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Did anyone else collect this line?  I'm not talking about the larger MicroMachine playset heads that opened up, but the smaller, walnut sized mini-heads from Galoob that open up and have a single Galoob MicroMachine figure in them with a nifty little background, that corresponds to the head of the character in which it is contained.  This was a very cool line of miniatures that I really wish had continued on...

This is suprisingly a rather challenging little collection to put together, actually.  There were originally 4 carded sets with 3 heads each, available here in the States.  There were additional single heads of Vader and C-3PO available as parts of larger sets (and as a WM mailaway with the TPM DVD).

Here's where it gets tricky...  There were 5 additional carded sets with 3 heads each - ONLY available abroad (possibly only in Asia).  These things will generally run you about $20-$25 a set on eBay (or at least they used to when I was shopping for them)!  (the earlier U.S. ones were about $5 a piece)  I snagged sets 5, 6, 8 & 9 for about $75 (shipped) from a fella in Singapore a couple years ago.  Then there were 12 single heads (individually bagged) that were given out in very limited numbers in a Pizza Hut promotion a few years ago (all of which were included in 4 of the 5 foreign sets - just not Coll. 7).

I've been trying to get 2 of each mini-head, so I can display them next to eachother - one closed, and one open with the figure displayed inside.  Scored 9 of the HTF foreign heads in a trade just 2 weeks ago, and now just need one more Coll. 5 and two of the VHTF Coll. 7...

Here's a breakdown of the sets from the back of one of my cards:

U.S. Carded Releases:
Collection 1: Boba Fett, Admiral Ackbar, Gamorrean Guard
Collection 2: Nien Nunb, Greedo, Tusken Raider
Collection 3: Jawa, Yoda, Boussh
Collection 4: Bib Fortuna, Figrin Daan, Biker Scout

Darth Vader (available in a large set with 6 of the above heads)
C-3PO (available individually bagged for Walmart's TPM DVD promotion, and in a larger set with 6 of the subsequent foreign release heads)

Foreign Carded Releases:
Collection 5: Bossk, Duros, Stormtrooper (actually a Sandtrooper inside)
Collection 6: 2-1B, Weequay, Imperial Royal Guard
Collection 7: Zuckass, X-Wing Pilot Luke, Snowtrooper (the TOUGHEST set to find)
Collection 8: Wampa, Wickett, Tie Fighter Pilot
Collection 9: Salacious Crumb, Jabba, AT-AT Driver

Pizza Hut (individually bagged):  All 12 heads from Collections 5, 6, 8 and 9 - which explains why the foreign carded Collection 7 is so expensive and in such high demand.

So basically you're looking at 29 heads in total...

Here's a nice photo reference at RS on these spiffy little miniature noggins:

Galoob Mini Head Collection

Did anyone else dig these cool little things?  Or just me...?

I don't have any of these, but I have those larger ones where you can place the 1" figures inside them.  It's like a little environment taken right out of the movies inside these heads.

Nope. I never collected them either. Had no interest in them.

Jedi Idej:
Yup, these are pretty cool. I have the heads from collections 1-4, 8 and 9, and  Vader and C-3PO. The heads from 8 and 9  I got from Pizza Hut. (I have extras to trade for those who have the walnuts from 5 and 6.)

During Galoob's buzzboard days, JKF gave away a whole bunch of set #2. I could kick myself for not entering that 'contest', especially since he also gave away the 2nd wave of Epic Collections.


--- Quote from: Jedi Idej on June 29, 2003, 06:36 PM ---I could kick myself for not entering that 'contest', especially since he also gave away the 2nd wave of Epic Collections.
--- End quote ---

Ouch.  Now that's painful!  Those are some of the rarest collectibles of the modern era for sure, and probably even outrank the Tie Defender, for most hard to find Galoob collectible ever...  Three items that I unfortunately don't have in my collection yet, and have rarely ever even seen an opportunity to track them down on the boards or on eBay.  I'll have these last 3 Epic Collection sets someday though.  Just a question of when, and how much!   ;)

BTW, welcome to JD Jedi Idej!  Glad to have you here!  Feel free to swing by the Newbies forum and introduce yourself to the gang, if you'd like a really proper reception!   8)  And drop any of the staff a line if you've got any comments or questions about anything here at JediDefender...  Looking forward to seeing you around the boards here JI!


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