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SS will be offering about 10-12 12" figs a year (as stated earlier).  That means you start setting aside $100 bucks a month... The quality cannot be denied and if you've got the space to show them so much the better.  Jabba's throne (while I agree was damn pricey) is sold separately to let people have the choice (as many have) to simply buy the figure instead of the accessory.  I bought all three--- I plan on being a completist with this line (as I was with the SITH line from Hasbro) and I only hope that maybe next year SS will have the Millenium Falcon cockpit available to pose the soon to be released Han Solo with a hopefully released in 2007 Chewie, Hoth escape Leia, and a C3-P0.  Love the Jabba... already have a space in my office where his throne ROOM is going to go...ABSOLUTELY LOVE the idea of creating 12" diorams.

Saga Collection '06 / Re: TSC Recent Purchases
« on: July 10, 2006, 11:57 AM »
Finished both the Tatooine Wave and the Vintage series this past weekend.  Finally found Luke Skywalker and Tusken Raider, and the Lucas POP was just sent away half an hour ago.  On Saturday I popped over to the US Wal-Mart (I'm on the Canadian side) early at 7am and found nothing new... Just as I was about to leave I saw boxes waiting to be put out.  The guy working over at rec said that the toy "associate" wouldn't be there until the afternoon to put them out but just when I couldn't slip any lower he asked which box I wanted to see and then he opened it up and left me to my own devices.  Garindan, Han, Tatooine Luke, and my second Sandtrooper later the wave is complete.  Unlike the Sith line I'm opening all of these and not buying doubles (one to keep sealed and one to display).  What's the ETA on Endor?

I picked one set up this weekend merely to finally have the right clone troopers with the clone wars cartoon gunship that I got a couple of months ago.  The figures themselves are fine--- in the gunship and without touching them.  Not a quality caliber of item though--- And as I just got a really good look at the Obi-Wan that's coming in the Naboo wave of the Saga I see another less than inferior figure (from Ep I) being repacked with the only saving grace being a cloth robe.  Wish Hasbro would start making all of their figures in the same style as Obi-Wan #56.  I can just imagine finally getting a Mace Windu like that. 

Saga Collection '06 / Re: How many times have you...
« on: July 6, 2006, 03:10 PM »
I've got four of the Commander Cody figures (two opened and two in their cases).  The two opened are set up in two scenes.  The first is giving Obi-Wan's lightsaber back as he rides his lizard, (seven of my Utapau clones are fighting droids around them) and the other is pointing out to Obi-Wan where to find settlements on the planet projecting from R2-G9 (two more Utapau clones are in the background).  My two sealed Cody's are one in US package and the other in the Canadian UGH package.

Having said all that, the bane of my existance is the lack of Scorch.  I've seen more Utapau clones than I care to think about (I stopped buying at nine) and several times have I left Cody on the pegs... I have NEVER seen Scorch.

The hunt continues.

Revenge of the Sith / Re: Best/Favorites of the ROTS Line
« on: July 5, 2006, 12:25 PM »
Best figures from the SITH line?

Easily before I begin the EVOLUTION packs (of which Hasbro are not continuing) were the absolute best.  After acquiring all of them (the troopers in triplicate) I'd have to say that if you didn't get the EVOLUTIONS Anakin then you lost out---big time.  None of the SITH Anakins (without major tweaking) even held a candle to this one.  But on to the actual line:

1) #56 Obi-Wan Kenobi (Red Leader Pilot)- horrific cloak (glad they made the cloth fix in the Saga version) but undoubtedly the best figure Hasbro has produced.  PERIOD.  End sentence.

2)  #41 Clone Trooper- If the later Tactical Ops Trooper (#65) had been based around this sculpt rather than the AT-TE Gunner (#38) then it would be hands down a possible number one.  I'd even have done without the removable helmet.  The #41 is super poseable... and that counts when you buy ten+ of them for recreating scenes.

3) #6 Clone Trooper (Red variant)-  Nuff said. 

4) #13 Count Dooku- Almost as good as the EVOLUTIONS version.  Completely made up for the unposeable AOTC version.

Honourable mention:

-The head sculpt in both #14 Chancellor Palpatine and #35 Palpatine.  Deadly acurate (too bad the figures had no movement--- if the #14 cloak were cloth..... then we'd have something)  :o

-Take the hooded cloak from #50 Anakin on Mustafar and put it on #28 Anakin (with Sith eyes), place that hybrid figure in front of your row of 8+ #65 Tactical Ops Troopers.  Enjoy.

-I've never found a good Mace Windu figure.  Ever.  #10 is no exception to that rule.

-#22 Kit Fisto makes up for the AOTC horrific pose and face.  Wish all Jedi (make that figures) were created for such poseability.

-In closing, I could have done with actual new figures in the line instead of a constant repaint job (#66 & #67 holographic repaints, #61 & #62 repaints from earlier lines...etc) but as I have every figure (#1 through to #68) and most of the variants/exculsives hanging on my office wall (with others opened and posed) then I can't really complain.  Glad I chose this (out of the three prequel movies) movie to be the one that I'd collect the entire line.

-Oh yeah, only the Deluxe Grievous was OK.  #9 looks great with arms extended but on the whole Hasbro has no idea (just look at their 12" version) how to present this guy.  Here's hoping SIDESHOW takes a crack at him later.

Revenge of the Sith / Re: Midnight Madness Experiences! Share!
« on: July 4, 2006, 10:55 PM »
Loved reading about the hectic Sith collecting experience, and as I am relatively new to the site I've only come across this topic now so that's why I'm adding my two (Canadian) cents (roughly 1.86 cents US I believe) now.  Even though I'm in the Great White North I thankfully live on the border with a sleepy US town that contains one Wal-Mart and a seemingly absence of Star Wars collecting.  There was no Midnight Madness but I treked over bright and early at 7am on the Saturday and wandered down the usual toy aisles. 

There was only staff in the store, and as the lone customer I found nothing.  Assuming that I had the wrong day I started to leave when something over beyond the assmebled bikes caught my eye... An entire rack of Sith toys.  Sorry to say this fellow collectors but I didn't elbow my way through scalpers.  I meandered back to the front of (the still empty) store and proceeded to find a nice big trolley.  I then spent over an hour BY MYSELF in the Wal-Mart toy section picking through the figures.  Bent card back? I'll buy that Blue guard to open and put this pristine one in the cart.   

I picked up at least two of each of #1 through to Aayla Secura's #32 (she was the last one they had).  Since that blissfull day I've visited my shangri-la many times as I've acquired the entire line,  multiple varients in multiple sizes (I've got seven of the #6 red clone troopers opened--- one still on the card).  The only thing that's ticked me off is that there's no Target on this side of the border and the closest one is over two hours away.  While I've picked up most of the exclusives there are still a couple (lava reflecting Vader and shadow trooper) that have eluded me.  Oh well, can't have it all.   

Don't hate the player/collector, hate the game.  Great site--- I hope to visit here often.

Top ten wishes in disregarding those that have already been announced (ie Darth Maul)?

1- Chewbacca (ANH)... Not sure how SIDESHOW could make the fur believable, but if any company can it's them

2- Yoda (ROTS)... with as many accessories as possible, particularly his Jedi council chamber for deep meditation (although those should be made available like the probe droid addition pack)

3- Tactical Ops Trooper/BLUE (Vader's Legion- ROTS)... with removable helmet, and for those die-hard troop builders like me a slightly higher price but a double dose with two troopers in one box

4- Clone Trooper/RED (Emperor's Legion-ROTS)... see above

5- Aayla Secura (ROTS)

6- Princess Leia (Sail barge slave- ROTJ)

7- Lando Calrissian (on Bespin-ESB)... maybe the exclusive (or rather inclusive) could be a Lobot

8- Stormtrooper (ANH)... same as the clone troopers, for a slightly higher price these have to be doubled for troop builders

9- Luke Skywalker (tie--- both as X-Wing pilot from ANH and Bespin Luke/ or Dagobah trianing Luke from ESB)

10- Jar Jar Bin------- are you actually buying that?  Of course Darth Vader (ANH)

Here's wishing.

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