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I just saw the floor plans yesterday for the first time.
your diorama group project will be on display DAMN SMACK IN THE MIDDLE of it all :)

cool, thats what we are doing also.
im not telling youo what to do, just wanted you to avoid the hastles i faced last year
when i had same idea.

of course, u would need and good idea to assemble asap

im just thinking that if you went and placed it in a spot before i arrived, that might NOT be the same spot in my layout plans, and you would have to move everything again which might be a hastle.

you have 3X3 tables space, i just have to figure out where it will go in the room.

if we are against a wall like last year or in the center of the room

just a reminder when I saw the word RAFFLE....

California laws are VERY SEVERE for anything that is raffle or Lotto.
If you give people coupons for FREE and then hand pick numbers for them to win, you should have no problem.

If you charge say 25 cents per coupon, that falls into state lottery and you could get into a big mess
imagine having 400 people pay you a quarter then 2 days later, the california police asks you where your lottery permit is?
how do you refund everyone, I know it sounds paranoid and silly
but we tried to do this last year with the dioramas and encountered a TON of unexpected problems that made us
just give away instead of raffle.

Make sure to talk with MARY about anything like this.
the last thing you want to do is have your fun spoiled by legal matters you werent aware of.

check the MARY EMAIL thread for my detailed comment on your diorama set up.
basically, i will be there with john all day wednesday
we arrive tuesday night aound 1 am.

let us place your table base in place before you start assembling ion the workshop.

will be great to see and meet you all
your work looks amazing !!!

back to work for me...

John and I will be driving to Los Angeles TUESDAY after work. We will arrive around 1 am.
We will be setting up the workshop all day wednesday.
Once your table set up is done, you may start to assemble your mega UGP diorama.
PLEASE DO NOT start assembling until I arrive, or you may have to take it apart and rebuild.

almost there....

see you wednesday !!!

i cant imagine how cool it will look all put together

Celebration IV - Ultimate Group Project / Re: Decision made
« on: March 24, 2007, 10:56 PM »
So if I understand correctly (and please correct me if I'm wrong):

1) No booth = No "giveaways - prizes - folders ... etc "

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Niub says :
Folders next to your diorama, a sign with your names, club etc... is ok and a MUST, I will not take credit for your creation. this was never my intention in offering the visitors display section.
can have giveaways like pins, tshirts yes, , For a PRIZE means a contest or a DRAWING which could cause conflict with the rules of gencon and cause problems for the workshop area.
which is the reason I mentioned that if you have a contest for prizes, it is best done at a booth.

REMEMBER - you cannot sell tickets for a contest - state lottery crap prohibits such things without a permit. I tried last year and found out the hard way.


2) No booth = No good advertising for Ultimate Group Project / Jedi Defender / YakFace / /, outside of maybe a folded pamphlet that we could put on the table that holds our dio

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Niub says :
NO, you CAN advertise, I have ZERO problem you placing a foamcore sign next to the diorama with the Ultimate Logo, Visit us at our booth, Prizes every hour at the booth, that is fine.
Logos of Jedi Defender, Yak, advertisers etc... that helped with the project is a definete YES, I have no problems there if its a THANK YOU type thing. Thanks to Yak for supporting us.
If its publicity only like a 30 foot yak banner well thats another thing :P that would not work.

You can have postcards, pamflets, no prob, but that would be a good thing to have at your space (booth) as well. Make a sign that says Visit our booth for more info.
Of course there is a space with chairs that I planned out for you guys so you can have your guys man the dio AS WELL as the booth to tell people to go back and forth.
You can also hand out promo stuff/giveaways at the chairs, but if I were you I would think up giveaways or such that make people visit both to max your exposure.


3) No booth = Judde Lulos is the largest dio in the Visitor Provence of  Niub-land, but is not much of a force unto itself (besides the fact that it's absolutely beautiful, of course ;) ).

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Niub says :
Yes it will be the biggest in size but best? mmmm, I would think Jamie Follis might have something to say about that ;p LOL


4) Yes booth = we CAN have all that stuff mentioned above, more, AND SPACE AT NUIB's

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Niub says :
At the Ewok Landscaping you have 9 3feet X 8feet tables for you to place your diorama on.
at your booth you can dance NAKED with Twilek girls if you wish :) yes - that means ANYTHING since I cannot get into trouble for what you do there :)


5) Yes booth = a bigger total space, for the betterment of the entire hobby

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Niub says :
Yes that is very true.


I'm probably sounding like an ass here, but I'm just trying to play Devil's Advocate. I hate to see this project be anything less than what it's capable of.  :-\


Oh, and Frank, no matter what you say (unless you take away the offering of space), I'm pretty sure no one thinks that you're a dick.  ;D

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Niub says :
I've changed my mind, since Mary gave you a tiny space you wont need my big space anymore - oops did I say that out loud? ;p LOL
I appreciate that I am not a dick :) hee hee

see you at the show !!!!


Celebration IV - Ultimate Group Project / Re: Decision made
« on: March 24, 2007, 10:28 PM »
It makes for a good offsite meeting area or lounge to hang out in and visit each other without getting in Frank's way.

This is EXACTLY what I was trying to say LOL.
It is YOUR UNIQUE space, you will have spcae to put a banner have people hang out, without getting in the way of people at the workshop.
The reason I mention this often is that as opposed to the other years, the set up this time is built in a ROTATION design, meaning people wont be sitting at the SAME table the whole construction of their tree. There will be a LOT of walking around and carrying 4 foot trees from one table to the next.

If you have say a group of 12 or more people standing talking about how excited you are for transformers to come out (;p) it might block the path for a tree person to walk to their next station.

I think if you've been to the past conventions and to my site you guys know that I am not a swelled headded person and not asking you to take both spaces because I want to claim the entire workshop as MINE MINE MINE :)

let me quote the next post so we can put this to rest now that we know you will use the tables space of the workshop and your booth for self promotion.

back to work for me. frank

Celebration IV - Ultimate Group Project / Re: Decision made
« on: March 23, 2007, 08:52 PM »
hey guys....

doing some catchup reading...

now remember... your display in the diorama workshop is NOT A BOOTH
yes indeed it is an area dedicated to the promotion of the hobby, a way to showcase to the people what can be done to display figures.

Yours will indeed be the BIGGEST in SIZE but not exclusive to the space intended for VISITOR displays like in the past.
I dont like the event to be all about ME, which is why i am MOST pleased to offer you a place to show off your awesome work.
Im gonna try an attach an image to show you the layout of the workshop.
your diorama is TOP center.

there will be some chairs available for you to sit behind the table it is standing on for you to answer questions and all.

but - without sounding like a total dick (can I say that? :P) please understand it is still the endor workshop, its not a space for gathering that will block access to the participants of the workshop.
or TWO booths connected to one environment (floor space)

ex.... your idea for a drawing. I think thats very cool, but you cannot say have 100 people gathered around while people are trying to build trees.
does this make sense?

thats why I think the idea of both spaces is even BETTER for you guys.
being in the VISITOR area, you have a BIGGER space at the workshop to display then if you had just the same fan booth as the others

but if you are in YOUR the booth you can do ANYTHING that YOU WANT.
giveaways - prizes - folders - pamflets - promotion of your website etc... and still point people at the display and vice versa.
when at the diorama can have a sign saying visit our booth for more info and how it was created or something like that

I hope this makes sence and clears things up a little.

Why don't you use the Diorama Tables space fopr your DISPLAY SPACE, and keep your BOOTH space to meet and greet people. It's in the same room, you can ask Mary to place your fan table right next to the workshop if that is at all possible.

This way, at your table you will be able to give out shirts, posters, whatever you feel like doing that wont mix up and confuse workshop visitors with our own giveaways.

I think this would be best.
what do you think?


Don't feel it's just about you Phurby.
be aware that I now work below Mary on the 4th floor and it sometimes takes 1 week or more for her to get back to me.

She works like 9 am to midnight preparing the convention
imagine having to organise EVERYTHING.

we are just lower on the priority. and as for "rude" no replies...

After my ILM interview last year, it took them 8 months !!!!! to reply to my whats hapening email.
and I was a chosen candidate.

Sadly, the company is so big that they  receive tons of emails and ONLY reply when they ...
A) have an answer
B) need to find something out NOW

imagine how many emails and time it would take to reply to the "i dont know yet, stay tuned..." crowd.
I know I felt the same way as you, why dont they at least just acknoledge the email, even if its bad news.

I finally learned how it all works. Hope this helps clarify some of your concerns.

ps... I too sometimes take a little longer then I wish to reply to my mails, but I do reply.

Daigo-bah rock entrance diorama is indeed awsome looking.
if it doesnt fit together with the rest of the dioramas, bring it for display seperately along with the other single smaller dioramas

too nice not to show off.


Celebration IV - Ultimate Group Project / Re: Still waiting on LFL....
« on: February 24, 2007, 01:12 AM »
I'm afraid I can't help you with the badges.
People/fans who place their dioramas on display do so to show their work to the fans and don't count as "staff" if you will
but more like exhibitors of the workshop.

I only have 5 passes given to me to find my "staff"
certainly NOT V.I.P. LOL not even I get that I am afraid.

If I were to give my passes to you guys, I wouldn't have anyone helping me at the workshop.
Now I could offer you a pass if you want to work at the workshop, but that would take you away from YOUR area.
I assume you want to sit and mingle with the fans behind your diorama.

I can however let you in the day before during SET UP
just go to loading doack and give my name and mention the dioramas builders in the fan hall

sorry about the passes.

Since you had already contacted Mary at Lucasfilm, she may be able to asnwer you if she can send you
passes for your crew.

Celebration IV - Ultimate Group Project / Re: Still waiting on LFL....
« on: February 22, 2007, 06:04 PM »
9 X 24 is the MAX space I can allot to YOUR diorama
if smaller that is ok, but cannot be bigger

the entire visitor diorama section is 92 feet X 9 feet.

so if you want to go to 15 feet wide that works good.

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