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Thinking about getting into vintage.  Figs only for the most part (though now that I remember, my Rancor is actually the Vintage version :)).  To that end, I want to ask some questions of the knowledgeable folks.  Specifically I'll be curious about prices.  

My goals are as follows:  

complete loose figure collection, though not overly concerned about vinyl vs cloth cape Jawa for example.

not too concerned with the saber variations - eg. double telescoping vs anything else

not overly concerned about vlix or blue snaggletooth at this moment in time ;)

I think I will start with imperials, given my biases, so the first questions are:

Vader:  how many versions and reasonable prices (US bucks)

Stormtrooper: price?

vinty poster: price?

Links are helpful too, just point the way.  Always happy to have questions answered personally though.   ;D

First off I will say it all depends on what condition you want the figures. Do you want original weapons to go with them or reproductions.
The better the figure the more they will cost. Now being a newbie starting the vintage collection, you should get to know the figures & whats out there. You should pick up Star Wars: The Action Figure Archive by Stephen Sansweet. There is one on eBay right now. Action Figure Archive

Another way to research eBay is to use this old search engine to look at completed items & on going auctions.

You can also search BIN items by what I use that come out new every odd hour.
New Vintage Bin's

Or if you do not want to BIN an auction & want to wait till the end, you can still see the new stuff posted.
Vintage (1977-89)

If you are not sure on the auction, email the seller & ask questions. What is the shipping cost, do they have better pictures, etc...

The most importent thing is to remember is, spend only what you can afford. Start off with the easy ones to get then work your way up unless you find a bargin auction with lots of figures with a good price.

As for what you ask for prices for the figures, I will give you a few auctions that ended on them.
Darth Complete 1 Darth Complete 2 Darth Complete 3

Stormtrooper Complete 1 Stormtrooper Complete 2 Stormtrooper Complete 3

As you can see, the prices vary from one auction to another.

Star Wars posters:
Revenge of the Jedi Poster
Advance ESB Movie Poster

Posters vary in price too & there are fakes out there. I have no idea what to look for in the posters. Maybe someone else can chime in.

Learn first before you buy. Thats what I did.  ;)

Thanks Dale.  I've been lurking and watching stuff on ebay for a couple of weeks now.  I'll see if I can score that book.

FWIW, I would like nice, but not absolute mint figs.  At this point, I seriously doubt that I could tell the difference between original and repro weapons, so either is fine.  

Some of the BINs are downright scary and in part owe to why I was interested in that lot last night.  Several of those figures (those not deemed in ultra crappy shape) included had quite high BINs.  Example being Bespin Leia.  She was in the lot, possibly with a torn cape, but the next one I found had a BIN of $40 for loose.  No one says I have to BIN, I can just bid, but I have to wonder how accurate those prices are?  

Duh, what are the easy ones?  I know, look on ebay and find the cheap ones in good condition, ergo easy.  

What's your opinion of those prices on the Vader though?  Ranging from around $6-13 but is the $13 a bad deal?  The reason I ask is that there is a store here in town that sells vintage loose figs, so I can probably score some there to save on shipping.  Call shipping high on the $13 Vader, say $7 (for conversation, I'd never pay that) but that would make a total of $20 US or around $27 Cdn or so.  Is that too much for a good or NM vintage Vader?  If I can go out and buy the fig and have it in hand to inspect, check the joints, look for rubs or tears that is preferable.  

I understand the variability.  That's the whole thrust of the Ewok village thread.  If you're desperate, impatient and dumb, you're bound to pay too much.  

Are there any retailers online with "good" vintage prices for loose figs?  

I think I'm pretty much aiming only for loose and only for figs.  I might watch things like AT-STs or Ties as well, but I can learn those as I go and not worry about questions for them.  

Most vintage non-POTF figs can be had for under $10....if you're patient. A $40 BIN for a bespin Leia is laughable at best........I wouldn't pay over $10 for her complete and mint....why? Because there are tons of these figs out there guys......honestly there is.

I can find mountains of figures at the Plano,Texas Sci Fi show for $5 a pop...complete too. Last year I made the run out to that show with my wife when EP2 came out....there was a show that weekend.......I totally cleaned one dealer out of vintage ship and playset parts......the dealer also had 4 big plastic tubs full of loose figures, in plastic holders,mostly mint with weapons....and original weapons at that....his asking price? $2-$3 apiece!

I run into scenarios like this alot from time to time.........but I don't bother picking them up because I really don't need any other figures other than the 4 last POTF figs I need...and army builders I might want.

But PLEASE, take the time and patience to search ended auctions......and don't jump on the first fig you'll soon find that even most of the vintage POTF figs can be found easily on E-bay........

Well feel free to ask any questions. I know that myself and the others will help any way we can.

 As for vintage figs. Dale brought up alot of good points. Watch completed auctions but most of all be patient. Good deals can be had by checking auctions, Now with summer here another option is rummage sales. Vintage can be found now that some of the parents are emprty nesters. Some are cleaning attics and basements. Deals can be had with patience. I got my vintage Yoda and a Han for 25 cents each last year. Also post a want list. Most of it is just watching and waiting. The basic figs should be fairly easy to get at a good price. Also save up and get a big lot at once. save those shipping costs.


 Also send me your adress. I have an extra Vader I would donate to get you started. :)


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