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Star Wars Action Figures / Re: my kid's first customs...
« on: March 26, 2006, 01:49 PM »
Hehe, you guys are crazy, those aren't random, they are the designated distractions for their clone unit.

Clone Commander:  We are totally outnumber by the droid army
Clone Grunt: No problem, sir, I have an idea.  Bring up the DD's.

Its times like these that I want a kid, lol, plus the wife says I need someone to play with.

oh wow, that is sharp.

I can never get over all the joints and creases in a MM figure, :)

Still, a super posable leia, the possibilities.  Now we just need a scale version of jabba, and that little monkey sal crumb, :)

fantastic on the flesh, man.

Hmm, great work as always, spec.  CLean, precise work, but I got a question.

Is your work meant to be a toyline, a photonovel?  A shelf display?

I only ask because I am curious, they seem to have a heck of a back story for just customs.

Then, again, you do seem to have an endless supply of creativity.


P.S> Black dragons!

Yeah, well, as segnett will tell you, my figure is just going to be painful.

First off, my wife suggested I base my figure off of Preggers Padme, sheesh!

I think I'm gonna get the bail organa figure, lol.

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