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The Vintage Collection / Airing of Grievances
« on: December 24, 2021, 09:28 AM »
In the spirit of Festivus...

There seem to be more this year.

- Rancor fail
- Excessive repaints
- Price increases, especially for "deluxe" figures
- Product management team at Hasbro
- Hard to find retailer exclusives and pre-order windows that last 90 seconds

We have gotten some really nice 6" figures this year, and its nice to see them going back in time to fill out things like Rogue One.  We've received a few new 3.75" figures but not nearly enough.  I'd really like to see them "world build / expression" out some of the secondary characters from The Mandalorian. 

I do like the troop packs they've started releasing this year, and I'm really looking forward to finally receiving the Razor Crest.

One more - I've been filling my display and finally opening long stored vehicles and figures.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when a figure's foot peg whole is too short or narrow to set on a stand.  I can usually modify a stand by sanding the peg narrower and shorter with my Dremel tool, but foot peg wholes should never be too small.  Luckily this happens less than 10% of the time, but its still annoying.

Modern Classifieds / Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments
« on: November 29, 2021, 07:48 PM »
I've got nearly every Star Wars Keepsake ornament new in boxes from the first dozen or so years these were offered.  I'm getting ready to list them on eBay so if you're interested in any please let me know.

Modern Classifieds / POTJ & Saga Complete Carded Collections for Sale
« on: November 13, 2021, 12:14 PM »
I've got a complete carded collection of the Saga and Power of the Jedi I'm looking to offload as whole sets.  I'm guessing everyone here has what they need, but if you know of anyone looking for these please send them my way. 

Have we heard anything about Omega getting released or up for pre-order?   That was on Jayson/Yakface's list months and months ago of upcoming items that seemed to be getting released with the rest of the Bad Batch.

From 4-LOM to Zuckass (Twitter) states that there will be a new Black Series reveal and pre-order tomorrow.  Not sure if this is a Wal-Mart exclusive or not.

TV-9D9 / The Book of Boba Fett (Spoilers)
« on: August 16, 2021, 09:44 AM »
How did we not start a thread on this earlier !?!

Do we know anything about the plot of this?  I haven't read anything, and want to avoid spoilers, so if you do know some details, please flag them with spoilers.

Since I'm in the dark, I thought I would wildly speculate and see what you guys are thinking.

First off, I was thinking a bit about this this other day and the weird title.  What is "The Book" referring to? 

Does he have a book with a hit list in it, with Bib Fortuna at the top of it?  Is he going to go around settling old grudges? 

Is "the book" an actual book that contains some kind of special knowledge in it?  A treasure map?  Sensitive information?  Kamino cloning secrets?

Or is "the book" simply meant to be "the story" of Boba Fett?

What do you guys think?

Toy Reviews / Dave's Belated Toy Reviews
« on: July 26, 2021, 11:07 AM »
I finally built a display to house a bunch more toys, so I'm cracking open a lot of dusty boxes and filling the shelves.

I thought I would post some quick commentary on what I'm opening.

- OTC Sandcrawler - Kinda weak in my opinion.  $60 toy from 2004 is biggish, with three figures, but limited play value, and no electronics.  The side door doesn't even reach the ground so your droids can roll in and out.  I never picked up the new Disney version so I'll have to see if that might be worth my while.

- Imperial Combat Assault Tank (Rogue One) - All kinds of awesome, but you already new this.  The detail on this thing is amazing.  The working hatches, the moving treads, the kyber crystal holders - so cool and really a decent value for what I paid for it ($72).  I gotta track down all my Imperials and fill this thing up with a driver, a gunner, etc.

- U-Wing (Rogue One) - I know people griped about this not being to scale and not having room for a small squad in the side/back, but I think this is a pretty cool "toy".  Love the Nerf launcher (I know some people hate this feature, but I would have loved this as a kid and prefer these are toys vs. models).  The wing sweep mechanism is simple and different.  Overall pretty solid especially at a $45 price point (maybe it was more at retail but this is what I paid for it).  Sure it'd be nice if they made it twice as wide so you could have a K2-SO in the cockpit too, and room for a few figures in back, but I'm guessing that would have easily sent the price point to $100-$120.  Overall its very nice.

- 6" Snowspeeder - I was really on the fence about getting this because these vehicles take up so much room, but I did want the Dak Ralter.  I'm glad I got it on sale because I'm really not that impressed with it.  Its nice and all, but still big and not super cool.  I'm more impressed with their smaller vehicles/beasts than this thing.

- Jabba's Palace (TVC) - Overall its really a good value for $50.  Two figures and cool scenery.  It took me forever to figure out that the Han in Carbonite was magnetic and stuck to the wall lever thing.  It coulda used some better directions.

Collections / Dave's Backlit Death Start Display Case
« on: July 24, 2021, 08:21 PM »
Check out the backlit Death Star display case I finally finished up in my basement Star Wars storage area.  Notice the 3.75" figure on the top shelf.  I've got a *ton* of room I've got to plan out how to fill out with my collection. 

The Black Series 6" Figures / Walmart 6" Clone Wars Micro Series
« on: July 21, 2021, 12:02 PM »
Jeff posted this info in the vintage section as well, but there are also three all new 6" figures coming as part of this.

- ARC Trooper
- Mace Windu
- General Grievous

Its interesting that they're making three all new sculpts here while the Vintage versions are just repacks.  While I'll always take new figures, I'd sure rather have something more current from Rogue One, Solo, TROS, etc.

If they keep this going I sure hope they make a Yoda, and ideally a deluxe figure of Yoda on Kybuck.

Saw a post on Yakface pointing to Bantha Skull that details a Bad Batch 4-pack exclusive to Amazon. 

$60 preorders are today at 1PM ET.

You get Captain Rex, Clone Captain Grey, Clone Captain Ballast and an Elite Squad Trooper.

I love the concept of four packs and can even tolerate a repack mixed in.  This is a bit more expensive then I would like with the repaints and a repack, but at lease its newish.

I've advocated for it before and hope they continue this concept for The Mandalorian or one of the other media properties and get something more interesting then clones (Rogue One Rebel Pilots, Solo movie Sabbac game, TROS Knights of Ren, etc.). 

Yakface has posted the latest GameStop Gaming Great figure - Zaalbar the Wookiee. 

I'm passing on this one. 

I never played the game so I don't have any attachment to this character and I really don't find the kitbash that interesting.

The Black Series 6" Figures / 2021 HasLab Black Series Rancor
« on: June 10, 2021, 08:15 AM »
So what do you think will be the rumored 6" HasLab project to be revealed later in the year?

They said its not a vehicle.

Some have speculated that it'll be the Rancor.

I'm trying to think what I would even be willing to pay much money for that isn't a vehicle.  The big 6" items are just so big that I've passed on some of them as I don't want to dedicate the space to it.

What sort of  environment would you be willing to plunk down $250 for?  ANH cantina?  Navarro cantina?  Jabba's palace?  We've got so few of the figures that would interact with any of those I'm not sure it makes sense.

Creature options?  Rancor?  Blurgg probably wouldn't be big and expensive enough.  Not sure a bantha would be big enough either unless they have a bunch of pack ins with it.

I'm not sure anything I've named is something I'd be willing to spend $250 on.  Thoughts?

Watto's Junk Yard / NFL / Star Wars Mashup
« on: April 20, 2021, 06:47 PM »
I love the NFL, and I love Star Wars, but the appeal of a Star Wars/NFL mashup t-shirt is totally lost on me.

The Vintage Collection / We need more VTC figures!
« on: April 20, 2021, 09:22 AM »
I was watching Rogue One a bit last night and its a shame all the fun characters that they never made.  In particular it'd be great to get a pile of the rebel pilots and the rebel soldiers. 

It'd be nice to see them do a kitbash/repaint of General Merrick's whole Blue Squadron in a set.  They could reuse a lot of parts and do new heads and helmets for them.

TV-9D9 / Bad Batch (Disney+)
« on: March 30, 2021, 12:23 PM »
The Bad Batch is coming back on May the 4th and the trailer just dropped.  It looks pretty sweet.

It looks like at least some of this takes place after Order 66 and The Clone Wars officially end.  And I had forgotten that Echo joined the crew.  Hopefully we're getting a 6" Bad Batch version of him soon too.

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