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I am slowly getting back into collecting Star Wars figures, the ones I am mainly looking for at the min are the following (wanting to pay as close to the original price as possible).

VOTC Princess Leia Organa (A New Hope)
Current Vintage C-3PO (The one with the removable panel)
R2-D2 (The best sculpt of him,must be from the New Hope)
Vintage Darth Vader from this year (A New Hope, he's in the current wave with Darth Malgus)
Ben Kenobi (The one that came with the Table, would want complete including all accessories (and that means the table as well))

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Everything Rebelscum
« on: August 10, 2008, 02:15 PM »
I see we only care what happens to our own in here, hmmmmmmm, oh well.

And heres me thinking that you might have been interested you know, seeing RS done a similair thing to some of your members as well.

Just shows you how much this little hobby is actually closed off, from each other.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Everything Rebelscum
« on: August 10, 2008, 10:10 AM »
I did say good riddance "for the most part."  I have my own issues with RS but when they do finally crack down on those that take away from the community there I'm in full support.

I know that some of the JD guys got banned, at one time, for just being members here and it wasn't for anything they personally did.  I know someone who got banned for something he wrote on his own web site, being critical of an RS employee, which was completely uncalled for.  But I'm not going to feel sorry for anyone that gets booted, from any site, that deserves it.  If you didn't, take it up with the mods over there, calling me out isn't going to help your case.


But thats the point most of us if any of us didnt deserve it, yes I can understand a slap on the wrist and be told to knock it off, for what ever we did, but we didnt get told what we did, we were just banned outright, and even now I still dont know what I did.

And for those who dont know the story.

The story starts with Grak; a smug, self-righteous, arrogant punk. He joined in April, and already has a Grand Moff ranking. That means he posted more than 1,000 times, at least.

He's been wishing to cause trouble for the 365th, and in doing so, gained a bleak view of what we do. He claims we troll forums and just do stuff to be funny and arrogant at the same time, which is not true.

Well, he and Devo73 got in a little argument, which Curto stepped in to solve, and had under control. But, Dustin came in five posts later and banned both members for a week.

Grak, "fed up" with us, starts to report threads, pretending to be a victim of our "attacks." In the Modern Classifieds threads, he posted a forum trying to be a Mod wanna-be. The thread was met with less than enthusiastic responses and with a ban for Hrvat, which was uncalled for.

Then in the Feedback section he posts ways to improve the Classifieds. Go figure. Well, Hrvat, with all good intentions, asks Dustin to check out the situation with Grak over at RS. Grak, with his "two sides to every story" spiel, brings Dustin over to Bantha Skull.

He and the Ohio Star Wars Collector's Club have had some awful experiences, which has caused some, colorful names from these former members. Dustin, seeing these names, bans all of the Bantha Skullers who have accounts on Rebelscum with the same name.

E-mail attempts to Phillip were for naught, as he sent out a generic e-mail, claiming that the "upstanding" members of the society of RS would not stand for our behaivor, and that if he cast a wide net and caught some innocents, too bad. Turns out they did stand for us. He also claimed to file a police report if he sees more of this. So, all in all, 20 members were outright deleted from the members list, while some members remained. These members have brought this to light to other upstanding members, and they were outraged.

In an attempt to cover up the situation, Dustin has deleted the threads named, "The Little Things That Irritate You v9," "What's Wrong with Star Wars in 2008 v3" and "", along with bans to several additional members whom, on the RS threads, continued to question the draconian response by the Rebelscum leadership.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Everything Rebelscum
« on: August 9, 2008, 06:41 PM »
Actually I was one of the ones that got banned for nothing Franks, and you think thats fair, hmmmmm, what are you on RS's payroll.

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