material (games & novels). With so many categories to choose from, and only so many slots to go around there is no wonder that a lot of folks feel we aren't going as deeply as they'd like. That's why we preach patience...we're in it for the long run too, just like you guys.

     It's during this line planning, and leading up to the subsequent delivery of figures, that sometimes we feel like the luckiest people alive to be able to really dig and work magic to bring new aspects of Star Wars to life in figure form.


Will there be a price increase for the Star Wars figures like the recent one for GI Joe figures? (RTM, 05/09/08)

     As a policy, we don't discuss pricing as that is the decision of our retail partners.

Are there any plans of releasing blank Mighty Muggs through the Hasbro site? (RTM, 05/09/08)

     The Mighty Muggs team is right in line with your thinking. Look for both black and white blank versions at this Fall!

Which versions of Han Solo and Chewie come with the Millennium Falcon? (RTM, 05/09/08)

     Han Solo is a straight repack of the '07 TAC (30th) Han Solo in flight gear figure, and Chewbacca is the one from the '05 Early Bird mail-in set.


Are there folks today at Hasbro who were working on the Star Wars line back when it was reborn in 1995? Was there any clue behind-the-scenes back then that the Star Wars toy line would garner such a huge adult collector following? Were adult collectors considered at all on any level back then when forging the line's beginnings? What do you folks think of the extensive adult collector enthusiasm for the line today, 13 years later? (SSG, 05/09/08)

     Interesting question! There are indeed folks who were with Kenner back when the line was relaunched, who are also an important part of the nucleus of the team today. While we do not mention names here in the Q&A, the faces should be familiar to those who attend or view any of our panel presentations from Celebration or Comic Con. The answer to your question is that yes, when the line was relaunched, consideration was taken as to who the audience would be and what their wants and desires would be to collect the modern line. This shaped the complexion of the line at relaunch and also has been a continuous influence as it has moved forward. This consideration is seen most importantly in three ways: 1. The 3-3/4" scale was chosen as the "default" scale for the relaunch (despite there being no 3-3/4" line in the market at the time and the trend in other lines was moving toward 5-6" figures); 2.The choice to keep the nostalgic 6"x9" basic carded format, which has now been the "heart" of the line now for 20 years inclusive of Vintage; 3. The vehicle designs and approach selected during the relaunch and afterward. Regarding the last point, it was felt that since a portion of the audience would be adult collectors, and that many of them already had the vintage vehicles in their collections, that newness in feautres and electronics was needed to make them different and move the brand forward. This important priority on vehicles, while it has waxed and waned, has never left the line and has been taken to a new level this year with two of our biggest vehicles - the Millenium Falcon and the AT-TE. We should note that there is also a fantastic backstory to the making of the new Millenium Falcon that will be revealed as time goes on....stay tuned!

With a wave pushed out of this year making way for another repaint wave, does this give Episode I fans a chance to buy some figures in 2008? There's the oft-requested Holographic Nute Gunray, or perhaps a different color variation to the Post-OTC Queen's Handmaiden (Rabe) figure. This could compliment nicely next year's Ep 1 wave that you've already confirmed, so, what do you say? (SSG, 05/09/08)

     There won't be any EpI figures slotted into the lineup for the redeco wave.

With The Force Unleashed videogame being pushed back to mid-September, will TFU product be re-released to coincide with the game's release? (SSG, 05/09/08)

     Aside from the two Wal-Mart 3-packs, scheduled to launch with the game, and one basic-carded Stormtrooper Commander whose release is being managed by LucasAsrts, there are no other major re-releases planned. A couple select figures (including Vader) will be re-released for the Legacy/Droid Factory waves, but that's it. This is simply because of the logistics of the launch and the need to bring in the rest of the figures this Fall. It will be something we watch going forward though, and it's possible we could look to re-release some of the more popular figures as time goes on, but it will not be synched up to the Fall release.


There are a couple of versions and characters of the Force Unleashed characters we don't have: PROXY, Shaak Ti, Juno Eclipse as a rebel and a few Stormtrooper variants. Can you confirm how many figures from TFU we are getting in 2008-09? Other than the ones we know about, of course. (ST, 05/09/08)

     There are no more TFU figures in 2008 beyond those that have been announced/shown already.  The final ones will be the previously-announced but still unreleased basic-carded Stormtrooper Commander (retail partner and sell-in strategy still TBD) and the Wal-Mart exclusive 3-packs featuring some unique trooper deco.  For 2009, we are loking at one additional figure and that is it for our plans for now for TFU.  As we see and play the game ourselves, we are sure more ideas and favorites will spring forth, but those will have to come further down the road.

Originally we were told that TAC '08 would begin shipping in March. But in early January, we started seeing these hit the shelves. Your explanation was that they were ready early so you shipped them early (and I'm sure most of us didn't mind that). Now my question is this: if the Clone Wars toys are ready early, will you ship them prior to the July 26th date? And if not, do you have anything coming out between then and now to hold us over? That's still almost 3 months away, and it's been at least a month since we've gotten anything new! (ST, 05/09/08)

     We will not be shipping anything in the new blue/white line look early,including Clone Wars or The Legacy Collection.  All products will be held for the 7/26 launch date.  Given the excitement of the Clone Wars launch, the debut of the Droid factory basic figures, and the amazing new Millenium Falcon and AT-TE among other segments, this is shaping up to be one of the most exciting launches in Star Wars history.

The Basic Figures this year look great! But there is a lack of Original Trilogy in it, other than Legacy Wave 1, an ANH Wave, the Hoth BP and some Droid Factory figures. Is this due to some shifting that we have heard about? (ST, 05/09/08)

     Yes, the perceived lack of Episodes IV-VI is not by choice, but a matter of schedules sliding around and shifting the EpV wave out into 2009.  Otherwise we would have had one wave from each of the three this year. However, we think OTC fans will be happy with some of the other things we have coming, including the Evolution packs, the new Millenium Falcon, and the exclusives line-up.  Stay tuned for more details around Comic Con on the rest of the lineup through the end of the year.


Will Hasbro be fixing the holster on the SA Stormtrooper mold so that his rifle will be able to fit easily in it? And is there a way to adjust the holster so that the Stormtrooper could actually sit in a vehicle without the holster getting in the way? (ST/"TJ", 05/09/08)

     That holster was really meant to be true-to-scale to the figure for aesthetic reasons, so we didn't make it so you could fit the blaster in it.  We'll take a look and see if we can accomplish both objectives the next time we slot a Stormie version into the line.

Will the tooling that is being used to make the comic pack Grand Admiral Thrawn also be reused for a future Imperial Officer in the basic line?  And if so, will the "skirt" part be made of softer plastic so that he can actually sit down (for those of us who are already thinking of swapping heads from the Death Star briefing figures onto a new SA body -- hopefully the neck pegs are compatible). (ST/"TJ", 05/09/08)

     It is a good possibility that we could use some of the tooling for a new Officer but we do not have firm plans at the moment. We will try to add elasticizers to the PVC to make it as soft as possible, but Europe has different standards regarding PVC than the US, and so sometimes this affects what we are able to do. Also, even making the skirts flexible, it does not always reach the desired result, so that is why we sometimes add slits to the sides or do fabric skirts.

The VotC Chewbacca remains the absolute best version of Chewbacca ever made and probably for a good long time. But is it possible that Hasbro might someday make an even more premium Chewbacca figure that actually uses real "hair" as opposed to sculpted plastic?  You've already done this in smaller ways with the PotF2 Leia figures - and for that matter, would an ANH Princess Leia with real hair buns be another possibility? (ST/"TJ", 05/09/08)

     There is a very high probability that version will never happen due to the extreme difficulty in getting soft goods "fur" to behave and look good in scale.  It was very difficult when we did a plush version in 2005, and even when we tried new fibers on the Bantha we haven't been excited about the seemingly doomed exercise of trying it on a 3-3/4 figure.


Though probably not the most 'exciting' concept for an action figure around, will we see a 'Professor Indy' any time soon? (ST/"WOTS", 05/09/08)

     We haven't gotten to this most iconic version yet, mainly because we are still debating which action feature to include: chalkboard writing action, hidden artifact reveal, or "student befuddlement" facial expression change. When we figure that out, we'll slot him in. In all seriousness, we have several more great Indys planned for next year, but haven't been able to get Prof. IJ in the line just yet.

What are the chances of you releasing a Dietrich figure in the next wave of Raiders of the Lost Ark figures? For those of you that dont know the name, he was the German Crnl that melted with Toht and Belloq when the Ark was opened. (ST/"WOTS", 05/09/08)

     Dietrich is in the plans for early 2009.

Now that you've got that fantastic horse mold, is there any chance of seeing it used for packs from the closing scene in Last Crusade or in the Star Wars line for Ewok/Marauder mounts (c'mon, who wouldn't want Chukha-Trok with a horse?) or in GI Joe (there was that one cartoon where the Joes were riding horses through the deserts of Kentucky to catch Cobra's bullet train)? (ST/"WOTS", 05/09/08)

     You can bet that this great horse will be reused in upcoming IJ sets. Interesting thought on the use of the tool as a possible equus companion to Chuhka-Trok if we ever do any sets tied to the live action Ewoks show. Thanks for the idea.


With the last of the 30th Anniversary Collection line seeing release soon and the new Clone Wars and Legacy Collections not due for release until July, what plans does Hasbro have to keep their "Star Wars" toys in the public's eye admidst the glitter of high-profile movie-based toy lines such as "Iron Man," "The Incredible Hulk," and "The Dark Knight"? (SWC, 05/09/08)

     It's certainly an interesting time on Star Wars right now. On 7/26 we will be launching what is perhaps our most ambitious Star Wars lineup in history covering, for the very first time, both a new movie as well as the Legacy collection side-by-side (not to mention the biggest sets we have ever done in the new Millenium Falcon and AT-TE!). Knowing that a major changeover was coming, and rather than chancing poor distribution that would frustrate collectors, we decided to delay the new toys that would have been hitting in/from May and beyond (including basic figures, comic packs, and battle packs) and slotted them into the Fall, making the Spring a little lighter, but making Fall even richer. However, that does not mean that we suffer for lack of news and excitement. There are still several exciting exclusives coming in prior to 7/26, including the battle packs out at TRU right now (STAP Attack & Hoth), the TFU Rancor at Target (any time now) and the launch of the Droid Factory 2-packs and a new wave of exclusive comic packs at WM (both set for July 1st). We think that overall the wait for 7/26 - and the hunt for the new exclusives in the interim - will be more than worth the wait. The future for Star Wars is very, very bright!

The Legacy Collection's upcoming "Return of the Jedi" Darth Vader figure with three-piece removable helmet seems like the Holy Grail of Vader figures for most collectors. This would really mean the only definitive Vader left to make is a film-accurate "Revenge of the Sith" Vader in armor, with the film-specific shoulder armor. Any chance of seeing him in The Legacy Collection, too? (SWC, 05/09/08)

     There is a good chance at some point, but the trick with that figure is getting quality articulation while preserving the shoulder armor. Right now we have not solved this issue, but are looking at it since it is a great figure to anchor a future wave.

Other toy lines in the past have gone off on tangents with "alternate universe" versions of characters, such as Vikings, Samurai, Pirates, and Ancient Egyptians. In your designers' giddiest flights of fantasy, what sort of "alternate reality" would the "Star Wars" characters best lend themselves to? (And, no, the "Infinities" versions don't count, since we're actually going to get some of those in the Comic Packs.) (SWC, 05/09/08)

     Believe it or not, this really isn't an area where we have spent much time imagining, since we are all busy bringing the "real" Star Wars universe to life. However, being kitbash fans ourselves, we have seen the steam-punk versions of the Star Wars characters and tip our collective hats to the creative genius behind this interpretation, and others. Following this train of thought, we can't help but think that the Samurai genre, which provided much original inspiration for the Star Wars saga, is a natural "parallel" universe. We don't have plans to go there ourselves, but with the real creation of the Darth Vader-samurai armor, intriguing doors have opened.


(, 04/04/08)


You've repeatedly stated that "SW playsets" are a hard sell especially for kids and are cost prohibitive to develop and/or
retool. How do you square that with the release of the new small playsets/envirorama being released in the deluxe INDY line. (i.e. Indiana Jones with Temple Pitfall & Indiana Jones with Temple Trap). Could a "playset" or "enviroama" of this size be possible for the SW line? It seems like it could be a perfect compromise as product this size is small enough to hang on pegs leaving shelf space for vehicles, Evolutions, Battle Packs etc. Plus, if you included a unique figure (i.e. paint variant), it could help move the product as well. (YF, 05/09/08)

     The Indiana Jones fantasy is very different than Star Wars in some key elements, and that is why the make-up of the line is different. In Indiana Jones, environments play a very important role and solving puzzles and escaping traps are an essential element to the fantasy alongside the characters, whereas in Star Wars the environments actually play a minor role compared to the figures and vehicles who occupy the center stage. Therefore, in IJ, we felt that elements like this were central to the fantasy and important to pursue in order to put out a line that inspires the same play that kids see in the movies. For Star Wars, playsets have historically not sold well relative to other sublines, and so we continue to develop against the sublines that give us the overall best results and allow us the continued development of the line. We also see both the AT-TE and Millenium Falcon as having critical playset-like components in any case, as far as kids are concerned; they are truly two vehicles that command play with figures far above and beyond regular vehicles.

You confirmed/revealed for our friends at Galactic Hunter that SA versions of Luke and Han in Stormtrooper Disguise will be released in the EIV themed wave. Will these be simple head swap creations and will Luke be released on the smaller 2007 TAC #30 Imperial Stormtrooper body, you know because he is "a little short for a Stormtrooper"? (YF, 05/09/08)

     The figures are based on their countrparts from the Comic Packs. We had actually designed the mid torso to be adjustable in production so you could get a normal or shorter version, but the manufacturer modified the tool model. We are however improving the belt/ holster to better hold the Imperial blaster.

With Hasbro's "official" acknowledgment of the existence of the BMF (Big Millennium Falcon) can you answer a couple questions regarding it. Does it have the quad cannon on its underside? Is the panel on the rear of the ship (above the engines) removable like the vintage mold? Does it have a handle on the bottom to aide in the recreation of those epic space battles? Can the escape pod/shuttle be plugged/docked in between the Falcon's freight mandibles (forked forward section)? (YF, 05/09/08)

     Answers are: 1. It does have a non-firing quad cannon on the underside. 2. The rear cover is not removable, except for the battery access hatch, as the electronics and other mechanical components are housed in this area. 3. No, there is not a dedicated handle - the size and weight of this version would really not allow you to “fly” it around like the original – as you stated above – this truly is a BMF!!! 4. Space restrictions (especially the width) in the interior docking bay dictated the overall dimensions of the escape pod. Unfortunately, the distance between the mandibles are too wide for the escape pod to dock.


The best figure(s) of 2007 have to be Romba and Graak in my opinion, so good I couldn't find one in stores until the re-release this spring. I'm very excited for Leektar and Nippet as well, and am wondering what other ewok plans you have for 2008? Plans for color variants? 2009? Any plans for an ewok catapult? A female ewok? Please please keep the ewoks and ewok accessories coming! (YN, 05/09/08)

     We hear you and love the little resistance fighters ourselves! Right now, we don't have any additional Ewok plans for 2008 beyond Leektar and Nippet. We do have plans for a few more sets in 2009, but those details are still being worked out. It won't be anything as big as the Ewok Catapult, though.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for making the Super articulated version of the 501st Legion Trooper a reality. This sculpt is truly the best clone sculpt available. And an even bigger thanks for putting him 3 per case so he wasn’t a pain in the butt to track down at retail. I know that you guys get many sarcastic comments from other collectors out there about releasing clones with “every color under the sun,” but I just want you to know that I personally appreciate and applaud your efforts.

With that said, in a previous Q&A you mentioned that the Grey Coruscant Clone Trooper in SA sculpt (hint: with antenna) would be a good suggestion for a future repaint wave or Saga Legends type of release. And then, in a subsequent Q&A, you mentioned that you will be doing a re-deco wave in 2008 to fill in the void for a planned wave that has been delayed. Dare I hope, dream, offer up my first born child to the gods in trade that I might finally see said Grey Coruscant Clone Trooper in the SA sculpt (again: with antenna) in this so-called re-deco wave??? Please, please, please??? (YN, 05/09/08)

     Yes indeed, we can confirm that as SA version of the gray-deco Coruscant Landing Platform figure will be coming in a redeco wave later this year.

Will we be getting anymore Galactic Heroes Key chains? And can you confirm that there are only 6 made so far, with those six being Han Solo (Bespin), Luke Skywalker, Yoda, Boba Fett, Darth Vader and Darth Tater ( Mr. Potato Head )? And If there will be more made, any lists or images you can share with us? (YN, 05/09/08)

     Those are the only ones that have been done to date. We don't have plans to add any more characters to those right now.

The image of the Grail Knight revealed at looks fantastic. Does he sport plastic or cloth robes? (YN, 05/09/08)

     Thanks - this is indeed one great figure. He will have PVC (plastic) robes.

We want to know if the Force Unleashed wave and Wave 5 Legends with the Fan's Choice clones still ship out to retail until the Clone Wars toys start to hit? (YN, 05/09/08)

     No, they will not. All of the lines currently at retail will phase out in June to prepare the shelves for the 7/26 launch of the new lines. Fans should get them while they can, because they won't be coming back.

Target seems to have gotten a good dose of exclusives so far, any reason why they seem to nab up so many while other chains and stores have gotten fewer? Did they simply just ask for more? (YN, 05/09/08)

     Our exclusives strategy has been to match programs with available space and promotional plans, and it has worked out that some retailers at different times have appeared to have more visibile programs than others. You will see strong upcoming programs from all three retailers this year, with Wal-Mart getting a strong start in July with the debut of the Droid Factory 2-packs (featuring the buildable C-3PX droid), as well as continuing their exclusive comic 2-pack program with a new wave.
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Re: The Hasbro Q & A Compendium
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Session 53 - May 23, 2008

"The good news is that all that blood is actually ketchup. The bad news, however, is that all that ketchup is actually blood."

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Re: The Hasbro Q & A Compendium
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Session 54 - June 6, 2008

"The good news is that all that blood is actually ketchup. The bad news, however, is that all that ketchup is actually blood."

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Re: The Hasbro Q & A Compendium
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Session 55 - June 20, 2008

"The good news is that all that blood is actually ketchup. The bad news, however, is that all that ketchup is actually blood."

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Re: The Hasbro Q & A Compendium
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Session 56 - July 11, 2008


Have you considered doing a deluxe set from the beginning of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which would include a Hangar 51 crate containing the > metallic case and alien remains inside? I think that would be a fantastic set and it is a big part of the movie. (TPU, 07/11/08)

     That is a cool idea and we have indeed thought about it, but did not pursue in favor of some other sets. Perhaps someday...

Will you be making an Ark Ghost in the 3.75 inch lineup? The adventure heroes ghost is my personal favorite and I think it would go great with the basic figure lineup as well! You could include a rotating head with the peaceful looking lady on one side and the other have the angry skull face. (TPU, 07/11/08)

     Yes, we plan on getting this out Spring of next year in the Deluxe lineup.

In regards to the Build-a-droids in the basic Legacy collection, will any of the droids included be from the Original Trilogy movies? Most seem like they are EU droids. I think it would be great to get a E-3PO or U-3PO! (TPU, 07/11/08)

     Excellent choices, and while we can't confirm which OTC ones we're honing in on, we will be making sure to mix it around between on-screen and EU.

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"The good news is that all that blood is actually ketchup. The bad news, however, is that all that ketchup is actually blood."

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Re: The Hasbro Q & A Compendium
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Session 57 - August 1, 2008

Many collectors are noticing that the Indiana Jones line of figures seems to be sitting around at stores and not moving as well as hoped. A glut of product seems to be preventing new figures from coming in, and many fans are worried that the line may be cut short as a result, despite the fact that you've announced that you have plans for 2009. Also, with late July came the return of Star Wars which limits the peg space available for the Indy line. Are the results of how this line is selling having an affect on its future? (AF, 08/01/08)

     The results of how *any* line sells has an effect on its future, as retailers want to ensure that their retail space is as productive as it can possibly be. We certainly hope to get to new figures in 2009. Right now, we are working with retail to maximize the line around what will be one of the biggest DVD releases of the year, along with a strong holiday drive. We know that we have collector interest to some extent (although not nearly to the level of Star Wars) but how long we go will depend on the level of kid engagement and retailer support after the holidays. It's something we'll be watching closely.

Given the focus on Rebel pilots and droids lately, would you consider hitting two birds with one stone and releasing two-packs of Rebel pilots with their corresponding astromech droids? This would be a good way to sell otherwise similar-looking pilots and get their droids at the same time, and also would be a good opportunity to finally update that underwhelming Red Leader figure and his cardboard droid from the 2003 X-wing. (AF, 08/01/08)

     That is certainly an interesting idea, one that we have considered for a down-the-road possibility.

A few times in Q&A's history, you've suggested collectors submit their local stores' pegwarming data to you so Hasbro store reps can get these problems fixed. Some of the stores did show signs of improvement in this department, but others still suffered old TSC pegwarmers (Moff Jerjerrod is pretty consistent) and showed absolutely no signs of moving for nearly two years (until they were clearanced before the Clone Wars/Legacy Collection SKU reset), and the reports on these were coming in from all over the country. What, if anything, was done on your part to fix the problem, and what will be done in the future? When these issues arise again (as they likely will, since they often have), will we just have to wait several years until pegwarmers go on clearance when the line resets again (which doesn't always happen)? If nothing else, having several Hasbro Star Wars pegs filled up with very old product is going to hamper sales of newer product, hurting your business and hindering collectors' ability to get new figures, right? (AF, 08/01/08)

     Despite hearing about the issues, we have received very few actual store #s for troubleshooting purposes. We want to underscore that we need specific store information, which can be sent to either consumer affairs or back through the website feedback channel. We don't anticipate as many issues going forward as we will likely be changing out our main assortment numbers every year, so the older stock should automatically purge. When we do keep numbers going, we will keep an eye on the stock in case there are backups, and that's where we'll need your help.


Could you discuss some of the accomplishments you all most proud of regarding the Star Wars line? On the flipside, what things would you have done differently if given the chance? (BS, 08/01/08)

     Rather than any one toy (although we all have our favorites!), the single thing we are most proud of, as a team, is the recognition that we are delivering toys that continue to delight and excite kids and collectors, week in/week out and year in/year out. As long-time fans ourselves, the ability to continue to innovate and expend the boundaries of Star Wars toys is very rewarding.

So you've come through with the AT-TE, various Republic Gunships, AATs, Hailfire Droids, and the Homing Spider Droid. You're releasing a Geonosis Command Platform, and now Phase I clones are back in vogue. Any chance, assuming a home run with the AT-TE, that you will continue to bolster the Battle of Geonosis' participants forces by making the SPHA-T? (BS, 08/01/08)

     Well, that would be an ambitious one, but honestly it's very unlikely it will ever happen in 3-3/4". There are a good number of "larger" vehicles ahead of it if we get the chance to do any more.

Street dates are an exciting concept. It creates an event and should give everyone equal opportunity to purchase the product. The problem is that your retail partners seem to be overmatched when managing their end of the bargain. Product is being sold directly out of the stock rooms which may lead to many disappointments during big launches (ex: 7/26) when stores are already sold out of some items. In more serious instances, the product is being placed on the floor early and customers are being denied sale of the product at the registers with the explanation that there is a "China related recall". While collectors know the real reason for being denied the sale, parents who are shopping for their children will not. In the recent toy industry climate, this is a huge public relations blow for Hasbro through no fault of their own. Are you concerned about this? Are the occasional failures of "street date integrity" within an acceptable margin of error for Hasbro, or do you have plans to tighten up the process in the future? (BS, 08/01/08)

[Hasbro missed this question (probably a typo or something.) We hope to get the answer shortly...]


I’ve read somewhere online that you want to get as much use as possible out of your VTSC Greedo sculpt, and your recent Pax Bonkik offering was a dang good start. Dang good! Have you given any more thought to further uses of that mould? For example, a new high-collared, quilted flak-vest sculpt could not only make the two Rodian goons from Jabba’s Palace (Beedo and That Other Guy), but also provide an accessory for any future Hoth Rebels. There are other Rodian characters in the Expanded Universe that could be used, as well. A simple repaint in maroon, black, and tan with a blaze-orange vest and a sniper rifle thrown in could make the Rodian Mercenary from the Jedi Power Battles video game, for example. (CC, 08/01/08)

     Glad you liked Pax Bonkik - he seems to have gone over well. We don't have any other figures lined up yet, but your suggestion is a very interesting one and certainly will get us to think about additional Rodians the next time we set to crafting an EpVI wave or pack.

Ok, I know you guys deal with a lot of negativity with collectors never seeming to be happy and always looking for something to bitch about, I for one want to point out a positive of the modern Star Wars business . . . Slave Leia . . . yes, do you believe it’s been 10 years (1998-2008) since you magnificent bastards at Hasbro gave the fans a figure they waited almost 15 years for. So with this anniversary, I have a pitch for you. A Super-Articulated, newly sculpted Leia (as Jabba’s Prisoner) released as you would a VOTC figure. On a vintage-style card, with the nice clamshell. The vintage card would be awesome as she was never released on a vintage card so it would be cool to see. Make it exclusive, price it at $19.99 and sell it through HasbroToyShop. (CC, 08/01/08)

     That is a very interesting figure idea, up there with the "vintage that never were" including Tarkin and Sandtrooper. We have no plans like that but thanks for the suggestion!

You’ve given us a line of figures based on unused concept art (which have been awesome, I might add). You’ve also embedded a series of figures from deleted scenes (and we’re still waiting for Han’s deleted “girfriend,” by the way). So now that we’ve seen scores of figures that never made it onto the big screen, when are we going to see figures from behind the scenes? That is, when will we see figures of the actors before they got in costume? Or even a straight-up George Lucas-in-flannel figure to “direct” our plastic performers? You could even have a George sporting the “Han Shot First” shirt as a special UGH chase figure. (CC, 08/01/08)

     Unfortunately, probably never. We have evaluated the "men (and women) behind the mask" concept but have decided that the magic remains the characters of Star Wars as the focus (other than the occasional tribute to "the creator").


Will you be revising your case distributions to make Dr. Henry Jones easier to find and get the wave 1 and 2 figures out of the wave 3 cases (they are overflowing the displays at 4 local Targets, 1 ToysRUs, 3 Meijers, and 6 WalMarts)? (CTR, 08/01/08)

     We are using the same ratio management techniques we use for Star Wars, that is producing balanced case packs that appeal to both kids and collectors, and as such we will not be redoing the case pack ratios on IJ.

The challenge with IJ is that kids *only* want and care about Indiana Jones, Mutt, and some of the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull figures - the secondary characters from the previous films are only interesting to collectors. If we produced case packs just focused on The Last Crusade or Temple of Doom, we would be giving the waves too narrow a focus.

Likewise, if we just catered to kids, there would be very few secondary characters. The continued success of the Indy line is predicated upon both kids and collectors remaining engaged; we need both of them in the numbers we originally forecast for the line to be a success and continue forward.

What are the chances of seeing a Circus Train set from the Last Crusade in the Titanium line, perhaps as an exclusive? I was also wondering if there will be anything from the Temple of Doom in the Titanium line? It was left out of the first waves, but I also don't see many options from the film so I was wondering what possibilities there might be. (CTR, 08/01/08)

     The Titanium Series line will be done after the 8 vehicles. It's an expensive line for us to do on a relatively smaller brand like Indy, so we will be doing the lineup shown and then rest the line in the hopes we can re-launch with an Indy V someday.

Do you have plans to make a Marcus Brody figure in 2009? (CTR, 08/01/08)

     It's unlikely that we'll get to a Marcus Brody figure.




Recently a Indiana Jones "tank" with 3 figures appeared in the ToysRus computer, would this be the tank from the last crusade? (IJC, 08/01/08)
     It is the Jungle Cutter with three existing figures - an exclusive for later in the Fall.

Marcus Brody is a pretty important character in the Indiana Jones lore, will we be seeing a 3.75 inch figure of him in 2009? (IJC, 08/01/08)

     It's unlikely that we'll get to a Marcus Brody figure.

Will we be seeing an ARK Ghost in the 3.75" figure lineup? (IJC, 08/01/08)

     No plans for an Ark ghost in the lineup. It's a great idea for a future Deluxe-type item, but we have no plans for it right now.


Remember those Disney exclusive Star Tours figures from 2002-2004? Have there been any discussions about repaints or reissues of any of the droid sculpts into the basic line? Repaints of the R5-D2 and DL-X2 would both make for nice background droids at some point if you're looking to fill a Pilot/Droid themed Battle Pack or something. (JD, 08/01/08)

     Interesting suggestion. We had not considered using these in anything that we are doing, but if the sculpts hold up and there is justification for them they could be fair game sometime.

Hypothetical question - let’s say that in one of the Star Wars movies, there’s a scene where the main characters go into a local establishment looking for a space ship ride. Then let’s say that in this establishment there are two female characters who look eerily similar to one another. What could the collector/fan base do to get those “eerily similar looking generic female patrons” made into 3.75” figures? (JD, 08/01/08)

     Unfortunately, there is no hypothetical help that will aid in getting these creatures on the production list. It would be nice to complete the scene someday, and we’ll keep trying.

Chewbacca - he’s everyone’s favorite wookiee (well, he’s my favorite wookiee anyway). He’s got it pretty good - a life filled with plenty of adventure, taking on Kessel Runs and such with his best pal Han Solo. Sounds like a good life, right? Wrong! He’s lonely! He misses his family! When, O when will Chewie finally have a 3.75” family to go home to? He needs his Malla! (JD, 08/01/08)

     The only other place that some of Chewie's family appears outside the one TV appearance would be the run of Marvel issues with a fairly interesting Kashyyyk storyline. It's possible that we could eventually get to this issue (although it is lower on our priority list).


Alright guys, I think we've finally worn you down. There was a time when we were told large scale vehicles and playsets don't typically sell well and leave a "footprint" on retail shelves. Fast forward and the BMF is already showing up around the web to an overwhelmingly positive reception, mouths are watering over the coming AT-TE, and you've even got a playset lined up for the Indiana Jones line.

Granted scenes and playsets are more integral to the Indiana Jones universe but if the Akator Temple playset performs well, would that increase the likelihood of seeing more large scale playsets over in the Star Wars brand?

That aside, are there any plans for further deluxe vehicles around the size of the AT-TE and BMF down the pipeline? Just tell me who to bribe to get an Imperial Star Destroyer in the works! (JI, 08/01/08)

     Our stance hasn't changed. The vehicles for this year (Millennium Falcon and AT-TE) are, of course, much more than simple vehicles, and we consider them having playset-like figure interaction, and are greatly aided by the fact they are heavily featured in the entertainment. We will not be pursuing traditional playsets for Star Wars unless there is a compelling scene that presents itself in either Clone Wars or the live action show. The only way we could have done a larger (non-Deluxe) playset for IJ was if we had a good starting place to save on tooling, and luckily we were able to do that.

Please include more of the built-in displays that have been coming out with certain vehicles within the last few years. Really have enjoyed the new Y-wing and the recent Zev Seneska snowspeeder. Please keep 'em coming. (JI, 08/01/08)

     Thanks for the good word. Our packaging team has worked hard to make sure the backgrounds add to the fantasy and are as fully-fleshed out as possible, and we intend to keep doing this whenever possible.

Any chance of seeing a Admiral Daala figure, or perhaps a Lumiya? There's definitely a shortage of female figures in the Star Wars Universe, updated Bespin Leia with the new articulation would be nice as well. (JI, 08/01/08)

     There is good news on the horizon for Lumiya, as she will be coming in the first wave of 2009 comic packs. As for Bespin Leia, there is a good chance we'll get to her eventually, although she is not in the lineup right now.


Whilst not necessarily a UK centric question I spend a lot of time in Canada and have noticed that for the most part (the BMF being a very notable exception), what is in the stores is usually a couple of waves behind the US and even the UK.  Given the Great White North's proximity to the US, what is the reason for this and is it ever likely to change? (JN, 08/01/08)

     Each country/region slots production as they need it, so they may not synch up exactly with the U.S. after the initial waves, especially given the time it takes to do the packaging adaptation.  That is one of the things we will be trying to work on - synching up the waves globally through better forecasting at the start.

We've seen a few images of the new Greatest Hits figures.  Can you please give us details of what figures will make up the first wave(s) of the Greatest Hits figures and when these are likely to hit shelves? (JN, 08/01/08)

     There are two types of Greatest Hits figures.  The first type will be a new line of Saga Legends figures and will be have their own assortment, numbered serially SL-1, 2, 3, 4, etc. The second type will be more collector-focused Greatest Hits that will be packed in with The Legacy Collection/Droid Factory figures, although they will have "redundant" droid parts to complement the new figures.  This type will be numbered "GH-1" (and 2, 3, 4, etc).  Both types will begin to show up at retail on 7/26.

With regards the Disney Star Wars crossover figures (e.g. Mickey Mouse as Anakin and Stitch as Emperor), what involvement (if any) does Hasbro have with the production of these or are they made by another 3rd party for Disney?  Also, apart from the box set of existing Star Tours figures that was recently released for the Disney Star Wars Weekends, will there be any new figures released in this line? (JN, 08/01/08)

     The Disney team manages all production of these.  Aside from an early glimpse at the line direction we don't have any further involvement.  We do have plans to keep adding gradually to the Disney Parks "library" of sets tied in to their attractions, and there will be a very special and cool set up next for 2009.  Stay tuned!


We've been seeing some rumblings around the collecting community about the Vintage Figure concept.  Rumors of figure lineups for later this year or beyond.  And further indications that the concept might be extended to the Prequel era.  HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING, if that is the case, what OT characters might we expect?  And how would Hasbro approach packaging a premium style PT figure - on the classic Kenner-Star Wars style card, or on a reproduction of the PT style cardbacks? (JTA, 08/01/08)

     We can confirm that there is no vintage line in development at this time, but we would like to see it return in 2010 if possible (don't give credit to rumors - they are often founded on wishful thinking).  If and when Vintage returns, it will draw from a mix of all six films.  We would stick with the classic silver & black if we did it rather than recreate/reinterpret the different films.  The spirit of vintage, to us and most fans, is rooted in the classic Kenner line.

Deluxe Figures have been a prominent part of the Indiana Jones line and indications seem to be that a Deluxe Figure line might be on the way for Clone Wars.  What kind of offerings might we expect in a Clone Wars Deluxe Figure line, and will the concept carry over to the Legacy Collection? (JTA, 08/01/08)

     The main idea behind a future potential return of Deluxe would be to add smaller vehicles back into the line (speeder bikes, etc).  There may be 1-2 other concepts we would look to introduce back into the line (crab or spider droids for instance) but for the most part small vehicles would be the focus.  Hopefully we will see some good small vehicles in the animation to be able to flesh out an exciting lineup.

We've seen a trend over the past several years where most of the OT hero vehicles (X-Wing, TIE Fighter, Rebel fighters, etc) have been upgraded.  And they've been upgraded to the point where most of them are no longer in the accessible $20 price point that the assault vehicles occupy.  Certainly the PT Jedi Starfighters still fit in this range, but with the Delta 7 being updated, can we expect those to stay at a $20 price point?  And can we expect any more OT hero vehicles at that same price point any time soon? (JTA, 08/01/08)

     Most of the older OTC vehicles simply won't fit the price point, so they have stayed outside and have been updated/upgraded as we can afford to do it.  It has been difficult maintaining the $20 price point with even current vehicles that have no changes, much less adding the newly tooled vehicles into the mix (with more on the way in 2009, by the way!).  It's likely that $20 won't be around for too long, but our commitment to continuing to deliver new and updated vehicles remains as long as fans continue to show their support.


I brought my first Mighty Mugg last month, a Commander Cody. These are a great idea but I was wondering what the story is with the square peg hole in the base of his right foot. What is the peg holes purpose? Are these for some future release of some base environments? or maybe for inclusion of some electronic features? Please resolve this 'Round Peg in the Square Hole' question. (MD, 08/01/08)

     We're glad you like the Muggs - it seems a whole lot of people have fallen under their spell as well. Adding a peg hole is sort of systematic on our figure lines….we can't help it, because it gives us forward compatibility if there should ever be future stands or environments. However, there are none planned currently for Muggs - just more of the same great taste!

Recently an image of the promotional poster featuring all the 2008 Basic figures was posted on an internet site. This revealed exactly what we will be seeing as part of Wave 3 & 4 of The Legacy Collection. Of note is Wave 4 (ROTS) and it's 'anchor' figure - a correctly scaled General Grevious.
Firstly, thank-you very much for this. Secondly, what can we expect from the figure? i.e. articulation, accessories, etc. It image on the poster also shows that the figure will have 'four' arms, will we get alternate arms like with the CLONE WARS version? If not, was the figure designed in such a way that you could easily make the 'alternate' arms sometime down the road? Also, will he fit in his Starfighter comfortably or is he a tighter fit than previous versions? (MD, 08/01/08)

     There is no need for separate arms, because the arms actually split in two! While he is taller, he will fit into his starfighter without a problem.

With the Clone Wars having such a strong kid focus, and with the creation of such a Huge Millennium Falcon playset, (assume how well it sells thru)...What are the chances that we may see some larger playset created? These could be either battlefield style interlocking pieces depicting different planets depicted in the Clone Wars show or maybe larger ships such as Star Destroyers or even, to appease us 'old timers', playset sections of the Death Star. Having a whole new bunch of figures to play from such an dynamic show sure would warranty some playset development? (MD, 08/01/08)

     If the Millennium Falcon (and AT-TE) are a success, we will be looking at other possibilities for bigger/high-priced vehicles. However, traditional playsets are still low on our list due to the extraordinary nature of tooling, recent track record for playsets, and lower kid appeal. A lot too depends on whether there is an iconic playset opportunity in either animated Clone Wars or live action before we would even consider.


Having seen an image of the upcoming Jedi vs. Sith and ARC Troopers Unleashed Battle Packs, I must say that I'm very pleased. Great work on both sets! (Dooku is definitely a highlight.) But as for the Jedi Generals pack, can you confirm whether there's anything new regarding those figures or are they intended as straight repacks from the Order 66 and Battle of Kashyyyk series? I'm a bit disappointed that you didn't take the opportunity to do up an Agen Kolar in place of Saesee Tiin so that the arrest scene could be completed, but I understand these things aren't always possible. Thanks for your time! (And might I just add that the large-scale Unleashed line was easily my favorite SW merchandise ever. It's certainly missed.) (RS, 08/01/08)

     We're glad you like the upcoming Unleashed 2" sets, Dan. The generals are all based on existing hero figures. Good news is that there is an Agen Kolar coming later in the Fall (in a pack with Shaak Ti, Plo Koon, and Aayla Secura) so that scene can be completed.

My Question you are going to release Power Rangers (a reference to the Crimson Empire training set), but you wont Release Jaxxon or any of the other Marvel Star Wars Characters with good sculpts, what gives? (RS, 08/01/08)

     We're not sure what you are referring to regarding the Marvel run. We have announced already that we are producing a Lumiya figure and will be looking to some of the better characters created during the Marvel run for consideration in future packs (not to mention the cool K-3PX in the Wal-Mart droids exclusive sets and upcoming Marvel #94 Ewok 3-pack). We also hope that you give the Crimson Empire set ample consideration. We feel the Crimson Empire storyline and its sequel, Crimson Empire II, written by Mike Richardson and Randy Stradley, is an exceptional, lasting
storyline worthy of attention. CE not only tells a great "origin" story for the Royal Guards, explaining why they are supremely skilled and unfailingly loyal to the Emperor, but also introduces important and memorable characters in Kir Kanos, Carnor Jax, and Mirrith Sinn.

With all of the new figures coming out, do you plan to release a carrying case for the figures? As of now, my 4 year old son is using one of my vintage Vader cases, and a beat up C-3PO case. I would love to buy a new one for him,but there has not been anything in stores for a while. (RS, 08/01/08)

     We don't have anything coming up but it's something we're always looking at. There are reasons we aren't releasing the Vader (or other recent) cases that we won't go into to, but the opportunity always exists to do a "regular" case and we'll look into it for sometime down the road.


Will we ever see the out-of-scale Ewoks Wicket, Paploo, and Teebo redone? (RTM, 08/01/08)

     Yes, we have plans for at least one of these guys in 2009, and the others will be on our "short list" (pun intended) when we draft up the 2010 line plan.

Now that the WED Droid has been anounced, the only remaining droid from the Purchase of the Droids scene in ANH is 2X-7KPR. Any chance of seeing him in the next year or two, hopefully with a new SA Uncle Owen from ANH? Owen is the only character released in this scene that sorely needs an update! (RTM, 08/01/08)

     We agree that Owen needs an update, but it'll still be a while before we get to him. As for the droid, we like the little guy... don't be surprised if you see him in somewhere in the 2009 line.

You've previously mentioned that you are working on a Jabba the Hutt figure in the animated Clone Wars style. Given that we've been waiting for a really well sculpted ROTJ Jabba AND the fact that he's so difficult to slot into the line due to his size, why not take this opportunity to just give us a ROTJ sculpt Jabba which the kids can incorporate into their play pattern as a CW Jabba? I doubt that the kids would complain that Jabba wasn't in an animated style. (RTM, 08/01/08)

     Jabba is in the Clone Wars line, so that is the styling he will get to be consistent with the rest of the animated Clone Wars figures. We still have plans for a new EpVI Jabba, and there's a chance that he will come out in late 2009.


In the latest trailer of Clone Wars animation, there is a sighting of Jabba's Sail Barge. Assuming the upcoming AT-TE and Millennium Falcon sell well, what would the chances be of getting a Sail Barge toy with its appearance in both the cartoon and being a key action segment of the first half of Return of the Jedi? I mean, it could help sell Clone Wars figures and OT figures, in ROTJ alone nearly every major hero is battling on it or right next to it, and it features one of the most well-known Star Wars characters ever, Jabba the Hutt, so you have tons of character recognition and interaction, plus animation support, and those battle elements (cannons, flying Fett, explosions) lend it some "aggressive" action. Any of that help its chances, help clear the filters that have been holding it back so far which you mentioned when asked about this piece before? (SSG, 08/01/08)

     Well, it helps. You make a good case, but the vehicle still has some significant risk vs. other choices we could make. It simply is not as iconic, prevalent in the entertainment, and as cool as the Millennium Falcon (for example). We will keep watching it and see where it appears and what support it gets. If the big vehicle program this year proves a success, and if it has significant entertainment play, then we will take a hard look at it.

Why is it that the Y-wing mold was altered for a dedicated astromech droid dome, making it impossible to insert a droid figure? Might the Y-wing mold ever be remolded to once again accept droid figures into a droid slot? (SSG, 08/01/08)

     This was changed when the bomb-dropping mechanism was added. It is certainly possible that a future edition of the Y-Wing could have the droid slot restored, but this would necessitate a substantial rework of the tooling to do so, and we would need to evaluate the cost.
[Editor's note: the bomb-dropping feature was on the original Kenner ROTJ version, so we will ask for clarification on this. -JT]

How far do you plan on taking the animated-style Clone Wars line? Will it continue indefinitely with a new stream of figures through the run of the show, or will it be more limited and spread out like the previous 2004-2005 line of animated figures? (SSG, 08/01/08)
     The Animated Clone Wars series is a massive undertaking on the part of Lucasfilm and their broadcast partners around the world, and will be the way in which a new generation of young fans will experience Star Wars for the first time. Since kids want to play Star Wars like they see it on the screen, our plans are no less ambitious and we will be continuing with new figures, vehicles, role play, and more as the series unfolds.


What are the chances of seeing some more AOTC padmes made? (I'd love to see senator amidala in her senatorial robes with her hair back in that sort of cone shaped hairdo from palpatines office, and padme in the yellowish outfit from the naboo meadow scene.  Any hope for these? (ST, 08/01/08)

     There is a good chance that we'll get to these at some point, but it may take a while.  We'd like to do at least 1 new film-based Padme/year, whether EpI or EpII, and will be sure to spread it around.
Now that we have a mold for a C-3po (throne) that people like and the ability for a r2 that can be used( retractable leg) How about a two pack of our favorite duo from EP 4? Dirty with jawa restaints and an escape pod? (ST, 08/01/08)

     These versions will probably be in the lineup soon, but probably not as a 2-pack (although that it a very interesting idea if the other plans fall through).
Wedge Antilles is one of the top secondary characters of the OT having survived all 3 movies. How come he has never appeared in the regular carded line? He is definitely one who would be a good candidate for an updated X-Wing body. Or since I dont believe he has been made as a Snowspeeder pilot, how about on the new Snowspeeder body that Wes Janson uses? Also keep the removable helmets on the X-Wing pilots but get rid of the hooded heads. (ST, 08/01/08)

     Wedge *has* appeared in the regular carded line, although as an exclusive. We did have plans for a great Wedge this year, but the project was delayed and will appear in Fall 2009 if all goes according to schedule. Stay tuned!


I've noticed that the new Homing Spider seems a bit "short", that is the spherical pod seems to be resting a little too close to ground level when compared to the film version. In the clips that I've seen the distance from the underside of the pod (including the cannon) to the ground seems to be high enough that a Super Battle Droid could stand just under the pod. In the toy however, that distance is far less, maybe half the height of the SBD. Is there any way to adjust the height higher or will Hasbro tweak it so that the pod will be raised higher as it is connected to its legs? (ST/"TJ", 08/01/08)

     We designed the biggest & best toy we could afford to hit our price point for this guy, and that meant balancing out the articulation, size, and tooling. There is no way to adjust the height. If we added to the height, something else would have had to give or we would not have been able to afford it at all.   It's one of our favorites, and hope that once you get it (this was submitted prior to 7/26) that you approve!
There was previous mention by Hasbro of a ROTJ style Rancor based on the recent TFU Target exclusive Rancor mold. Is this still coming, and will it come with a newly sculpted Malakili, the Rancor Keeper? This figure is long overdue for an update and packing him in with the Rancor seems to be the best way to prevent him from pegwarming. (ST/"TJ", 08/01/08)

     By now, you have seen the Rancor based on the new TFU mold (with new molded parts for EpVI).  He (she?) will come with Luke, but we can confirm that a new Malakili will be coming in 2009 in the EpVI wave.

Was there any reason why it was not possible to have a passageway that connects the BMF's cockpit to the rest of the ship's crew area?  Was it a structural issue or a cost-saving measure? (ST/"TJ", 08/01/08)

     There were actually several reasons why this was considered, but ultimately not executed.  First was structural support; as this is a big vehicle, we needed to make sure that it had all the structural integrity possible and it was deemed necessary to have a solid "wall" there. Second, there are lights, wires and switches that needed to run through the area.  Third, it would have required more parts than we had in the plans.  And finally, it still would have been a tight passage and not that fun to push figures through.  So for all of these reasons, that passage was left closed.


Will there be another KOTCS wave for the DVD release?... Ray Winstone's character and Marion seem noticably absent. (ST/"WOTS", 08/01/08)

     There will not be another wave of figures for this year. The next wave will be a Raiders wave in early 2009.
Any chance for Short Round's car or any of aircraft used in the films? How about the elephants? (ST/"WOTS", 08/01/08)

     We'd like to do at least one of those if we can.

Can you give us any info about any characters that are being looked at for 09 yet? How about a 3 3/4" Ark Ghost seeing as how the Adventure Heroes line has one?. Or Lao Che and his sons, from the Temple of Doom? Vogel in black uniform? Indy in German disguise (from Raiders OR Last Crusade)? Donovan? German Mechanic? (ST/"WOTS", 08/01/08)

     By now you have seen the Raiders line we debuted at Comic Con that has two of your selections in there. We expect the Raiders wave out in early 2009. As far as other figures go, it's too early to discuss any more beyond that.


With the Indiana Jones movie come and gone now, will it be difficult to keep retailers interested in stocking this line with nothing like a movie promoting it externally? Already readers are complaining that the Last Crusade wave is next to impossible to find. Is Hasbro taking steps to address this and can they insure consumers that both the Last Crusade and Temple of Doom figures will see as good a distribution as the Raiders and Crystal Skull waves did? (TNI, 08/01/08)

     Like with Star Wars, we do our best to forecast ahead of time what the right mix will be, but once we have started shipping figures there is little we can do to control the mix at the store level, and it is really up to the consumer response to direct the sell-through (i.e. whether there are enough kids to take away all the extra Indy figures, enough collectors to pull through the secondary characters, etc). When new waves come in we do prioritize shipping, so that is one way we control what goes out to stores, but overall, when stores replenish depends on consumer takeaway. We are not shorting the figures from either the Last Crusade or Temple of Doom waves, but how fast they get out there to stores depends on the store-level sell-through of IJ figures, when stores need another shipment, and what wave is scheduled to ship at the time.

Any thought of doing some type of deluxe 3 3/4" ARK toy that lights up or has sounds. Something the really re-creates the opening of the Ark scene from the first movie? (TNI, 08/01/08)

     That's an interesting idea, but we have no plans to do another 3-3/4" Ark.

Will we see a Marcus Brody figure released? (TNI, 08/01/08)

     It's unlikely that we'll get to him.


After receiving two Evolution Figures, Darth Maul seems to still lack something – Ball Jointed Knees*. He does all sorts of acrobats, he would definitely deserve it. Have you ever considered resculpt the legs of the 2nd Evolution Darth Maul for Ball Joints - and giving him a detailed soft-goods shirt along with his well deserved Flared Double (Breakable) Saber? (YF, 08/01/08)

     That is a great idea for a future modification for an "ultimate" Darth Maul, although maybe more expensive than we could deliver on a basic figure card. Very interesting idea though, thanks.

*I think this was supposed to be "hips" rather than knees

In past Q&As you have occasionally commented on upcoming items saying how the community would be pleased once said items were revealed, with remarks such as "Stay tuned, we think you'll be pleased with what we have in store."  As such, have you ever created an item which your team thought was great, expecting the community to agree, but were instead surprised to find the community up in arms about it?  Likewise, have you ever created something you thought was sub-par, and gotten a much better reaction than you expected?  Can you share any anecdotes about such items? (YF, 08/01/08)

     Interesting question, and one for which we don't have a very good answer. We seem to be in synch with the fans for the most part it seems. We will say that there are a couple of exclusives that we thought were well executed but failed to find their mark or took a lot longer to sell through than we anticipated. The Obi-Wan Jedi Starfighter with Hyperspace Ring was one of these, although the fact that Obi-Wan's ship was unchanged from the open-stock version (and this most all collectors already had it) was a challenge for that set. As for the other side, items that we didn't think were our best efforts but succeeded....well believe it or not the very first wave of Battle Packs in late 2005 were a little shaky. There was one solid one (with the new-tooled Obi-Wan and Asaaj) but the others were not our strongest efforts in terms of theming and concept, but the best we could do with the time we had. Instead, they succeeded (wildly) based on the value and heroic presentation by our packaging team, and Battle Packs have never looked back.

Could you clarify some of the figures on the new 2008 Legacy poster that was recently revealed? The Saleucami Clone Trooper figure looks to be a repack of Commander Neyo (aside from the reduced weathering). Is this the figure we'll be getting, or will it actually be the other Clone from the Treachery on Saleucami Battle Pack? Also, will the Holographic Transmission Count Dooku include the lightsaber with the painted hilt or with it be unpainted like previous holographic figure accessories? And finally, what type of articulation will those new RA-7 models have? Will they be on par with the C-3PX B.A.D. figure or more like the previous RA-7 molds (without knee, elbow and ankle articulation? (YF, 08/01/08)

     By now, you have seen pictures of the figures in question and probably have your answers. The Clone Trooper is indeed the one that came in the Treachery on Saleucami battle pack. Dooku's lightsaber will be unpainted. Finally, the RA-7 droids will have the same level of articulation as the C-3PX with insert molded knees, elbows, and ankles but swivel shoulders.


It seems like many stores put out the Clone Wars and Legacy figures weeks in advance of the street date. Some even went as far (by mistake, I assume) to put them on the clearance section. This seemed like the biggest leak of any line thus far, we used to see a few slip by here and there but with this latest wave it seems like every day a new report came in of people finding them and buying them. Does Hasbro track these stores and if so, what happens to them? It's nice for those who are able to get them early, but it also is a big disappointment for those of us waiting for the 7/26 events to show up and see that the hard to find or first day foils are all gone because a store sold them out the first week of July. (YN, 08/01/08)

     All stores are supposed to adhere to the retail shelf-date. Directions were given to the store level by the retailers' headquarters, so any violation of this was an unintentional mistake or something they knowingly should not be doing. As we hear of stores releasing product early, we ask them to take the product off the self or stop selling it to consumers, and in some cases our retail merchandising group works to get it to the back room. We don't know what repercussions take place after we report the stores we know of that deliberately break the date; our concern is to keep everyone focused on the date.

We have already heard that the 2008 lineup of FX Sabers will be previously released sabers. This leads to a 2 part question. One is when can we expect to see a new design in 2009 and who's saber will it be? (YN, 08/01/08)

     There will be new sabers in 2009, but it's too early to talk about what they will be and when they will be available. Stay tuned…

Do you have any plans to re-visit the 12" line with the Clone Wars Series or is that something that would still fall under another company? (YN, 08/01/08)

     Sideshow has been releasing a great series of 12" figures aimed at collectors, and our plan is to let them work their magic in this regard. As we did with Indiana Jones, it's possible that we'll explore a kid-targeted 12" line but so far have no concrete plans to reintroduce the size.
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Re: The Hasbro Q & A Compendium
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Session 58 - August 15, 2008

From your Comic-Con slideshow image, it's impossible to tell, so what's the articulation like on the upcoming Legacy Collection ANH Obi-Wan Kenobi? Some fans fear it will be a repeat of the under-articulated VOTC Ben Kenobi. And might there be any way to release the TLC Obi-Wan's table accessory through alternate means, perhaps in a "Viewing of Leia's Hologram" battle pack with Obi-Wan's foot locker accessory, or maybe bribery & blackmail? (AF, 08/15/08)

     That's a decent scene around which to build a future Battle Pack, since it involves some major characters. We'll take a look at that. We are generally impervious to bribery and blackmail, tools that only come in handy when we are "negotiating" over our personal selections for the next year's figure lineup. ;)

We're aware that Hasbro's license for Battlestar Galactica expires at the end of the year, and many collectors are saddened because the BSG ships are often highly thought of (and most are highly sought-after!). Might Hasbro pursue future BSG licenses? Has the BSG Titanium line been doing as strongly as hoped? How did it rate compared to Star Wars Titaniums? We've seen listings for the BSG Titanium Basestar, will this piece be released before the license is up, and will there be any other new BSG Titaniums released (like Hasbro's previously-mentioned Cylon Heavy Raider)? (AF, 08/15/08)

     Right now our plan is to just focus on Star Wars for the assortment for 2009 and beyond. We do not do comparisons across licenses, but we're very glad to have had the chance to produce some great Battlestar vehicles. The Cylon Basestar will be the last BSg Titanium vehicle released, coming out in the last wave this year.

While your Comic-Con display showed new Star Wars Transformers with Grievous' Starfighter, the TIE Bomber, and the V-19 Torrent (which didn't have the correct tag on it in the display unfortunately, and we've yet to see the vehicle mode - could we get a photo of that?) with their minifigs inside the cockpits, it appears the newly repackaged SWTFs have no minifigs at all. Have you guys really removed the minifig concept from the line, and if so, why? Doesn't that detract from the whole point of the Star Wars characters piloting mechs aspect? Will the minifigs displayed with the 3 new SWTF molds displayed at Comic-Con not be included with those sets? (AF, 08/15/08)

     While we were originally concerned that kids might get the Star Wars Transformers confused with "real" Transformers, our research has shown that there is no confusion. Therefore, the reason for their being has vanished, and due to costing they became an easy choice to remove along with the original "spinny thing" that showed the two modes.

(Hasbro was kind enough to include images of all 3 new figures' vehicle modes in that wave, and please note that the V-19 is not an entirely finished version, it's still missing the wing cannons -ed.)


With the Popularity of the Saga Collection Stand Set, what are the chances of releasing another set for 2008/2009 with new labels to reflect the new figures coming out. I know some of the labels reflect this years line but there are still some figures on stands in my display case that are still blank and could use the nice, uniform look of these great stands. (BS, 08/15/08)

     Once the current batch of stands sells through, we'll look to update with a new label sheet reflecting some present, missing, and future (!!) characters.

I have one... When or are we ever going to see consistent articulation in the figures. The fact that some are easy to pose and others from the same line are near impossible to get to even stand can be frustrating not only to collectors but children also. (BS, 08/15/08)

Hasbro - {answered question 2 and 3 together}

The Galactic Heroes line has crossed over into Marvel, Indy, Transformers and now GI Joe. However there is a huge difference between the Galactic Heroes line and the other lines. The Galactic Heroes figures (for the most part) all consist of the same standard (rather boring) stance & base sculpts. Were as the Marvel, Indy, Transformers and GI Joe lines all have dramatically different sculpts…more interesting sculpts. The characters have incredible action poses and each one is unique.

Why have the other lines taken such a different route in terms of sculpting and poses? It would be nice to see the Galactic Heroes line start mixing it up a little instead of the same basic poses for most of the figures in the line. (BS, 08/15/08)

     The simple answer is there will not be consistent articulation in the Star Wars line, due to the fact that we sculpt to achieve certain design aesthetics while balancing the needs of each figure for articulation and overall line costing. We can't afford super-articulation for every figure, for instance (nor does every figure need it) but by balancing the needs of the different figures we can afford to put more articulation where it will have the most impact.

[Hasbro did respond the missed question from last week:]

Street dates are an exciting concept. It creates an event and should give everyone equal opportunity to purchase the product. The problem is that your retail partners seem to be overmatched when managing their end of the bargain. Product is being sold directly out of the stock rooms which may lead to many disappointments during big launches (ex: 7/26) when stores are already sold out of some items. In more serious instances, the product is being placed on the floor early and customers are being denied sale of the product at the registers with the explanation that there is a "China related recall". While collectors know the real reason for being denied the sale, parents who are shopping for their children will not. In the recent toy industry climate, this is a huge public relations blow for Hasbro through no fault of their own. Are you concerned about this? Are the occasional failures of "street date integrity" within an acceptable margin of error for Hasbro, or do you have plans to tighten up the process in the future? (BS, 08/15/08)

     Any failures to honor the integrity of street dates is a failure for us and all of our outward communications to stores (including directives from retail headquarters on behalf of Hasbro and Lucasfilm to honor the dates). When stores go "rogue" it hurts everyone, since it creates ill-will among retailers and in general wastes time and detracts from our focus of working on bringing out the best toys we can. We are always looking for ways to improve every launch and share best practices with our other teams who have upcoming movie launches.


The overabundance of figures on the pegs (especially Mutt Williams, either version,) and your relatively small display of figures at Comic Con, fears have popped up that the line is dying, and dying fast. We know that there is another Club Obi-Wan themed wave coming, could you maybe reveal that wave or at least not an Indy figure from it? Anything you can do to quell fears of premature death for the line. (CTR, 08/15/08)

     While the size of the IJ collector base may not be as large as other brands, no doubt IJ fans make up for it in passion, and without that passion we could never have built out the line as broadly as we have. For that we are deeply appreciative.

Continuation of the IJ line into 2009 depends on several factors, including kid interest and support in IJ through the DVD/holiday period and willing support for retailers to extend the line into a second year. One question is how far we can get without entertainment support for a second year. As such, we do not want to show any figures beyond what we have already shown.

If, hypothetically, you were to make the Rocket Sled from KOTCS, what price point would you place it in and what figures or features would it include? I would love to see this "vehicle" in the 20 dollar assortment with some track and maybe some spring loaded ejecting seats! (CTR, 08/15/08)

     That would be the logical price point at which to do it. We did look at the vehicle but decided that it was not the most interesting one to pursue, and went with the Jungle Cutter instead, which turned out to be a great choice.

With all the deluxe figure sets we've had for the first two waves (Raiders and Crystal Skull), why are there no deluxe figure assortments to accompany the Last Crusade and Temple of Doom waves? Sure, we have the German motorcycle and rider, which is a STUNNING set at that, but the Indy/Henry Jones Sr. motorcycle and sidecar sets are sorely missing to complete that great action sequence. Also, Indy on the stallion seems like a given since the horse tooling already exists.

For the Temple of Doom wave, fans have been clamoring for the mine cars for years. Not only is the tooling minimal, but it could also be used twice to cover both the hero and villain deluxe figure sets. A Thuggee sacrificial pit cage with Willie Scott also seems like a natural fit for this assortment.
(CTR, 08/15/08)

     Those are all natural fits for the Deluxe assortment, and were all considered at one point. However, it's unlikely that we'll be getting to these farther-out concepts next year.


Seriously, no joking here, how much fan noise do we have to make to get the "smiley faced" Luke Skywalker that was originally set for the Hasbro/Wal*Mart Droid Factory 2-packs? Some of us thought it was a refreshing change of pace in all honesty. We'd happily mail away for it! (GH, 08/15/08)

     Interesting note on that, Adam.  We will take that into consideration.

Will the Force Unleashed Darth Vader be updated to reflect the character's "younger" look from the video game. (Fans love the older Darth Vader, but the younger version is more game-specific. It would be welcomed.) (GH, 08/15/08)

     We don't have plans to update the The Force Unleashed Darth Vader (Battle Damage) figure, but when the game comes out we'll take another look at possibilities for updates and additional major figures that rate future figure consideration. Certainly any Vader variation puts it ahead of just about any other figure!

If "The Team" at Hasbro had one wish for a big box toy under the tree this year, would it be the new Millennium Falcon or something newer like The Death Star? (GH, 08/15/08)

     That's a one-sided prize fight, Adam. There is no Death Star playset in development (or, to eliminate doubt, at any state in development/completion) so our vote goes for the incredible Millennium Falcon!


As I'm sure you are aware, there are a significant number of fans of the earlier Star Wars TV programs, such as the Holiday Special, Droids, Ewoks and the Ewok movies. Your response in various Q&A's has been that if any figures are ever to be made from these shows, that they would most likely have to be exclusives. That is very understandable, since the characters from these shows from the 70's and 80's may not be as familiar to younger collectors.  Now if these could only work as exclusives, how about this for an idea: Make a 4 or 5 pack of figures, one figure from each of the above mentioned shows, possibly with the inclusion of the original Clone Wars, and sell them online at the Star Wars Shop. It could be like an 'Evolution of Star Wars on TV'.  Maybe a collecting website (I know we would be more than happy to host such a poll!) or websites could run a poll for fans to select their top figure choices for each show. Sure, a set like this> wouldn't appeal to every single collector, but it would sure make each and every fan of these classic Star Wars shows very happy, plus it would be giving something to all of us nostalgic old-timers in one swoop! Please don't forget the fans of classic Star Wars TV! (IS, 08/15/08)

     Our mode of operation would favor multi-figure sets centered around a theme, and in this case the better approach would be to just do a multi-figure Droids or Ewoks set (we cannot approach the Holiday Special).  Right now, there is nothing on the drawing board.  We are interested in looking at these at some point, but we need to have the right retail partner, and the number of tools required remains a severe challenge to sets like this.

Will we be getting a figure of General Whorm Loathsom in the Clone Wars line? (IS, 08/15/08)

     Why yes, yes you will.

Although you have said you highly doubt Xandel Carivus Bodyguards seeing plastic, I was interested in your reply to a question on rebelscum that said...

 "We feel the Crimson Empire storyline and its sequel, Crimson Empire II, written by Mike Richardson and Randy Stradley, is an exceptional, lasting storyline worthy of attention. CE not only tells a great "origin" story for the Royal Guards, explaining why they are supremely skilled and unfailingly loyal to the Emperor, but also introduces important and memorable characters in Kir Kanos, Carnor Jax, and Mirrith Sinn."

So my question is can we continue to see more figures from the Crimson Empire series, and if so will I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel to see Xandel's Bodyguards made? (IS, 08/15/08)

     We certainly hope to do additional Crimson Empire-themed sets in the future.  The most likely possibility is through Comic Packs.  We would not rule out Xandel's Bodyguards…they remain in the "parking lot" for consideration, although there are many worthy packs in there that would probably be ahead of them.


First a quick follow up to the one of our questions from last session  if we can. The question was asked about a Marcus Brody action figure.  The response was "It is unlikely we will do a Marcus Brody figure". Did you mean for next year or did you mean ever? And if so, is there  a "list" of the characters that won't be made? (IJC, 08/15/08)

     We can't really say never, as we hope there will be another Indy film, and if it comes to pass there will almost certainly be a Marcus Brody figure.

Can we expect a 3.75" Belloq in white suit and Panama hat or a  3.75" Toht and German Mechanic in 2009? (IJC, 08/15/08)

     We did show images of a couple of these figures at Comic Con, which are planned for early Spring 2009. This is depending on retail support for IJ continuing through Spring 2009, something that we will be evaluating with our retail partners in the coming months.

Weeks ago you confirmed you confirmed that an Ark Ghost was  coming in a deluxe set next year. Last Q&A session you changed your answer to no Ark Ghost was planned. Can you please clarify? (IJC, 08/15/08)

     We did have plans for an Ark ghost, but now it is no longer in the plans.

What is the status of the Dietrich figure that was confirmed  months ago in a Q&A? He was missing from the new Raiders wave announced at Comic Con. (IJC, 08/15/08)

     He was planned to be in a later wave in 2009, not in the wave that was shown.


Any chance you could give the "ICMG Fan Club" at JediDefender an update on the staus of their beloved Willrow Hood? Any truth to the rumor that he'll share a body with the Rebel Tech in the Scramble at Yavin BP that was shown at SDCC? (JD, 08/15/08)

     We have nothing to share yet as we are at the stage when work is just beginning. He'll be a unique figure due to his somewhat "generously" proportioned physique.

Through the Q&As this year, we've had a few hints about the 2009 Return of the Jedi wave - new DS2 Luke, New Leia, New Ewok, New Malakili. They all sound great… but they are all resculpts (yes, most of those are badly needed resculpts, but they're still resculpts nonetheless). How about giving us a little scoop on a NEW figure in the wave? And will we finally see a modern version of Wooof (aka Jabba's Palace Klaatu) in this wave? (JD, 08/15/08)

     Good detective work on the wave lineup so far. We can reward you with some news - yes, there will be a Wooof in the wave.

Since we didn't see anything announced on them at SDCC, I guess we'll have to ask - what's the deal with the three new deluxe figures that are popping up for pre-order at a few on-line shops: Deluxe Indy with Map Room, Deluxe Indy with Soul Trap, and Deluxe Indy with Rocket Sled. True or False? (JD, 08/15/08)

     All false. While they may have been considered at one point, none of them ever got past preliminary stages.


I was always a fan of your Action Fleet line; it provided scale models of most of the vehicles without all the work of painting and gluing a model. Is there any chance of bringing back the Action Fleet line, and if so is there any chance of getting re-releases of some of the later parts of the line, such as the Tie Defender and E-Wing that got very limited releases? Right now they go for over 150 dollars on Ebay.

I am very happy that the titanium line is starting to see releases of more Expanded Universe vehicles, a lot of fans do appreciate it. Especially the Tie Defender that is due out soon. (JI, 08/15/08)

     There is very little chance that Action Fleet as we know it will make a return, only for the fact that the type of play pattern that Action Fleet offers (micro play) has not been a popular scale recently and would probably be merchandised out of the action figure aisle, where our other scales would be more productive. So it remains on the back burner for us. We're glad you like the new Titanium vehicles - there are certainly some great EU ones out there and we hope to keep turning our attention to the best ones still yet to be done.

Yes, I've been debating about this thought and possibility for days. I was just wondering if there was a possibility of Clone Commanders from Episode III being developed into “The Clone Wars” line (i.e. Commander Gree, Commander Bly, etc.?) Because if the Commander Cody character is being developed into a Clone Wars character, wouldn't that mean others would be as well? (JI, 08/15/08)

     Thanks. We have only seen Clone Commander Cody so far, but yes, it's possible that other EpIII Commanders will appear in The Clone Wars.

On the 'Disturbance at the Lars Homestead' playset that debuted at Comic-Con, is there some other way to access the inside of the house part of the set other then the front door entrance? And is there anything inside the house like a table for Luke and company to sit and discuss things like going off to the academy or staying and working another season on the farm?

Also any plans to offer charred figure versions of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru. So people can re-create the scene from ANH where Luke returns home to find he's been visited by Imperial Stormtroopers? (JI, 08/15/08)

     The only opening is through the front door. Inside, there is a table as well that is a separate part fastened to the base. As for charred versions of Beru and Owen, they certainly are some of the most popular requests we heard at Comic Con, but it hasn't changed our view....we do not plan on releasing these versions.


This question comes in two parts...  a) The '1st Day of Issue' figures don't appear to have made it to the UK; can we assume then, that we won't be getting them since the implied first day of issue has now passed? b) Were the '1st Day of Issue' only for wave 1 of The Legacy Collection, The Clone Wars and the Greatest Hits repacks or will we be seeing them for subsequent waves? (JN, 08/15/08)

     The "1st Day of Issue" stickers were only for the introductory waves for those assortments and will not appear on any subsequent waves.  Our UK team did indicate that they were shipped to retail in the UK, but they do not have a way of tracking where and when they were distributed.

So the Sarlacc pit isn't a playset... it's an Ultimate Battle Pack.  Might we be getting similar playsets, I mean, Ultimate Battle Packs in the future? :-) Also, will this be coming over to the UK (along with last year's Ultimate Battle Packs that we missed out on)? (JN, 08/15/08)

     It's definitely not a playset in the traditional sense, and is really more of a scene.  The 2007 Target Ultimate Battle Packs will be available at Toys 'R Us this September.  It is uncertain if the 2008 Ultimate Battle Packs (Sarlacc included) will see U.K. distribution this year. If not, we will look for an opportunity next year.

The Galactic Heroes are getting a lot of love at the moment, especially the upcoming vehicles - Darth's Vader TIE Fighter is enormous!  Seeing as we're getting a Snowspeeder soon and we've already had at AT-AT Driver and Commander, will we be seeing an AT-AT to complete the scene anytime soon? (JN, 08/15/08)

     There is a good possibility that if the vehicle-based Galactic Heroes Cinema Scenes get a warm reception this Fall that within a couple years we could be looking at a Galactic Heroes AT-AT.


In previous Q&A sessions we saw confirmation that an Obi-Wan Kenobi Evolutions 3-pack had been in development, but the set was split up and the Obi-Wan figures were to be divided out into the Basic Figure line.  We saw the EPISODE 4 version in the San Diego Comic Con presentation, and would appreciate any further updates or imagery on that figure.  But what can you tell us about the other two Obi-Wans from that Evoltions set?  When might we expect them, and is a sneak peek a possibility? (JTA, 08/15/08)

     They are both slotted into the 2009 lineup as "anchor" figures for key waves. Sorry, no images are available right now.

The Millenium Falcon passengers Battle Pack looks like a great way for both kids and collectors to enjoy the new BMF Millenium Falcon.  The addition of the oxygen masks, blast shield helmet and cargo containers is icing on the cake.  But what about some of the other major players in the Millenium Falcon?  Some obvious characters come to mind that would go great with our new Falcons, such as a Bespin Han Solo, Princess Leia in Hoth gear, and Nien Nunb.  Is there any chance that we'll see updated versions of any of these three characters in the near future by way of the Basic Figure line? (JTA, 08/15/08)

     It's a good bet that all of these guys will be getting updated figures within the next couple of years.

We asked in a previous Q&A session about the Clone Wars era Y-Wing, and Hasbro's response seems to have been pretty positive.  Since that session, the DK reference book STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS - THE VISUAL GUIDE has been released and shows Anakin and Ahsoka in some intense action in a Y-Wing.  Does this give the Clone Wars Y-Wing a better shot at being in next year's vehicle lineup?  And if it comes to pass, how about a functional droid socket? (JTA, 08/15/08)

     It does give it a better shot at getting made eventually. No word right now on timing. As far as a droid slot that would be a great idea, and a mandatory feature if such a vehicle did eventually happen.




Since wave 2 of Legacy was originally scheduled to be released as a part of TAC, was the artwork for the cardbacks ever completed, and if so do you have any pictures? The artwork from TAC was absolutely awesome and I'd love to see what was made for the awesome Clone Wars themed wave. (RS, 08/15/08)

     The artwork was completed for the sets, and they did look great. However, since these figures will not be coming out in this form, we don't really want to circulate the images.

Do you have any pictures of the inside of the Lars' Homestead? In another Q&A you stated that there would be a table and chairs and possibly some glasses as well. (RS, 08/15/08)

     There is a table in the Lars' Homestead, but no chairs or glasses. Sorry, no pics are available of the inside right now; all of our photography is with the dome on the base.

I am a big fan of the AT-TE and the incredible BMF ( I picked up one of each as soon as I was able to find them) and I applaud your gutsy move to release these two landmark vehicles at the same time. I am sure that you would consider releasing other vehicles in a larger scale if the AT-TE and the BMF do well at retail.

Have you received any early numbers that might be an indicator as to how well either of these bad boys are selling? (RS, 08/15/08)

     While out of the gate we have had a great response to the vehicles, the real test will be how we progress through the holiday period. Thanks to everyone who has stepped up so far, and keep spreading the word!


Now that we have a good SA Tie Pilot mold will we finally get a basic carded SA Tie Pilot? (RTM, 08/15/08)

     At some point, it's very likely, but it won't be for a couple of years.

An Astromech Droid question... After waiting over half a decade for a better R2-B1, many fans were very disappointed with the way the 2007 TAC R2-B1 came out. While he utilizes a superior body to the original version, the dome paint came out terrible. His dome is a dull, slightly purple, flat gray-colored plastic that doesn't look good and is out of place with every other astromech droid; the movie version had a silver metal dome only slightly duller than the average R2-D2 figure's (such as the silver paint on TAC #04 R2-D2, or R2-KT). Was the deco on the R2-B1 figure done so oddly on purpose, and if so, why? Is there any chance that we will ever get a better R2-B1 with a more metal-looking dome, perhaps as a build-a-droid? (RTM, 08/15/08)

     OK, here's what happened with this one. The dome was supposed to be molded in a metallic silver with a slight hint of color, and the sample was created and approved by Lucasfilm with spec's for a custom dome color. However, because it was not a standard color, the factory did not properly match the color in production, omitting the metallic. Due to our tight schedules, they started producing them and we had to accept as it was or throw our wave schedule in (further) disarray. We could look to further improve the color of the dome some way in the future, but right now we don't have another R2-B1 in the works.

Will there ever be a Galactic Heroes Jango Fett with removable helmet? (RTM, 08/15/08)

     It's a good possibility that some point there will be.


Many folks feel the big Millennium Falcon to be a true masterpiece in Star Wars toys, but speaking with the designer at Comic-Con, one of the things learned was that the original design for the toy was even bigger than what we got before budgetary realities found its current size. Were there arguments about what features could be packed into the final version? Did Lucasfilm have any specific requests of ideas to do or not to do? What features were on the bubble and barely made the cut? What features (beyond voice recordings, as we know Leia and Lando didn't make the final results there, along with about 40 more minutes of "vital" Falcon dialogue that was originally considered), if any, didn't make the final cut? (SSG, 08/15/08)

     Sorry, out designer is not here to answer your question this week. We will have to follow-up with this answer.

Back in November of '06, you answered a question about the canceled Yavin Accessory set and its Rebel ground crew tech by saying that you liked him but he wasn't exciting enough to do at the time. Now with the Scramble on Yavin battle pack, you have a new, much better version of that Ground Tech coming out, but the original pack's ladder, crates, lights, and direction baton accessories are still missing in action. Those accessories seem like they'd fit perfectly with this new "Scramble" battle pack, but alas no. Did you make molds for those accessories, and if so, could you run them and find a way to get those awesome and much-desired accessories into fans' collections in the near future? (SSG, 08/15/08)

     We did make tools for those accessories, but they are at a different factory and were not available for this accessory set. We are looking at how to use them in a future set.

In the event that Hasbro collaborates with ToyFare Magazine or another outlet on a new open-entry official Fans' Choice poll, could you provide the voters a short list of characters that Hasbro absolutely cannot do - such as the Tonnikas - to ensure that the poll results are as useful as possible rather than having unusable entries? Hypothetically, if you were to do that, what characters might go on that list? (SSG, 08/15/08)

     You hit on the only characters that would be a waste of time on the list. Everyone else is fair game.

Follow up from the last round, the Y-wing Droid Slot Q&A exchange left us a little confused as the bomb-dropping gimmick has been on that toy since its inception in the Kenner ROTJ line when it had the aforementioned droid slot, and were hoping to get clarification on what happened here... (SSG, 08/15/08)

     Yes, it was our mistake on that one. Very sorry. The answer, as it turns out, was not mechanism-related, but aesthetic-related. The Power of the Force droids would not fit into the vintage droid slot, and it would have had to have been made bigger to accommodate. At the time, the Lucasfilm team did not like the aesthetic, and the direction was to tool it over. As a result-- (and then, mysteriously, it cut off in mid-sentence. We'll get back to them and hopefully get that last segment soon. -JT)


In every Hasbro Q&A I have seen, every site complains about wanting more playsets, more playsets, MORE PLAYSETS!! Now the Sarlacc Pit and the Lars Homestead playsets are coming out and most people are underwhelmed by these offerings. To be honest, they're rather lame and have very high price tags. What kind of marketing research was done for these playsets? I really don't see the Lars Homestead set as being a good seller at all. Shouldn't playsets be based on scenes of major action in the movies therefore making it an exciting piece that children as well as collectors would want to buy? The Lars Homestead is not. Our fear is that these are test items. So my question comes down to this - If the Sarlacc Pit and Lars Homestead playsets don't sell well, will we see a further turning away from Hasbro manufacturing playsets? (ST, 08/15/08)

     We're sorry you feel that way, Troops. We hope that collectors are willing to consider these. In our opinion, these are some pretty cool sets.  Who thought that we would ever see toys of the Sarlacc pit or Lars Homestead? It should be a dream for fans, and we hope that these will find an appreciative audience.  We don't consider these two to be playsets in the traditional sense, as they don't have multiple play areas, lots of kid-targeted features, etc. Instead it was our intent to capture the flavor of two very iconic scenes from the OTC, an alternative to what otherwise might be a vehicle-based exclusive. The Sarlacc set is built to follow the format established by last year's Ultimate Battle Packs, and would not otherwise exist without the success of last year's sets and Target's support for the concept. Unfortunately, we did not have the set to show in package, as it looks *great*.  Likewise, the Lars Homestead set is not a playset per se but given the central role the homestead plays in the story of Luke, we felt that if was something that many collectors would want to have to build out their Tatooine scenes. Our stance on playsets has not changed, namely that unless there is a compelling, persistent (i.e. in many episodes) environment in the upcoming entertainment around which we can build a strong playset, then we will not pursue due to the extraordinarily high cost of tooling, development, and marketing.
On  every single galactic marine I have cannot stand straight without me fiddling with it for 5 minutes. How was this able to get past product testing, or does Hasbro even test it's product? (ST, 08/15/08)

     We have played with many Galactic Marines ourselves, during the development phase and subsequent to that.  While they do require a little effort to find to center of balance, as do many figures, we don't have a problem getting them to stand up.
I appreciate that the sculpting and articulation in the modern figures is improving so dramatically, however swivel elbows are still a problem. My son purely hates them because they pop apart so easily whenever you attempt to pose the figure during play, especially with a lightsaber weilding figure. On the forums I hear constant complaints about the swivel elbows. Has Hasbro not realized that this is a problem? (ST, 08/15/08)

     Swivel joints will pop apart from time to time, but they also come with a positive - articulation where there otherwise might not be any. Ball-and-socket joints are not the solution for every figure because of our cost parameters, so we use swivel joints to add articulation when there might not be another choice.


Any chance that the forthcoming SA eps2 Obi-Wan will have two heads (one with normal hair, another with the "wet hair" look from his outdoor Kamino scenes) that we can choose from? (ST/"TJ", 08/15/08)

     He will be coming with just one head - with normal everyday hair. We usually don't include second heads with figures unless they are really niche and someone we'd be unlikely to do again; in the case of Obi-Wan it's a sure bet we'll get to a Kamino-specific version at some future time.
Even on the many rumor lists that I've seen online, there's been no hint of Hasbro giving us a new fully SA Princess Leia from ANH.  Given we still haven't gotten the definitive ANH Leia yet (though the VotC one is decent, but my vintage Kenner Leia still remains the best overall especially because of the great face sculpt) will she be coming soon? (ST/"TJ", 08/15/08)

     No plans for now for an all-new EpIV Princess Leia, but your question got us to thinking.  It's interesting when you ask people about their favorites, as opinions are wide-ranging. Some here like the Vintage Leia for the overall look and articulation, while others prefer the face sculpt on the slave Leia as closest to the movie Leia, and others prefer the full soft goods on the Princess Leia Collection version.  Somewhere between the favorite aspects of those three figures lies a definitive EpIV version. We'll discuss further for future possibilities.
If Hasbro made a Torryn Farr figure, is there any chance she might come packed with a large set piece (similar to Torture Rack Han and Vaporator Luke). Obviously the hope would be for her to sit down at her Ion Cannon control station and issue out orders to fire the cannon. (ST/"TJ", 08/15/08)

     One thing is for certain - if Torryn Farr were to be a basic carded figure, she would likely not come with much more than perhaps a stoll. Unfortunately, given the challenging nature of costing, big accessories just aren't in the plans for the basic figures.  There is a better chance if we get a chance to do a Hoth-inpsired Battle Pack, and Torryn is selected to be in it, and we are able to fit accessories in in addition to the figures the set would need to be successful.


Since the Indiana Jones Temple of Doom wave of figures should be hitting retail around the time that the mail-away offer for the Crystal Skeleton figure expires, will the mail-away offer be extended to allow for the lateness of that wave relative to the offer? Many of us plan to army-build from this wave and would like more crystal skeletons! (ST/"WOTS", 08/15/08)

     The mail-in offers (all three of them) have been extended until Dec. 31st so fans should have plenty of time to take advantage using the stickers from the Temple wave. Please pass the word on, as it's likely that the stickers on the figures coming out of Asia will not be updated in time to reflect the extended date.

On July 11, this question was answered at
Q2. Will you be making an Ark Ghost in the 3.75 inch lineup? The adventure heroes ghost is my personal favorite and I think it would go great with the basic figure lineup as well! You could include a rotating head with the peaceful looking lady on one side and the other have the angry skull face.
A2. Yes, we plan on getting this out Spring of next year in the Deluxe lineup.

Now, last week, this question was answered on

IJC: Will we be seeing an ARK Ghost in the 3.75" figure lineup?
H: No plans for an Ark ghost in the lineup. It's a great idea for a future Deluxe-type item, but we have no plans for it right now.

So, which is it? Yes or no?
(ST/"WOTS", 08/15/08)

     The Ark Ghost will not be making it out in the spring after all.

Do you remain confident about and committed to the long term success of the line? It would be very unfortunate if poor planning helped speed the line to a premature end. The products themselves are consistently terrific and the overwhelming majority of collectors are very happy with the actual figures, just not with availability and distribution. What steps is Hasbro taking to ensure the future viability of the line? (ST/"WOTS", 08/15/08)

     The Indiana Jones line is without question considered a success, given that Indiana Jones has never previously been a successfully merchandised toy line. However, for a line to be ongoing, we have to have an audience (both kids and collectors) who are interested in continuing to collect the line. We know that IJ does not have a collector base similar to some of the bigger brands (like Star Wars), which places more of a burden relatively on kids to shoulder the load. So far, kids' interest has been somewhat 1-dimensional, showing an appreciation for relatively few figures (Indy and Mutt primarily). We expect that there will be a huge up swell in kid interest in IJ figures during the TV and holiday times, but exactly how long afterward, and how deeply they support the lines are still to be decided.


We pretty much now know the bulk of the figures and vehicles being released in 2008 and early-2009. Fans suggesting figure ideas now would have to wait until late-2009 or even 2010 to see them on the shelves. In a fantasy world where all deadlines are met, what's the fastest you can possibly take a brand new figure from design to prototype to production to store shelves? (SWC, 08/15/08)

     It now takes us a minimum of approximately 12-14 months for new figures, 8 months or so for repaints. You can bet that we have *plenty* of surprises in store for fans ... we would not have felt confident showing such an abundance at Comic Con unless we had more great things coming ... stay tuned!

Looking at the pictures from SDCC of the Infinities #3/4 Leia and Vader Comic Pack, although we never see his lightsaber ignited in the comic, wouldn't it seem more likely that an all-white armored, redeemed Vader would also change his lightsaber blade's color from red to, say, Anakin's original blue? (SWC, 08/15/08)

     That would have meant seeking out a new crystal, and we'll just assume that he had more pressing things to attend to.

Some other STAR WARS licensees ran with the look of the CLONE WARS micro-series and created animation-style designs of Original Trilogy characters. Has Hasbro considered applying the new, CGI-animation style of THE CLONE WARS to figures of Luke, Princess Leia, or Darth Vader? (SWC, 08/15/08)

     We have not considered doing that. While it would be interesting to see animated versions of the OTC heroes, and realistic versions of the animated characters, we are instead keeping them separate to focus on making each assortment as strong as it can be.


Are we going to get a Young Indiana Jones (Sean Patrick Flannery) figure from the TV show? (TNI, 08/15/08)

     We do not have plans to get to any Young Indiana Jones figures.

Are the deluxe figures going to continue into 2009? Or will the lack of support from a new movie end this line? Thanks. (TNI, 08/15/08)

     We hope that the Deluxe line, like other segments, continues into 2009. We are still evaluating how far support for the current line extends given that there is not another movie on the horizon.

We got our first glimpse of the Toht figure and its variant at SDCC. Will it be released in equal numbers as the regular figure, or is this similar to a chase variant where it will be limited to something like one per case? In other words, how hard will this version be to find for collectors? (TNI, 08/15/08)

     The intent is to include the second head in the pack rather than do a separate variant.


If retail stores down the line decide to discontinue ordering Indiana Jones Figures, what would the chances be of Hasbro continuing to offer new Indiana Jones figures through various On line stores, such as Hasbro Toy Shop, Entertainment Earth, etc? I know that collectors would most
definitely continue to support this line and if you already had new figures sculpted (but not released) it would be such a shame for it to go to waste! We would LOVE for this line to go on as long as possible! Keep up the great work!
(TPU, 08/15/08)

     Thanks for the good word. The production volumes needed to get a new wave of figures produced is much larger than the online channel can support by itself, this is primarily a collector-targeted channel. The ability to continue to bring IJ figures to market depends on the continual support of the top retailers, along with a strong base of kid support for the IJ fantasy.

So now we have seen that a Queen Organa figure is being released, along with the previously confirmed Willrow Hood, when will Cliegg Lars, Prequal Owen and Beru finally see the day of light? They had way more screen time then the Queen and Hood and are pretty important characters. (TPU, 08/15/08)

     Beru will most likely come within a year. Cliegg is not in the works yet, but stands a pretty good chance of making the lineup before too long.

With the success of the new Build A Droid parts coming with figures, is it possible that an actual Droid Factory playset, much like the one in the vintage line, could be made giving various parts to make Astromech Droids and other droids. It would be popular with collectors and children as it would allow customising potential and playability. (TPU, 08/15/08)

     We agree, and while it's not currently on the drawing boards, it's something we would like to do at some time. We like it less because it's a playset in the traditional sense but more a great way to interact and play with the droid parts kids and collectors have assembled.


Some collectors, after initially swearing off the Clone Wars line, have started to come around to really like the figures once seeing them in person and now they want them all - including the mailaway Captain Rex. Since the TAC line assortments are all but dead, is there a way to mail off for the Rex using the UPC codes from the Animated Clone Wars (84638 asst.) figures instead? (YF, 08/15/08)

     Sorry - that mail-in promotion only applies to the 30th Anniv Collection (87500 assortment) and prior Saga Legends (85770 assortment). Some of these are still hanging around at retail, but once they are gone, they are gone.

I, like many, was sad to hear that the tables that are pictured with 2009 ANH Kenobi and Brainiac will not be included, everyone was very excited when we saw these tables they're brilliant and are the type of pack-ins we love! Is there anyway you could rethink putting the tables back in? Also, do you have a breakdown of which figures will include which B.A.D. (R2-N5 and R5-A2 astromechs) part for this wave? (YF, 08/15/08)

     Unfortunately, it has come down to costing and we could not afford to keep all of the pieces in these figures. For the initial wave, Luke, Han, Space Trooper, and Jawa will come with the R5 pieces, while the Cantina denizens Wioslea, Braniac, Tron Duaba/Dice Ibegon, and Obi-Wan will come with the R2 parts. The other four carry-forward figures in the wave will have a second copy of R5 (so the case pack will have two R5 / one R2).

First off, thank you for revisiting the playset/environment segment in 2008/2009. Many collectors have questions regarding the Lars Homestead. What functionality does the homestead itself have? What level of detail does it have on the interior - table/seating? Is the dome removable to place figures inside? Are there foot pegs to aid in the posing of a couple of those unstable POTF2 era pack-in figures. Is a re-release a possibility with an EII era Beru, Lars with Anakin and Lars Homestead Padme (from 2003)? (YF, 08/15/08)

     We're glad you appreciate the Lars Homestead set. We don't consider this a playset in the traditional set, but a specific environment meant for collectors. As such, there are no play features other than the ability to pose figures with the scene. The dome does come off, and there is a table inside, but no benches. Also, due to the nature of the base (vacuform), there are no foot pegs for characters. If the set proves popular, a re-release is certainly possible, but we hope you won't have to wait that long to get some other key figures you mentioned.


Have sales of the AT-TE and new Falcon been strong enough that we can expect more large vehicles and/or play sets in the near future? (YN, 08/15/08)

     While out of the gate we have had a great response to the vehicles, the real test will be how we progress through the holiday period. Thanks to everyone who has stepped up so far, and keep spreading the word!

When can we expect more Greatest Hits figures? Who will they be and what waves will we find them in? (YN, 08/15/08)

     Only one more GH-series figure is planned for this year - a Felucia Clone Trooper. More are planned in 2009 to round out some waves.

The Stocking Stuffer Galactic Heroes sets look fantastic! Any thoughts to bringing back the Holiday Edition figures for the 3 3/4 inch line? And Can we expect to see some Deluxe figures soon from the Clone Wars line? This seems like the perfect line to bring them back! (YN, 08/15/08)

     We will not be bringing back the 3-3/4" Holiday figures any time soon. We are evaluating a new Deluxe-type line for Fall 2009 for Clone Wars.  Details should be available at Toy Fair.
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