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Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Rebelscum
« on: August 4, 2006, 05:10 PM »
So any humor they found in something, they're also sure you won't see it through the same glasses.

I think that sums it up....  I think.

Yeah, you summed it up pretty well.  Like I said a few nights ago, I've got the point. I'm done defending RS in here. I get that my opinion is both in the minority and not really welcome. While I'm not going to jump on the hate bandwagon, I will refrain from trying to talk anyone into jumping off of it, since it's such an unpopular cause.

I do have one big issue with what you said.  You're assuming I'm being objective in my assessment of what's funny.  Your exact terms were "I'm looking at it through different glasses".  That's not the case.

I don't think chanting in the background of someone's video is stupid because I like Rebelscum.  I think chanting in the background of someone's video is stupid because that's what hicks do whenever there's a news camera around.  I don't think this little "prank" was any funnier than some dude getting behind the newscaster and saying "Woo, hi mom! Channel 5 sucks!" while she's trying to report the news.   With very few exceptions, that old gag just makes me feel sorry for the newscaster, and pity the idiot that thought it was cool to do that.

I also think that the kiddies who have gone over there in the past and created a post-padding ****storm with some fake accounts only to show up here an hour later and brag about it are stupid too.  It hasn't happened in awhile (thank God) but that was never funny to me when they went over there and destroyed Wuher's for a night, then came back here expecting a pat on the head for it.   The staff here handled it properly I thought.

Yes, I know humor is subjective, and maybe there's just a certain kind of humor I am just not amused by.  It doesn't matter where they originate from to me. When MattKatkadamn is over there telling Rob he's "not a man" and trying to bait him into getting banned or whatever, I just shake my head that he's sinking to that level.   I prefer my insults a little more cleverly crafted than just "you suck" or whatever.

Now, when I see one of Rob's awesome photoshop jobs, I laugh.
The entire "Jeff for fan club president" thing was hilarious.  That was so well thought out and put together that some people took it seriously for awhile. Great stuff.  I also thought it was cool that RS allowed people to pimp Jeff in Wuher's. That was classic.

Matt taking a picture at C3 with Phil was another incident I thought was really funny, simply because I don't think Mr. Wise had any idea who he was, even after Matt introduced himself to him.  It was was kind of funny to me that (at the time) Matt was a huge pain in his ass online but he still didn't register in real life.  Just proof that people can be really different people online.

And yes...I loved the Greg(g) and Bertha unveilings perpetrated by some of the fine detectives on this website.  Those were some of the classic moments in all of RS or JD history to me and it's still funny today that years later, they still both deny it.

My comments about the chanting in the video were just in general disbelief that someone actually thought that was funny.  I can understand why a lot of people here don't like RS, I even agree that those of you who were banned for ******** reasons have more than enough reason to HATE the place.

All I'm saying is....there's a way to express that and then there's also a stupid way to display it.    Asking "election" questions of Dustin at Comic Con would have been an awesome way to get across what everyone was feeling in a funny way.  I thought that might have happened.   Chanting in the background of Mark's video is just kind of a childish way of "sticking to RS" without really accomplishing that.

This is all just my opinion and really doesn't have a lot to do with which website I like, it's just about what I personally find funny.  Fair enough?

Everyone can tell your  an RS cheerlreader, which is fine.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Rebelscum
« on: August 1, 2006, 03:16 PM »
Scum is the most juvenile SW site I have ever come across.People who have been registerd under 30 days with 800+plus posts?That is ridiculous.Yet dip**** Dustin bans JD people for figure it out it makes zero sense.

Modern Classifieds / Titanium Collection 4 Sale
« on: July 19, 2006, 08:02 AM »
Hey folks , Im selling these off, I need the money.All are MOC and MIB.I want to sell as a set.

Mill Falcon
Gray Tie Fighter
Republic Gunship
Ani fighter yellow
Star destroyer
Naboo Fighter
Tie bomber
Turbo tank
Vulture droid
Speeder bike
Jango Slave 1
White tie fighter
Repebublic cruiser
At At
Vaders tie
Impeial shuttle
Clone wars gunship
Ani starfighter green
Obi starfighter
Sith infiltrator
Royal starship
Battle damaged mill falcon
Silver Slave 1
2005 gift set 1
2005 gift set 2
2005 gift set 3
2006 gift set 4
I paid 250.00 with tax for these at retail
I will take 225.00 shipped :)
Thanks all.

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