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Well, I will be the one to start this new thread with the blessing of the staff. As Vintage is trickling in it's time a new thread is started. I scored ome stuff and have a tracking number confirming shipment!

I ordered the following In stock items from Toys R Us ON Saturday and today:
Luke Bespin x4
Leia Hoth x2
Han Echo Base x2
At-At- Commander x1
4-Lom x1 Vader x1
Denger x2
CC Pilot x4
Dak x2
C-3PO x2
Boba Fett x1
Cloud car x2
Snow Speeder x2
Cad Bane with Bike x1

Today was great because 1 item in your cart will be 50% off with the BGO promo and free shipping on orders of $49 or more. I did not feel guilty as I got free shipping on both orders. If they get the AT-AT in I will be very happy especially if I can get the second at 50% off and free shipping.

I loved getting an early start to spread the financial pain.

I've had mixed success with the packing of shipments from so I went conservative, so far I've only picked up:

1x Snowspeeder
1x Cloud Car
1x Pre Vizla
1x Aurra Sing
1x Grievous
4x Mando Guards

That's what I want to get to open of all of those, I'll wait until I see them in stores so I can pick out stuff in MOC/MIB condition.

I would have loved to been able to buy the Vintage stuff, but it's all out of stock.

Why doesn't the BOGO apply to each additional item? That's another thing that I find odd - I would have thought that for every two figures the second would be half off - that's how it would have worked in the store.

I went all in to spread the cash drain for August/lat July. While I saved and have the stash it will be nice not dropping to much in one shot. I figured if any come smashed I can always return them for better ones or sell them. I am opening everything except one set of single figures. I agree on the BOGO but it does apply to the most expensive item so one of my ships was half price and shipping was free on both orders.

I am really juiced to get this a month earlier and the free shipping made it easy. When I ordered on Saturday they did not have Dengar or the Vehicles. When I saw the post on Yakface I wasted no time ordering. The CC and SS are in stock so I am not sure why anyone would not order them when you get on half off and free shipping. I will post pics upon arrival. please get the AT-AT this week, please get the AT-AT this week....

Blaster under the pillow:
Snow speeder, cloud car, Han, Leia, Luke, Threepio, Dak and Dengar from Toys R Us Uk.

I'm surprised how much I like the Threepio.

It's very easy to get him standing with the middle wires showing.
The removable panels snap into place really tightly.
The head isn't ball joint but is completely removable.
The lower silver leg also comes out really easily, it's a shame the gold one doesn't as that's the one he's holding near the end of ESB.
The open right hand makes for great " Over here ! " poses
There is detailed wiring on his palms.

My main beef would be that he seems a little short and the color is a little off.

The Luke is excellent and for those of you who are curious, the head fits perfectly on snow speeder Luke. His right hand comes off easy and the old medical tourniquet fits on fine. I think he entered my top five figures of all time.

Sorry I don't have photos!

I picked up a Dak and three At-At commanders from one of the overseas vendors.


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