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Actually, I have just completed a deal for the 2 I needed to complete my set (Scorch and Grievous).  My Cody was involved in that deal, so I no longer have any extra UGH figures.  Thanks for the reply, though.

Modern Trading / WTT: My UGH for your UGH <--- DEAL MADE!
« on: March 25, 2006, 04:09 PM »
I have the following UGH figures to trade in MONMC condition:

...UGH Anakin, UGH Obi-Wan, UGH Boba Fett

Will trade any 1 of those for 1 MOMC/MONMC UGH Han Carbonite.

I also have 1 UGH Cody to trade straight up for 1 UGH Scorch.

UPDATE: I now have a complete set of UGH and no longer have any extras to trade.


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