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Angry Ewok:
Holy Moly! These things are beautiful!  :o :o :o
I am DEFINATELY going to pick up at least one of these.... I am most impressed w/ the changable arms and weapons.... Who else is completely hyped up to get one or 3 of these?

now that are good ideas... but what with the other arm-less busts ?  :-\

Boba Binks:
I bought all the other busts so far. I will be buying these as well. :)

I've also managed to collect them all so far, and am quite excited about these! Although, I would have preferred a more "true" bust and not had the arms...

Angry Ewok:
Well, check out the main page for some pictures from a new feature DarkHorse has got. Pretty cool stuff. I'm working on putting one more image up w/ a front/side/rear image of the Clone.

I'm surprised you don't like the arms, BDW, but I understand why you don't.  ;)


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